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Abbreviated Texting - Yes or No

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posted on Jan, 7 2005 @ 08:25 PM
Just for the sake of being the 101th (Get it?) monkey Yes.

It get annoying when people use it all the time, but it is acceptable when used once in a while, especially done to shorten a very long sentence/paragraph/essay. I don't want to write out lol everytime i feel like it, neither do i want to write out IMO everytime I mean in my opinion.

I understand that it is irritating when you don't have a clue what ppl are talking about, but once you get to know them you go with it.

Afterall we are not writing formal college essays for Profs, we are writing informal oppinions for us average joes and mickeys.


posted on Jan, 8 2005 @ 12:12 AM
i think its ok to use everynow and then, and that we can ignore some things, but it should be discouraged, or at least noncommittal. we need to be able to read what people write and once youstartwritin gli kethi sit gets really hard to read and then sometimes peopel cant quite follow what you say and you lose your point and start to ramble and people kinda lose interest and it ends up being an overall bad post especially when you dont use punctuation or grammar or paragraphs.

or, worse, aolspeak. its really hard to read anything written in either 'dialect' when conversing about the NWO, space exploration, politics, whatever. we dont need full MLA style here, just a little extra effort to keep things legible.

of course, non-english speakers have a hard time, and i applaud your effort.

posted on Jan, 13 2005 @ 01:31 PM

Originally posted by Klepto
I say yes it is acceptable. As long as the individual is able to express their communication sufficiently for any other party to understand. It is my opinion that to control peoples free right to express themselves in any way they see fit is a form of oppression. So what if using abbreviations is a vulgarisation, so are the words 'Daddy' and 'Yeah' but people use them and I don not think any less about the individual or the subject which that individual may be discussing.

I don't think its much to ask people to post in full English. When I see AB being used by an individual I assume I'm talking to a Chav who can't be bothered, so why should I be bothered to reply, especially when I have no idea what in gods name they are trying to say in the first place..

This comment is quite ignorant, to refer to anyone as 'Chav' is derogatory, you may not understand what they write, but with an attitude like that they are probably better off without your reply.

(by the way, nice avatar)

(please excuse the smiley as these are also charactaristics of the same vulgarisation as abbreviations...)

[edit on 7/1/05 by Klepto]

A Chav wouldn't find it derogatory...

If people take the time to post using full sentences, I can only oblige them the same way, granted I expect AB to take over as it is a far quicker way to type, mainly if you are using a mobile phone. But unfortunately it is also a developing language, predominately used by teens (especially Chavs) and therefore appears almost code like to those of us who can't be arsed to be trendy and are growing long in years.

I would have answered earlier but as the site has been down....well you know.

[edit on 13-1-2005 by Koka]

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