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Calcium Supplements, What's the Verdict

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posted on Jan, 12 2016 @ 11:08 AM
a reply to: rickymouse

I get a lot of stuff from vitacost as well.....yeah, coconut oil, probiotics, buckwheat flour, etc.

The minerals from Source Naturals doesn't have iron....I don't need it....and the price is comparable to what I pay on Amazon.
Also, not entirely sure....but it is a Krebs cycle formula...which sounds to me like a good thing

Those classes? I'll have to take a look....haven't done any formal studying in a looooong time!!!

posted on Jan, 12 2016 @ 11:58 AM
I can't take much iron. I uptake it too much and get dark around the eyes. I learned to stay away from vitamin c too much because that makes it worse. I like meat but the iron it does cause a little problem if I eat too much.

My wife has a different iron problem than I and can't take vitamins with added iron or eat too much iron containing foods. The reason is different but the solution, avoidance, is the same.

I searched for problems with iron in the genetic stuff I had and low and behold it popped right up. I expected that the reason would be the same for both of us but it was way different. My problem with iron gets worse the more I consume vitamin C or anything with the absorbic acid in it but my wifes is independent of that, those things don't change anything for her. I can eat all the meat I want as long as I don't eat anything with vitamin c in it and nothing will happen. My wife can't eat as much meat and if she does it will always take up too much iron. So eating spinach for me is not a good thing. Drinking OJ with my big steak and eggs is a no no. Funny thing is I never wanted OJ or anything high in vitamin c when I ate a lot of meat.

Reality is a lot stranger than I ever believed posible.
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posted on Jan, 13 2016 @ 08:23 AM
It seems that threads on important stuff never do so good. Everyone can learn from what is being said on this thread. Then they complain about everyone getting cancer and other illnesses. I thought I was going to find a reduced susceptibility to a genetic line to this chemistry causing all the problems. The conspiracy theorist in me figured someone who had immunity to this new food science wanted to get rid of all of us. It isn't true, the thing creating this mess is stupidity. Ignorance of what we do not yet know coupled to greed and desire not to lose any money on foods that get unsellable.

The companies putting these chemicals in the foods look the other way, accepting the sellers statements as real, their chemicals are safe. The chemicals have been approved and they keep you from losing profits. It is not evil intent, it is desire not to lose money that is causing this. The problem comes from the fact that lots of this chemistry is not necessary, there never was a problem but to make sure there never is, add this legal toxin so someone eating your product does not get symptoms and blames the sickness on something else.

We have created a society that is based on fear. Even at higher levels. They correct things that do not need correcting yet fail to check if the correction is messing something else up.

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