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The Revenant

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posted on Jan, 4 2016 @ 01:27 AM
I really liked this film, Tom Hardy and Dicaprio were both awesome and the cinematography was mind blowingly beautiful. I'm sure they massively embellished parts of it but it was a great survival/revenge flick that will probably win some awards. Bit on the long side though.

posted on Jan, 4 2016 @ 01:31 AM
a reply to: MagnaCarta2015

It's good, raw, harsh ... much like Tarantino's "the hateful 8".

posted on Jan, 4 2016 @ 02:03 AM
I liked it but.. i felt the story was washed out with the scenery.

sadly I dont think its Oscar worthy for Leo.

It wasnt.... well it didn't really draw me into the story enough

posted on Jan, 4 2016 @ 04:49 AM
a reply to: MagnaCarta2015

I thought it was very influenced by "Dead Man". The plot is very similar, that of a wilderness chase with a brutal depiction of the wilderness reflected in the characters.

The producers never even bothered with the soundtrack particularly. The soundtrack of this movie is almost non distinguishable. This film needed an exceptional soundtrack which really helped "Dead Man". Don't under estimate the power of music to add atmosphere to a movie. Sometimes it can make or break a movie that uses atmosphere;

Neil Young recorded the soundtrack by improvising (mostly on his electric guitar, with some acoustic guitar, piano and organ) as he watched the newly edited film alone in a recording studio. The soundtrack album consists of seven instrumental tracks by Young, with dialog excerpts from the film and Johnny Depp reading the poetry of William Blake interspersed between the music.

Leo and Tom gave it all they had for sure, but when you have a script so void of dialogue and acting opportunity even the best from the best will be lacking. Without the bear scene this film would have been of no consequence. The bear scene sets a precedence for sure of what can be achieved with special effects.

I still think "Dead Man" is twice the movie. It is far more entertaining.

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posted on Jan, 4 2016 @ 05:21 AM
Like others, I can't see how Leo earns an Oscar for it. Great movie and I really enjoyed it, just not enough opportunity for the cast to act their socks off.

Anything with Tom Hardy in gets my interest and he's not disappointing here. Gotta say, he's beginning to turn a little DeNiro. I mean that point when an actor's range of expression and body language becomes so familiar that they stop being characters and just become themselves. I hope he bucks out of that because he's one of my favourite guys in the movies.

With Leo's role, his face had to show adversity due to the trials of the landscapes. Looking 'grim' is a tough thing to measure, right? Is his expression of grim more nuanced and effective than any other half-decent actor?

Anyway, no spoilers from me, I gave it 8/10 on 'My IMDB.'

posted on Jan, 4 2016 @ 10:12 AM
a reply to: Revolution9

Will have to check that out, thanks for the recommendation!

posted on Jan, 4 2016 @ 12:23 PM
All I keep hearing about this movie is the bear scene.
And I was told that the hateful 8 was boring. Long and boring. I deleted the hateful 8 without ever watching it. I'll watch Leo's movie now and tell you what I think.

posted on Jan, 4 2016 @ 01:16 PM
I saw this last week, I enjoyed it, the bear scene, the recovery and revenge, it was worth watching, yes I'd recommend it for an evenings entertainment. Well made and acted.

Nope, Not Academy awards level for leo.

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posted on Jan, 4 2016 @ 01:20 PM
a reply to: SLAYER69

Blimey remind me never to ask a bear for a fight.
I think he will get the Oscar can't think of any other performances better in the last year.
Oh and I really enjoyed hateful 8.

posted on Jan, 4 2016 @ 01:39 PM
The bear scene was terrifying!

posted on Jan, 13 2016 @ 06:28 PM
a reply to: MagnaCarta2015
I will remember this movie because of this vicious bear attack. Like a rag doll this scout was shown the corners of the forrest. Very impresive and will remind me not to go out camp with a single shot gun.

posted on Jan, 21 2016 @ 11:05 AM
Saw it today and thought it was absolutely stunning... of the most beautiful and immersive films for sure.
Has to be seen on the big screen definitely, don't watch the crappy DVD screeners that were upped recently.

Probably not for everyone and not for people looking for an all out action flick... but it's well worth a watch if you enjoy beautiful cinematography and want to be literally in the wilderness for 2 and half hours.

posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 04:21 PM
I saw it last week and I loved it. The indian attacks were brutal. The bear attack was just vicious. Tom Hardy played a great villain. What a scumbag character. Excellent movie.

posted on Feb, 26 2016 @ 07:18 AM
This is just awesome movie...
Perfect acting, beautiful scenes of the nature, everything seems so real.
Also I loved the contrasts like the beauty of nature and the disgusting scenes with blood...


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