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WHY do so many people treat the bibles as gospel when its full of rubbish...

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posted on Jan, 7 2016 @ 09:10 AM
a reply to: AlienSupernova

Yes I agree, I am a athiest but this thread looks like a thinly veiled attempt to attack Christians en masse and rather rediculous.

posted on Jan, 7 2016 @ 09:14 AM
a reply to: gell1234

why do they obsess over what the bible says?
How would you convince them not to waste there time?

Those are fine questions.

The answer is indoctrination. The further back you go the more people went to church, the more kids went to "Sunday School" where they were taught the first four books of the Bible, translated from the Talmud, written by the Jews.

The reason people are so obsessed reflects the power of indoctrination of children's minds by the church.

Advertising works (wash, rinse, repeat), from early age cementing ideas and ideology into minds at an age they can't tell between the truth and a lie. They buy into whatever adults tell them.

Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, flag waiving and Churchianity, the Bible too.

Only the Bible has certain added kickers. If you don't believe you are told, God will punish you forever. If you ever doubt this, thats the devil trying to make you an "unbeliever" and again God will punish you forever.

As we grow up we learn that Santa and the Bunny stories are false, but the bible stories are real (or else). What a mind meld.

posted on Jan, 7 2016 @ 09:27 AM
a reply to: mikegrouchy

If mankind would quit erasing history everytime they build a new empire, we wouldn't be clutching to our bibles as the only record they haven't wiped out. As it stands, real human history is up for question. Tribal histories, destroyed. Cultural records, destroyed. People's family histories, burned. Traditions of various languages in the past, lost.

Agreed. More history has likely been lost and/or rewritten than what we actually have at present.

The only people who say we obsess over the New Testament, are the same people who in 1869 said that Homer's "iliad and odyssey" were complete works of fiction. Had no bearing on either history or reality. And were little better than mythology or a children's fairy tale.

Then Von Schliemann (the father of archaeology) went and discovered the lost city of Troy. Exactly where Homer's so-called work of myth, said it was.

And they were right for the most part. Like the bible authors, Homer records much mythology along with his history. One could hardly call either an accurate historical account. The embellishments in both are glaring.

posted on Jan, 7 2016 @ 09:50 AM

originally posted by: TechniXcality
a reply to: AlienSupernova

Yes I agree, I am a athiest but this thread looks like a thinly veiled attempt to attack Christians en masse and rather rediculous.

Agreed and it's a sad fact that this is being done on a forum about history. I think it should be safe to assume that people with an interest in the subject would know that the old testament is the cornerstone of the three Abrahemic faiths - Christianity, Judaism and Islam, not just the one.

Sticking with the old testament, even if you choose to ignore it's actual central theme there is still information there that is of interest to many historians from a social history perspective - the conventions of the people who lived in that area at the time for example.

Of course many will use the laws shown in Leveticus to either support an argument (for example that homosexuality is bad) while others will use the same laws to ridicule such an argument (not being allowed to eat shellfish as an example). What people seem to forget is that these laws (however widely they were or not followed) are a snapshot of their time and the society they were written in - to suggest they should be relevant to different societies of different faiths - or non faiths - a couple of millennia later is the fundamental view.

Anyhow, it's not like we have laws today which are open to ridicule............. is it?
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posted on Jan, 7 2016 @ 10:51 AM
a reply to: St Udio

the bible is a type of roadmap...created from the collective conscious mind of humanity...

Roadmap created from localized tribal customs/deities of some Canaanite gods and applied to a larger western culture - hardly the collective conscious mind of humanity. It has served well in keeping Man from knowing true spiritual freedom

posted on Jan, 7 2016 @ 11:01 AM
a reply to: troyof69

There is a lot of life lessons in there. It teaches you right from wrong in many ways

If you look at the old testament it teaches you charming lessons like god is a schizophrenic, the value of genocide in acquiring others possessions, exclusiveness, I could go on but you have to learn for yourself that right from wrong is dependant on who wields the bigger sword.

posted on Jan, 7 2016 @ 11:15 AM
I agree, and a lot still think they can sin because Jesus has unlimited forgiveness. Hebrews 10:26.

posted on Jan, 7 2016 @ 12:00 PM
a reply to: gell1234

Well, because people are free to believe whatever they want to believe. Why does it matter to you? Some people believe the Bible is the true word of God. I don't, but it's no skin off my back if someone else does.

Some people believe the shadow government is poisoning us from 60,000 feet. I find it ridiculous, but it harms me in no way if others want to believe that nonsense. What's the difference?

posted on Jan, 7 2016 @ 01:59 PM
a reply to: gell1234

Why do you care? What makes you think you're right? Seems pretty ignorant to me. So you believe in God but not the Bible that God wrote? Sounds like you believe in your own God that you made up to suit your needs. I think you're the one wasting your time

I agree 100% with what the person right above me said.

Why does it matter? Free will, baby
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posted on Jan, 7 2016 @ 02:02 PM
I know man, my crazy neighbor thinks it is gods will that Ted Cruz be president. I told her Id give her my lotus if that happens. Old Fool ! Those people drive me crazy.

posted on Jan, 7 2016 @ 02:14 PM
Well OP, you have made your choice. I wish that you find the same peace I have found when I obsess over my book.

posted on Jan, 7 2016 @ 02:55 PM
a reply to: usernameconspiracy
Some people care cos we know/feel another generation will be wasted on this book. We have become ever more globalised /secularised so there I so need to have a book to pick and choose what we want to believe/ judge others upon.

When it comes to the quran, it's skin off my back when friends and loved ones have died by misinterpretations of Scripture, regardless of someone's agenda. It is justified through a book no matter how warped it has become. The same applies to "the good book" with alot of mass murder attacks, although many will find other causes for those atrocities.

Everyone has a right to believe what they want. No problem. Just believe in something plausible, that's all I ask, like an extreme theory on quantum physics, or gravity. They harm no one.

If this thread helps an individual question his indoctrination has it not served a purpose.

And to the OP ...I believe in God but not the bible. I wonder how many similarities your god has to the god you think is "rubbish" in the bible. 90%...95%?

posted on Jan, 7 2016 @ 03:10 PM
a reply to: rukia

Don't ever remember god writing the bible. I do find it amusing when people who believe the bible call others ignorant. Rib tickler that one.

I always wonder how people can believe something that NO ONE agrees fully upon. Is it literal or metaphor. The debate will go on for another 1000 years If people didn't care ( admittedly the thread is just christian bait though)
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posted on Jan, 7 2016 @ 03:35 PM

originally posted by: snypwsd

originally posted by: troyof69
My personal opinion on the bible, is that everyone should read it. Not necessarily for the religious aspect, but more for the values and morals that are taught within it. There is a lot of life lessons in there. It teaches you right from wrong in many ways. Gives you guidelines on how to live a good life. I'm not overly religious either. Some days I believe in god, some days I don't.

I do not agree with you on that. If your daughter gets raped would you mary her off to the rapist? Would you stone gay people to death? If your wife was pregnant and and you thought she cheated on you, would you take her to a priest to drink poison to see if she lives or not? If she dies they say she cheated, if she lives she didnt. But they would most likely die every time (which means "god" is in support of abortion). I could go on for ever about all the hate in it.

There is not a single thing in the bible that you cant learn on your own or with common sence.

Thats my position. Im 100% against every and any religion and bible. As you dont need a book to tell you about common sense.

Well, those things that you mentioned would be the ones where common sense comes into play. Really all you did was name off a bunch of silly items that we all know are wrong. What about "honor thy father and thy mother ", thou shalt not kill, the good ones not the idiotic ones like stoning people to death. There are good values as well as dumb stuff. If you're smart, you'll take to good stuff and pass over the bad.

posted on Jan, 7 2016 @ 04:12 PM
a reply to: troyof69
That's the problem though, the smart people often get it wrong. Many smart people believe homosexuality wrong, although they may not have not come to that conclusion without the intervention of the good book. Smart has nothing to do with it when someone "knows".

posted on Jan, 7 2016 @ 04:28 PM

originally posted by: gell1234
I personally don't believe any of the bibles (take your pick-I'm sure it's full of rubbish)

I still believe in God and I think bibles have done some good as well...

Why do people who arnt necessarily gullible or stupid (but can be quite the opposite), why do they obsess over what the bible says?
How would you convince them not to waste there time?

I don't personally know anyone who obsesses over what the Bible says, though I know they are out there. If you feel that they're wasting their time and it's truly important to you to save them from wasting their time, I think the best thing you could do is ask them if they feel as though they're wasting their time.

If they say 'yes', ask them why they feel that way and if they would like your assistance in avoiding further reading of the Bible. If they say 'no', then they're not wasting their time, whether you think they are or not.

Really, even if a brand-new religion comes out that is 100% made-up fantasy and they tell you that's what it is, if people want to follow the message the religion is putting out there, they're not wasting their time, because they're doing what they want to be doing.

posted on Jan, 7 2016 @ 04:32 PM
Incidentally,, the OP has not been back to this thread since putting it up in the first place.
That tells you what kind of thread this was supposed to be.
It has been an exercise in "get an argument going and walk away". Is there a word for that?

posted on Jan, 7 2016 @ 05:49 PM
a reply to: DISRAELI
Shet stirrer I think.

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