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Netflix's Docuseries Making a Murderer

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posted on Jan, 29 2016 @ 01:27 PM
Just saw this on my news feed;

Manitowoc Protest

It looks like there are both protesters and counter protesters there, and everything for the most part is peaceful.

While police said there was some banter between the two groups, overall, they said the event has been peaceful.

"You have the demonstrators that came out here and they exercised their rights. We had groups that didn't agree with them and they exercised their rights and everything was peaceful and it was a win-win," said Capt. Larry Zimney of the Manitowoc Police Dept.

posted on Jan, 29 2016 @ 03:57 PM
i had some blood work done today and I was chatting with the tech about the case and he said the fbi flat out lied. he said they found no traces of edta in the test. The tech said everyone has trace amounts of edta in the blood. He also said lab corp could test the edta levels now.

posted on Jan, 29 2016 @ 04:03 PM
they had this other one talking about inventors of the past. so they talk about stuff like: glass, and other stuff. Can't remember. But it gets you thinking. We have access to endless information now. We have computers at our disposal. What excuse do we have not to become ultra successful. Like we're standing on the shoulders of giants who did all the hard work for us. Now we can easily invent or create most anything. Like we'd be fools for not taking full advantage of these resources that we take for granted that took so much effort to figure out and get them to where they are today. Like can you image if Einstein had a computer to work with to the extent we do, or Turing. but anyway I'm just saying...

posted on Feb, 4 2016 @ 06:20 PM
Jeez, this is getting crazy!

I live in this county, and I'm thinking to get the hell out of here. Bomb threats ? This is some high anxiety s#*t !!!!

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I think Milwaukee is safer. I hope they catch the guy who did this. It's roumored that its a guy from Manitowoc, go figure.
edit on 0444292016-02-04T18:44:04-06:00064America/ChicagoAmerica/Chicago04 by ditchweed because: I am starting to like Milwaukee.

posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 12:54 PM
hmm...this should have more flags and more people should interested in this case on ats..

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posted on Feb, 21 2016 @ 12:30 AM
'Making A Murderer': Steven Avery's Lawyer Thinks It's Fairly Obvious Who Really Killed Teresa Halbach

" She’s not screwing around – within a week of signing on as Avery’s lawyer, she started dismantling the state’s case against Steven on Twitter. Her comments went from confident to cocky, and she told Dateline NBC that she’s already found new evidence that proves her client innocent."

Above are quotes from the article. I can hardly wait to see how all this plays out.
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posted on Jul, 6 2016 @ 03:24 AM

originally posted by: Squirlli
a reply to: lovebeck

I have to disagree with you. I am a veterinary technician, and quite often I myself get covered in blood, due to an animal hit by car, dog fight, c-section, being bitten, ect and have never had a difficult time cleaning up blood, getting it out of fabric, or up out of concrete and other materials. The quantity does correlate to the time it takes to clean it, but it is actually not all that difficult.

Have you ever gone over your clothes with Fluorescein and a black light after you washed them or are you just washing and using eyes only to look for blood.?

What i'm asking is what method are you using on your garments for detecting trace elements of blood. ?

posted on Jul, 6 2016 @ 03:35 AM
Just finished watching this series. Shocking to say the least. The only People who didn't lie imo were Avery, the Nephew and Niece. Everyone else couldn't lie straight in bed.

I dont know how things are done in the US in regards to anyone with learning difficulties being questioned and charged, but here in the UK that person would need to be able to at least have a basic grasp of the questions being asked.

That kid should have been questioned as though he was a 4 year old. He never stood a chance.

As for the Conduct of the Police, The Judicial system, forensics and the Judge. Frightening that people can get away with this.
Avery was getting the blame for this. Even if they find out who killed her, Find the bloody murder weapon and a video of the Murder, those involved will cover it up. They are all in it too deep now and now they are cleaning up their # by Framing and silencing Avery and his co accused for ever.

It would not surprise me if Avery is found dead in his cell.

posted on Jul, 6 2016 @ 04:17 AM

originally posted by: eluryh22
a reply to: mzinga
I've thought about this. I've also wondered if after the previous debacle and the pending lawsuit, Avery may have thought himself untouchable.

Spending 18 years fighting for your freedom is not Untouchable. Avery would have known if convicted on zero evidence like the last time he would spend the rest of his life behind bars fighting for Justice. To burn a body and leave the remains on your property, to hide the car on your property and hope for the best is the act of a imbecile.

Avery was not the brightest star in the sky but he was far from being the dimmest member of society and would know the justice system inside out.

The Car Key's for me was one of the keys to cracking this case for the defence. (though there were many others).

The only DNA on the Key found was Avery's. Are we supposed to believe the murder victim wore rubber gloves for two years while she handled those car keys. Are we supposed to Believe Avery scrubbed the Keys of all DNA but left his own.
Are we supposed to believe he took the keys home and left them in plain sight. Are we supposed to believe he had future plans to sell the car. I mean, why not drive it away and dump it in a lake.

posted on Jul, 6 2016 @ 06:43 AM
a reply to: Soloprotocol

again, I didn't say getting rid of DNA, I said cleaning up blood.

No I have not gone back and looked at my clothes or anything else that I have cleaned up with Flourescein afterwards, I haven't had the need to.

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