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Bernie Sanders 30 years of a consistent message

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posted on Jan, 12 2016 @ 07:46 PM

originally posted by: DBCowboy

originally posted by: maplecustom
a reply to: DBCowboy

Howand why on Gods earth do you find this such a bad thing?

Because I don't want someone to dictate to me how I live my life. If you give responsibility over to someone else for your health and education, then that entity will get to dictate;

Uh, you realize socialism doesn't do that right? LOL

What you learn

Socialism has nothing to do with censorship. It deals with economic policies, social benefits & social responsibilities, not literary choices.

How you learn

So taxpayers paying for public education facilities is a bad thing? Have you actually seen any of the poor countries where public school isn't free? That's one of the biggest reasons why women are oppressed in those areas; because even a basic education is too expensive for families to send all of their kids to school. So they typically send the males first, starting with the eldest male, because they have the best chance of success in their areas. Free education is one of the quickest ways to increase women's equality.

How much you learn

LOL Dude, we're calling for free higher education. How is that somehow controlling how much people learn? You wouldn't be forced to learn more or get more schooling, but it would be an option if you want it (or need it to advance your career).

What you eat & What you drink

Once again, socialism deals with economic policies, social benefits & social responsibilities, not dietary choices. You can be socialist and still eat meat, go vegetarian, drink or abstain from alcohol, follow the raw food diet, or any other diet. The 2 aren't related.

What you smoke

Huh? What's that have to do with socialism either?

How much you eat, When you eat

LOL Food again? I already answered that one above. You sure you're not just hungry, grumpy, and lashing out right now?

posted on Jan, 12 2016 @ 10:48 PM
Consistent economic illiteracy

posted on Jan, 12 2016 @ 10:51 PM
a reply to: Teikiatsu

The US since the 1980's in a nutshell. Go go Reaganomics!
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posted on Jan, 12 2016 @ 11:05 PM
Didn't 'feel the Bern' support the last couple presidents have been


That's a constant

posted on Jan, 13 2016 @ 01:49 PM
Every time I have listened to Bernie speak.... it always nagged me that he reminded me of someone.... I finally put my finger on it.....he sounds just like the aardvark lol

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posted on Jan, 13 2016 @ 07:59 PM

originally posted by: Gumerk

I am neither 'middle class', nor am I a vet.
So.... just assuming, for a moment, that the words from a politicians mouth have any 'weight' at all, and this is tough, if I were to vote got your boy, what will he do for me?
And what makes you think that anything that he has said, thus far, will still be his feelings and thoughts once he tasted heady (and corrupting) 'Power' (tm)!
No one seems to have achieved this, yet.
We just mindlessly keep feeding our virgins to the volcano...

The very first thing that comes to my mind is overturning citizens united. This should help us all right away by getting big money out of politics and restoring our democracy.

First, it's only by chance that I found this response.
You have to use the quote button for anything to be found. The site is a bit crappy in that way.
Ok, so, a politician is talking about getting money out of politics!
And you are taking this seriously?
Okay... I'll play.
Lets say president Bernie wants to get rid of those big PACs, get rid of donations over $100., for instance.
He will be laughed out of the building by senate and congress and everyone else who drove to work, or were 'driven', in their Lexi, and BMWs and Lincolns...
Politics is ALL about money!
I'm thinking you a bit naive here.
I think our NEED to hear the 'right words' (to soothe the ego) makes us 'receptive' to them, 'hoping' for their veracity and implementation.

other things Bernie would do that could be for you -- Potentially For You

Even a blind hog finds an acorn, on occasion...

We aren’t going to get there just by electing a president who believes in and is committed to restoring our democracy. We’re going to get there by building a movement – a movement with enough power not only to elect a president but to insist that all of our elected representatives return power to the people, a movement that not only identifies the deep corruption of our politics but rejects cynicism and instead insists on solutions, action and accountability.

Democracy is a failed experiment!
First, where, exactly, is the "there" to which you suggest we need to "get"??
Paradise? Utopia? Brooklyn?
Segundo, you think throwing more of the same (only the words are changed) old 'formula' that has led us Here! Now! to this Cirque du Freaque or a political dysfunctional mess?
Even IF, and that's a BIG 'IF', Bernie was Superman, a Loving Honest person, how long do you think he will last with those greedy selfish corrupt sharks all around him?
You think the obsessive niggling and persecution and obstruction by the Republicans against any and everything signed Obama, and now Hillary (that is all they do, obstruct progress) will magically bypass Superman?!
The political system here is Kryptonite against anything truly progressive and actually 'good' for humanity.
EVEN if, Bernie was Superman, the Kryptonite of our toxic politikal cirkus will kill him!

On keeping his word and corruption --
Corruption -- The very first thing that comes to mind is his grassroots movement. He's called for a political revolution from We The People of the United States and has refused to take any money from Super PAC's or big money corporate lobbyist. It's all funded by the people.

Refer to the above.

keeping his word -- His history up to this point is all we can go by. I can point out some examples in particular. As mayor of Burlington, he ran a tight ship on a tight budget, grew the economy, and attracted local business by creating trade associations, giving new entrepreneurs start-up funding, and offering technical assistance.

Yet he also protected low-wage workers, financed training programs for women, implemented neighborhood planning assemblies (NPAs), raised taxes on business, and created organizations to empower the people, including a Youth Office, an Arts Council, and a Women’s Council.

A laudable history, and that also goes for his 'errors and failures'.
We all have 'em, but that is not necessarily a plus when dropped into that shark tank!
As far as Mayor, as Bruce Lee said; "Punching bags don't hit back!"

Bernie is beloved by his constituents more than any other senator in the United States, with the highest approval rating (83%) in the nation.
“I do not say, ‘Elect Bernie Sanders for president, I'm going to solve all of these problems.’ We need millions of people to stand up and fight back, to demand that government represents all of us, not just the one percent. I'm trying to create a movement. That is what my campaign is about – that is not what Hillary Clinton's establishment campaign is about.”

A grass roots movement from the ignorant, corrupt citizens, the drooling manipulated, incapable of any original critical thought (enforced by public school), mindless ('marks') 'consumers', low IQ, ignorant, vain lemmings that constitute the fast majority of the Amerikkkan public?
The same people who 'voted' in the Cirque du Freaque that now is in control?
Methinks you're a bit of an optimist! *__-
I do Love your enthusiasm!
I remember 'enthusiasm'...

While in college, he marched for civil rights.

Okay, I get it, he's the Second Coming!
But you cannot legislate unconditional Love, it only can come from within, and be displayed thus for all!
People will come to you, you don't have to go shove anything in their faces.
That never worked!
Perhaps your dream will bear fruit!?
I'd be fine with that! *__-

posted on Jan, 15 2016 @ 07:31 PM
a reply to: namelesss

That's one of the most nicest, yet sincere responses to a thread on ATS I've ever received. It gets me to thinking as well. A genuineness comes through on my end of reading it. Thank you

posted on Jan, 15 2016 @ 08:22 PM
I am just going to pick on one bit of hypocrisy with the whole Citizens United and Super PAC thing. He is taking money from the labor unions correct? Do they not support union favored candidates rather than the members favored? Or to put it simple for those of you who will come swooping in to support this. The union heads who work for the union as opposed to being in the field so to speak, direct money to candidates they choose not whom the workers may choose? So this money taken as dues for protecting the workers is partially put into politics that do not synch with all their workers preference.
Actually I will nail another point, 30 yrs in politics and this doesn't ring any bells of warning? I know last time a lot of you didn't pay attention to the inexperience of the current POTUS. That does not mean that a guy who has made a career in politics is a good choice. He talks a good game, but so did our current prez. Oh and for my right-wing friends he is just the flip-side of Ron Paul. Too long in Washington, playing the "outsider" card to pander to the people and lets face it still part of the problem overall.

posted on Jan, 17 2016 @ 07:34 AM

originally posted by: Gumerk
a reply to: namelesss

That's one of the most nicest, yet sincere responses to a thread on ATS I've ever received. It gets me to thinking as well. A genuineness comes through on my end of reading it. Thank you

Thank YOU for your kind words!
But remember;
"We don't see the world as it is, we see it as we are!" *__-

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