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Theory on Alien/Mankind relationship

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posted on Jan, 7 2005 @ 07:46 AM

I was flipping through channels the other night & I came across a documentary on Discovery about UFO's and the possiblilities that they are in-fact man-made and the Germans started and successfully built UFOs in the second world war...

It went into depth and was quite thought provoking & when combined with the common theory of Aliens being mankind from the future, isnt it more easier to swollow the idea of us visiting us instead of Aliens?

In addition to the theory that Aliens are future man, think of the popular theory concerning all major advances in human history and what if mankind has to evolve at a certain speed & level technologically wise now so that in the future we would be more advanced in that field because research had started earlier? What if we have been fed info at specific/opportune times in history?
-Intoduce silicon chips before the ninetees, start possibilies of affordable space travel, medical advances like the recent mapping of DNA, cloning and stem cell research...

There are many theories on Aliens being time-travellers from the future and could it be possible that UFOs could have been spawned & created from sightings of UFOs from the future....? Do you know what I mean?

Everyone in this forum knows well enough sightings go way back in human history and I could certainly imagine such a scenario of a relationship existing between present & future governments for the betterment & well-being of mankind in the future?

I dont know if this has been brought up before in this light & I would really appreciate your opinions.


posted on Jan, 7 2005 @ 08:35 AM
Yeah, there are many threads here on that. Here's one:


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