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No winner of record Powerball jackpot, next draw put at $1.3 billion! The Dream Thread

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posted on Jan, 10 2016 @ 08:33 PM
I just need 500K and I'll be on top.

A payout of $806 million? I'd go MIA, many would wonder, "hey, what happened to Mike with the big nose?"

posted on Jan, 10 2016 @ 11:11 PM
a reply to: TNMockingbird

Thank you for posting that wonderful quote. I have always tried to live by the "GOLDEN RULE" motto. Basically, treat other's the way that you would want to be treated. I've always tried to instill that thought into my children. I've also told them many times when there was a question about what to do about another person, the best policy is to stop & think for a moment how you would feel if you were that person & that will be the answer.

I believe every word of your quote. It adds another beautiful & memorable dimension to life. Thank you!

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posted on Jan, 10 2016 @ 11:52 PM
a reply to: infolurker I would buy the beautiful and small house we rent, and add one bedroom. I would fund a scholarship for every high school graduate in my poor county at the state university, with a mandatory year of study abroad. I would buy up farmland in my area, reforest it, and find some way to donate it to the state where they couldn't log it. I would keep a million or two for our retirement and kids college, ask my job to move to 20 hrs per week, and then give away everything that's left.

posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 02:35 AM
I would...
1. Replace my vehicle with a new Jeep or truck
2. Quit my job
3. Quit college
4. Visit different places to find somewhere nice to live and then promptly gtfo of where I'm currently living
5. Buy a house (nothing huge or fancy, just a normal house)
6. Buy a new mountain bike
7. Set up the perfect home battlestation (computer stuff)
8. Maybe find a fun part-time job for something to do
9. Spend free time hiking, exploring, mountain biking, offroading and gaming
10. Travel the country
11. Find ways to protect the environment
12. Tell no one, ever

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