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Revelation -Predictive Programming-Her Name is Alice – Continuation

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posted on Dec, 29 2015 @ 07:28 PM

originally posted by: BigBrotherDarkness
completely ties in and makes sense of masonry requiring a belief in some power higher than oneself... not necessarily god persay but to something we all are accountable too and the heart is either aligned to it or not as the final judgment. if the heart surrenders it finds peace and if it rejects it causes more suffering and pain on oneself in defense of the self.

It actually has to be a Supreme Being, not a higher power. Depending on your native language you can say God, Deus, Gott etc.

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posted on Dec, 29 2015 @ 07:51 PM
a reply to: AugustusMasonicus
interesting... must be lodge specfic, as a couple newer masons 1-5 years in have stated just something larger than oneself(could have just been saying that knowing I had an interest in joining but no higher power ideology). as in my opinion gods existing or not do not matter if the goal is to see reality at all times they are not needed in the slightest. i do not care to embody the essence of any either as Hinduism and others do. if they have no arms and legs or voice to act, im certinaly not going to be a conduit for them to have arms, legs and a voice so their action and dogma has an effect on humanity that shouldnt be there. if they were meant to be in this realm they would be, otherwise its simply an interference to humanity that has its own life and goals to carry out.

my philosophy on that is similar to the prime directive of star trek to not interfere with beings less advanced that oneself. not saying they are more advanced, but if they can manipulate something other than humanity to carry out their desires then they would. since they cant or dont either they are ordered not too or simply cant. so they do so in the one way they can... through us. whether benign, manelovent, or gracious in these actions of various contact makes no difference... interference is interference welcomed or not.

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posted on Dec, 29 2015 @ 07:56 PM

originally posted by: BigBrotherDarkness
interesting... must be lodge specfic, as a couple newer masons 1-5 years in have stated just something larger than oneself(could have just been saying that knowing I had an interest in joining but no higher power ideology).

They are probably just misspeaking or misinformed. All regular Grand Lodges in the United States require belief in a Supreme Being, it is in the Ancient Landmarks and is institutionalized in the Fraternity.

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posted on Dec, 29 2015 @ 08:23 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

this is a trope itself as a selffulfilling prophesy... the she doesnt exist except wen you look for her or she a trait associated with her in someone else.

The only real trait I am really against is the vampire one. But even this is seen withing the great majority of people, because people have been programmed to act that way by default since birth. When you take a look at shows like "American Idol" you get an idea how people lose themselves within that paradigm. It is like the vampire touch that turns people into narcissists. I recognize all these programmings and see them almost on every corner.

What I see personally is an epidemic, but soon the world will awaken to that reality one way or another. (Usually people don't notice the epidemic until it is out of control). I also see the beast that will rise within that epidemic. And im talking spiritual in nature. I have seen it. And it is mostly humanity's creation.

Thought is powerful wave forms that ultimately manifests. Fear plays a major role, and strong emotions such as anger is used as a form of "initiation" into the "other side".

To put it short, I was "double crossed"/ emotionally crucified by this thing. A scar that refuses to heal, and I notice the beast within me threatening to overtake me in forms of rage. The only thing I really want is answers.

My intention with this thread was mostly to reach people like you, who helps provides clues and missing pieces. That was why I wanted to reach those people, to get closer to finishing this puzzle. It is hard when you get attacked left and right, and i know, it is "Her" working through them.

That's why I tried to keep the path clear, to read posts like yours, and others who may provide clues. I wanted answers.

so find the trope read the framework and examples so you can gain some objectivity to see your puzzle or quandry clearly, onc tat happens the trope of whomever she is, will lose all power.

Can you... rephrase this a bit ? I feel that I really need to grasp this. I know why the attachment, she hides behind my pain. But that is a very long story. (And one that would scare the average joe)

The self - fulfilling prophecy comment, reminded me of a quote "You become what you fight against. or "what you hate"

its a lot like hey seen any blue flowers lately?

Suggestion of thought... it is also a form of hypnosis. According to Bryan. he stated that our eternal wisdom exists in a time before "Thought" or a time before "light". He specifically said , not to react, but to observe. It is this eternal wisdom state that Im trying to arrive at. But, "she" clouds my mind. She is the feminine inside my mind. and "she" hides behind my pain, which involves my ex, and her new age beliefs.

I do admit, that this statement true:

has clouded your objectivity to the subject because youve made it personal

I did make it personal after the events with my ex. But Even before my ex she was "around". My ex , was the final "straw" that caused me to go on a witch haunt.

It wasnt the traits I noticed within people. It was the words people spoke randomly on that made me aware she was hiding behind people, and those people were friends of mine i've known for years who had no prior knowledge on what I was going through on a spiritual level. What is even striking about the words, was the way they said it. Sometimes the messages would come in a form of a mock. then my friends would say "Why did I say that, thats soo weird, I felt this urge of telling you that." as if all of a sudden they regained consciousness after speaking some words they had no prior knowledge on.

Something, gave them that knowledge and made sure it would grab my attention. I dont believe this is isolated to me alone. I feel humanity as a whole is under its grasp for some odd reason.

While my emotions may drive me into exposing this, I also dont wish people to go through what I went through. But then, from what you said, In a way, I am interfering, and creating karma unto myself.

Its like even good deeds is out of the question when it comes to the law.

But if you are correct, then the answer is basically the following video as spoken by alan watts:

posted on Dec, 29 2015 @ 10:35 PM

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posted on Dec, 30 2015 @ 08:29 PM
a reply to: SoulSurfer

The best defense anyone has to such things normally... is unbelief. Unbelief protects people from such energies and spirits of all types. Being open to them simply gives them an energy source allowing them to manifest in various ways.

This is why there is such a fine line called direct experience between skeptic and believer... a skeptic closed off to possibility with cognitive dissonace does not give hardly any energy to these disembodied beings, spirits etc. so its more difficult for them to manifest in that sort of persons life.

You had a curiosity making you open, and pandora came along and helped you open the box... what came out of the box? pretty much a superpositional energy like schrodingers cat... its between worlds until theres a crack from where it can get the energy it needs to manifest in various ways.

Vampire is of course an interesting term for it... as peculiarly we all are a vampire of sorts, in as much that there are certain things or energies we prefer to feed off of that makes us feel our life is worth living. These beings are no different except they require our energy to feed on in order to manifest themselves. Some are seemingly benign and some helpful and some manevolant... but the end result is the same if you dont close the door and continue to feed this/these being(s) with your energy. youll lose sleep, friends, and the quality of your life will degrade until the point that the being has enough strength to commandeer your vehicle replacing you as the host.

dont fret as this effects every single one of us, quite a few have no clue... as the inner voice gets called conscience to argue with instead of an entity trying to be host instead of guest. the only way to lose oneself is to submit or give oneself over willingly to these energies... or keep focusing on them feeding their energy instead of just closing the door.

Whether one wants to harness these beings and give them energy or not is a personal choice... as certain ones can benefit and certain ones detrement yet let any of them go too far and it becomes a detrement. There is nothing wrong with gaining experience with these beings ad energies... but it is a very very difficult skill to master, as a lot of these beings are very good at manipulation. Solomon was concidered a master of this... he recognised ones he could control and manipulate to do his bidding like slaves. Some are naturally in obedience to you, like ancestor spirits with fealty. I found it best when one of these guests manifest to be gracious enough to let them go from any service and the ones that show up and demand attention are best simply ignored.

This process can take quite awhile. As without proper taming or control of ones mind... most are blind to such things to begin with. Theres a meditation to watch your every move with full consciousness... when doing so youll start to see involuntary movements from body parts not autonomic... an arm or leg that moves or takes a posture with no mental prompt to do so. This is a glimpse of an energy in partial control of you without you realizing it before.

So my advice is either close the door and forget what youve seen. Keep going as you are until weak enough it takes over and carries you into madness... or study the subject making friends with it so that you may gain wisdom from the experience.

As stated to Agustus above, I refuse to be a conduit for these beings no matter what guise or form they want to manifest in... otherwise always know who is the host and who is the guest and remind them of the same.

posted on Dec, 31 2015 @ 09:49 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

I heard this before, a friend of mine roger kent, (one who taught me natural law.) I see him as a modern day obi wan kenobi. (In an allegorical sense.)

I think it is thanks to him, that I did not go fully into "the darkside". It was Natural Law, that helped me stay within that thin thread and "not spill over". My inner rage, anger, and desire for "revenge" has been in fact overwhelming.

There is a big problem with me however, because she is tied into my open wound. It is in this unhealed wound/trauma, that she hides and binds herself.

The reason why I wanted a private conversation, was because I did not want to fully reveal the full story, as to why and how I got to this conclusion. It involves the paranormal, and some things I have yet to explain. I may be keen in other areas of the field, like psychology, reading into people, (This one guarantees I will not have much friends, because my awareness does not allow anyone to penetrate my "force field" of awareness. ) I am highly intutitive, (no pride there, I see it more as a curse I would like to get rid of, along with being empathic.) But I am not keen, least I dont wish to be, within the spiritual realm. I try and ignore this the best I could, because it is beyond logic. Though I try to see it in a logical point of view. (So far, I have failed in that area.) I do not know how to explain my experience fully without being verbally attacked or shunned.

The combination of being both intuitive and an empath, has left me in a world of suffering and chaos. I tried to turn this "ability" off, but that would require me to get rid of my emotions and discard them entirely. But if I did that, I would lose my "antenna" and be wide open to deceit. It takes alot, alot for someone to lie to me, and this has lead me into a solitary life, because I see through people's eyes and through their lies and know if someone is trustworthy or not. (Im not bragging just in case, Im trying to explain something, to give you a clear view as to what is going on around me.)

Today, I admit, I have isolated myself, to the point where I barely trust anyone. Today, I am a lonewolf observing the world and occurrences, my only companion is this female entity.

This female entity, does not want to "kill me" but rather has "interest" in me. (If that makes sense, I know it sounds nuts, there is a reason why I did not wish to say this, nor get into the paranormal.)

What she wants, is me to submit. She needs to comandeer this body , but for what purpose? It is beyond me.

This whole thing began when I was 17 years old. A spiritual medium mentioned to me that there was a powerful spirit of a woman that would not leave me alone. This medium practiced Santeria, (which is african witchcraft, commonly practiced more in the carribean). My own mother practiced this, till this day she still does, though recently, I entered her altar and broke her idols in the name of yah shu ah.

My mother opened the door way to her, she calls her "La Barronessa del cementerio". Which translates to "The baroness, of the cementary, or the "Goddess of death". ( Even broke her "Staff" in two" while standing under the moons eye. Making sure the scarlet w***** saw my action.

This being sends her "spider minions" to haunt me. (I am an arachnophobe, and i get paralized with fear when I am around them. )

A quote from bohemian grove of the elites.

"Weaving spiders come not here"

The spiders in itself, has even made my family aware of this being, including my mother. But my mother refuses to stop what she is doing and close that "pandoras box". I wasnt the one that opened it, i believe my mother did that, and ever since she went from catholic, to santeria.

See below, on someones testimony with regards to Santeria and Satanism.

I did some research on what was happening with me, especially the part on spiders. I found many spiritual meanings of the spider, but I also saw the connection between the spider and lilith. Lilith has another form, teh form of the black widow "Lolth".

The queen spider, the queen of the damned, and how ironic, that spiders are little vampires. In the astral, I know about the astral spiders clinging unto my aura. Ive seen them, "in forms of luminescent spiders, or translucent".

There is a moment, when you wake up after sleep, where your eyes are still connected with the astral realm. That moment when you wake up, where the "real world" replaces the astral, (or so it seems). The astral is always there, we simply "shift" perceptions, as we focus. It is before that "focus" into the details of this realm, that you are able to briefly see them. Try and focus on them in that moment, and they "escape" your eye sight. (They flee from your eyes).

Spiders alone, Ive had countless experiences with. But then there is the "sleep paralisis" within a black and white realm. This , has been the most terryfying experience up to date. And I was not only unable to move my body, but I was also "hooked" or "tied" to a metallic object with a being that looked alot like a vetriloquist doll, sitting beside me.

This was a case of, a dream within a dream within a dream. Where I would constantly wake up, within the same dream. I still dont have an explaination to that, but im trying to find out. This is the reason why I do not want to talk to freemasons, or trolls, or anyone else other than people who are aware of this topic.

Reason 1: People who try to discredit, or derail.sabotage threads makes it impossible for others who has had the experiences that I had, to come forth and share their own experiences, so that I can unlock more of this mystery.

I mostly wanted to talk to those people, and reach out. Because I know we all have bits and pieces of the puzzle, and uniting minds, can get to a conclusion faster. But the derailment is a major distraction, and I find myself more becoming defensive.

Skeptics, or unbelievers, have NO clue, what sort of experiences people go through on a personal level, so they try and assassinate a subject that is well beyond their comprehension, or their views. This topic was not for them, but they post anyways and derail. (And Im sick of people like that. Call me intolerant , but that would piss off anyone who wants to get to the bottom of things.)

But I am not alone in my experience. There are others who also know what I am talking about. I have a friend, who is a former 13th degree freemason. Bloodwise, he IS family of one of the 13 bloodlines. He is the nephew of someone ATS knows all too well. But I will not reveal his real name, for his own safety.

But he openly exposes "Her" aswell, through his songs. He currently works at Warner Brothers, directly under the co-seo. (This raises eye brows, especially with the logo he uses for his albums. I asked him about that, and he said, "That is my version of it. Not theirs" ) I met him playing an online game. I did not know who he was, until I spoke to him over the phone. (I still ask my self, what are the odds?).

But listen carefully to his lyrics, and tell me, is this ONLY because of My beliefs? Or is the collective helping manifest this being?

When I spoke to him on this subject, he asked me to listen to his songs, and lyrics. He said I would relate. Well, he was right. I did relate... more than I actually wanted to...

More on this in the next post, to detail it better.

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posted on Dec, 31 2015 @ 09:52 AM

originally posted by: SoulSurfer
I have a friend, who is a former 13th degree freemason.

What is a '13th Degree Mason' and what is the relevance?

posted on Dec, 31 2015 @ 11:07 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness


Ironically, in his song, he also mentions something similar to what you said:

"fear will guide you to the dark, but change will shed new light." ( fear, is the belief of something within the future. Belief, which concurs to what you said, about beliefs. )

let me post some of the lyrics. I will write my interpretations of the lyrics using parenthesis ( ), but leave blank the parts im unsure on.)

"She rises up from restless sleep (she rises up from the void?)
And brushes back her hair
she wonders where the years have gone (The void is timeless)
but never really cared (she has no empathy)
time has called on you again (time summons her forth?)
you bleed until you fail (This may relate to the biblical prophecy, on her falling once more.)

Fear will guide you to the dark, ( Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate which leads to war.)
but change will shed new light ( if one changes himself, then the ending of the story changes.)
you opened up a tragedy ( Pandora's box reference)
but you lost to a beast inside (Scarlet, loses to the beast she created.)

And it feels like this is the last time ( A sign of THE END?)
but this wont be the ending (No such thing as "death")
with just to much to accomplish ()

The clock ticks down her blinding fate ( )
her shadow moves away()
if only she could see just how()
she made the same mistakes()
its never too late to see the truth()
inside of all your lies()

its never to late to escape this life,()
it hides behind your eyes (Pineal gland)
she's the one who's in control (She is the "lord of this universe")
but the guilt just drags her down (her karma drags her into the abyss?)
if she could flip the switch tonight (Omega (The end)
she'll feed us her last sound. (Sound is also a reference to light, energy and thought wave forms. This also takes us into the metaphysical, and spiritual.)

She's got another chance (To redeem herself.)
to make everything right (Why does she have to be redeemed? )
the hourglass will fade ("time" is running out)
but its truly a need to fight
see i dont believe in Ghosts (He is rejecting her)
or the tales you tell your friends (He is rejecting the lies)
I am what you call truth (He is himself)

And I shed this blinding light (He turns away from what blinds him)
And I wont be here for long ()
So now that youve seen this song()
can't you tell right from wrong? (Reference to natural law. The knowledge between right, and wrong.)
this is what makes us strong (He is telling people, knowing right vs wrong is the way to our true power)
this is what makes us strong. (The second statement, clarifies that he meant what he said above.)

I remember I was told once, that "The Devil has to be saved as well".

Why? Why must the devil be saved? This part I do not get. And it seems rather illogical, to "save" the devil.

What exactly IS the devil then that needs to be "saved".

Ignoring this being does not work. As long as I have "human contact" with other people, she will continue to have her way. I know how she posseses people. And it is through people's shadows, that she takes control of them. The shadow is created through trauma, guilt, or other events that tends to become a burden in our lives.

This shadow, ultimately merges with other people's shadows as "one". It is the beast. And I have seen it. Only one person came close to accurately describing this "beast". The author "H.P lovecraft, calls it "Azathoth", but notice the word "THOTH". It may aswell be the one that returns to the watery chaos. ATUM.

Noone, and I repeat, noone would ever want to acknowledge this as reality. Even I, as I write this post, refuse to accept it. One reason, it confirms my worst nightmare. However, here is the ironic part of this situation.

Humanity created it collectively and subconsciously, through their own actions. Man wanted to become "God" and thus created the beast that may as well be the destroyer of human kind. This is also another reference to "as above so below". But that phrase can be interpreted in more ways than one.

I am not "its creator" but I may aswell contributed into creating it. So that alone shows my own karma, because of my past actions. I guess this is why, i try to make people aware.

I was also told, that she has a "true name" and to know her "true name" I would overpower her. But one thing, is constant within my experience. That I needed to find a "sword" in order to "slay her".

The sword of truth and justice, (Excalibur and King Arthur comes to mind.) Is it THIS sword? or is the sword simply a metaphor, for something else?

The jury is still out on that one, but I will say this. When I reacted out of anger, because I know it was "her", i created the following Illustration, while focusing on her.

I channeled this into the astral realm. Whether it will do anything is beyond me. But I sent her a message with that one, and spread that image unto others, so that they manifest the same.

But I still wonder, if I did the right thing implanting this image of her being slayed into thousands of people's heads. I thought, maybe collectively it could be defeated.

I guess by now, you are aware of my intentions. But, I do question, if its the right thing. A part of me, has pity for her, why, I do not know. But she appeared before me in visions, and "signs" as "the all seeing eye". Some of those signs, she shows herself, as if "she is saddened". But I am also aware, that this could also be manipulation/victimhood.

I will not lie, She HAS gotten control of my mind in the past. But it mostly happens when I react. Reaction seems to be a key into a doorway. So it has made me obseve my thoughts more carefully, as well as keep my emotions in check. I try to avoid conflict as much as possible for this reason. But there are times when, I just feel like allowing it to just take over. Mostly because it is energetically drainng to resist.

I use, a certain plant to keep my emotions in check. (I spiritually cheat, but I will not allow her to have her way again.)

So im desperately trying to find answers, before she does fully take over.

She already has taken over many people. And I see her behind many people's eyes. Bruce Jenner is spiritually possessed by her. I could name lists of powerful people, whom she currently embodies.

"I recommend watching the movie "Lifeforce (1985)"

That actually telling a true story on whats really happening. If I had to compare experiences between me and the protagonist of that story, It would fall inline almost perfectly.

I first watched this movie when I was a kid. And it scared the *snip* out of me. I went back to rewatch it (because I wanted to see what predictive programmings was implanted within my mind, so I had to carefully revisit my past and "undo" the programmings.

This is called "Shadow work". Its actually a term invented by psychologists for a strategy they use with hypnosis. This process helps the patient revisit the painful past, or events they did not wish to consciously visit. That's how they "unroot" what is rooted within the subconscious, by bypassing the conscious mind (or the ego). People normally build walls upon walls in order to hide a painful past. They avoid it because "it hurts", but during their attempts of avoiding, they lose themselves within all the garbage of the subconscious mind.

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posted on Dec, 31 2015 @ 12:27 PM
a reply to: SoulSurfer

One more curious thing about the movie "Lifeforce".

The movie is about vampires being aliens from "space".
"That they have been on this planet before"

In one of the scenes in the movie "lifeforce" shows something extremely similar to that of the Da, Vinci Code:

The protagonist explains these scenes:

The vampires collect energy to feed the ""alien ship". (I see the metaphor of that ship as being "the ark".

Carlsen(main protagonist) says:

"they (the vampires) have to send it "through her" in order for the energy to go "up the conductor".

This is a strong HINT on what the rapture is about. Could the rapture be what some have called the "Harvest of souls"?

(You may see a connection between that and bryan kemilas work)

I strongly suggest that you watch that movie, because it really does give you an idea behind what im telling you. Truth may actually be stranger than fiction. And I have a feeling that this scene may be referring to the "black knight decoded". Which hints that this being, may as well exist in both the physical and spiritual plain. (How? I do not know, but I am still researching, but I only have a small idea, and I intend on testing out a few theory's. )

But check out this scenes from "the Da-vinci code". (I posted this in previous threads.) But I wanna make a comparison between both.

Remember that "cliche" i mentioned, and you clarified on? This is one of those cliches within movies.

Curious thing, Tom Mentioned at the end of the da-vinci code "The blade and chalice guarding o'er her gates."

da Vinci code ending:

Life Force Ending

The Blade

The Blade and Chalice? (The protagonist pierces her and then himself)

The protagonist Sacrifices himself, As he pierces both himself and her with the blade.

And they both go up "the gate" (Ascended) and saved mankind from the full "rapture" or "harvest"

"They have been here before" - quote from the movie life force. (Could this be a subliminal reference to what many have called "Anunaki?" (So many questions I have. and comes to mind.)

But a quote "she" tells carlsen (the protagonist) which brought chills down my spine when I rewatched after so many years.

("I am , the feminine in your mind")

This will sound crazy, but when those words were spoken to the main character, I felt as if she spoke those words to me.

She is not isolated to me, she is affecting everyone, and she needs to be stopped.

I just don't know how. This is my focus, but i fear you may be correct, that if I continue the way I am, My days are actually numbered. Because once she takes over fully, the me that is here and now, will no longer "exist".

But I also cant help butfeel like I am being lured into a trap.

I openly spoke many truths with regards to my experience. I know I will be judged, but, knowing what I know, can not be kept quiet. because if I am correct in my theory with regards to her intentions, right now, she is humanity's biggest threat.

And if people do not heal their shadows, well, they can kiss their souls goodbye.

I guess, Im trying to warn people, to be aware, but not give her anymore power. She is already getting alot of power, through many sources. Especially within the feminist movement and many others.

This is not a being to take lightly.

This video (from a christian perspective) explains what she is. She is known as the Jezebel from the bible. Seeing this helped me discern between who I am, and what "she" is. But as of now, she is behind the minds of millions of people. Especially those who have power or influence over others. Some may only have her as a "thought suggestion" in the background. Others may have been fully possessed.

The Movie "revolver" calls her "Gold" or Mr" Gold or "mr Mystery". It gives a clue on how to "beat Gold"

Ironically in the same way you suggested. It seems belief (or THOUGHT gives her power.) The Jezebel is characterized as a highly religious being. (For something to be religious, a collection of thought must give rise and spun around over and over, imprisoning the victim within their paradigm. But if we simply observe through non-reaction. Perhaps, that is a way, and meditation actually helps aid this.

Many movie allegories actually point out this lesson.

I wanted to extend my thanks for sharing the information. I hope I clarified a bit more on where I stand.

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posted on Dec, 31 2015 @ 12:36 PM
a reply to: SoulSurfer

How does the Vril Society and the Thule Society fit into all of this?
My research indicates the Vril Sisterhood has reopened shop in Milan.

posted on Dec, 31 2015 @ 12:48 PM
a reply to: TonyS

You already know the answer to that question. They are connected with the order of the black sun. I did some research on michael tsarions work and he went through a bit on that detail. But I stopped researching into the secret societies, and focused on "the capstone" instead. Focusing on anything below the capstone (to me atleast) is a waste of time and energy because you will go around the circle over and over within "pan's labrynth".

Instead on focusing on the "pupeteers" as some would call them, I looked into identifying patterns to trace back at its source. because no matter how many words people spoke, in the end, it was mostly a "blame game" with no end. (That game has no end, and itis wise to simply not play that game, unless you want to lose yourself within insanity. I was almost driven mad by it.)

But the sisterhood (of death) (the vril society) is basically the order of the black sun.

This being I know possesses these people: (There are more, but these are the most dangerous to watch out for.)

Now that you know, Identify the patterns, speech, and try to set them aside at the core level. You may find, the resemblance in mindset within them all.

posted on Dec, 31 2015 @ 01:50 PM
a reply to: SoulSurfer

Yea, I get the difference between the pupeteers and the capstone.

But the Orders are extremely powerful and have the ability to destroy much. We've seen them do that.

posted on Dec, 31 2015 @ 02:51 PM
a reply to: TonyS

That may be so, but they themselves, dont "do it". Its the order followers at the bottom that does the dirty deeds. Most of the elites may as well end up in that so called "heaven" many talk about because they themselves have not truly violated natural law.

Under natural law, they are innocent. If you say that lying is the problem, technically there is a loophole. They don't necessarily lie. They speak half truth's.

An example of a half truth would be:

Person a asks b. "Are you planning on going out tonight?"

Lets say person B wants to avoid answering this question with honesty, but want to avoid lying under natural law.

because words are "thoughts" being processed into "sound" a thought is still part of the continuation of the sentence even if the sentenced is finished via thought instead of verbal.

"Yes I Plan on going out (verbal non bold) but on monday " The full sentence was finished via thought. "But on monday"

But all the person A heard was "Yes I plan on going out."

In the above example^ he doesn't really have plans on going out that night, but because he may have other plans and wants to avoid hanging out with person A, he spoke a half truth, and finished that sentence within his (or her) mind.

Did he intentionally mislead the person with his answer? or did he simply avoid answering the question? What the person thinks or believes, is ultimately his or her responsibility. So in a way, he left the door open for the person to Assume what his answer was.

This is why, under natural law, the elites, are virtually untouchable.

I know this will make many truthers angry, but if people try and go offensive against the elites, they will lose that battle for one reason. THEY ARE protected under natural law. But so are we, if we play our cards right.

Remember, it is always the Knight with the highground that wins the battle. This is more like chess, than anything else, despite it being a game of "deception".

You can see this allegory in the fight between Anakin and Obi Wan.

Its over Anakin, I have the highground

But Anakin still went on the offensive, while Obiwan was on the defensive. The Knight who was right, was Obi-wan. The high ground was actually a metaphor with regards to morality. technically speaking, the elites DO tell us the truth. They just wont admit to them. Especially within movies.

I'd worry more on what the order followers are doing than the elites themselves. Because the elites may play their hand in the grand scheme of things, and while they may be psychopaths themselves, these are extremely intelligent psychopaths, and this does make them Dangerous.

However, some of them are very much capable of making mistakes and actually get caught. But, what happens if everyone wakes up to what they are doing? Civil war? That wont end well, because while they (the elites) may make mistakes and create karma unto themselves. Their karma pales in comparison to those done by order followers, and even society in general.

It is actually we the people who are wrong because we chose to live the way we currently do. But until people realize this, and make the necessary changes (without reaction) nothing will change. It all begins when we stare at ourselves in the mirror and do a long series of sessions with regards to self examination.

The blame game will not save the world, in fact, all blaming will do is speed up "the end". It is counter productive when there are other, non-violent, non-reactive solutions. But people while under emotional stress tend not to analyze before an action.

I am a clear example of this in this very thread. I reacted to something that was outside of my control. In a way, I was at fault for reacting in the first place. That responsibility befalls unto me. Not the one that caused me to react. While under anger, I tend to lose focus and sight on the real objectives. I guess even those who cause us to react, have their purposes and lessons.

So it takes alot of willpower to resist reaction, i totally understand why many dont take this path.

Is it good to spread information with regards as to what is occurring with the elites? Of course, people have a right to know. And I fully support this notion. I favor truth after all.

What I do not support however, is Violence of any kind. Even though people irritate me, I know that they themselves are victims to deceit, and I once upon a time, was like them. This understanding keeps me from doing harm unto others and acting out without reason.

There is one thing , you and everyone who reads this needs to understand. It is not meant to break anyone's will or spirit. (depends on how you look at it.).

There is NO stopping the new world order. Not even "they" can stop it if they tried. You cannot stop the wheel that is already in motion, and trying to stop it, you'll be wasting your life for nothing.

But there is some good news. Instead of focusing on "trying to stop" the inevitable; focus instead on shaping it into the future YOU desire, by teaching people the laws of morality, ethics and common sense.

this NWO may seem like a bad thing, but I also see potential within the chaos they brought. It is within this chaos that people will be set free from old beliefs. But, if the majority of minds become aware even if its 40% of the whole population , the the new world order may not necessarily be a dark one.

Both the elites and we the people desire a golden age. This is true, but one side wants full control, the other is more about freedom, away from oppression.

Which NWO will rise? Humanity decides that in the end.

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posted on Dec, 31 2015 @ 07:05 PM
a reply to: SoulSurfer

well the interesting thing to me, is you want to get rid of it but at the same time are compelled to continue digging. since youre not disinfecting and healing the wound of this energy it makes me wonder whom is it holding the shovel?

it seems by the quality of life you are living... aka none and tortured, tis not you. its more apparent you are going through whats known as the dark night of the soul. its in a sense, your own judgement... your heart weighing against the feather, ive been through this and Id rather not discuss the spiders and their queen. although my advice is over come that fear and let the devourer devour. let other buddhas on the path take your head, allow yourself to be crucified, this is the way to purify negative karma to come out of the other side awake and victorious over fear and suffering.

as long as you have a spiritual weakness, there will be a crack for them to get a web through and start tugging on that weakness. the whole world may be cocooned in the great orb weavers web but the fire of ones spirit will burn it away, fearlessness is allowing the fangs to bite and the purity of your practice the antivenum that works in reverse. avoid any of the jewels dangled and roles casted for you... and youll make it through, your house and theirs demolished with no power raise a thing against you as theres no place to hide or connect.

you can open and close the door all you want until you feel yourself ready. just know in this mirror realm the only thing that can harm you is the past karma or actions that manifests in every realm and follows you like a shadow life to life realm to realm. when you remain fearless this karma coming back on you is your energy positive, negative, and neutral the same as at any other time, accepting the fangs and every tourture assailed at you is accepting your own heart which allows the scales of judgement to balance.

I went through this for nearly two months... the positive karma comes as elation and bliss, but it is best to not to cling to it except as an oasis after each spiritual battle/sacrifice. eventually as said mara and his 3 daughters will depart unable to touch you just tempt from a distance, or inhabit another to see if your resolve is unmovable this is where your empathy and compassion get put to the test... to see if youll fall from grace for more rounds of birth and death. your past habits are what are really tempting you in that situation, your very giving and charity of the heart gifted out of kindness compassion and empathy of understanding used against you... its an attack very unexpected. but its a final nail in the coffin of equanimity, showing you that half the road of your hell from karma is paved with those good intentions and that notions of good and evil are really moot in the struggle of freedom, and why release can occur without exhausting karma.

after release, theres simply no fuel left to be added that would start the fires consuming the eye, the ear, the nose, the tongue, the body, or the mind again to be lost behind their veils obscuring reality. the fire burning in you now is the mind, dragging the rest along like a zombie... make a firm resolution to put out what stokes each and every fire found within it.

please note you and only you are responsible for your feelings. so whatever anyone does, says or believes has nothing to do with you... youve chosen to carry it, so youve made it your responsibility meaning its fuel as long as it has an effect on you in some manner. resolve to not let it affect you in any way shape or form otherwise it is a catalyist that keeps the hell and judgement going longer than need be exhausting you hoping youll give up or do something that leaves them undefeated and power to continue acting in your life.

dancing you around like a puppet on a web is the norm for these energies they do it to everyone not free from them, so harming others really only harms oneself no one can untangle the tangle except each and every person by their own power of will. remember these words when you feel like storming someones altar or belief: forgive them for they know not what they do... that also includes the spiders, gods, demons, etc. only in complete enlightenment will they or anyone be free from all of the suffering brought about by life mara and his 3 poisonious daughters of greed, hate, and ignorance keep the cycle going only as long as you do

posted on Jan, 2 2016 @ 09:13 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Dark night of the soul? More like the dark year of the soul. Ive been enduring the torment since "she" took over my ex's mind. I was already emotionally crucified. I call it crucified because i never endured such pain in my entire life.

My ex now believes she is bastet/inana/ishtar. I am not joking, and "she" made sure I knew it was her doing her deeds to my ex. It is not my first encounter, my first concious encounter with this being possessing another person happened years before my ex. That time she literally said "I declare war on you" followed by the words "tulius mandatus AISIS" I still don't know the true meaning of those words. But to explain the long story short:

I met this woman with blueish eyes, but with Mexican heritage on a local dating site. This woman, at first spoke normal. But ... after awhile in the conversation, she said "You've been chosen". And im like "chosen for what? lol" (the "lol" was me ridiculing the idea of "chosen" but I kept listening, and thats when she broke down weird crap about the higgs bosom, and about the dawning of a new age. Said that I was much greater than I thought I was. That we had "met before". That i didnt remember, bla bla yada yada. (Sorry, just thinking about her brings me chills, you'll see why in a moment.)

back then though I was curious so she gave me her number and we spoke several hours on the phone.
She spoke extremely weird things to which made me see her as a nut case. (Back then I was barely getting into conspiracies or these kinds of topics. I came into it as a skeptic, but decided to "browse around" said topics.
She mentioned going into a temple of some sort that she visited ocassionally and met with people that were not like "the others".

She said she "knew my true name" as in "spiritual name". Or the name of a life before this one. (im not entirely sure what she was trying to tell me with this. She asked me for a "favor" over the phone, and to lay down and follow her breath. I did as she instructed, I laid, she began breathing. But she also did "something else". It was "sexual", I personally did not do that, I was more interested in what she had to "show me". When we focus on finding answers and truth, anything outside of that is meangless. So I focused on the breath, then something happened, in the exact moment she reached "her climax" a surge of energy went up from root to crown.

I was literally vibrating, with a "high" unlike anything I ever felt. It lasted for like an hour, but I will never forget the feeling and vibration. I also felt my body sorta "numb". Can't explain more than that. But "electric" comes to mind. But not the kind of hurtful shock, this was way different.

A few weeks after, she wanted to drive down to meet me. I said sure, but then I said "Im afraid". Right there she transformed on me. "Oh that wont do," and began verbally insulting me,, to the point where I insulted back. Hey, the insults started by her was uncalled for. WTH all I said was that "I was afraid?" and she verbally assaults me?

I called off the meeting after that, and i had this eerie feeling that I needed to get away from her. This "bad vibe " you sometimes get from people, but this one was a different vibe, a very dark presence was what I felt. After calling off the meeting, she said "You always do this! You did this before and now you are doing it again!"

Seriously? WTHwas she talking about? Doing what again? This was too crazy a for my taste. So i called her a crazy *Snip*. And that is when I heard it, the most vile laugh that echoed through the phone. Unlike anything I ever heard, it penetrated my skull and sent chills down my spine. I knew then and there, she was not normal. Not a second went by after the laugh when she said. "I declare war on you." "You have no idea who you messed with. You will soon learn."

I never heard from "that specific woman" again. But her presence somehow lingered.

Back then, I knew nothing about chakras, I know now because it was part of my research. Years after that experience, I found the answer as to what had occurred to me, by comparing experiences with people who were into spirituality. It turned out, what happened to me was a kundalini awakening. But It was the "temporary" version. Like a taste of something.

That movie, "lifeforce" gives you an idea on what I went through, if you compare metaphirically and allegorically between me and the main character carlsen. I realize im going waaaaaaaaaay out of the norm on this one. But eff it, I want answers and I want them now. I want to know WTH is going on. Because even years later this thing has not stopped. I tried meditation, i tried many things except ayahausca. I was told to sek out a shaman, and do that ceremony for a spiritual cleansing.

But Im not sure if I want to open that portal yet. To me that would be the last resort, because I heard stories of ayahausca actually opening the portal to demonic entities. Im not so sure, i never tried it. And so far I dont intend on doing that any time soon and I don't trust the positive experiences people "say they had". For all we know, they could also be possessed. Im looking for an alternative way without resorting to the pineal gland.

(Some things are best not messed with. The same applies to any "magic rituals")

As to who is holding the shovel. I don't know how to answer that question. But it made me think before I posted a reply. What I can tell you, is that im suppressing my rage. Ive been suppressing it for a year now. Using a plant to calm that rage down. if it wasnt for that plant, my rage would have been set loose. All I know is, that something is "growing and stirring" inside me.

It sits in my belly, like a painful "burning" sensation. It feels like im about to combust inside out. I know that the rage is energy, So I have to stay in a calm state of mind in order to "stall it" until in find an answer. This rage was born, when my ex "crucified me" emotionally. It was torture, like sharp daggers to my heart and soul.

that feeling of needing to get away, returned, this time towards my ex who kept triggering me emotionally. Long story short on my ex, she was into the new age movement and UFO's. She listened alot to "the ashtar command" groups.

if there is one belief system, I will never tolerate and will shoot to bring down, it would be the New age movement, for the reasons mentioned above ^. And anyone who stands in my way of that will feel the burn. Ok, there it is again, the rage. It really does burn.

My ex also hacked my computer, (she went that far,) and she changed the background picture. I had a pic of my ex but then changed it, but she changed it back to a picture of her, but this time she was giving a "wicked grin". That is when I remembered that other womans laugh. My ex changed her profile picture to that of "bastet and Anubis".

That is when I knew, I knew that this spirit, took control of her. My ex was at fault because she was naive, and she listened to these mp3's that would "re-program" her mind. She said it was to unlock secrets. From the "Goddess Vortex Spiral" meditations, and some other mp3's/videos that would have high speed speech. You could barely make up the words and images in some videos she watched because they were fast paced. I had a bad feeling when she did that, and she began doing.. absurd things. Continued...

posted on Jan, 2 2016 @ 09:57 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Some of those absurd things actually terrified me. They were stuff of nightmares, putting leeches on her body to suck on her blood. Was one of them, I remember one night we were on skype, and she put these leeches on her body and left them on for hours. Can you imagine the horror in my face, as I saw the lightning flash on her naked body during a stormy night, with these things on her appearing nearly a foot long?

I was SOO glad I was not near her at that time. I will tell you that much. yea I know there is some science showing that they help with blood flow or w/e. Honestly, that is one topic I dont wish to get into. All I know is that you'll never catch me near those things, let alone touching... them.

Anyways, after the break up and she changing her profile cover to anubis and bastet, I guess I ended up going on a witch haunt. But My ex was not the last to be possessed by this being. she possed a few of my friends "temporarily" least I think it was temporary.

But I will say one thing about one friend, back when she said this, I was still with my ex. Ive been friends with this redheadded woman for many years. Was more of a love, hate type friendship. (If that makes sense). I met her back when I was in darkened days and caused mischief in forums. I was that hateful. But we would ocassionally insult one another, but for some reason we never took it to heart, nor got angry. Kinda became more like playfull insults, and maybe some flirtations thrown around.

But while she was a natural redhead, her eyes.. were brownish black. Sometimes her eyes would go pitch black. I didnt think much of it back then. But I remember she posted a picture where I stared at her eyes, and it felt like I was being pulled into an abyss.

But something she said, back then makes me think today. Back then i took it as a joke. She hangs around Misha Collins. (the actor from super natural) Ill tell you a strange "coincedence" in a moment. But what she told me back then which I took as a joke. was the following:

"That she saw me in a dream as an angel, and that she was this wicked woman dressed in black. She said "we would have an epic fight in end times." She also said "I am soo gonna kill you dude!" then she laughed, and i laughed... i took it as a joke. I mean come on? She was my friend for so many years , so she was unpredictable with randomness, and jokes. "

I did not think much of it, until I saw a scene from supernatural with her friend Misha Collins.

I think... that is ONE HELL of a coincidence. To others, this may not be evidence, but when you experience these synchronicity, something is not exactly right in lala land. Speaking of synchronicity, 1:11 is the length of the video. I used to see these numbers all the time, until i broke any connection to whatever was connected with synchronicity as whole. I stopped trusting whatever brought me messages through synchronicity. I stopped channeling anything, and stopped anything to do with the occult.

I tried looking for "God", butthe only thing I found as a safe haven was natural law. because the idea of "God" itself from everything I researched, points towards liliths direction. Bible, and even yah shu ah.

It feels like there is no escape. I also am aware, that the so called enlightenment would cause you to lose yourself. So I know that what i search for is neither light, nor darkness. Im looking for the force that stands in opposition of lilith, the force of compassion yet just. The force that actually cares.

That is what I look for. But all I found so far, was the devil. I am also aware of the trap of self worship. And I dont plan on being "one" with her.

if you look at the video below, she wants unification through ONE heart. In other words, she wants all to be ONE. Well, I dont intend to be one with her, and from the looks of it, it seems crowded in there already. But this is ONE soul she will NOT have. Even if I have to sacrifice myself for the good of all in the end. I will throw a wrench in her plans. This is no longer about me. To be perfectly honest with you. At this point in my life, death is but a sweet release. I want my pain to be over. Im tired of life in general. But, I also dont want people to suffer as I have.

My intention is to make people aware of her, but I need to find a way to do it. Because if the world rebels, she loses power indefinitely. Just like queen mab lost her powers in the merlin allegory. But I know one thing, it seems I need a "blade" of some sort, in the ranks of Excalibur. I don't know if its a real sword that I need to find or its a metaphor to something else.

"Blade and chalice".

Play the below video starting at 7 minutes and 26 seconds. Listen to the words a moment of the mechanical Lilith. "One heart" she says.

While the crowd of new agers cheer. The number of new agers here is frightening. All these people, all of them are now under her spell. And that is the scary part.

(Ignore the fear mongering mumbo jumbo about september 23. Its the mechanical lilith "face" I need you to look at.)

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posted on Jan, 4 2016 @ 05:58 AM
a reply to: SoulSurfer

You've shared so much, it's hard to know where to begin this response.I feel like at this point, you are practicing trying to reconcile the duality you encounter in the world around you.

Buddha's Story and Battle with the Evil one.Very inspiring, to say the least.One of his quotes comes to mind.

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.

This hits home for me, by emphasizing the importance of fighting the inner battle in the face of adversity.

The practice working with the collective subconscious, and archetypes is a powerful tool to bring down the walls around us.Caution must be exercised using magical thinking.

The practice of learning to recognize the images and qualities in our lives; hopefully heralds growing understanding of the energies they represent.Spirituality attempts to peel back the layers of our existence in different ways, and even the images we hold of ourselves must be confronted.

That being said, I think you could benefit from self healing.In my own journey, I searched and looked for answers everywhere I could imagine.I burnt the candle on both ends, and in the middle, trying to make sense of the bigger picture.I became a father younger then I expected and this left me with alot of existential angst.I didn't feel good bringing someone into the world we lived in.I needed answers.

As I grew upward spiritually, I had a difficult time accepting the information I was coming across.The conspiracy theories, and ways they manifest in my own personal life.

Here's the thing though, the more I accepted and practiced self discipline, the more the lessons life showed me.The better I handled those, the more I understood.Eventually everything turned to smoke and mirrors.

You have mentioned having issues with the women in your life.

I think focusing on healing there, and practice improving your relationship with your Mother should be a priority.(Divine Feminine)

I wish someone would have told me that, when I was going through a similar lesson, years back.For me it was my Dad and Opa.(Divine Masculine)

The pain you mentioned in your belly.Consider investigating navel chakra and doing what you can to let go of the negative experiences that have been holding you back.These traumatic events that happen to us, create blockages in the flow of energy until we address them.Hell, even doing some yoga can help.

Hopefully, doing the little things will let the big things fall into place for you SoulSurfer.

posted on Jan, 4 2016 @ 07:30 AM
a reply to: dffrntkndfnml

The problem is, that when I meditated, I felt "little feet" walking on my bed. When you meditate, you also enter "another realm" so to say. I call it the fourth dimension. But it has another name, purgatory. In this world, time doesn't exist, and very dark entities lurk here.

I used to be into meditation, yoga, quartz crystals etc. I studied budhism and listened to alan watts alot. (I still listen to Alan because he still does help, but I am extra careful now with what he speaks on.)

I did investigate the chakras, but there is another secret to the chakras many are not aware on. The 7 chakras are the seven seals mentioned in the bible. When you mess with one of those seals, if you aren't careful, those seals will become "possessed" which also blocks the flow within you. Dark entities will attach themselves to your chakras like vampires sucking you dry. That is why, your statement below is actually a true fact. I used to mess with magic, I thought I was the one doing all sorts of amazing things, such as "controlling the wind with my mind." while using a pyramid quartz, a crystal skull and starring at the sun.

Caution must be exercised using magical thinking.

But I realized it wasn't "me" doing it. It was something else. For this reason I put a halt on these practices. I used to also mediate with a pyramid quartz on my forehead. The tip of that pyramid would allow a certain type of energy to emerge from it and it would "caress" my face in a swirly patterned flow.

however, after doing some research while comparing my experiences, I found that, what I had activated was called the "Merkahbah". When I used the crystal skull, the quartz pyramid, and the sun, two sets of winds came out of my body. Like two rings, one was clockwise, the other was counter clockwise. But, it required not thinking-or in other words, a still mind to achieve. You could intensify the strength of the wind that came out of these two rings, through "feeling". It was within this state, that I began seeing the oneness behind everything.

But, some things are best not messed with. While it intrigued me at first, in the end to me, it was simply a "fancy show" that aided me in nothing. Ironically, that friend i mentioned (the redhead) told me she could do something similar. Keep in mind, she isnt into spirituality, least from the years I've known her, she never spoke about it. Mostly changed topics when ever I brought up research points, because it "wasn't her interest".

I am bringing up all these details, so you'd get a better picture on where i stand in terms of these practices. That is why I am aware of awareness. (not bragging, I know i may seem to come out like I am bragging, but its anything but that. ) In reality, im just trying to put into words my experience the best I can, so i can find answers.

But while researching chakras, and symptoms of possession, the one thing that popped out as the answer to what was occuring within me, was this image:

This resonates with my experience, and what I found was that many people end up being "possessed" when they open portals. When you meditate, you are opening a portal. Anything "magical" opens portals. That is why I stopped practices in both occult and Buddhism. Many people have fallen from grace because of the trap of self-worship, which comes through "enlightenment". That enlightenemnt which supposedly shows you "you are part of God or the greater whole" has a down side of granting the person a super ego. When that happens, another layer is formed to block the person from truth.

Ever noticed these people who preach "love and light" and yet are often caught in hipocrisy, as they tend to bash anyone else outside of their belief system. When I was still with my ex, there was this youtuber new ager, who seemed "innocent" and nice. At first glance it is hard to see anything wrong with her, but in a group she created on fb, this woman changed from one day to the next. All of a sudden she was preaching about this "Goddess" or in her words "mother" and how she will have revenge etc etc. She became extremely negative, like, i had never seen anyone with such vibes before. I told my ex back then to stay away from her, because I had a bad feeling and my intuition so far has been 100% correct.

While that number may be something to brag about, I actually hate it. because well.. who really likes to hear they were right in an unpleasant situation? The great majority of the time I play chess with my own intuition for that same reason. I dont want to be right, and I hate being right. Right here I will sound selfish and perhaps I am selfish on this regard. But every time I am right, pain comes along within its company. It kinda redefines the phrase "Painful truths". But after the lies my ex gave, i began accepting the truths. Though it took alot of work and will power to do so, because when it comes down to it, who really wants to be stung by truth?

I do see the lessons behind what occured. I ask the universe to present me these lessons in forms I could interpret. Many of those lessons comes from messages through movies or "Signs". I can tell the difference when the message "pops out" and my mind automatically makes the connection. Thats how I know the universe responded to my request. The lesson is visible when it resonates within your very own soul. I cant describe that feeling because i don't think I can.

I do see where I went wrong in the past, and if it is Natural Law teaching me the lessons through karma, then I know that in a sense, I walked into my very own suffering through my very own actions. You reap what you sow, and this is a truth not many would like to accept. No one likes the absolutes, so we deny it until it can no longer be denied.

There are two possibilities on what is occuring within me. While I am aware of this being, I am also aware, that I may be at fault for what happened. And this is where I need to walk the path of redemption, or lose my soul in hell. I have to put something that went wrong right.

Chances are, she may as well be the result of natural law. The karma that teaches me my own errors by looking at the events through the eyes of the law. The law is a guideline to follow, and almost everyone lives in opposition to it, without knowing the source of their suffering is due to karma.

I know I was not a good person in the past. So in a sense, im walking the "gauntlet" so to speak while both sides beat me senseless. I remember when I initiated in a fraternity, where I had to walk the gauntlet between two lines of fraternity "brothers". As I walked between them, punches were thrown, along with kicks. But what got me through it, was that I said to myself, "I pay for what I did in my past here."

The hazings of initiation were THAT brutal. At the end of hells weak (Fraternal Hazing week) is called ...holy *snip* . I just remembered, they called it "la noche oscura" which means " Dark Night".


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posted on Jan, 4 2016 @ 08:02 AM
a reply to: dffrntkndfnml


During that dark night, I was butt naked, and blindfolded. I was dipped in a pool filled with ice and water. I was "whipped" with vines. I could hear the other candidates crying and yelling to stop. But I was blindfolded. We had to endure hours of torture without taking our blindfolds off. if we took it off "we would fail". Meh, back then I was young and stupid. I initiated in the end into a lie beause they didnt know what "brotherhood" really meant. That and they contradicted their own constitution, to which I saw hypocrisy on.

But anyways, the final process before the blindfolds are officially taken off, is laying on the ground as hot candle wax dripped on the naked body, as they sung "happy birthday". Now that i think about it, this was a process of "death and rebirth." least symbolically. But where did they get the idea of this initiation?

Most of my frat brothers (from my chapter) joined the Freemasons. During meetings I would hear the supreme president of the fraternity, bragging about his masonic bible signed by Obama. I knew him before he joined the freemasons, but he mostly joined for the wrong reasons. But meh to each their own.

This is the source of my masonic contacts. Some of them were invited by the masonic temple at Washington dc. I once saw this temple in person when I was in Virginia. But yea, all im really doing here is explaining life events, and my experience.

I have two possibilities so far on what is occuring, and after searching for so long, it all comes down to two things.

1. That being (lilith)
2. Natural Law punishing me for my karma.

Or option 3. All of the above.

If natural law, really does protect someone spiritually , then going against natural law, may forfeit this protection and you are then delivered into the hands of evil. It is this "evil" that shows you your own errors and mirror.

This seems like it is the possibility, and if it really is true. Then it is I who reaped what I sowed. What brotherindarkness said (earlier in the thread) would apply in this case. Perhaps this is "God's" way of using the Devil to teach lessons. ( keep my mind open for many possibilities, this one though is only a theory.) However, if it is true, then this quote applies.

a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

although my advice is over come that fear and let the devourer devour. let other buddhas on the path take your head, allow yourself to be crucified, this is the way to purify negative karma to come out of the other side awake and victorious over fear and suffering.

Beware of new agers that tells you to seek the voice or the light within. That light, is non other than the "goddess" "light".

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