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Text message broadcasts could provide disaster alerts

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posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 06:36 PM
Cell phone text messaging could be used in disaster alerts! A centalized computer could be set up at notification sites to warn cell phone users of an impending danger!

A feature already built-in to most cellphones could be used to alert every mobile phone user in a specific region to impending disasters, such as the tsunami that devastated south east Asia on 26 December, say experts.

The combination of a tsunami warning system for the Indian Ocean and the ability to broadcast text messages to every mobile phone in the area has the potential to save many lives should another tsunami strike.

They could use these cell phones and combine that with other resources to help spread the word of imcoming storms and disasters! It would be an easy way to warn people, of course not everyone would have a cell phone, but the message could be passed to others more quickly!

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