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Masons and acceptance

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posted on Jun, 12 2003 @ 07:06 PM
do the Masons only accept men or do they also accept women?

posted on Jul, 2 2003 @ 07:02 PM
Masons are for Men....
Order of Eastern Star is for Women and Men may belong to Eastern Star as well. Women must have some male relative that is a Master Mason to become a eligible for The Order of Eastern Star.

posted on Jul, 3 2003 @ 05:42 AM
Be old enough, of good moral standing, showing good judgment and free of any criminal record, and go and ask them.

posted on Jul, 3 2003 @ 05:45 AM
I know they have ladies festivals. I have been to a couple, but most of the time it's just for men..

They are very secretive and wont let on about anything they do.

My Dad is a mason and I have asked him a few times about what their meetings are about and the secret handshake etc.... and he refuses to tell me.

Apparently a true Mason, never tells.

posted on Jul, 5 2003 @ 08:01 PM
There is a group of Masons in France called "Sarno" that accept women. I heard about them while visiting a lodge in Pennsylvania. They are not accepted in the United States or most other countries as True Masons.

posted on Jul, 7 2003 @ 02:20 AM
They are not accepted by ANY Freemason Lodge or Grand Lodge, as Masons. They are just some club that call themselves "masons" like the Co-opperative masons.

To be a Mason you swear among other things, to never be present at the initiation passing or raising of a woman.

So anyone who had been present at such, is effectively breaking their obligation --

-- which means goodbye Mr. Mason.

No Grand Lodges therefore can recognize such a lodge without being unrecognized themselves.

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