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What would happen if undeniable proof existed?

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posted on Jan, 8 2005 @ 10:36 AM
A couple of thoughts:

1.Religious institutions would, in many ways, be able to weather such a discovery/revelation better than many other aspects of society. This is because religion itself comes out of a basic human apprehension/awareness of the unknown. Rather than just being an attempt to explain everything away, religion is also an exercise in acknowledging that people sense an unknown, 'mystic' layer to the conscious world around us. Most religions, then, are actually somewhat elastic.

2.The presence of ETs does not, actually, contradict the teachings of most religions. On the contrary, many of the world's belief systems incorporate a concept of non-human beings and intelligences. Even with the Christian tradition there is a heavy emphasis, in the Gospel of John at least, that Jesus was a manifestation of a universal 'logos'. Jesus even says, in a speech before the Temple, that he is 'not of Earth, but from above' (to paraphrase). The implication of John, then, is that consciousness exists not only on earth but also throughout the universe. Beyond all that... the Bible is laden with images of non-human entities and supernatural powers.

3.As even the Brookings report states, the scientific community would be hurt the most by an ET revelation. This would be for two reasons (as I see it):
-The scientific community has now spent two generations calling people who believe in UFOs 'kooks', 'nuts', 'whackos', etc, etc.
-The appearance of a UFO manned by advanced alien beings would undermine the credibility of scientists by automatically debunking many of the 'laws' that science says govern the universe. Scientist would also no longer be an authority on the nature of the universe... in contrast to the aliens, they would look like 'witch doctors'.

4.Most educated people have been accustomed to images of aliens for several years now. Movies like Star Wars have gotten the mainstream of american (if not world) culture used to the idea of interactring with aliens. There will be people -- dumb people, to be honest -- who will freak out no matter what the aliens do or look like. But, again to be honest, every society is plagued by idiots. The national guard and a healthy supply of tear gas should be enough to prevent the burning/looting of cities.

5.Now... people will, over time, freak out if they realize that we have no defense against the aliens (even if they are friendly). That's because humans consider themselves the planet's ultimate alpha predator... knowledge that they can be plucked from their homes without resistance would be disturbing. That's why I think that such a revelation will only occur AFTER a full-fledged star wars defense has been set-up in space.

So, to summarize:
1.Religions will not collapse (in fact, I suspect that the heads of many religions are already in contact with the aliens).
2.The existence of ETs does not contradict most religions.
3.The scientific authorities would look like idiots.
4.Only the people who take Jerry Springer seriously would go nuts and burn stuff down.
5.The gov will probably have a laser/particle beam defense system up when the revelation occurs, so there probably won't be any freak-outs over vulnerability.

posted on Jan, 8 2005 @ 06:29 PM

Originally posted by Off_The_Street

But until we do have evidence like that, most of us aren't going to believe in the Spaceship Guys because (obviously) there's no evidence.

Ahh but there IS evidence, plenty of it. There is no PROOF.

There's a difference there.

posted on Jan, 8 2005 @ 07:02 PM
If a UFO were to land infront of the whitehouse,the first thing i think the authorities would do is get the military out.Tanks,missile carriers,military personal would surround the ship and the whitehouse.The airforce would be in alert,along with many other of the worlds nations.The US would be put on the highest level of alert.Millions of people would go to underground bunkers(the majority would probably go to the ones already been made incase of an event like this,these bunker would probably be found in the west).Another few million would take this as a sign of joy and happyness and would go to where the UFO is and sing songs and hold up signs saying ``welcome outterspace buddy``.

Many would go to churches and mosks around the world and stay their and pray,whether it might be for good or bad.Others would find this excuse to loot in streets.Mass histeria would erupt,riots would occur in some cities,not all.But the worse are the ones that use ufo beliefs as a reliegon.Many would convert to these UFO reliegons and claim that we are all from aliens and they have come to take us away etc.And they would use this advantage to take controlle of contact.Break ins would occur towards military personell.But for the majority of the worlds population,they would just sit at home and watch in suspense and worry to what these beings will do and would their intentions are to come here.

As for many of us UFO believers,i think it would be mixed feelings.Some of us would assume what they will do due to the many stories put up on websites about aliens.Some of us would be just as confused to what to be doing like many others.I would wait and see what would happen.Because their wouild be nothing else of any use to do.

posted on Jan, 8 2005 @ 09:07 PM
You're right. There is evidence (which is accepted by some and not others) but no proof.

posted on Jan, 8 2005 @ 09:34 PM
If we had proof...

My advice would not to be scared in any way because, whatever aliens have been visiting us about hasn't necessarily been hostile. It seems that they are more than likely scentists themselves, just trying to understand everything.

As far as religion, I've seen on the History channel a catholic priest that believes in aliens. Where they talk about possible alien visits in the bible.

And scientists...well even our knowledge of physics in space is limited to theory.

posted on Jan, 9 2005 @ 10:57 AM
If undenyable proof existed, it would be denied and nothing further would become of it.

Its happened so many times before with governments, why does anyone think it would be different with aliens?


posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 08:17 AM

Originally posted by Sanitarium
Say something as drastic as a UFO landing on the White House lawn happened. How would the public react to it assuming the government couldn't explain it away? Do you think there would be nationwide panic as the popular theory goes or do you think mankind would be thrust into a new age of understanding assuming they're friendly?

Assuming the government is not already in contact with beings from somewhere other then Earth, I think the nations of the world would automatically recognize them as a threat. I would hope that we would not be hostile, but given human nature I don't think we could expect anything less.

I've allways wondered this and have allways come to a similar conclusion each time.

Every major religion would immeditaly become void, 5 out of every 10 people would immediately be in awe because what they allways thought was a big pile of nothing is actually something.

posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 09:44 AM

Originally posted by jessemole
shorty, I know the qestion was not meant for me, just wanted to offer my thought...
That moment in time to hear/see a different realization...would cause everyone to seek a new understanding, we would look at the Universe beyound our own current Concept, and realize a little more that may make a difference in our lives...

Yes thank you

But my thinking was that a relgion like christianity says nothing about aliens and the such. So would all christians loose faith or like beofre in the christian religion would they ignore it and continue as normal?

Is relgion the only way to enlightenment and greater understanding?

posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 12:57 PM
What would happen?

I think there would definately be some hysteria, but not to the extent that our government thinks that there would be. I personally wouldn't think that the world would come to a compelte halt and dissolve. Maybe it would be a good thing, maybe we would stop being in combat with each other long enough to bond together to think of a solution to our new alien visitors. That's just my idea of course.

posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 02:47 PM
I keep hearing that we're being prepared for a revelation about aliens and UFO's because the government feels we might not be ready.

My thought is that the real reason governments are holding back the information is that when it's released, it's the government that will collapse due to everyone's realization that they've been lied to on something very important for decades. And if we were lied to on this issue, what about all the other issues? All of the sudden people would lose all faith, not in religion, but their governments. Sudden anarchy and revolutions everywhere.

That's really what they're all afraid of.

posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 04:43 PM
It's easy to see the government as the 'big bad wolf' that's desperate to cling onto power, when infact it's much more simpler than that. If conspiracy theorists would take their pessimistic tinted glasses off, they would see that the only reason governments would hold back is because they don't want mass panic.

If aliens did land on Earth, it would be much better to assume they're neutral rather than say yes they're hostile or yes they're peaceful and have come to save the world.

On another note if some unknown craft suddenly lands on the White House lawn for instance, and perhaps it wasn't intercepted then people would be concerned. However if they were hostile i doubt they'd make it off the ground, the Military isn't as powerless as you think.

You should know that the Military are working on technology that possibly 25 years, maybe more ahead than what we currently know of. If it is true that we've been able to reverse-engineer E.T technology and yet we're only using say 10% of our brains, wouldn't that be something to be feared of?

posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 08:50 PM
The government will have this "cover-up" angle covered.. they will most likely have some sort of agreement with the alien species in advance to announce that the secrecy was part of the aliens plan.. not the governments.

"The aliens did a study, and because they are so smart, realised that it would take 50 years of slow leeks and sightings by the public in order to get our planet use to the idea that they exist."

The gov doesn't get caught with its pants down.. we have seen more then enough examples of that already in the last few years. No matter what happens.. they will tell any lie they have to in order to remain in control of the situation. Or at least to appear in control of the situation.

If you do the research.. if you really sit down and review the gamut of the information then you can come up with a picture of the 'truth' that for any individual should be just as powerfull an experience as watching a ufo land on the white house front lawn. There is just no way that every sighting or experience has a prosiac explanation, there are just too many of them.

Here is another problem. ALL of the people who have been engageing in harrasment of witnesses and all sorts of other underhanded behavior (NASA for instence - IF the cover up is indeed taking place). Presidents even. These people.. have to be retired or dead before they can make the announcements. Because they will catch hell in one way or another. NOT to mention the questions that will come up about why human life hasn't been better protected (from war, disease, and famine) .. all sorts of questions that have never really come up in our fiction because its not interesting (alien nation delt with some of this stuff.. IN THAT series, contact was pretty much unplanned and accidental). Those in power now, can say they have been part of the task to reveal the subject to the public... that it was never their choice to cover anything up and they have always been working towards undoing that mistake by getting the public ready for disclosure. Its possible they are just waiting for the preboomer generation to die off. It wouldn't surprise me.. and shouldn't surprise anyone if this was a factor and that disclosure happens after most of the people who would have the hardest time accepting this revelation are no longer with us so as not to trigger an epidemic of heart attacks and suicides and other undesirable behavior.

I'd have to say that covering their asses is the thing they are all most interested in. The aliens as well. There could be some sort of code among the space fareing races (or just morals) and they might be concerned about damaging a species by making contact (like trek for example). They can only make the announcement ONCE.. so something so important.. you'd want to make sure you did it right, with the least amount of damage caused by the incident.

Then there is also the Werner Von Braun statements.. I read those YEARS ago.. and its scary watching everything he said about them.. specially the terror attacks and the star wars program.

Its also odd how much this issue is coming up in message boards like this one.. also probablly a sign/symptom of the coming disclosure. I was thinking about this some more today, came in here and here this post is.

There is the MERLIN forecasting system predicting something huge for this year.. could be off date (tsunami? or more to come?). And then the old 2012 prophecy (whatever it is prophesising) also.

I think a more interesting question, is "What would happen if a UFO crashed in a major city? A big one.. like the one seen above Phoenix."

(in fact, now that I think about it.. that could have been an accident.. I mean they are obviously so carefull to make sure things like that do not happen so why did it?)

posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 09:50 PM

Originally posted by Meteor_of_War
Landing on the White House lawn would show a sign of superiority against the world's top super power by rendering the U.S. capital defenseless by easily getting through restricted airspace unharmed. I guess you could consider it making a grand entrance.

Landing in the pentagon would show a sign of superiority against the world's top super power by rendering the U.S. capital defenseless by easily getting through restricted airspace unharmed. I guess you could consider it making a grand entrance.

as far as what would happen to the world it totally depends on the nature of the aliens.

posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 10:12 PM
Everyday i grow more and more curious as to what will really happen in 2012.There are somany prophecies as to something major or bg happening in 2012.

The mayans and the aztecs predict the end of the world in 2012.Theres a clock the mayans designed to calculate the time of eclipses,disasters and the end of the world.

Nancy,the creator of zeta talk,predicts that if the extra terrestrials and niburu does not occur in 2003,then it will in 2012.

Armegedden is predicted to come in 2012.

apparently 2012 is to be the correct date for the year 2000.Sounds confusing?Through these two milleniums,worldwide years changes have been changed.A year was set ahead in medeviltimes due reasons of the church of england.Leapyears and extra days added to the year have affected this timeframe.So believe it or not,the global clock has been set 12years ahead.This is what i heard on a documentary called `time` on the History channel.

posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 11:36 PM
the same that is happening now the governaments around the world cover it up

posted on Jan, 10 2005 @ 11:46 PM
(I'm assuming the aliens are friendly here...)

I'd like to think that, even if aliens publicly made first contact with Earth, that life would go on as normal, maybe even for the better. Why should all of human civilization come to a grinding halt because we know we're not alone?

If the aliens who landed are friendly, or just passing through, then it's likely that life will go on as normal... once the news story of a lifetime gets full press coverage, of course.

Also, the aliens' presence would remind us that not all aliens are friendly, or just passing through, and this event may fast-forward a lot of peace treaties and space exploration initiatives.

posted on Jan, 11 2005 @ 12:19 AM
I honestly cant see many bad things occuring if this were to happen. I dont beleive the government would try to cover anything anymore, they would just come out, and play dumb... act just as shocked as we are.. (we, as in the average world citizen.) When it comes to world religions, all i can speak for is what i think might happen in the Christian world... due to the fact that i am Christian. I dont think the churches would try to ignore it, at all, and they wouldnt lose faith, at all. I simply beleive they would accept it... Just like everyone will have to do in the end. The existance of aliens goes against nothing in the Bible. It doesnt prove anything wrong, or prove anything right for that matter. Everything would stay nuetral. I have had christians tell me before that there cant be aliens, because it says in the Bible that God created Man, Animals, and Angels. (as far as living beings) and they will tell you it said nothing about aliens, therefore they dont exist. But it never says in the bible that God didnt create "Man" on any other planets. I think it would be idiotic to assume he didnt. lol. but thats just me, anyways...
Im pretty confident it would help our world. It would help us see past our countries borders, and problems, and focus on things as a whole world, that would be awesome... I hope it happens.

posted on Jan, 11 2005 @ 12:22 AM
People who are reading this thread might be interested in the 1952 Washington sightings. There are tons of threads about it on ATS and I even used it as an example in a debate I had a long time ago for one of the tournaments.

Basically... several UFOs flew over the capitol in waves. They were sighted and photographed visually and recorded on radar. When fighters were scrambled to intercept them they dissapeared.

To be frank, I suspect that this was the equivalent of a 'show of force' UFO incident. My guess is that the US government has been working with them ever since (not that such a thing is bad, mind you... for all we know everyone on this board would be little better than a neanderthal if aliens had not been interacting with us for hundreds of generations).

posted on Jan, 11 2005 @ 12:46 AM
Shorty, It could go both ways where faith is concern. It may weaken your belief, or take it way above of where it is now. Mine would not change, in fact it would confirm it.

VisMega... I like your way of thinking on this! I'm sure there are those here that recall the incident has already taken place where The Capital/White House air space was breached... I think it was sometime in the mid or late 60's.... Did they want to land then? Maybe, however we took it first as a threat and dispatch our Airforce, but before we arrived, all 12 of them took off.... Once our fighters landed back on Base, All 12 showed up again, Again we went back to the Capital, but this time, during chance, one Pilot found himself right in the middle of them.... His question was at that time, What do want me to do??? No answers were given...
It continues to be that way for now...
Thanks for sharing everyone!

posted on Jan, 11 2005 @ 02:57 AM
Man i am on break at work and i could spend my entire break replying to theis thread. i actually am seriously considering writing a book on planet x (nibiru). there is a lot of scientific evidense that the planet really does exist, but no aliens on the planet. it coincides with the myan clander, but i calculated it and they seem to have a 150 year or so marginality between 2012, and the return of nibiru. let me splain a tad...

When Maurice came to study the Mayan calendar he noticed that there was a great similarity between the time cycles predicted for solar magnetism and the cycles inherent to the Mayan calendar system. In his theory the Sun's magnetic field reverses at the end of a complete cycle, after 1,366,040 days. In the Mayan calendar, a complete cycle of time is 1,366,560 days.

this guy believes that the suns cycle and the myan time cycle are almost the same. i happened to stumble on another truly amazing coincidence. the myans do not say the world will end then, they say it will end as we know it and a new time cycle will begin. the sumerians said that planetX is on a 3600 year eliptical orbit. they knew about pluto at the very latest since 1300bc, and we didnt find it till 1915-1930 (they photographed it in 1915 at lowell observatory but didnt actually point it out/prove it till 1930. anyway, the does it strike you as odd that the myan clanandar and the suns cycle are aproximately 3740 years and the alleged cycle of planet x is within a few percent of that?

anyway, the so called evidence is drawn heavily on percival lowells work. the reason he was even looking for a then 9th planet was becasue of the gravitational forces that were effecting the orbit of both neptune and uranus. they did not gage the mass of pluto when they discovered it.

30 some years later, a moon of pluto was discovered and then its mass was calculated. the mass of pluto was inconsistant with the origional data recorded at the observatory. lowell died in 1916 before he could find out he discovered pluto. anyway, that leaves us with the question what was exerting gravitational pull on the 2 outermost planets? i believe it was nibiru.

if you read the book the 12th planet (i havent but its what started my research on the subject) the auther then draws upon the alien conspiracy stuff. that would be that...

(my thoeries stop here)

the inhabitants of nibiru made us their slaves out of 'cavemen/monkeys'. they inserted the missing 233 strands of dna known as 'the missing link' and made us acceptable for their mining slavery. thats why we use only 10% of our brains.

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