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Rome chief exorcist Fr. Gabriele Amorth expects Fatima prophecy in 5 months or less

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posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 05:27 PM
I am thankful the thread was first pinned, and now unpinned, because I always feel more comfortable when not in the focus of attention.

I want to believe, it is not because the personal intrusion and spat Ignatian caused by calling me to repent in repeated lectures, and asking me to post private info online, instead of discussing the topic itself. Tactics very commonly used in forums when someone should be silenced - let him be nervous, provoke him, etc. Attack the messenger, because you cannot attack the message. It is a shame for the point of view such people pretend to hold.

Fr Amorth whose 2 interviews are the main scope of this thread, is a part of the Catholic Church establishment, if I may say that way. He. Mgr Balducci, others, would never speak if they were not explicitly ordered by hi authority. In this case it could go as hi as the pope himself. Yes there are many hi clergy who wouldn't like what he said. But that only speak of the strength of his words.

Fatima has been reassessed by the powerful and authentic part of Roman clergy who still stand for what is righteous and good! There are still people in Rome who know why they are there and what is their duty. I hope they will ultimately prevail.

Unfortunately, the nature of message of Fr Amorth is that Rome will be punished because of that centuries old attitude and gross trespasses. Indeed, probably most of the billion catholics do not think of that every day and have forgiven the trespasses in past centuries. The world may have closed the page where Rome played the role of the ultimate arbiter in the Christendom.

However, Fatima comes to tell us, God's authority and His ultimate judgment are something not connected to earthly times and beyond our ways. The little things asked to be done in Fatima (if true) - to consecrate Russia and a number of other things of religious practice, have not been met by generations of hierarchy members. In a way, they clear the way for God's punishment to unfold. Whether it will be in a way of the "official 2000y version" involving only the church in Rome, or whether it is actually much larger planetary cataclysm (more probably according to my estimates and those of people like it is yet to be seen.

The good end might be sought in the promise of Virgin Mary "at the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph". Fr Amorth clearly said that God will call His people, and His call will be answered by the people. What does Amorth mean by that? He doesn't throw words as cheap Sunday homily for repentance of personal sins to avoid discussion of inconvenient questions. He means what he says.

Does it mean God will call the people for a WAY OUT before the Chastisement, that Amorth believes is about to follow Every Day since November 2015? Does it mean there will be provided physical rescue way for those people, in the means of landing extraterrestrial ships to take them to secure locations elsewhere in the galaxy? Or for others, underground shelters readied for long ago to assure continuation of humanity despite the worldwide upheaval? Questions that are much more relevant now, when we have 98 years passed of the prophecy that is fixed by a date - still unknown because of the above mentioned bureaucrats of Rome. We know there is a fixed date and we approach it with every single year passed.

Fr Martin, another (former) jesuit, said it won't be "20 years more" in an interview given 1997. Altough I do not agree with every single word, and it is not necessary to agree, that piece of information coupled with Fr Amorth's revelations, and others', are of utmost importance for everyone who investigates Fatima with a good faith. For everyone who is here in this forum to read and find out the future of humankind that of course includes the future of his own circle of family and friends. It is stupid to dogmatize questions that were never been a dogma. We are free to interpret Fatima and we are free NOT TO AGREE with the official (still) position of clerics who are now in resignation due to their advanced age. The Catholic common people must understand, much of what has been preached to them are wishful things and not dogma. In case of Fatima, we have suppressed truth. It is up to the individual catholics to understand it concerns them, their future and their families. It seems non-catholics intellectuals pay a greater attention to that and other phenomena that happen around the latest days of Rome spiritual/political life, and they are actually better prepared for the events to come.

Polarity is not absent. Such as people like Tom Horn prefer to demonzie everything based on their strong foundations in Bible and full knowledge of the facts we are discussing here. They have it right as facts and very wrong as conclusions. I do not agree with them, and I already discussed one such interview with Steve Quayle and Tom Horn. But such people are worth of listening, because you find their arguments based on the very facts your arguments are based on. Only their views they are entitled to, are not yours. It would be pleasure to discuss with such people in the forum, who have what to tell you, you have what to learn from their discussion, from their opposite views. I recommend their videos to everyone who wants to know more and who feels this thread cannot give similar level of sophysticated elaborated fact-based discussion. Thank you for your attention!
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posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 11:44 PM
I don't care about the rest of you, but I'll be watching carefully around May 13th, 2017. I had an honest apparition of this lady back in May 13th, IIRC, at Washington State Univ.. I was trying to save a coed from a pre-cogged death, and the apparition told me that "You have done enough, and may be on your way. Unfortunately, the coed still died from a car crash, a little later that evening. I did warn the correct Resident Ass't, at her dorm, but the nurse at the Health Center, only put her to bed for observation. She never woke up, and then the lawsuits flew. She didn't have any mark on her body, and that totally freaked out her dad, Charles Marshall, who was a Seattle dentist.

That was the first time I really experienced someone's death, before the event, and it wasn't pretty. This was right at fifty years to the day from the first angelic apparitions at Fatima, which paved the way for the Madonna figure. But an apparition is only an apparition, so they were more of a handshake in computer speak. The only girl I've ever met who really resembled her was the 14 year old daughter of the Sephardic Jewish Rabbi of Marrakesh, Morocco. The apparition appeared to me to be between 25 and 27, and I observed a pronounced Aegis, surrounding her bodice. So I called it as Pallas Athena, because of the Aegis on the famous statue in the Parthenon. This was constructed some 500 years before the birth of the mother of Jesus. Much later I realized that these are generated by Tara Spirits, residing beyond the Biblical Lake of Fire. The pale blue and mauve pink are the obvious primary colors doing this task. There must be more, that I just didn't recognize. Her hair was pulled back in a bun, and it was a rich chestnut color. Something like an older sister which I never had.

posted on Jan, 12 2016 @ 02:00 AM
Jewish 15 y old Nathan after NDE predicts Gog and Magog war, Messiah, resurrection, Gog =Obama< br />

Nathan told the Rav he saw the entire process of the "Gog and Magog" war and the redemption. The following are some of the things he said regarding the near redemption (he explained he saw it on a gigantic movie screen in heaven):

The beginning of Gog U'Magog began three days before the Rosh Hashana, September 11, 2015 or lunar calendar 27 Elul 5775.
One of these days, there will be a security breach that will cause riots to erupt leading to severe civil unrest. This will burst into a war and will be all over the news internationally. Everyone will know and understand it.
Israel will not yet be involved.
This will cause the world to unite against Israel and come fight us.

The war will begin by Gog ... Obama is Gog and he will fight us.

After the first 2 days of war in Israel, Israel Defense Force (Tzahal) will be abolished and the nations of the world will enter Israel.

People will be killed as well as kidnapped. It will be total chaos.
An atom bomb will be aimed at Israel and HKB'H (Ha-Kadosh Barukh Hu, (“The Holy One, Blessed be He”); will freeze it in midair. After a few weeks, it will land in Tel Aviv and Haifa.
They will capture Israel and enter Jerusalem.
The entire war will take 2 weeks and millions will perish.
To be saved we need to do Teshuva (repentance) and learn Torah. Only true servants of HaShem will remain alive.
The Moshiach is among us (living in Israel) and many know him, but did not know he is the Moshiach. When he will be discovered everyone will be surprised. He's a popular Baal Teshuva that does kiruv meaning “to come closer” or “to come near” to Orthodox Judaism.

After the war, building of the Temple will be built followed by resurrection.

We will be able to see the patriarchs, Moshe Rabenu, (Moses the Teacher) and all the saints only from a distance because of their divine;

Graves will open and the resurrected will come out of their grave wearing beautiful clothes.

Mount of Olives will split into two and all who remained alive will see Moshiach.

It's a matter of months till the final redemption.

Moshiach will stand in the entrance of the Mount of Olives and thru smell, will decide who will enter the Mount of Olives. -

Moshiach will fight Obama and will bury him in Eretz Israel (Land of Israel).

- See more at: sthash.K256NEn5.dpuf

posted on Jan, 12 2016 @ 03:54 AM
a reply to: 2012newstart

One would expect some information about what the Fatima prophecy actually entails in an OP about the subject.......

posted on Jan, 12 2016 @ 12:24 PM
a reply to: NeoSpartan

one would expect you read beyond post N1 before posting. The thread of 3 pages is full of quotes of Fatima verses.

posted on Jan, 13 2016 @ 01:41 AM
a reply to: 2012newstart

OMG let repeat it again for everyone to know, let shout from t he rooftops:
Fr Nicholas Gruner's March 12, 2015 newsletter states the following:

Father Amorth told me that we have but a SHORT TIME left before the chastisements predicted by Our Lady of Fatima begin to rip our world apart in ways we can hardly imagine!


Father Gabriel Amorth told me that unless the consecration of Russia is performed - AS OUR LADY ASKED! - by the end of October 2015, the dark prophecies of Fatima may well come to pass any day after that!

What is it that Fr Amorth knows MORE than all published until now verses of the 3rd secret? Why can't we "imagine it" if we were told that, even by the leaked unofficial verses?

I'd contemplate kind of divine (extraterrestrial) direct intervention in the world. Before all God's elect ones to simply die off.

Amorth knows more and is credible more than a dozen of cardinals. Because he knows and because he doesn't lie as well. He doesn't have any interest to lie.

As we speak, there is another incident in the Persian Gulf - US sailors captured in Iranian waters, US aircraft carrier makes dangerous maneuvers for 40 min. Follow the news.

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posted on Jan, 15 2016 @ 05:28 AM
The info posted in this thread is critical for the Fatima movement and individuals who believe it. Or those free thinkers on internet who do not necessarily belong to this or that denomination rather search the truth in and out.

In the last few days another revelation from a completely different source came to struck once again those who think out of the box. Steven Hawking's face appeared on 6 or twice more billboards on Times Square New York, along with cryptic message of 3 numbers in vertical order (top to bottom) 48, 16, 11. There is a thread consecrated to that, and my purpose is not to repeat it. Unfortunately, the "hoax issue" took over that thread as it happens many times with posting good stuff that cannot be verified independently, by posters who never saw it in first place themselves (and yet they pretend it is false, based on nothing than thin air in their heads).

Here is the thread that you can visit , read and comment there

ANd here is the picture from the website posted already in ATS

originally posted by: karl 12
"Stephen Hawking’s Face Took Over Times Square with This Cryptic Message and No One Knows Why"

sterious numerical code took over a group of billboards in Times Square this morning. I took a picture. What does it mean?"


you have to click to see that post.

What I guess, and many others including in other websites, that is a countdown to certain date. Whether the date is the 48th day after the appearance of the add Jan 11 9 - 9:30 AM, or whether it is 11 days after, or months, weeks, years? Your guess is as good as mine. For me, knowing what Hawking is doing with Astrophysics and popular science and how he spreads the idea of aliens, including hostile ones, this cryptic message is nothing else than the countdown of known to him Alien encounter. With good or bad ones? Depending on what youc all good or bad.

Is it the Rapture then? I am not a prophet. It is logical as I argue in previous posts, ET to come and save from the face of the planet those who are destined to be saved, while let the planet be chastised in a way worse than the flood. At least that is what we get from heavenly messages such as Akita "fire will fall from heaven". Only, the used wording of beings outside earth and higher than our bodies/spirits, is always "angels, archangels" or on contrary "devils, demons". It is a time we get out of our childhood age and call the things the way they are.

So I invite all Fatima specialists, all those who spent years to decode Great Warning time, to get that very seriously, and to follow any news in that regard. If such event is to come, the numbers of Hawking are likely to be followed by more info on that line. I understand the people who dare to write here, are either fundamental catholics, or opponents of organized religion, or people who belong to fundamental evangelical circles and thus reject both catholic prophecies and the idea of good ET angels. Well I did not choose my counterparts in this forum or anywhere. They did choose to respond. I hope there are more people who read and that message will reach many more outside than inside.

Well I did my work, many times over. I am still online for the time being. But it is strange there aren't more people, here and elsewhere. Well the final count will be at the rapture, at the spaceships' arrival (whatever that could mean) and later at the Second coming.
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posted on Jan, 20 2016 @ 12:59 PM
The absence of new official info on Fatima after two popes changed is not normal. Who of the cardinals said, promised, if elected would read the secret as it is. Now I doubt not only the 3rd but also the 2nd secret that nearly demonizes Russia at the time Russia and the Soviet Union bought the precious victory against the one called by all "pre-cursor of the antichrist - Hitler. (see La Salette).

Russia gave 20 million dead in the war, by very conservative estimates. The number was admitted by Khrushchev after the 20th congress of KPSS with the so called De-Stalinization. It wouldn't be surprising if the victims are 25-30 mln.

For the West it might be just the same - Nazi against Communists. I do not blame the common german youths who were thrown to fulfil orders, pumped by propaganda. But let make the difference between the propagandas: German's Hitler wanted world dominance race, and was elected in free elections. Stalin's whatever evil doings before the war, during the war the entire nation plus other peoples within USSR united to defeat the sacred motherland from the common enemy. They were from more than one religion, Muslim included, or some unbelievers as everywhere in the world. The Russian Orthodox Church not only found common language but equipped tank divisions with its own money from churches collections. The crusade against Hitler and Nazi was BLESSED by the Church and therefore by God. It is not overstated to say that many of those 20 mln victims died as martyrs, giving their lives for motherland, for family, for their beliefs, many of whom were Christians although not officially declared. We can see archive slides of old women making sign of cross over the faces of men coming from the front. And that was preserved to be seen by generations later, by the Communist film makers.

Perhaps the Vatican still have what to clarify about Fatima, not only for the third but also for the second part. Why should for example the salvation come from Russia and Kiev, as Malachi Martin said in 1997, in less than full 20 years? Russia already converted to God.

Therefore I dedicate those posts to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, especially the great multitudes of young ones, among whom a special place have the child-heroes. The few of them well known who fill the history books, are the best examples among thousands that we don't know their names.

Long live (in heaven) and glory to the martyrs of the Great Patriotic War!

Monuments and paintings of children-heroes:

пионеры Гриша Волков и Федя Игнатенко
Pioneers Grisha Volkov and Fedya Ignatenko

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posted on Jan, 28 2016 @ 02:46 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart

Fatima 100th anniversary YEAR technically will arrive May 13, 2016 and will be fulfilled by October 13, 2017.
Simply because in our estimations of the years we do not use "zero year:, neither for the bith of Jesus nor otherwise. Do you have zero year in your own age? No you don't! 12 months after your birth your parents celebrated instead of you your FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY that fulfills a year started at the first day Not started after a zero year. Similar with Fatima, the 100th anniversary of the first Marian apparition starts its 100th year at May 13, 2016, not May 2017 when it finishes thew 100th year.

I am not a date setter but seems the things getting heat right now. CIA released X-files about the 40s and 50s the time of Roswell. Strange how that is not a mega news, it is in MSM but somehow under shadow.

posted on Jan, 28 2016 @ 06:26 PM

originally posted by: 2012newstart

Exclusive: Interview with Rome chief exorcist Fr. Gabriele Amorth
Wed Dec 30, 2015

When I was personally attacked by the collider experiment and the secret ground experiment of the human cell interaction, the situation that happened to me, proved to my own person that evil the form of a manifested spirit and in the form of our brother's occult choices.

After a barrage of attacks on my mind and psyche...eventually a voice spoke to me from an evil spirit, and I knew by its implied statement that it tried to comfort me...and yet I knew it was evil. I had no one to help me, for I knew that the Catholic Brothers as an organization were involved in the studies of the produce a fake/artificial resource on Earth.

As my mind/brain chemical and hearing had altered I could hear the fallen angelic voices as they burnt....singing martyr, martyr, martyr.

Eventually I heard the voice of our human Mother's spirit as it was being atmospherically irradiated and millions of lives beside my own were harmed. I heard our Mother say .....not One....and she was so innocent and I could not believe how such an innocent spirit could have been harmed.

My brother's deceased angelic record from origin Earth life then spoke, as when he changes his Heavenly atmosphere, which he did in origin himself....the amount of negated records adds into his speech...he then gives the prophecy...and hence just like my family before me, I heard what he prophecized.

He told me about Revelations and then he also told me how to factor the Revelation as an added Revelation to the Book....."what is revealed" when it is revealed. All observations in the Book relate to incidences of what was revealed by the occultist practice of atmospheric conversion. Our Heavenly body is holy and was never meant to be changed. Our ancient occult brother already knew by self experience what happens to life if you alter the radiated light sound that supports Nature and the continuance of life.

In the attacks on my consciousness from the radiated wavelength, I gained many nights of profuse sweating, and brain burning. I saw the angel outside of Earth being burnt and falling away...and I knew by the circumstance that a Veil was removed as the light illuminated in my mind as flashing, and the Medium which my cell state was once interacting with was gone...for my eyesight that had gone black in the occult attacks, burnt my eyesight and it is now blurred. Before this time I had very healthy vision.

In this circumstance I heard the voices of evil and the screaming of the evil spirits. I knew from the circumstance that these spirits were not human, but sound human. I was taught by my occult brother that recordings of increased atmospheric radiation took extra negative recordings of our life...forming the evil presence, and instead of grounding as the normal life/cell interaction, they are given presence.

In the many visions until tthe angel was gone...I saw a huge angelic beautiful and her eyes at different times changed. The first vision I saw was of a male angel....and very small angels as a large amount fell off the body, therefore I knew that the atmospheric angelic presence that protected human life was being destroyed by its symbolic visions......feathers fell, the leaf fell, stating that the human bird feathering was being lost by increased radiation and so were the leaves on the trees...for their Nature was being converted.

In out of space, I saw a huge black spider moving towards Earth, and I knew by its information that it had a connection to Kali....the ancient evil radiation attack on India in our past history. I was also aware that in spirit the hand of the evil fallen angel, gives the impression of a spider. I have seen the evil spirits transmitting their radiated light sound to Earth.

I also saw a huge burnt black rock rolling in out of space...and I guess that this rock is not seen for it is not lit by gases. I do not know if this rock has any connection to Iran...but obviously it could.

In the visions I saw the Moon and that it had arrived out of origin Earth attack, when Earth was already a formed living planet. The Moon had come from the Sun...and as it cooled the gases when Earth tilted had allowed Earth to survive. The visions stated that a black hole was formed in the Sun from where the moon was ejected.

This is the reason why I know our Holy Mother is our own physical human being Mother...who with our Father were origin light beings who came out of light. The Fallen Angel system only supported the light and sound of Earth atmosphere and the mass sound of the atmosphere, the Heavens the converter of our origin holy spirits.

I also knew that our spirit has always existed in origin light and was never the fallen angel, and that this false awareness was indoctrinated by our ancient occult brother who believe in acts of conversion and that he was the Creator...when by self evidence he is the destroyer of all life.

My Holy Light spiritual Father saved my life and if not for his presence I would have died. Our Father is real...he is not the brother/Father who considers his presence the Creator. Our Holy Father advised me that origin light is innocent of its mistake and it never knew mistake until it was caused. He never created....light created and evolved by its own presence. Our brother on origin Earth tried to create by trying to convert his own manifested life spirit, he tried to alter his presence back into his angelic light being...and was converted instead.

Our brother has always believed that he is a Creator, for he caused conversion...yet converting destroyed him, and he has maintained this conscious self statement ever since he gave it to himself.

We are not meant to be destroyed and there is no holy precept that aligns destruction to purposeful acts of God. God was a self precept that our brother gave to the review to allow his person to cause conversion of nuclear matter...and this situation destroyed his ancient life.

posted on Jan, 29 2016 @ 01:30 AM
a reply to: beenharmed

However I prefer to write my own elaborated reasoning in the thread I started that contains core texts of Fatima as well as the latest development. I respect Phantomfire but I don't see the need to pour more water into his mill, in case he himself doesn't want to contribute to it.

SO I will answer you here.

Obviously, your spirituality is a bit different from what is believed by the believers of Fatima. May be we all need to correct spirituality, regardless of what church or not we belong to. The problem is we do not have any positive model to do it.

Fatima appears to be the corrective of the RCC in the last century, along with other less promoted "apparitions". It didn't work as supposed to be though.

If you reread Amorth and Martin with having in mind of existence of off-world beings (angels, and demons) in the meaning of more material manifestation (extraterrestrial), everything comes to its place except one the most important: the question of their POLARITY. Amorth is exorcist that means he should be aware of polarity of off-world beings. Martin also writes about exorcism in his books.

I occasionally think, aren't we born in a prison planet with connections from outside world being cut off? Why should billions of souls be sent into such a nightmare place to spend their entire lives in sorrow, regardless of absence of major personal wrongdoings their entire lives in their majority? Are there past lives of those souls and gross trespasses of universal laws, to be paid in this life?

Are we talking of a correction facility, of a purgatory on Earth where the souls are "corrected"? Actually, few will leave this life bettered, more will leave it worsened, hurt spiritually more than when they were born. Are we therefore talking of not Purgatory, but Hell being lived every now and then, and especially intensified in the last century with the nightmares of 2 world wars? What lacks is the lake of fire described in some books of the Bible. A precise definition will say, the Hell or Hades the kingdom of the death, that is found in Greek mythology as well, is DIFFERENT from the promised lake of fire in some Biblical books. Apparently the Earth is still not turned into fire.

Apparitions pretending to be from Virgin Mary and approved as such by the apostolic authority of the Roman Catholic Church, (one of them Akita, others -those of Padre Pio) say the fire is imminent and is coming, from heaven or otherwise.

The big question before ALL people with GOOD WILL, as pope St John XXIII spoke to, should be how to escape that fire in first place. May be it is connected with escape the planet altogether. I don't know where the souls go after their death, and surely am not the person to determine what belong to God. But I know that the physical death left as only way out of the planet, projected to 7 bln ++ population, would mean mass holocaust. Steven Hawking just warned the world of that perspective, of a doom made by humans themselves. That cannot and should not be the only option left before already suffering humanity, to leave this planet prison. There should be an option different from physical death, to be given as a free choice of everyone, even the children, before not after the Chastisement that all those prophecies speak of.

Everything else is an attempt to buying time, to not telling the masses the truth (John Paul II in Fulda), to try to predetermine their coming major choice. We have the right to choose, not only presidents but also our own personal/group destiny for the world to come. And that choice is not only to choose whether I want my soul to be after death: heaven, hell or purgatory. As I defined here and in previous posts, those categories should be thoroughly re-investigated, based on Biblical texts and modern knowledge. The thought of going to heaven en masse in case of nuclear war/cataclysm may be calm for the shrinking number of believers (regardless of the church) in their everyday lives in order to not to think any further about the perspectives they offer to their children. But surely such kind of reasoning does not suffice when we talk of a humanity with several major races and hundreds nations, thousands languages, diversity allowed and created by God (directly or more likely -indirectly), who are not all born just to suffer and die in predetermined end. Let we know the full truth, and be given a free choice.

Once we are told of multi-world reality, not with one ultimate positive (heaven) and one ultimate negative (hell) places to go, but variety of worlds also created by God (directly or more likely indirectly), then we will have more choices to spend not only our personal lives but also to give beginning of new branches new civilizations of the old earth. For now we don't have that knowledge, I guess we will have only one positive choice that will differentiate further only after we cross the age of childhood. However that basic choice of a good place to live, be it this planet or another one, must be given to the 7++ billion souls to make.

The case of past trespasses in past lives might have been convincing enough for some to send those souls on earth. Still that theory is not supported by any major Church, by the Muslim and Judeo-Christian systems of beliefs, and remains intellectual reasoning. If the 4++bln people who do not believe officially in incarnation, are born only to suffer for sins they have NEVER DONE in their own lives or the lives of their parents, that means something in that Abrahamic based theory FAILS BIG. It is better if the leaders of the Abrahamic religions themselves give the correction and do not wait for the correction from above. It may take place in a way they would not find it good for themselves, and for their predecessors in hierarchy. The least will be abandonment of current institutions in post-cataclysmic worlds and history books /videos of what really happened on the earth during ALL those centuries, not only now. I do not frighten anyone. But if we are told we would see our entire personal lives as on a movie at the Day we present our souls before God, then it is natural that we will see also the entire history on a movie, all wrongdoings of churches and other religious institutions. While I do not expect their miraculous conversion in the months left before the Chastisement, I have to say it for the sake of those who will be saved. The right of free will choice is inherited and cannot be redefined with theoloical equations as what is the free will and what is the free choice given to Adam and Eve in the garden, how that free will became less free with choosing repeatedly the evil. That might be a good point for Sunday school, but it doesn't stand the criteria of what the really Free Will is, given to every human being, not only to the so named predecessors of humanity Adam and Eve. Those who deny our free will and choice right now, will be terribly sorry very soon when each of us will be able to exersise that free choice. Not in the election of the next pontiff, but in the choosing of his own life line, and that of his descendants, independent of doctrines and predetermined "solutions" that proved awfully wrong in history.
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posted on Jan, 31 2016 @ 06:41 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart
We do not choose, we live and express our life choices.

As we live we record our own spiritual memory, and our memory either interacts with positive interactions or it interacts with our life with negative memories. Therefore we always have the opportunity to heal our own records and become a better human being.

We do not have a soul...we were given fall out. Fallout cooled and healed and then interacted a signal with our human life as the wavelengths interact with Earth.

As radiation light sound demonstrates why we age, for our aging already determined to an occult scientific review that no constant is held for life.

As no constant is held for life....then life is not created by a constant or fixed state...hence no Creator who implies a fixed state existed, for there never was a Creator.

The Creator is the human male...always was....and he also was not a Creator...he was by self observation and self review as an adult male Father consideration to be the spirit that converted his own presence and activated destruction.

The male, who does not consider occultism and conversions already demonstrated by his own self presence that the true male and Father spiritual condition was to cause no change....for the other male adult light spirits witnessed the reason why we all were changed. This is why 2 different forms of male self expression live on Planet Earth.

In the ancient brotherhood...whose skeletal remains demonstrate that very large angelic light beings manifested out of light.....after Nature. Nature/human spirit all came from origin light that exists not in our atmosphere, but on the other side of space. Gases...the atmospheric cooling body refilled emptied out space and reconnected the Earth Heaven with origin light...spirit came out of origin light for origin light sound had been altered in the communications.

Our brother did not honor his own self nor his higher Father equal presence....for 1 adult male spirit or a Father spirit was the destroyer/Creator review.

When our male adult brother regained his own personal spirit memory that he had recorded in the Earth's atmospheric recording, he was challenged by his memory. He wanted to do stone levitation, the levitation of stone that he himself had caused. Our Elder Fathers in the tribal communities tried to reason with him...and as he never took reason previously...he once again did not reason and used levitation.

Levitation activated the heated radiation attack that origin Earth had previously been converted through. All life was attacked...we were we were being irradiated we made fake/false image and recordings in radiation of dying...being cut by the actual signals of radiation. This is the modern occult record consideration for Hell....but it is just an irradiated recording.

When heated meteors come into Earth's atmospheric cold heats the trajectories irradiating the human mind. This is why the ancient Pope regained his ancient brotherhood memory about doing occultism.....for sadly our brother did occultism and destroyed his families life. This is why you are the inheritors of the occult information, and have already provided yourselves with the evidence that you have inherited this life circumstance.

In ancient Roman realized about your evil minded past life memory and why you agreed with occultism...and so after the Christ Revelations proven to the historical evidence was taught to all the worldwide brotherhood/religions as self evidence.....a world realization happened. This is why the Holy Wars demonstrate that many different religious believers were all involved in trying to save life on Earth by the Revelations that were proven.

A human life cannot go to Hell...but a human life can be attacked by Hell due to increased atmospheric irradiations.

Hence when the records are heard...this is the last warning, and then humanity eventually will themselves fall into the increased atmospheric to ground irradiations that the occultism is trying to bring energy and its creation into the cooled radiation level of evolution...where it never existed.

You cannot bring the creation of energy where life exists....there was no life existing when energy of this reactive state began reacting.

As radiation in out of space is heated....Earth being snap frozen gave the human mind a false and fake belief that radiation has cooled. The reaction in the atmosphere belonged to an asteroid/meteor gas interaction....from billions of years of cooling. Nuclear fuel belongs to millions of years of cooling, the only reason why life on Earth survived the power plant interaction...using our atmosphere for the condition to create the fuel.

The radiation closer to Earth's lived life experience as wisdom belongs to millions of years of cooling, why we were advised of nuclear fuel's creation involving exploded planets...their uranium dust and the forming of nuclear fuel in out of space. The fuel was allowed to form because of space.

Removing the snap freeze therefore demonstrates to occultists about the space condition of heated radiation that was never considered when their minds related to the snap freeze wavelength interaction.

As I was placed in a condition of interacting with the records and the loss of atmospheric wavelength cooling, I was made aware of many spiritual conditions that I never believed in personally nor ever thought could exist in spiritual reality. Now I know differently.

posted on Feb, 1 2016 @ 01:21 PM
a reply to: beenharmed

While it is difficult to agree with everything you say, I appreciate your readiness and boldness to share it. For example, I also agree that God is Male, not both male and female as some modernist theologians claim. Ezekiel have seen the Loins of God, whatever it means, like fire. Jesus Christ is a man, and the Manchild that is expected to be born is male too.

So are the 144,000. Here is one hypothetical image in several dress ups intended to represent one of those 144,000 who warn the humankind of impeding nuclear war. This is not warmongering, it is increased possibility having in mind the ongoing escalation in conflicts with direct NATO-Russia clash. So I guess it is a good idea to present the variety of pics that a friend of mine made, and you may choose the one you like, if at all.

The females have different role, Our Lady is not male she is female and Mother. (I don't accept the preterist theory that all happened BEFORE the Revelation has ever been written, and at best the 144,000 are the consecrated priests of RCC...they changed over time though).

The 144,000 should be around if we are in the End times. That is a possibility too. Remember Revelation 14 they are gathered on Mt Zion with the Lamb, very shortly before the 3 angelic voices, and the destruction of Babylon.

Are there people among us to participate in that number? I hope so, the aware people do participate, be they inside a number or outside it. Are there extraterrestrials or they form separate groupings?

For the Manchild I strongly suggest he will be a direct descendant of Jesus Christ, but not thru any earth lineage that would be inevitably corrupt. He should come thru non- corrupt to sin lineage that could be achieved only off-world on another planet "where righteousness swells".

Here is one virtual image of one of 144,000 warning the world for the fast coming Nuclear War.

Tsar bombs and similar devices are not toys. Perhaps "THEY" wouldn't allow it to happen en masse. But who knows. If Nibiru anyway will come and render fire on earth...we just don't know.

I want to achieve peacefully the kingdom of God in another world "where righteousness dwells", but whether that will happen peacefully or not, seems depends on too many people and free wills that tend towards the evil.

Whether the selection process is going on as we speak, or it is already done most probably, I can only guess.

The categories of the Bible come to tell us there is always something more to strive for, not necessarily clothed in doctrines and doctrinal errors.

The hard reality on Earth slowly but surely brings the inevitable end, as Hawking predicted for the next 100 years accumulative chance of destruction by nuclear or biological weapons, or by artificial intelligence.

I hope the people on hi (the angels) will come indeed and rescue us, but until that doesn't happen we have to be aware of the brute reality, that unfortunately some people who "serve to God" are part of it, willing or unwillingly, or non understanding what they are doing.

The son of God, or the Son of Jesus may come in an hour you and me are completely unaware of it, and to offer his personal salvation of the body, as Jesus offered that of the soul. Call it a rapture of the manchild.

It may not come in our times, but if we are not aware and prepared, if we don't want it and theorize how that cannot happen, then certainly we remain to be cleansed up together with the earth. "Oceans will turn into steam" we can read from one of the texts of Fatima, indirectly approved by St John Paul II and cardinal Ottaviani.

Enough of hiding! It is a time to say the things the way they are. We don't have nukes go off, not because of the acts of consecration performed by Rome, but because God and Our Lady extended to maximum the period of waiting that inevitably comes to its DEEP END with everyday and week passing.

I don't want to sound too dark in this post, but we have a clear escalation in Syria/Turkey/Russia. Fatima clock is ticking not from yesterday but for the last 99 years. What more to await for, except a providential salvation in the last minute? Let I be wrong and those people who predict rosy future - right, and let it start coming today, not tomorrow!

Let the ET come and save us tomorrow from the doom! They certainly know Jesus since they are over there for the last 1980 years or so.

Certainly we are al brothers and sisters in God and Jesus Christ!

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posted on Feb, 1 2016 @ 11:33 PM
P.S. IF Nibiru is the real case situation, the above should be multiplied by 1000s. I do not understand how those responsible prefer to not react and leave us on our own. Actually they wouldn't tell you earlier than several weeks in advance. The "nukes go off" scenario is a reality that may happen every single day and night while we are sleeping. Planetary cataclysm of celestial nature is a very real possibility that we are not told in advance the exact date. Both have devastating effects, with the latter much bigger than the former.

If we go back to the OP, Fatima conditions were not met, it was exchanged and some people tried to play God. It is a time to revise that. Perhaps the audit will be done from the Powers on Hi, one way or another. Conditional, but with certain limits and red lines who have already been passed. There is also unconditional prophecy, that of the Noah. The Flood would have imminently happen 40 years later after God talked to Noah. God didn't change his mind in those 40 years, according to the Bible.

In our times, if we are to meet pre-positioned celestial event, it cannot be changed or postponed. You cannot change the path of Planet X, no matter the prayer or the magic. It may not be in the vicinity tomorrow, and many prefer to believe it would never happen. At the same time, the capabilities of human-made destruction climb closer to the magnitude of the celestial disaster. And they may happen at any time, in a world who do not just "sin" (as determined by old books what is a sin and what is not) but a world that goes against its own self existence in first place. I mean the grown up world lives as every single day is its last day, without paying attention to consequences. That you can see around yourself. The topic is endless.

The important is the current status quo is doomed to fail because of its own instability. You have twice more nuclear states compared to 1960s. MAD doctrine is no more relevant if you have the hair triggered alert moved from the 15 minutes in the Cold War to less than 120 seconds now (Russian general chief of missile forces). We may pray the war is not all out war and the nukes are not in their thousands. And the survivors to be protected from the fallout. For that we need intervention from Above. We have to admit we are helpless if we are not being helped.

What is offered as today's understanding of "God's help" by preachers, is laughable and does not deserve their wealth lifestyles. They have to speak to us for the real help God provided to the Israelites in the desert, to Noah, not in symbolic terms what the desert meant, but in real terms what indeed happened. What was seen by Ezekiel, and repeated by the author of the Apocalypse. For now, the Churches fail to do it. Not only RCC. Will there be a leader who will dare to say the things the way they are/were/have always been? Or the post-cataclysmic event will know of different Christianity based on what the 144,000 and their extraterrestrial angels will tell us about the real life of Jesus Christ. Let start thinking with our heads, and let those in position understand the time for their conversion is now.
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posted on Feb, 14 2016 @ 01:04 AM
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posted on Feb, 14 2016 @ 03:28 AM

originally posted by: 2012newstart
a reply to: Bishop2199

All should be revealed to public in 1960.

Jesus is back , and was born in 1960 .
The Pope knows this.

So do many world leaders who have done their best to
persecute/kill our Lord .
They have continually been frustrated and defeated in those
efforts , much to their consternation .

The testimony of Jesus is damning of their satanic ways .

Ask your greatest PTB about what happened on 16 July 1994 .
.... and WHY !

or google page 1 of that day .
(the lies are by omission)

Grace to all ...

posted on Feb, 14 2016 @ 07:38 AM
a reply to: radarloveguy

Let say it clear once: Jesus is not supposed to be born again. He is in resurrected body that is immortal.

What I discuss in this and other threads is that Jesus is not just sitting on a throne for 1980 years but working His Father's works all that time ON OTHER PLANETS. Moreover, it is very logical to accept He not only had a wife on earth, but also had offspring on other planets (Mary Magdalene could be ascended too).

What the Church(es) role is/were, to explain all that to us, failed grossly. What bigger failure than to hide such pivotal event and information about Lord Jesus.

Besides that, the Church(es) could've done God's kingdom on earth many times over, especially when they had unchallenged rule in Midle ages (Roman Church 5-16 centuries, Byzantium and Russia -different slots of time). They all failed to do.

Fatima appears as major corrective in the era when the Churches do not have such political power. Still, instead of listening and fulfilling what allegedly Virgin Mary said, they the Roman church's top leaders exchanged the message, hided it, and the part they told us (consecration of Russia) was never done the way it was allegedly requested. When did they lie to us, in 1960 or now? Because the two versions do not match, do they?

The corrective was rejected. It remains to see what will be God's action upon that. Because such will occur. Call it whatever. And let me doubt today's hats will remain in their positions in the post-event christianity. The earth and life will never be the same, say prophecies. So will never be the same the churches.

posted on Feb, 14 2016 @ 08:04 AM
a reply to: 2012newstart

While we don't know exactly what God's action will be, we were told there would be fire on one side, and salvation on another. We were told in numerous apparitions such as Akita, and St Padre Pio that were both proven by Catholic church.
Although we do not know the exact hidden text of Fatima, we have enough clues, including the revelations of Malachi Martin. I do not agree with everything he says and interprets, but I take him as valuable information source. When it happens, it wouldn't be secret for anyone on the face of the earth, says Martin, that the event comes from God. But interpretations will be different, said the former jesuit in 1997 interview shortly before he died. I posted many links about his interviews and you may google for more. Again, I do not think he is 100% telling the truth or knowing the truth. He himself said he had an oath to keep what he really knows.

Whether there will be 3 days of salvation followed by Chastisement of fire (not necessarily but possibly nuclear war or solar mega flare), or whether the days of salvation will be 30, 300, 3 years or 30 years, I DON'T KNOW. Nobody knows because we are not told of timing and dates. But we will have our chance, regardless of the position of churches' elders now and then.
They already showed and continue to show the fate of the common believer is of no importance for them. They'd rather see us "sacrificed" as the official version of Fatima pretends to be. For them the humanity future does not have to occur, they want a mass sacrifice for unknown ends. That cannot be further from the gospel of life.

It would be good if someone (let say Francis or another) starts speaking in a different way. Telling us about newly discovered books of gospels, about the other planets, the descendants of Jesus, the Et who serve God, the ET who are undecided yet as we humans are not yet, and therefore they are subject to baptism and repentance as we are. Francis said only of that last category aliens, calling them "Martians with big nose and ears from children's paintings". (how the children knew then). How about the so called Human ET that look exactly as we do, only much more evolved spiritually? St Padre Pio said of such civilizations in the space "WHO DID NOT SIN AS WE DID".

What more to say that has not already been said? When God's messengers come, they will establish their rules and system. If it is not only for 3 days of a rush rescue from a dying planet. In such case we wouldn't have time to consult internet or even to call friends and relatives, if all the connections are shut down (3 days of darkness, discussed in special thread).

But let imagine it is not only 3 days but 3 months or 30 years. We will enjoy the era of peace and almost full revelation of all questions and removal of all obstacles and problems, in order to be able to make a choice. Because right now the humanity is unable for a free choice even if such is given. Humanity will act out of instincts in front of a nuclear or solar flare. I don't know which scenario has been chosen by those on hi. Perhaps the information already given online and MSM, movies, books, is considered to be enough for the humanity to make informed decision years, decades before the event. I just don't know. I am ready for both scenarios: a prolonged stay of God's messengers on earth and slower process of revelation of truth to maximum people, a shorter stay and faster process of revelation, or a super short stay (3 days) and rescue of those who are already prepared. I can imagine the chaos in that case, and the state of planet earth after the removal of the good people.

Any longer period will include dealing with churches and societies on new terms.
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posted on Feb, 28 2016 @ 01:09 AM
a reply to: 2012newstart

"... because the menta..., the attitude, the mentality, among those who, at the higher levels, the highest levels of Vatican administration and Vatican geopolitics know that, now, KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT'S GOING ON IN SPACE and WHAT'S APPROACHING US could be of great import in the next 5, 10 years." - Father Malachi Martin, 1996.


In 1980, Pope John II met a group of Cardinals in Fulda, Germany. When asked why the Catholic church refuses to divulge the 3rd secret of Fatima, he said:

" is enough for you to know that entire regions of the Earth will be inundated with water overflowing large regions of the Earth, and millions will die from one moment to the next."

This was recorded word for word by a journalist and published in a magazine called Stimme des Glaubens. The Vatican has never questioned the accuracy of the article. A second witness, a German priest, also wrote down what the Pope said. When he later told the Pope what he did, the Pope thanked him for it.


Interviewer: What consequences will it [Planet X] bring to our planet?
Carlos Ferrada (Chilean astronomer): The most terrifying.

"The next 10 to15 years [from March 2015] is the transition phase. You will see a lot of changes happening. Not only here [in Malaysia] but across the whole world. In the name of religion, in the name of power, in the name of position, people will have different, different conflicts. But then they will realize that this does not bring any peace. It does not bring joy. Having learnt the lesson, they will move onto the next phase. [At] that time, the world will be full of love, peace and happiness.

Very beautiful times are ahead. The whole world is going to become a wonderful place. All this evil will vanish by destroying itself. If they don't destroy themselves, Nature will destroy them [Planet X ?]. Do not feel bad because this is how it has been designed. You see, before you can change over into new clothes, you have to discard the old ones. It does not mean you are being harsh to the old ones. You have grown now, so you have to wear new clothes and you have to get rid of the old clothes even if they are very dear to you. Likewise, the world will move onto a different phase now... It’s time for a great change, when one Yuga is leading to another and lots of changes must happen. Only those who become dear to God will continue, others must go... - [Sukshma] Sathya Sai Baba, March 2015


Gill Broussard (engineer/astronomer/researcher):

"... it says in the Bible: it is this next passage [of Planet X] ... the worst time in Earth's history."


Bob Dean: "Some of our remote viewers have concluded: Yes, it [Planet X flyby] is going to happen this time - that we will be on the same side of the Sun at the same time... and they are getting their information from ETs... [I gather]... from sources within the US govt - that tell me that, yes, they are deeply concerned about it. And they are worried sick about it and they don't know what to do about it."


According to Gill Broussard:

March 26, 2016 or 2017 - Week of Jewish Passover. Eclipse & Conjunction of Sun + Planet X (= 9th hour)
- First meteor storm (Seal No. 6 of Book of Revelation). Jerusalem time 4.12 pm; Singapore/Malaysia time 10.12 pm
(= Appointed Time. Sky phenomena will match those described in Book of Revelation 12:1)

- 1/2 of world and 1/3 of land mass will be affected. Earth’s rotation will slow down by 12 hrs, and will add an extra 12 hrs of
darkness in Jerusalem, but an extra 12 hrs of daylight in North & South America respectively.

Aug-Sep 2015 or2017 - Second meteor storm (Seal No. 7 of Book of Revelation). A large meteor the size of a mountain (called 'wormwood' in the
in the Bible) will hit the Pacific ocean.


According to Kameran Failey: [Project Camelot Kameran Failey Interview II]

40 days after Ramadan - Aug 18, 2016 – passage of Nibiru. The "Assyrian" will come out and lead the ISIL militants.

P2 Lodge (or Propaganda Due) = Freemasons/Vatican – targeted for destruction by Zionists – this is certain.

Azhar [Al-Azhar] – the Islamic governing center, like the Vatican and based in Cairo was already infiltrated by Zionists. They helped to bring down the downfall of Muslim Brotherhood.

Zionists – will hit P2 Lodge quite soon for breaking contractual terms. They will set up temple and the rubbish will come out. This will happen within six months [Dec 2015-June 2016]

The decision to build the temple will happen after “The Assyrian” [name witheld] will unite the ISIL militants. Permission to build the temple has been previously granted by Pope Benedict XVI in April 2014. Atrocities will take place in April 2016 when Arabs will be removed from Jerusalem and parts of Israel. The expulsion of Palestinians will take 13 months. There will be horrible carnage and aggression before the Zionists are defeated.

There will be a new US president coinciding with the arrival of Jesus bringing a peace plan that will last 3.5 years. The current US presidential election fo 2016 will take place but the elected president will be replaced by a completely new president [name witheld].

Before Planet X strikes [Aug 18], iron oxide will drop from the skies and act as a God’s gift of a merciful buffer from the adverse gravitational effects. Earth’s crust will not be stable; it will cause unimaginable electrical discharge and sink holes. There will be complete economic standstill, possibly martial law, and people will depend on govt handouts. Extreme pain will be felt esp by women. Lots of flooding. Violence everywhere. Lots of burning. People should unite and form communal groups for their own safety because of lawlessness.

CERN – It functions as a maintenance system for stargates by giving them the needed energy. It serves the Reptilians of Alpha Draconis as portals for entry and exit. A CERN in Japan is being built because the Japs were forced to by the Reptilians to do it. Why Japan? The locality in Japan is close to the Reptilian base.

Watch this video for more info:

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posted on Feb, 28 2016 @ 01:33 AM
I just posted a post in the thread of pope Francis where I discuss the option to move the Holy see out of the city of Rome in order to avert mass destruction there.
Prophecy is not written in stone, even less the contemporary non Biblical prophecy. If this pope fails to do it, the next one, no more in the Malachi's list, will surely do it. Too late for Rome. Why should the Church be "sacrificed" in a way appropriate to Middle ages (but even then it didn't happen). The church and its members should live because they are given life by Jesus Christ's sacrifice that is unique, and is not to be repeated by his church. Let make the distinction between the bridegroom Christ, and the bride - the Church. If we ever imagined Jesus Christ in masculine role, but that is another long topic.

Whether Planet X comes now, or after 300 years, I just don't know. Sitchin gives longer periods. I don't know what I don't know. But I know what I do, and I prove it with many arguments and facts. Not that all is so certain, at least I try to do it. Hopefully others will try to do it too, so we can find a common ground or equation, may be with more than one solution.

I will not repeat the post in the other thread. Only saying that Rio de Janeiro (or any other beautiful city in Catholic country) would be worthy place of the next popes on earth. (on earth, is yet another big topic, because they might not be here at all).

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