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Swedish Sex Assaults, Media Blackout Lifted

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posted on Jan, 16 2016 @ 03:15 PM
Disgraceful. And Now I hear this:

A Syrian migrant just murdered a classmate, a boy from Lithuania, by stabbing him in the back. This migrant has yet to be charged due to his age. His father explained that his son had to kill to defend his 'honor'. There's very little coverage in Sweden and most of it is from the viewpoint of the father of the migrant son.

This father should be charged and convicted for provoking his son to commit murder.

To add to this abysmal news story...the Lithuanian boy had, in December, been defending girls from the Syrian boy. On the first day back from the holiday break the Syrian boy stabbed him in the back and also then threatened a girl who witnessed the stabbing. He should sent away for rehabilitation in juvenile lock up and the father at a minimum face prison time.

The victim's father is claiming that the press has not come to his door in spite of the fact that this normally would be a big news story in Sweden. Could anyone blame him to resort to vigilante justice if no one in that Syrian boy's family pays for the murder of this young boy?

reply to: Floke

posted on Jan, 17 2016 @ 08:08 AM
Incoming reports from Sweden:
A group of 4-5 16 year old boys followed a 15 year old girl in a bath house. One of the boys put his finger imside her bikini panties, touched her breasts and legs. According to the report, the boys legal guardian has been contacted. He was charged with attempted rape, but it was changed into sexual harassments.

(The boys having legal guardian is common among so called alone comming immigrants)

A group of boys grabbed a couple of 13-15 year old girls in a waterslide.
The girls say the boys hide in the waterslide and grabbed them and tried to grope them. They said the boys did not speak swedish.

Two boys dragged two young girls into an elevator and started to molest them. The boys are, according to the article, lonesome comming immigrant boys.

Print screened image of the article:

Latest year women complaining about immigrants groping.
"I am a bit chocked they behave like this. When we tell them to stop, they just laugh."

Women talks about groping in clubs in Gävle. "It happens every evening"

On new years eve, a group of men surrounded some women and started to film them. -dagblad

Further more. My wife was at a local pub yesterday. She hasnt been out in some time. She and her friend started to dance on the dance floor. It didnt even take a minute before a immigrant man grabbed her hand and tried to pull it to his genital area. My wife pulled her hand back hard and they left the dance floor. They talked to the securiry guard later and he said they should have talked to him right away.
That same night, in the same bar, another immigrant hit an older man in the head with a beer glass. She witness how the guards dragged him out.
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Listen to this guy "angry foreigner" if you over seas want a glimps on what a f-up country Sweden has become.

His playlist in english

The English Series:

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posted on Jan, 17 2016 @ 10:57 AM
Getting away with it will embolden them to go a little further next time, today it's a grab, tomorrow it's a rape. The police better get a handle on this before it gets out of control. Those people know damn well what their doing is wrong no matter where they came from. Just showing you what they think of their host country.

posted on Jan, 19 2016 @ 05:49 AM
So there is no cover up?

Then why are "crimes concerning refugees (media still call asylumseekers refugees even when about 5% of them really are refugees) is to become classified"

And "incidents taking place in centers for asylumseekers is going to be classified"

All according to the Swedish police.

We as a people should just shut up and just accept that we are, not only having to cut down on public school fundings (a couple of 100s teacher will be without a job in my small town alone this year, and allready the schools are lacking in staff - insane!) in order to get more money for immigrants, but also when we see all the immigrants that just cant respect our laws, we are just suppoused to shut up and we have no right to know the numbers for the reality I can see just by taking a walk in the evning thru immigrant populated areas and I should not ask why there are police cars at the centers almost every single day. There have been so many incidents among the immigrants in these centers last couple of months I cant even read a newspaper anymore without throwing it away in anger. Boys raping boys, men raping girls, woman attacked by men with a screwdriver, knife stabbing, fights, christian refugees having to move because they got beat up (why THEY had to move and the morons could stay is beond me..) etc. etc. etc...
I get so sick of why we just dont deport people that missbehave like this from time after time?

A somalian man was once caught raping a woman who he found after shechad od. She died during the rape yet he kept on raping her. That and the fact that he had comitted over 40 crimes since he got to Sweden, STILL didnt lead up to a deportation! After a series of protests the man finally got deported and can never enter Sweden again.. untill 10 years..

I agree with youtuber angry foreinger - Sweden is what tumblr would be if tumblr was a country..

posted on Jan, 19 2016 @ 08:43 PM
Sweden is becoming like that saying about people that "may exist solely to serve as a warning to others."

posted on Jan, 20 2016 @ 05:57 AM
a reply to: RedCairo

Yes but it is amazing to see how out of touch with the reality our goverment and police are. They act as if they have no idea about the growing anger among the people. The Swedes are very mellow and we dont complain. We are tolerant and keep our angr inside. We have a long fuse..
But the longer the fuse, the bigger the bomb..

I have a very bad gut feeling that this spring will be very ugly

posted on Jan, 20 2016 @ 07:18 AM
This just cropped up on twitter . Not perhaps the best source, but then again, the left media isn't known for wanting to report these things, so there you go.
It's German and about a girl who was raped then mistreated by police who obviously follow the orders of their superiors to hush up such girl-for-30-hours/

Anyway, make your own minds up about the veracity or otherwise.

posted on Jan, 20 2016 @ 11:54 AM
a reply to: SprocketUK

If true (a few months ago I would have said no way, but now Im not at all shocked if true), I dont even know what to say. The people responsible for this, the people doing this and the people not doing anything about it: Shame on you. I hope future generations will make regulary trips to spit on your graves. Poor girl and her family.

At least a 17 year old somalian who raped a 12 year old girl until she bled, hit her and said "black d*ck is expensive" got to to time for that. He got 22 days of community service.... (no deportation)

posted on Jan, 20 2016 @ 01:15 PM
If the politicians are waving through these migrants and the authorities are doing nothing about crimes that they commit - is it not time to start considering that they are all on the same side? I mean this literally.

If you use purely 'modern' thinking it's hard to understand how this could be the case, however if one were to read almost any piece of religious or mythological literature, answers are everywhere. I'm not religious and I also don't have any faith in any society that I can think of that exists on this planet today.

I'm guessing that we are supposed to react and we'll have to. We should make sure we do it in the correct manner.

Ask yourself what you're prepared to do and then prepare to do it.

posted on Jan, 20 2016 @ 01:21 PM
Well what it comes down to is that people will eventually take vigilante justice into their own hands both for defense and retribution. In the USA it would happen sooner -- especially in some areas -- apparently in Sweden they're going to have to be beat down quite a bit to push them there (even at a national level for war they are famous for not being proactive in that regard, since the Napoleonic era -- but they were tough mofos when they did fight). When they finally get fully fed up and stand up and fight, I bet it's going to be memorable.

posted on Jan, 20 2016 @ 01:53 PM
a reply to: RedCairo
And do you think that that would be the end of it? I think that whatever force put this together isn't going to be defeated easily.

posted on Jan, 20 2016 @ 02:50 PM
We can't have this. If these behaviors should occur in the U.S., I'm afraid American's will show no mercy. These people would do well to fear to come here if this is what they have on their minds. I think their life expectancy will be short, for those who perpetrate these kinds of crimes.

We have American "dads" in prison now, for shooting a perpetrator who molested his child. It's not tolerated here at all. Zero tolerance. It will be a terrible thing. Let's hope our refugees are adequately vetted, for their own good, as well as ours.

: (
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posted on Jan, 20 2016 @ 04:03 PM

originally posted by: Robert Reynolds
a reply to: RedCairo
And do you think that that would be the end of it? I think that whatever force put this together isn't going to be defeated easily.

Well... you're right, it's a larger topic. There's basically "levels" of this.

What I see for the last 50 years is a very consistent, worldwide media-government-lawEnforcement attempt to bring IN a certain energy/people, to ignore the chaos naturally bred from their culture, to downplay even to the point of avoiding and lying and misleading, the chaos and results, to set legal and other precedent to further protect it, and so on.

Objectively, this would seem to me to indicate that the genuine power controlling the chess game at the highest level does in fact wish to undermine, and to set up for destabilization upon command, the whole planet, including the first-world countries. This would seem to be a conspiracy theory but I am not proposing the why, I am merely observing as if I am a troubleshooter and earth is a multi-division company (that's been part of my profession so that's how I tend to model things) that this IS what has happened and is happening; I haven't any clue why, or who, or any other parameter. This simply is what anybody can observe if looking calmly at the patterns.

I don't know what can be done about that though. I mean, whatever that is, is operating at a level that is para- even to governments. Certainly it's far above 'the people.'

So several layers down then we have 'the people.' The ones that actually have to deal with this stuff at a street level. We're already having a hard time at that level even outside the daesh stuff. Gang and related gun crime in inner cities and sometimes even just certain cities is out of control, taking guns away from good people won't fix it, more laws to ignore or even if we didn't still won't fix it, but we can't carpetbomb Chicago and Compton, either.

Nothing is an instant change but one thing that would cause 'a degree' of gradual easing would be an improvement in economy and a significant improvement in availability of jobs, which have left our country by the tens of millions in the last half century due to the combination of tax and trade insanity that puts every interest but 'the good of the country' at center. We'll pay for chinese children to make products and pour their toxic waste into everything and export it back to us and not charge trade tariff so nothing made here can compete.

This particularly hurts men especially young men and those without specialized degrees I suspect. I consider young men (the 18-30 age basically) the driving energy of any nation, so a system-wide "you have no real options" kind of helpless rage is very destructive on several levels. It's dangerous enough when people have nothing to lose. But it's just a big ugly depressing mess when they don't really have anything to gain, either.

Then there is the illegal immigration issue. No stats are collected on a lot of this, on purpose, that always tells you a source high up is actually trying to muddy things - executives who don't want to know facts avoid them because they already know them generally but don't want others to have evidence, politics is the same game as business. So for example if you hear someone say something about the stats on immigrant crime you will hear a response about the numbers which instantly change the measure to ALL immigrants -- not just the illegal portion. This matters because legal immigrants not only can't be criminal coming in, they have to be quite clean for some time, not on the dole, etc. they are in fact less likely to commit crime than locals! The focus on illegal drops the "overall" number of 'immigrants'in question drastically, and makes the breathtaking amount of crime and repeat crime (and much of this violent assault-murder-rape) within that population a lot more obvious as the problem it is. (Unfortunately anybody mentioning this is immediately dubbed a racist, even though we're talking about illegals from all over, not just one country, even though most of them do come over the Southern border.)

We also have an open schizm in-country where for example, an illegal immigrant can commit a crime and instead of being deported and perma-banned, they're often not even deported. They're either literally just released or we pay money to keep them incarcerated, or both in series. (Again stats are tough but there's something like 350,000+ illegals behind bars right now. Why on earth are they here in our wallets at all? If they're illegal??) And this can happen repeatedly and even for major crimes. And when they are released there is no notification to immigration/border personnel much of the time, because for example, San Francisco doesn't wish to do so.

The people who work border patrol, the people who work the law enforcement part of this, are often just losing their minds about it. Their lives are in danger, other lives are in danger, they work their ass off to apprehend criminals and then bizarre politics and policies force them to literally just see these people walking around *still illegal, after committing multiple crimes* on our streets. It's infuriating and demoralizing for them and for the people who live near the border regions and know what is going on. This is echoed in Germany and Sweden except in those areas they get passive because what else can they do. Here, they maybe have to be, but there are side-effects -- that is where you start getting the very vocal, angry people who send a bunch of locals with guns down to "help" patrol the (understaffed) border. Of course the media/left goes, "OMG they are all racists who just hate Mexicans!" They are people living in the middle of a crime wave that sources from illegal (not at all just Mexicans, but mostly 'from' that border) and under the oppressive dystopian politics that are somehow supporting rather than solving these problems.

In the end, I don't know what Europe will do. The USA is going to end up with someone like Trump as President because he says, this is a real problem and it needs dealing with right now, and he says that about half a dozen things which are all, coincidentally, real problems that need dealing with right now, and since we don't have anybody who doesn't seem like a lunatic with a ferret on their head to vote for as an alternative -- because nobody else is addressing the issues that he is in the way he is -- unless something major happens, or unless the media throws in hard with a few dozen free tens of mil in positive PR for Sanders the way they did with O, DT's likely to take the chair.

God only knows what happens then but I guess we can all hope that at least someone will finally do something about something -- and it might not work or it might be a mistake but at least it would mean someone finally tried -- because until now only cola-war bozos paid off by corporate interests have been in power, and every day stuff that vampire-bleeds us as a nation just gets worse. There is this idea that only right-wing extremists think so, but I think the coming election will probably show otherwise. (Or, it will just convince half the population that there are vastly more RWE's than they ever dreamed. Need more gun laws! lol.)

posted on Jan, 20 2016 @ 04:04 PM
Some more info regarding the Swedish police desision to classifiy every incident regarding immigrants as secret, taken from the newspaper DN (who is also covering up reports and is even one on the main reason people are afraid to say anything negative about or immigration politics in the first place. They them self are not afraid to hang out people as racists for question our insane politics.. double standard much, DN...?)

"The police refuse to tell how much resources that are spent on handling the wave of "refugees" (it is called asylumseekers DN..) and the growing tension on msny asylum centres. Investigations regarding violence, threats and other crimes is to be coded with the number "291" and shall be a secret to the mass media.

"Nothing shall be released", according to internal directive that DN has read

"Many of the 200 communicators in the police have expressed that they do not understand this strict secresy"

"Sources within the police are talking about a disturbing cover up.

-The situation is getting dangerous. Everething that is even touching immigration issue shall be kept secret and my only conclusion is that we for some political resason doesnt dare to show the reality as it is, says a staff at the police communication unit.

Seriously??? When did I move to this insane country I suddenly live in? This is not the country I grew up in!

The police acting for political reasons? Why oh gee I bet it has nothing to do with the fact that the new chief of police, Dan Eliason, the Social Democrats former chief of immigration... Nothing at all..
Dan Eliasson has once said that SD, Immigration critics, makes him wanna puke.. Not bias at all.. Or the proven fact that one of his staff, with Dans blessings, removed anything negative about him from wiki.. They got busted because of ip-tracking..

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posted on Jan, 20 2016 @ 04:36 PM
This is a good article worth reading on the topic of the USA and illegal immigration. The writer has a bias against DT but that is minor. And he leaves out the issue of legal vs. illegal when people start throwing numbers around but even that is not such a big deal as other things are decently addressed.

An excerpt and paraphrase:

On July 5, the 32-year-old Steinle posed with her father for a photograph on a San Francisco pier at 6:30 on a Wednesday evening. Suddenly there was a pop. Steinle crumpled. She died in hospital two hours later.

The stunningly random killing left behind a devastated family—and a confessed killer: Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, an illegal immigrant from Mexico who had been convicted of seven previous felonies and five times been ordered deported from the United States.

In 2009, Lopez crossed the border into the United States again, was caught, and was sentenced to four years in federal prison. After his federal sentence was served, Lopez-Sanchez was handed over to San Francisco authorities to face trial for a local drug charge. The local court dismissed the charge and ordered the Lopez-Sanchez released into the community. Nobody notified federal immigration authorities, because San Francisco law forbids such cooperation.


in 2014 alone, immigration authorities released into American communities 193 illegal immigrants with homicide convictions, 426 people with sexual-assault convictions and 16,000 with drunk-driving convictions. Altogether, 104,000 people who by law should have been deported were instead allowed to remain on American soil. The director of the agency in charge of the removals offered as a partial excuse that immigration courts faced a backlog of 500,000 cases.

Note that was immigration authorities -- that is pretty much a drop in the bucket compared to all law enforcement nationwide. Immigration authorities are a teeny tiny little group comparatively.

Another article that points out a few numbers at pjmedia says:

From October 2008 to April 2014, Texas identified a total 177,588 unique criminal alien defendants booked into Texas county jails. These individuals have been identified through the Secure Communities initiative, in which Texas has participated since October 2008. There are almost certainly more criminal aliens who haven't been identified as aliens. The 177,588 criminal aliens identified by Texas through the Secure Communities initiative only can tag criminal aliens who had already been fingerprinted. Arrests of illegal aliens who have not been fingerprinted prior to arrest are not included in these arrests numbers ... the ... aggregate crime totals would be even higher if crimes by many illegal aliens who are not in the fingerprint database were included.


From the Texas DPS report: A review of these 177,588 defendants shows that they are responsible for at least 611,234 individual criminal charges over their criminal careers, including 2,993 homicides and 7,695 sexual assaults.

... The increasing flood across the border combined with the existence of sanctuary cities bolstered by Obama administration policies allowing the release of the most violent criminal aliens has fueled these crimes.

I am posting this in part to example that while we are talking about Germany and Sweden, this issue is heavily present in the USA as well -- it is just not specific to Islamic immigrants although they are included, but in the case of the US, for geographical reasons, most illegals come through our southern border (no matter where they come from first).

But you can see that then, you add a group that our own FBI is pretty clear has some small % of its people determined to do destruction (small still matters and when the incoming numbers get big, it's not small anymore), a culture that is never any help whatsoever (the 'work with mosque leaders' BS is useless, decades prove this and the FBI's been open about the non-results), and you can see that anybody concerned about crime and security (especially the possibility of the USA ending up in FEMA martial law if the crime was huge or too many) would be reluctant to do anything to make the situation worse.

In the middle east even in the area in question (around Syria) we have translators-etc. who have fought with us, they and their families have often been injured or killed waiting for us to get them over here -- we could bring them if we want to add a few numbers to our already large annual immigrant allotment. They helped us at huge personal risk under worst conditions locally. There's also a pretty decent group of people over there who are in even more danger from the daesh as they are christian not islamic and that particular group is probably not the small-%-risk that stats attribute to some others. There are people in that region we could help with minimal risk to ourselves. Why would we want to enlarge our already huge incoming numbers with a special exemption just for a group of people that has now been evidenced to in many cases had IDs and bussing set up by ISIS itself -- why on earth would anybody sane want to do this, unless they actually *wanted* to put us at risk, given we CAN help easily the SAME region of people without that risk? But if someone says, "Bring over the people who have helped our soldiers, and the oppressed christians who are ALSO war-refugees in that area but even worst off," they're considered to be racist or inherently prejudiced against everyone islamic (despite most the people who have helped us and are in that group, are probably islamic).

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posted on Jan, 21 2016 @ 04:13 PM
Sweden PM, Stefan Löfven to CNBC:

"The immigrants are not to blame"

No Stefan, we are not putting the blame on the immigrants as a group, because most of them do behave. We are blaming YOU because you dont have any controll over the immigrant situation and you dont adress that the IS a problem with a growing number of immigrants that does not respect our laws and rules.

I do blame the PERSONS doing this, even if they are immigrants, not because they are..

To hear him say that we have had these problems in Sweden for a long time, is like saying Swedish males have behaved like this for a long time. Thanks for the spit in my face, dear PM... I am going to remember that next time I vote
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posted on Jan, 21 2016 @ 04:57 PM
This is starting to feel like the runup to WW1. Everything is getting so screwed up country-to-country, that all you need is one significant incident that ruffles some feathers across multiple constituents and interests.

Somebody may take a potshot at some bureaucrat for continually lying to their faces and telling them that their concerns don't matter in the least.

And at some point some countries will stand up and do the right thing, putting them at odds with those who just keep lying.

posted on Jan, 24 2016 @ 03:08 AM
Even if the police now officially are making every crime regarding immigrant top secret, more reports are now coming out in the otherwise very pc media that show a reality far worse than I imagened.

From SVT, Swedish left wing public TV:

"The alarm from the police - we are on our knees."

"The police can no longer do their job. A big part of the reason: The criminal gangs in and around Stockholm Central are taking large resources from a already stressed out police"

"Estimations say that a couple of hundreds of young men from Marocco and other north African countries are in Sweden at this moment. This group is causing a large problem for the police and other athorities" (and the victims they meet perhaps..?)

According to a police officer talking to SVT:

"These guys is a huge problem for us. They steal stuff everywhere and are beating up security guards at the Central. Touching girls between the legs and slap them when they say no. Every police officer know about this."

"On s straight forward question about how the working situation is for the police in Stockholm the answer doesnt take long - it is a disaster."

" - I would never let my children go to the T-Centralen (subway station), no police officer would do that, he says."

I grew up in one of the nicest countries in the world.
My daughters will not, and that just breaks my heart. How can polititians destroy a whole country like this? They cant have any mirrors in their home because I doubt they are able to look into one.
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posted on Jan, 25 2016 @ 09:27 AM
....and here we go again...

A young girl has been raped in the popular "Erikstalsbadet" a public pool/bath house in january this year. This is the same place that recently had to make gender devided times in the jacuzzis because of all the complaints on immigrant touching females (in many cases girl under 15 and even 10 year olds have been groped)

According to the police, the staff witness the incident but no arrest have been made... the staff says many incidents have occured and in each and every one of them, the men have been so called lonesome refugee children. (Although they are not refugee, not alone hand in many many cases look at least 30..)

(I actually had ro read that several times.. it actually says the staff witness.. but since no arrest is made, one must come to the horrible conclusion that the staff did not grabb the rapist and held him untill the police came??????? I do not wanna swear but WTF????)

On a side note, today in Aftonbladet, a major pc-left wing newspaper is having an article about how there is so many crimes at centers for asylumseeker, they cant keep up. They do not have the resources to deal with all of this. The police says there are far more incidents than people might think.
Furthernore, the article goes on to say this is not only affecting the police. The work load on the Social service in Sweden is very large and all over the country people are calling in sick at an increasing rate. It is also reported that a growing number of social workers are quitting and there is now a shortage. Even the school system is now failing according to the same report.

Thanks alot dear goverment.

Take a seat people. Bring out your popcorns and watch a country crumble and fall.

The article ends with saying: "Reports predict it is only going to get worse"
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posted on Jan, 25 2016 @ 11:40 AM
Forgot the link:

Another sad story.
Today in Sweden a 22 year old woman working in a centre for lonesome coming refugee children was stabbed to death in her back by one of the "children"

According to
the police are not sure who the man is, where he is from or how old he realy is because they cant comfirm that what he say is true. The police say the man is born 2000 but since there is no way to tell because he doesnt have any papers it is not comfirmed .
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