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Pope Francis should resign to cancel the prophetic doom on Rome

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posted on Dec, 29 2015 @ 10:10 AM
a reply to: TheConstruKctionofLight

I never pretend I answered every post. At the same time, I posted quite many and SIGNIFICANT questions that need to be answered. Not necessarily by all posters or you, but certainly by those whom they concern most. As in forum posted and available in the internet domain, those people have obligation to follow what the public opinion is, and what the awareness of population is. We are already aware of the things they are doing in dark. While this is a too general conclusion, the more precise ones I give in my posts.
Walls of text? It is reasoning. You are welcome to join it from your point of view, as I do from mine.

Here is my answer to your question in the abovementioned thread.
I see now that you answered with several quotes, but I need time to answer your answer of my answer. When I am available I will do it.


OK I just did it! But that is an exception, pls do not expect another Q/A session. My style is to write texts on walls, and to read similar elaborated views. I appreciate your interest and questions anyway.

Here is an example of two scientists who both research the topics I talk about, who do not agree much between themselves and still find proper words to say it intelligently, without taking each other for the word.
Drs Dan Burisch and Michael Salla Dan Burisch and Dr. Michael E. Salla

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posted on Dec, 29 2015 @ 01:32 PM

originally posted by: 2012newstart
There are two pending prophecies: that of Malachi the prophecy of the popes, and that of Fatima. Malachi envisions destruction of Rome under the pontificate of the last pope that appears to be Francis in the list of popes.

Fatima has been discussed a lot. What we have as official text of 3rd secret, published in year 2000, is at best private vision of Lucia, but is NOT a part of the original trilogy given to the 3 children. It is a vision not wording of Our Lady as it should be. Volumes have been written on the topic by cardinals and priests deeply involved in Fatima-gate. The secret should have been released by year 1960 according to heaven's plan, and it is still not.

What could be potentially so dangerous, a taboo not to be spoken of for decades, in the information age, in the space and nuclear age? Just don't tell me it is the antichrist in the catholic ranks. Antichrist is spoken of since the time of apostle Paul.

The official version of Fatima includes not only destruction of Rome, as Malachi says, but also martyrdom shooting of a pope, cardinals, bishops, priests and laity on some mountain (or hill).

The idea that the Church should follow Jesus Christ on the Cross and be crucified (exterminated) is well established among certain fundamental circles, but it is NOT AN OFFICIAL DOCTRINE MUCH LESS A DOGMA. Instead, Jesus Christ gave His life for his Church, to save His Church. There is no commandment for the Church to have to be liquidated in the last times, in order to resurrect. This is something new idea never found in the Gospels. Instead, Jesus said on several occasions in the Gospels for the end times: "But stay awake at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are going to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man. (Luke 21:36)"

If pope Francis doesn't find strength to continue the uneasy reform, stuck by reluctance of bishops to move a finger about it or for other reasons, taking into account his advanced age and not perfect health, he may simply resign for that reason. A deeper reason would be, in such a way he would cancel Malachi's prophecy that is not a dogma either. (the list ends with him) He will clear the way for a new Fatima interpretation and a new pope to try his chance in it.

There is a third reason as well. After starry show of "baptizing Martians" and hosting an exoplanetary science conference, seems the pope stops at the maximum length he could allow himself to go. Why didn't he use again the "beings of the universe" phrase from a homily, into his encyclical Laudato si? Why didn't he speak similar of those beings in the landmark speech in the UN? He stopped short of what was widely expected by him. Perhaps, he never meant to go any further than that, and that was a big advance too. Big, but not enough in today's fast changing time.

It is a final time to acknowledge what president Medvedev did on 12/12/12 that there are extraterrestrials among us and the first secret contact already occurred. There is transfer of technologies that allow the post-industrial revolution to be a fact. 3D printing and the rest are examples how hundreds of years advance come to earth in an instant. All of that is good.

But where is the good use for the Church, for the 1 bln + flock most of which lives in poverty?

I don't see any motivation among the clergy to go forth that way and to tell the people there are trillion stars in the Milky Way created by God, some of them may host our brothers, others may host even "angels" higher beings known from the Bible. That those brothers and sisters may come and help us with new tech to eliminate the hunger and curable disease. No one talks about that.

The Church(es) expect the science, the science expects the politicians, the politicians expect the ET to make the first move. And we all wait and wait, until the next Syrian crisis makes the expectations of the worst case scenario pretty realistic. Please understand, that ONLY ONE ATOMIC EXPLOSION in Rome, Washington, Paris, or Syria itself, will open the irreversible barrier before a very different future from the above rosy one.

Isn't it better a bold new start, coming exactly from the Vatican? Actually this is the only move that will make the Roman church continue to be the leading congregation of Christians tomorrow, even beyond the planet Earth.

If it is not done, the events will come upon us as a thief in the night. Young Enthusiasts will jump into ET ships and will make the difference regardless the outdated positions of clergy and parents. They will be the new humanity gathered and formed in 3 days or 30 years. Don't know how long is granted the chance of planet earth to survive peacefully and without planetary cataclysm. We have to act now. We don't have the luxury of time to lose another 3 years in waste disputes of marriage issues, already decided in sister-churches the Orthodox.

How about giving God's kingdom to a people that bear its fruits in due time? Isn't it applicable also to the competing Churches of Jesus Christ on Earth who all pretend for holiness and sticking to tradition? Think about that before making your judgment on my thoughts. They are just thoughts and suggestions that I share with you my friends. Much more is needed. Actions from officials are needed "to escape all those things".

The picture may change overnight or in 3 days of light. Then others will take decisions instead.

So, if this prophecy fails to come true, what will you do?

posted on Dec, 29 2015 @ 03:35 PM
When the Russian Nazi comes to power and takes control of Russia (coup, etc), the Fatima prophecy will be revealed around that prophetic hour.

The Fatima Prophecy reveals the timing or sequence of key events,
thus, at the moment of the Russian coup d'etat (etc) and with the revelation of the secret, the Third Secret itself reveals the identity of anti-Pp in Rome. (The Third Secret identifies what happens "before" or "after.")

This could happen in 15 to 30 years from now, but it could happen soon.

If the Russian Nazi came to power and he was inaugurated as supreme leader/president of Russia in 30 days from now, the Fatima Prophecy would probably reveal the current Pope as anti-Pp.

HOWEVER, we are not working on a 30-day schedule, The Russian Nazi will NOT take over Russia through a coup d'etat (etc) for MANY YEARS, or at least not until around late next year.

My personal bet is these things happen around 18 years from now, but there is concern that they could happen a year from now.

Thus, if the Russian Nazi arrives 18 years from now, the anti-Pp of the future is identified by the Third Secret itself: in 18 years from now.

At some point of next year, beforehand, I will be very confident that the Russian Nazi's arrival will NOT occur soon (or confident otherwise: that it will indeed happen soon).

Really, I want to embrace the cancellation of the doom right now, except the Pope(s) refuse to agree to publicly "cancel doom." Thus I wait for a certain number of months to pass for other key time-sensitive information to present itself so that I can accept or reject a cancellation of near-term doom. I do not need a Pope to resign to discern that the time is not now. But I do need a little more time, or certain private assurances from Pope Francis himself.

The Fatima prophecy is a very extreme prophecy (for a very catastrophic period), the more one understands the extremity of the secret, the more one would realize that the Secret will not be revealed until the great punishment is imminent (global earthquake, anti-Pope stuff, rebellion, Russian Neo Nazi, events in Israel, etc).


posted on Dec, 29 2015 @ 09:23 PM
Forget it. Just forget it all.

This topic is not worth the hassle, really.

It is very much a hassle for some, without certainties, without assurances.


The reality is that if the time (of great punishment) is now,
which it probably is not now,
which it probably is NOT likely to occur now,
but if it is now....I would personally expect:

- an act of violence that would begin the time of trouble for the Vatican, around the upcoming May 13
- a Clear indicator regarding the future fate of Russia, around the end of the upcoming August.
- the moment for the surprise rise of a Russian Hitler for the middle of the upcoming October.
- big changes in the Church (by either Pope Francis or Pope Benedict) in the second half of the upcoming year, or very early in the year after that. Such changes are mandated by Heaven to occur soon before the great punishment.
- the revealing of the Third Secret of Fatima in the second half of next year, or very early in the year after that.

Therefore, on May 15 *or earlier* I would announce a strong opinion that the time of trouble is NOT now, if the precise start of the time of trouble had failed to occur at that moment.

Therefore, before the end of August, I would declare again more passionately for the Vatican, that these events are not now, that the time of the Russian Nazi's rise to power is "NOT NOW," that the time of the short war before that involving Russia, is not now, that the time of trouble is not now....

Therefore, I will have no choice but to reject the idea that the anti-Pp is absurd and utterly false. I believe it will happen between 15 to 30 years from now, any way. But really, I don't care if others disagree.

I want to declare these things now, to embrace the "cancellation of the doom" now, but to be safe I want to wait a few months. Three to five months approximately. Since that is when I expect certain events if the time was "now."

Pope Francis and Pope Benedict could both give separate and solid assurances that they are surely not anti-Pp, and I would easily accept certain kinds of assurances, and would not have to wait a short number of months.

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posted on Dec, 29 2015 @ 10:15 PM
Please do not put any pressure on me to post or answer questions.

If you put pressure (2012newstart) on me, due to the prior position of the Pope, there is a high chance that I will bolt and make the moderators ban this account.

Even if you don't put pressure, I may still have this account banned.

If I am requested to have this account banned by someone in power, I will indeed have this account banned.

Do not expect the next post any time soon.

Probably the next post will be to state that I am completely unable to agree that the time of anti-Pp is now.

And I know exactly what sequence is foretold by the fatima prophecy regarding some of these events in Rome.


two hours latter edit: I can't stand this crap any more.

Please, Please, any moderator that may be viewing this page, please ban my account from this forum. Please ban my account from this forum.

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posted on Dec, 30 2015 @ 12:46 AM
a reply to: Phantomfire707

Phantomfire, I do not put ANY pressure on you. If you call pressure that I read your posts but not on regular basis, because they contain too much info and I need time to grasp it all. It is you who want to answer or to keep silence, as you do for long time (as well as me, actually).

Coup in Russia is a lesser possibility than in any other country. Personally I think the current rulers the circle that rules Russia is doing pretty good according to their standards and even if there is a transition of presidency to someone else, as it happened with Putin-Medvedev-Putin, it would be within this circle. Because if the things go out of control, they will end up ultimately in the far-left, not in the far-right (it will take volumes to explain why, the readers may educate themselves on Russian 20th century history). The current Russian elite showed it is ready for both war and peace but prefers the peaceful solutions of crises. It showed new generation of weapons unmatched by the West, including doomsday submarine-robot, thought of by Gorbachev's advisers and rejected by him. (one big enough bomb-ship could annihilate the atmosphere altogether in case the war is lost for USSR, no matter where it is exploded near the Far Eastern shores for example - was the idea of the last Soviet warmongers that Gorbachev calmed down at that time). The war scenarios are not in favor of the West either, who will lose anyway even if it wins the war technically. Practically the world civilization will start from zero, and that only after a prolonged nuclear winter in deep bunker cities. Guess how many nations will survive it. (of course you may have the lift off spaceships that here I skip for the purpose of the argument. Because they may play on both sides as well - warring Et factions, if they are not controlled by higher benevolent ET authority, as some insiders say they are). So may be a cancellation of doom or its postponement for decades is indeed on the horizon, from political perspective.

Pope Francis did great, mostly with his words. The actual change drags feet, not because of his desire but because of the people around him. Let not forget the Catholic church is not a totalitarian dictatorship. People have the say, and obviously hi rank people do not agree with all the pope says. It is pity, because he indeed could have done difference. Being almost 80, with 3 year pontificate that saw little more than few printed good documents, and a synod that saw nothing new, I doubt pope Francis will take it necessary to prolong the status quo until he is physically unable to fulfill the duties of the office. Pope Benedict back? It is not serious. At his age and already passed 8 year pontificate, and voluntary resignation given infront of all cardinals, he doesn't have a way back. One of the reasons he stays inside the Vatican and not elsewhere in numerous monasteries in Italy or Germany, is because he and they want to avert any speculation on the topic. He is pope emeritus, and that is what he is, already remaining in history and in Malachi's list, with not few things done as pope.

The Vatican put itself in frontline of discovery, and if it wants to continue that way and not another way, it should by itself think of new means to make the goal happen. The first is to think of new people involved. Including PRIESTS and RELIGIOUS young enough and open enough to the world, who already may have new ideas how God acts in the Universe. And why not LAY PEOPLE that was done in the Middle ages - lay cardinals. Those are just few things that the Vatican could do, under Francis or after the election of someone else if he feels he did what he could do. Apparently, Francis stepping down would mean the last pope in Malachi's list voluntarily steps down and thus postpones or even cancels the prophecy. Because it is not a dogma. Even Daniel was postponed for some 2000 years.

Happy New Year 2016 to all! 2016 should be the year. No one will wait until the last day of the 100th anniversary of October 1917. I will skip further elaboration that is evident for people who follow those trends. The waiting was already too long. Pope Francis must either DO IT or let SOMEONE ELSE DO IT.

That's why card.Bergoglio was elected in first place, and not someone else. card. Maradiaga wouldn't be a worse pope than Bergoglio. As head of the "reform team of 8" we didn't hear much of what reform and WHEN it will materialize. Obviously, buying time is the main purpose of this pontificate.

Jesuit pope as the last chance of Rome. Or is it really the last chance? It is a time for change, the change is overdue with 15 years at least, when John Paul II contemplated his own resignation and was stopped by those same guys around!

Or, may be the next pope to be appointed by St Peter himself coming from a cloud, as ...Bl. Elizabeth Canori Mora said?...Does it mean the ET will transport with spaceships Peter and others from heaven/space/planets/wherever and will practically appoint the new pope/leader of most Christians, without regard of any old taboos that are no more valid in good faith and common sense reason? Isn't it time to say, that Galileo was right and the Church hierarchy - wrong, that Bruno was right and hierarchy-wrong? John Paul II said about Galileo centuries later, and Francis seemed to be posed to go beyond that.

Frankly, after Baptizing Martians and Beings from the Universe phrases, after the second scientific conference on exoplanets organized by Vatican observatory, I expected that many more bishops, cardinals, would start talking about that, to really prepare the people for the inevitable end game. We know it thanks to our knowledge of internet sources that are combination of various leaks done on purpose, and they know it from inside sources. They drag feet until this very moment.

Why the entire church's energy was taken to deal with 2 Synods who practically stuck on the status quo, while in the process engaged in bitter dispute and even division factions within the catholic hi clergy and also people? Orthodox churches give 2,3 marriage with holy communion for long ago, and there is no problem to accept them as true churches by Rome! The synods were theater intended to buy more precious time, 2 years lost for that alone. We cannot afford more time lost, the common people on this planet. The UN address was good for itself but did it bring the great breakthrough expected by pope Francis? No it didn't! Perhaps pope Francis just fulfilled his mission, as far as it is given to him by God, and may step aside for the good of the billion faithful and 6 bln more human beings.

Phantomfire, I don't ask you anything to answer. It is you who decide what and where to answer or not, or whether to read that or not. I respect your posts but I don't agree with some points. You, as well as me, are error prone humans and not infallible. The pope is. Or is he really? I do not attack the pope, I respect him, still I suggest his time is gone, as it was gone the time of Benedict. I suggested Benedict should go in early January 2013 after a number of doubtful commentaries of the Holy Gospel that he made around Christmas. It was he who made it, not me or you.
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posted on Dec, 30 2015 @ 12:59 AM
a reply to: theySeeme

I guess we will live in a new era of peace promised in Fatima and elsewhere. That will be a space era as well. It is better 7 bln people to enter into it, not a portion of them after devastating doom. Those who want doom on any price are not those concerned of the people. Malachi is not Biblical prophet, and we see how even Biblical prophets such as Daniel are postponed indefinitely due to the will of God, not due to calculations of men that always fail. We have recent examples among those who expected soon rapture and great trib how they failed and now no one among their side of spectrum dares to set any new date. The 4 blood moons and Shemita year were a big failure as well. Or it continues 12 months I don't really know. Everything is possible for God, including cancellation or indefinite postponement of events that are not strictly Biblical, such as the Great Warning, Miracle, Chastisement, and Malachi that speaks only of the Chastisement.

If it occurs anyway, due to the failure of men in first place, not failure of God, and I do not underestimate that very probable timeline, then I suggest everyone who reads here takes into account the things I have been given to reach to, namely: ET rescue from planet Earth that may be temporally disabled for sustaining life (imagine thousands of nukes or solar flares bigger than that). While I hope that will be averted or at least postponed for 3 - 10-20 years (I don't set dates), it is a pending possibiity that finds its historical record in holy books like those of Sumers (ref. Sitchin). Today no one is burned for reading and telling those books as it were in Middle ages. It is better we learn the lesson as civilization. Including the descendants of those who silenced Giordano Bruno. Centuries lost, now they have to be compensated. If we are talking of good-will people in position who pretend to serve God and their fellow men.

posted on Dec, 30 2015 @ 02:41 AM
The leaked on purpose new Russian super-torpedo equal to independent submarine-robot with range of several thousand miles
photo from twitter, Независимая газета and this site of Russian latest weaponry
The fact that Независимая газета posted MORE INFO than found on the leaked photo, speaks of itself of intentional leak.

It could prove to be the worst case scenario, and not a putch in Kremlin. (there were 2 unsuccessful coups after the Perestroika). Called "Ocean Multipurpose System: Status-6 " it hints of different modes of operation, one of which is the revealed one:radiation of large coastal areas. The dimensions of the torpedo-submarine-robot, along with the increased sophistication and miniaturization of the nuclear weapons for all those decades, makes it perfectly fit to what was shown on documentaries as project of Soviet doomsday ship filled with nuclear material, to be exploded at the time USSR loses WW3. The project as I already said was stopped by Gorbachev, along with other projects of space-based laser Polyus and space shuttle Buran, both to be loaded with orbital nukes on reentry vehicles.

So perhaps the prophetic narrow window of "Rome attacked by the Reds" is indeed too narrow if we are talking of a worldwide war to come. Few will be concerned with the fate of Rome, pope and clergy, when they will have to save their own families. I hope such devastating war never occurs in first place. But to have that non-occurrence, all of us, not just the pope, must do our duties. I did mine. The pope must do his. Not to play centuries old script as if he has no free will. He must stand up to his duties of office, or if he is incapable of doing so, let he free the place for someone who will be.

What did say Jesus to Peter - Matthew 16:19
19 And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

Will the pope loose some of our problems while still in office, or will make our lives harder until the moment of no return, as described above? He is not infallible either, and not nonexchangeable if he had decided already he would play the script of martyrdom. The billion wide world may not agree with him on that point!
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posted on Dec, 30 2015 @ 03:03 AM
Could the Chastisement occur without pre-planned rescue routes, by pope, politicians, and ET? I believe such rotes will be provided at least by the ET.

But if not, (as many conservative catholics tend to believe, and to keep demonize both the aliens and the governmental projects intended to save them as FEMA), if Rome hierarchy continues to be a staunch supporter of the martyrdom only exit way of that world,

then then let me say that the surviving population, be it 1-3 or more billions, will never forgive that.

Curses will last of centuries and millenia, will fill the history books, up until the Second Coming of Jesus when He himself will be the Judge.

There should be escape routes from Chastisement, and LET pope and cardinals name a few:
whether their escape routes are connected to the Annunaki with centuries old secret treaties, or others.

There will be saved group of people anyway, capable to sustain and prolong humanity up until the Second Coming. But they will start a new real Church over there with the help of the real servants of God - angels ET.

Roman church actions, especially those of the pope and close aides, decide right now whether that church will participate among the survivor groups in the centuries and probably millenia until the end of times (Second Coming), or will they be missing from the picture. Enough speculation of what Jesus told Peter, because He never told a word of what we see in the Roman (and other) churches today. Jesus told other things almost never done by the great-grand-disciples of His first disciples.

May be indeed, as blessed Mora prophesied, Peter himself will come after the Chastisement (on planet Earth or on another planet) to appoint new pope and new ministries of a renowned Church, breaking centuries old wrong traditions and laws established by sinful men, not by God.

Whether this exact scenario or something similar, or something quite unexpected by anyone will happen in reality?
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posted on Dec, 30 2015 @ 04:49 AM
Proof why we are nowhere close to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and therefore close to another event that I call 2 Peter event of fire (previous posts) that envisions rescue from planet earth but not the imagery from the Apocalypse.

Having Jesus Christ as the only Son of God we either have Him as the king and messiah of the entire Universe with all galaxies, or we don't have him as such at all. We can't limit him in our human understanding.

If He was born only some 2000 years ago, that time is quite insignificant for all the galaxies to know of Him, and those who need repentance, to repent.

The modern observations put undoubtedly the truth that there are billions of planets only in our galaxy capable of sustaining life. That number grows exponentially when we talk of the larger universe.

Going back to the book of Revelation, we have been given a glimpse of the future final timeline, namely the reign of Jesus Christ on planet Earth that consists of about 1000(s) years, followed by the End of the time and the Universe itself. The cancellation of Death should be understood in that way, as end and new beginning of the entire Universe, since the process of death is inevitable everywhere in the known Universe.

1000 or several thousand years reign of Jesus are not enough to tell everyone in the vast unexplored by us Universe about God's plan of salvation. Of course God could have other ways to tell them that truth and not rely on the humans. Still the time is quite small.

Remains the option the time between now and the Second Coming start of 1000s years, to be prolonged as long as needed for that mission and plan of God to be accomplished in the entire Universe.

Here comes the War in Heaven /Space that Revelation talks about. We know already in advance that 2/3 of all star systems will follow God while the rest 1/3 will follow Satan and will be defeated. Perhaps, they will be offered repentance after their defeat, as the humans were offered repentance after the Fall. Anyway, that War in Space will take quite a significant amount of time in Earthly measures. Indeed the time flows unequally on different parts of the Universe, but we cannot tell otherwise than comparing it to the Earth's time. It is highly unlikely the War in Heaven/Space to continue only days or even months and years. We are talking of a real case scenario of Star Wars.

Did the Bible ever talk of timing? Yes, in one particular book called 2 Esdras. It is canonical in the Latin Vulgate. The canonical should not precede the common sense judgment when we talk of books old thousands of years. Such as the book of Enoch that is canonical in the Ethiopian church and was quoted by pope Benedict. We have to be open minded on that point if we want to go anywhere in our reasoning, and not close back into the black hole of the Middle ages' mentality.

2 Esdras Chapter 14

10 For the world hath lost his youth, and the times begin to wax old.

11 For the world is divided into twelve parts, and the ten parts of it are gone already, and half of a tenth part:

12 And there remaineth that which is after the half of the tenth part.

Any attempt to put any time period as part of the world's duration, from the 5-6000 history given in Genesis, ultimately fails, because the end of the world would have already come. The equation works only if you consider much larger periods, such as the geologic scale of planet earth, or the age of the Universe. In any of these cases, you get a result many times surpassing our understanding of when "should" the end of the world come, and respectively the Second Coming of Jesus some 1000 years before that. I would not talk of numbers because you can get them with pen and paper, and because they will be a source of other contradictions that are not the purpose of my posts. The numbers according to this book are far greater than any human being could contemplate with the current understanding spread in public as "the likely version".

Whatever the true meaning, that I don't have doubt will be re-interpreted many times over, if not here then on other places, it comes to tell us our understanding is really limited and we may be only THANKFUL TO GOD for every new larger view of the picture He created far beyond our capabilities to grasp, in the past as well as today in the modern age.

For the reasons in this thread, having in mind we are talking of millenia plus, there is no danger for a pope or a church or a lay person to acknowledge that God indeed created many more worlds/planets and we may find escape way at the moment we need it most. May be more needed than the time of Noah when the simple constructed Ark was enough for salvation. Now we need more than an Ark, we cannot build it but at least we should accept it.

If this is called by some "sinful, anti-christ" or whatever, I don't know how the sinister plan of killing multitudes would be called. I am not the judge but let again say, the survivors and their children's children will never forget or forgive, even if God forgives the evil doers today and they save their souls. Because it comes to the survival of humanity created in "God's image", and not so much to individual prolonging of temporal lifespan.

posted on Dec, 30 2015 @ 05:22 AM
In that way of reasoning, (and the nay sayers must excuse me), I will add that Jesus after the resurrection for those 1980 years MAY HAVE VISITED other star systems and established followers there. It is quite likely, instead of painting Him sitting on a cloud all that time. "My Father works until now, so do I". I cannot imagine an idle Lord Jesus who awaits Armageddon on planet Earth, rather an active and loving Lord Jesus who seeks both those who obeyed from the beginning (without original sin) and those who sinned in their history as we did. I don't know which of the civilizations are preferred by Lord Jesus. The ET who contact us, seem not to be visited by Him yet. A multi-billion galaxy alone leaves plenty of room for both earth-originated missionaries, and those who would have their connection directly to the Lord. Something more: the earth missionaries setting foot on the first star system, will create new missionaries of that system, and the Christ's words will spread faster than the speed of light across the galaxy, carried by chain of subsequently converted of highly advanced civilizations. We don't have to expect martyrdom everywhere. In fact it is another phenomenon on planet Earth which first crucified the Son of God and then killed His real followers, the best of them. Other civilizations are not so cruel towards each other, not even the negative ones, say insiders. It seems we are rather dumped field in the Universe, and may be that's why Our Lord have chosen us to save us.

The purpose of this post is to tell those interested, regardless of their positions, that we might encounter other galactic societies already Christianized. But also we should be ready to be the first ones to baptize, and to forgive in the name of the Lord, as it seems is the case with one very well known civilization quoted as the only image of the ET. Let say again, there are ET indistinguishable from humans, only with higher morality than ours.

Having that picture in mind, it shouldn't be a problem, rather quite pleasure duty, to fulfil what Jesus said minutes before His Ascension: "Go to the ends of the universe" (the word "world" or "cosmos" in Greek Mark 16 is in the meaning of Universe, not in the meaning of the shores of Vietnam, and they were already reached centuries ago without a second coming around).

To keep that large picture hidden, is not only counterproductive. It limits the decisions set before us in a time of making decisions. Not only the nuclear war, but possible cosmic catastrophes come our way, sooner or later. We live a time when we are given much knowledge, technology, and even everyday tools that were inaccessible for the majority of population, let say during Constantine's time. We should make a good use of all that, and not stay closed in self-isolated world second only to the nightmare of centuries old history.

I expect bold steps by both pope and cardinals, if they want to be part of the galactic church. Otherwise, their days are numbered. Not because of Malachi, but because they will ultimately refuse the future prepared by God. One may say, but the pope or some cardinal may finally bless the ship that will save a few elect ones. Thanks so much! We are talking of much more than one ship to save 10,000 people to continue humankind! We are talking of a new beginning, new era of evangelization, and more just society that the clergy should invent starting right now! If it is about the mere survival, frankly we don't need the voice of the pope, because the moment we see the ships over our heads we will hear their message as well. Perhaps recorded words by Jesus as well? I don't know. Do the clergy realize their responsibility in this day?

And if the pope feels he is not so sure of the next step, or worse, if he feels his next step should go thru his own choice of martyrdom, that will ultimately touch the lives of billions, then the best thing for him and for all is just to step down. And to leave someone else (may be chosen by him and his aides, as he himself was chosen quite in advance since 2005 conclave) to lead and tell humanity part of the larger picture. There are such people, and the current canonical law allows such people to be elected as pope and cardinals even if they are not ordained (or let they all be ordained). I doubt the possibility that once rescued on the ships or otherwise, the saved humanity will ever return to old practices NOT DEMANDED BY JESUS, after the example of a Church that didn't care enough for the flock. It will go irrelevant in history, if not worse. The chance of the Roman Catholic Church is right now. Of course other Churches may join efforts.

posted on Dec, 30 2015 @ 06:00 AM
Many asked me in many threads, who are the evil ones among the ET and how we know?

Let go to the Bible. I will not talk of Nephilim. You have the Revelation 12 the dragon. Read now Esdras.

2 Esdras Chapter 15

29 Where the nations of the dragons of Arabia shall come out with many chariots, and the multitude of them shall be carried as the wind upon earth, that all they which hear them may fear and tremble.

30 Also the Carmanians raging in wrath shall go forth as the wild boars of the wood, and with great power shall they come, and join battle with them, and shall waste a portion of the land of the Assyrians.

31 And then shall the dragons have the upper hand, remembering their nature; and if they shall turn themselves, conspiring together in great power to persecute them,

Death Star?

35 They shall smite one upon another, and they shall smite down a great multitude of stars upon the earth, even their own star; and blood shall be from the sword unto the belly,

39 And strong winds shall arise from the east, and shall open it; and the cloud which he raised up in wrath, and the star stirred to cause fear toward the east and west wind, shall be destroyed.

40 The great and mighty clouds shall be puffed up full of wrath, and the star, that they may make all the earth afraid, and them that dwell therein; and they shall pour out over every high and eminent place an horrible star,

Babylon Fall

43 And they shall go stedfastly unto Babylon, and make her afraid.

44 They shall come to her, and besiege her, the star and all wrath shall they pour out upon her: then shall the dust and smoke go up unto the heaven, and all they that be about her shall bewail her.

Things match up pretty close, aren't they? You have an enemy using a STAR (code name of spaceships or a real death star) who will finally overcome Babylon. When? Obviously AFTER the release of the righteous ones.

The book speaks of other events as well, I am not theologian to decode everything. But I can read as well as you do, when the holy book speaks of Dragons who seem to be landing in Arabia (the old name of today's Arabian peninsula) and have war with Iran (Carmanians) and in Assyria (today's Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, parts of Turkey). Pretty close!
The book is a part of a series that have never been made public, according to the book itself (sorry you have to read it to find that verse).

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me

Daniel 11:33 And those of the people who understand shall instruct many

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posted on Dec, 30 2015 @ 07:11 AM
If there aren't other comments (for now) I will end up that looong review by going back to the election of cardinal Bergoglio in 2013.

Let remember he scored second after cardinal Ratzinger in 2005 conclave when the latter was elected as pope Benedict.
Does it mean Bergoglio was singled out as the future pope, after the expected resignation of then 78 y old Ratzinger? That resignation however came not at the age of 80, the age when a cardinal is no more available to be elected pope, but 6 years later. Good it came at all, unlike the end of the otherwise great pope John Paul II. Secretary's diary said he intended to resign in Year 2000 when he was already visibly ill and unfit for big duties.

Here are the other candidates of papacy in 2013 conclave:

Odilo Pedro Scherer Archbishop of São Paulo, Brazil

Marc Armand Ouellet prefect of the Congregation for Bishops and concurrently president of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America

Angelo Scola
philosopher and theologian. He was appointed Archbishop of Milan by Pope Benedict XVI on 28 June 2011.[1] He had served as Patriarch of Venice from 2002 to 2011

Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga
Archbishop of Tegucigalpa, President of Caritas Internationalis and was President of the Latin American Episcopal Conference (CELAM) from 1995 to 1999

Obviously, everyone of these men had the quality and experience to lead the catholic church, may be not worse than the current pope. The dice of God or that of the cardinals fell on Bergoglio for that job, and he accepted. No matter he refused it with visible signs during the 2005 conclave when he was also 8 years younger.

Well he rules the church not alone, he counts on those same people, especially Maradiaga who was appointed also the chief of a special committee of 8 cardinals with the uneasy task to reform the Vatican Curia. Nothing until now surfaced in the media about that.

I don't want to sound as every major decision lays entirely on the current pope and he alone is to be rewarded or criticized for everything that happens or doesn't happen in the church and the world. Still, much more was expected on that night when Petrus Romanus (according to many), appeared on the balcony of St Peter. I feel not only disappointed by the slow pace of any reform, I feel like the last card of the Roman Church was played out and we are left without more options other than to wait for the deep end. Perhaps I am not right.

It sounds to me fair if the honorable cardinals leaded by Bergoglio decide for the next conclave to include more candidates, as the rules say: every male catholic who is capable of serving as bishop (even if he is not consecrated at that time) is also capable to be elected bishop of Rome. History knows of young deacon who were elected pope. As of the cardinalate itself, that is an institution NOT ESTABLISHED by Jesus Christ or referred to in the Gospels, one should note the fact that cardinals were also LAY PEOPLE in past centuries. There are currently bishops who are equally prepared to serve the Church as popes, even though they are not elevated to the world's most seclusive club of cardinals. After all, we are in 21st century and the 120+ men in red under the age of 80 are not exactly representatives or proportionally distributed among the vast majority of Catholic populations, who are mostly in the poor part of the world. Change is needed.

I am not the person who will say how that change to be done. The first that comes to mind, is to increase their number and include younger persons, to reflect better a 7 bln world who is mostly young. The number 120 electible cardinals was set by pope Paul VI during the time of the Cold War when most of the cardinals were Italian and European.

You can't escape the fact that 1.36 bln China with 1% strong and active catholic presence (some estimate it up to 10%), has only ONE cardinal in electable age, the bishop of Hong Kong. The delicate situation around the Chinese National Church of course stops Rome. But let remember that situation exists since the time of Pius XII and is long overdue after the end of the Cold War. You can't exclude the world's biggest country when you are talking of new evangelization. The Gospel reached China long ago.

Another delicate situation is the relation of the Vatican with the SECOND BIGGEST CHRISTIAN CHURCH - the Russian Orthodox Church, serving as primary church in the largest country. While generally warming in recent years, still no pope have visited Russia despite the great desire of all popes since the fall of Communism. Starting from Gorbachev, every next Russian president visited every next pope in Rome. In a way, if a global conflict is expected by prophecy, we may have exactly the Russian Orthodox Church as one of the survivals in underground bunker-cities.

But the nationality is only one part of the big game. After all, now the pope comes from a country that was less represented in the college of cardinals. The belonging to a certain order, as the Jesuit order, is yet another stumbling block, because every order wants something for itself. The bigger difference between the uneven team of 120+ is their approach to cutting edge problems, that separates them to conservatives and liberals. Volumes could be written on the issue, that spread across decades and Synods, as well as the last Church Council Vatican II. There will be always people who will defend the status quo versus people who will want a fresh air inside the doors of the Catholic Church. However, that discussion was never made so much public since the Vatican II, thanks also to the capabilities of information society, internet and even smartphones. Today's papal blessing is valid on your smartphone for example.

That comes to tell us what kind of church we will have tomorrow, even without the apocalyptic picture in it. The struggle is and should be for every soul that is likely to listen. Therefore, should the old paradigm stay in place for the sake of the old generation churchmen, or should a new paradigm that doesn't contradict the Gospel be introduced instead. As it happened many times in the UNEASY HISTORY of that biggest Christian Church.

The wishes are one thing, the reality - another. With the current snail pace of reform, the Catholic Church goes straight into a corner or dead end street, where the people will leave it at first opportunity without asking anyone anymore. As many already doing it in traditionally catholic countries like Brazil and Ireland.

Let say in the case of the landing ships, people will jump into them regardless if they blessed or not blessed by some bishops. Church goes irrelevant and the princes-cardinals know that better than anyone else. Therefore their duty as well as that of the pope is to make changes ASAP without waiting anyone to tell them that.
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posted on Dec, 30 2015 @ 07:52 AM
a reply to: 2012newstart Resigning will not change anything, I think garabandal is more authentic since the Fatima's third secret has been hidden by the church. If the Pope and the Church start to have differences, this will mean it will happen soon.

posted on Dec, 30 2015 @ 10:29 AM
a reply to: maxzen2004

the problem is not resignation by itself, the problem is nothing changes already 15 years after Year 2000 that should have started a new beginning. (if you've read all the words of St JP2 in prep of 2000). I'd be glad if pope Francis makes a miracle in the coming weeks, I respect the man and support his efforts. If for example he makes another light show on St Peter's basilica, this time about Alien life and the future of the Church as galactic missionary church, my deep respect! And after the show, all the bishops to start talking in that style, not meeting it with deepest silence. Then I will believe the reform moves to somewhere although slowly.

Garabandal - Great Warning? Why not to happen, Let it happen tomorrow!
I have a different view on it in another thread here.
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posted on Jan, 2 2016 @ 12:18 AM
With the apparent failure of the reform of pope Francis, so much lauded around the conclave and after it, his resignation is no more IF but WHEN. He himself said not so long ago, that if his plans of reform fail then he will not stay until the end of his life but will follow the example of Benedict. He even said he'd like to go buy pizza on a street that nobody would recognize him. I honor pope Francis, both for his good plans of reforms, and for his personal simplicity.

If the things go as far as I SUGGEST they go (and I might be wrong of course), the only question before pope Francis' official resignation, is how to prepare the next conclave. Perhaps some rules should be fixed, perhaps more cardinals should be appointed to guarantee the next pope will be elected among more in number and variety, younger, and open to new ideas and the wider world candidates. The future pope should also have their support after the election. Unlike Francis who enjoyed majority on the election day but did not enjoy that majority on any proposed reform. Where is for example the council of 8 and the reform of Vatican itself? He remained the voice of the one who cries out in the desert - straighten the ways of the Lord.

Nothing stops Francis to appoint 100, 200 or even more cardinals, taking into account the population and the Church multiplied since the time of Paul VI. Nothing stops him to select younger ones, including priests, who proved both their fidelity to the Catholic Church and Christ, AND their open minded worldview. Those who are educated in a system that did not reject Galileo or the modern discoveries of exoplanets, for example. Why not Fr Funes and Consolmagno the jesuits astronomers who said the extraterrestrial life is not only possible but likely, and nothing stops baptism if the ET want it? Their words were echoed by pope Francis himself. Just an example.

Will that stop Malachi prophecy? Malachi is not a dogma. That should be understood by all, Catholics and non Catholics. Fatima is not a dogma either. The Church to be crucified is NOT A DOGMA neither teaching of the Church. Jesus never said His Church will be crucified before His second coming. Instead, the book of Revelation said, the Bride (Church) will be given a new clean clothing for the wedding feast. Not crucifixion, blood, martyrdom, fire, but new clothing of the righteous ones. Let those FALSE PROPHETS who fill internet with their stupid theories today, pretending to represent the Catholicism, be ashamed! They do not represent the Catholic official teaching, and there isn't a such that the Church in its vast majority should be martyred. Neither do we know we are in the End times. Let we close the page of nightmares inherited from the Middle ages, and continue to BUILD not DESTROY the Church of Jesus Christ, together with brothers and sisters who see it differently (the non catholics), and those who still haven't reached the full knowledge of Christ. How shall we EVER convert them if we offer them paradigms that repulse the people away from anything called Catholic and Christian? Surely Jesus wouldn't approve that.

I suggest months until the next conclave and weeks until the next consistory to appoint worthy new cardinals, may be much more than the current number of 120 some, to elect the new pope. In anyway, if pope Francis chooses otherwise to stay indefinitely despite the dragging of any reform by his own fellow servants, then we have to take into account his age, his health, that ultimately will bring to a new successor of Peter. Why should the world lose more years, after we saw the two examples, of the ailing John Paul who should have resigned in Year 2000, and of Benedict who stepped down in honor and respect by both Catholics and non-Catholics. Benedict will remain in the modern history of the Church as the pope who finally decided to break centuries old taboo. Even this only achievement will be enough to keep his place forever in history. And he has many more achievements than that in his theological works. The world is yet to discover everything Benedict wrote as pope, its true meaning. As for example that the Holy Communion could be compared to a nuclear reaction, etc.

Francis wrote several encyclicals that will surely remain in history too. Laudato sii being the last one. There aren't many popes, none to be precise, to propose the end of the era of oil and the start of the era that the health of the planet should be put as frontline duty of Christians (if they want to survive on the created by God spaceship called Earth ). Francis did more than enough to be quoted in history long after. Unfortunately, he and Benedict hit the underwater rocks of secret, shadowed and very potent rejection by their own in first place. We all know of interior scandals in Vatican, and what we know from the Italian media is likely the tip of the iceberg. It is clear one cannot make a wide reform with a team who would stop it. It is a time the wider Catholic Church to say, Enough is Enough. We want a new kind better governed Church closer to the ideals of the Gospel and farther from the worldly sins it criticizes. We want not only a pope who would make things happen, but also his aides to be those who aid him, not stop him in that process.

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posted on Jan, 2 2016 @ 01:36 AM
The only alternative of a soon resignation after nearly 3 years term, is a swift reform wide ranged from strictly clerical to secular issues. A reformt hat pope Francis came to power in the name of. A reform never seen until this day to happen.

Indeed, the light show of animals and protection of nature, UN address and encyclical, are all good signs. But they alone are not a reform. They are words of something future to come, that we still don't see to come, already 3 years in this pontificate, 15 years after the so loudly proclaimed Year 2000 (the current year of mercy is not something exceptional), and one may go farther back to 1989 the fall of communism. What stopped the Vatican to make the reform all those years, and to help the humanity that went backward not forward in all those periods? For example, before Year 2000 there wasn't the world's problem of terrorism that rose as potent new threat only after the tragedy of 9/11. The list is long.

Theoretically, the pope may start the real reform overnight. He may fire as many members of clergy as he deems necessary and hire those with better views how the Church should run. He may change virtually every rule of the church, except for the dogmas. He may declare new dogmas as well. He may do almost everything. The problem is not his desire to reform, the problem is the reform doesn't materialize. How many more years are we supposed to wait the miracle he said would happen this fall, previous fall, or God knows when. The world is on the brink and everyone who cares knows it. If the pope indeed wants to make something, he'd better make it NOW. Or, as I said in many posts, the other option is to let someone else do it instead. The sooner the better for everyone.

posted on Jan, 2 2016 @ 01:59 AM
About the expected by many sincerely believing catholics the so called sequence of
Great Warning - Miracle- Chastisement
given originally in Garabandal unproved apparitions, and developed in multiple unapproved follow up apparitions and locutions (the seer hears only voice and gives lengthy messages of text).

Is that sequence of events coming to substitute Fatima, and much more important, the Gospel texts? Not it doesn't. It is not stricktly Biblical, because one could very hardly find any verse in the Bible books to support the idea of a Great Warning. Indeed more verses talk of some kind of purification, punishment, and I talked about that might be a different event from the end times sequence, that I called 2 Peter event of fire. Whether that is the real case or not?

We must know that the current EM technology, plus IT computer capabilities, coupled with artificial intelligence AI that people like Bill Gates talk about, is fully capable of projecting images and sounds to the minds of the people, including the seers. Let alone what are capable extraterrestrial races to present themselves as "Virgin Or Jesus". The dozens of seers who honestly write down messages "from heaven" might have been deluded one way or another. I don't say that ALL of them are deluded. God may give a great warning, but it may not be in the way expected. And it is expected already for decades without any fulfilment.

The so called temporal prophecy of doom and martyrdom is not a dogma, is not a part of the teaching of the Church, no matter it was widely believed in the Middle ages with low level of education and understanding of the world. It may happen today's world indeed reaches the point of no return and either destroys itself or is hit by natural cataclysm as it happened in the past eras before the humankind. But do we want that to happen? Do we want the majority of people die "because they were sinners punished by God"? Isn't it quite arbitrary action of a god who would punish with tsunami the not so big sinners in Indonesia while at the same time he will spare the bigger sinners on this planet "to show mercy"?

The idea that the Church should somehow continue to sacrifice someone other than the Son of God, is wrong. That should be called a heresy. That is only a step away from the Mayans' and Aztecs' human sacrifices, that by the way were present on limited scale in the holy land at the time between David and Jesus. We can read how someone killed his daughter because he gave an oath to God he would do so if he wins a battle...what a craziness and ill understood "god" of cruelty instead of mercy!

The world of 21st century does not need such interpretation of the holy books! We don't need more human sacrifice, that on top of all, is presented as "voluntary"! We don't need false apparitions to "tell us that God wants more sacrifice"! No he does not! He is not satan to want it! Those are words of evil spirits, evil aliens, and/or evil humans behind sophisticated transmitters of waves that reach the poor seers! Come to your senses!

God does not want more suffering than we ALREADY HAVE EVERYDAY due to circumstances that yet have to be investigated! (including the very origin of the Original sin that seems very likely to be genetic manipulation rather than anything else). God is with us to help us not to kill us all. He is not so cruel as falsely presented by many catholics and christians, some of them vested in clothes of religious service.

Instead of all the above, we believe and we are told to believe by 2000 year teaching, by Jesus himself, that the Son of God Jesus Christ died once and for all on the Cross, and THAT SACRIFICE not someone else's, redeems the humanity from the beginning (before the cross) to the end of times (long after, we don't know how long). That is our belief that we proclaim everytime we say the CREED, that many churches not only the catholic believe in.

Not the belief of FALSE TEACHERS and self-appointed FALSE PROPHETS who exchange the sacrifice of Jesus Christ with an expected massive martyrdom of the Church, be it included by their erroneous views inside "end times sequence" or not.
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posted on Jan, 3 2016 @ 09:39 AM
IF...the pope , and politicians, give signals of a coming Dsclosure, but they do not do it for 5-10 years (not only one pope or one president), then there is something that prevents or postpones them to do it.

Could it be the Rapture then?

I'd like to see finally a pope (and presidents that I do not comment in this thread) who are honest enough with the people and tell them everything they know of, particularly on these sensitive topics. Because they serve Jesus Christ who is the Truth. We had enough troubles with Year 2012 and enough expectations of a better world to come with the arrival of Year 2000. What year of mercy do we need more, if there were 3 years preparation by John Paul 2 to meet year 2000? What happened next? 9/11/2001 and the war on world terror.

The things don't fit, do they? Unless they start to fit, other explanations will be sought.

Disclosure could start from a relatively small country, let say Italy (not Vatican), or Mexico. If it is good why not to happen right now? How many times there are videos with the famous Mexican volcano and craft going in and out of it? Or fleet of balloons over South American cities? The roman catholic clergy is silent of course. What are those politicians waiting for? We all die in the next crisis?

Landing of alien hostile race could happen on a relatively small or isolated country, let say a country in the Arabian peninsula. (ref. 2 Esdras). Transformers may rise from a country no one expects it to return to the big politics again, let say Japan. I may want to think that would happen in eons of time only after we evangelize the galaxy, but it may have already happened or about to happen. I never pretended my views at the moment were the unchallenged truth. If someone pretends that, better question his views outright. I accept to be corrected.

I am not subscribed by default to any theory or theorist or seer. And will review the events the way they happen in real. Nobody pays me for that either, to be subscribed to theory. No matter how true and saving it may sound. I just listened to interview of a famous ET Disclose researcher whose name I will skip, who in his December 2015 show quoted the Bible extensively for a first time ever. From his point of view of course. Things change and people change too, and they change either way. Unfortunately, ideas, organizations and even seers that were beacons of light some decade ago, now are example of out of date fanaticism and repetition of same phrases over and over again.

For example, I will not say the pope is the false prophet, if tomorrow we see on CNN how alien craft lands on St Peter's square. They may want to be baptized, or they may be Ezekiel 1 chariots of cherubs. On contrary, I'd think the pope of that time could probably be the false prophet, if we are taken in angelic spacecraft out of this planet, and he remains to negotiate with the second wave of aliens who will be quite different in nature and purpose. It depends on his position to the kind of aliens that would bring the dragon and the beast reign. We don't know they are coming second, third etc. We know they cannot be the first ones. Also, the pope of that time may lead the Woman in the desert. Less likely to be with the "rest of her offspring" that are more likely to be other Christian groups or people. Notice what resistance they present. The dragon will wage a war on them! That means they are formidable military power as well.

A point of view. We don't know if we are in those times or not.

Many ET researchers favor the second ET wave, not the first one. Well, I have read the Gospels and know the Rapture event is scheduled to come first, not second. There might be many more waves though. Locusts might be one of them.

I think it is mandatory the RCC to address those issues of ET presence without any further delay along with full disclosure of all Fatima texts and other important knowledge, such as texts of Sumer time that might be kept in the archives. It is not a private question for the RCC it is a matter of concern of every single Christian as well as the humanity as a whole. We cannot play dice with that. If RCC continues to reject any idea of transparency, it will speak of herself stronger than any born again Christian could say.

Why should Obama or Putin be expected to make a Disclosure, when the RCC have the oldest archives from times that both USA and Russia didn't exist on the map. I appreciate when Medvedev talks of ET present on Russian territory. But the question rises, if they are present there, aren't they present in other territories, including centuries ago in Rome. What is the knowledge of blond aliens fully human, possible descendants of Atlanteans who might live in underground caverns. The stories of Antarctica and Nazi are not fairy tales if there are detailed maps of Antarctica of pre-Columbian times.

Vatican knows nothing of all that? Then better fire all of them and start it all anew, if they indeed are not up to their duties. They knew enough at the time of Bruno to burn him for confessions as crazy as they might had been at that time, that you see "the other stars were suns with worlds around them". Why to burn a crazy monk for saying unbelievable things? Seems he was insider who leaked information well known at the time. Bruno, together with Galileo, should be canonized as part of repentance process of Vatican. But that is not enough. Full disclosure is needed. Vatican will be sorry if it waits the politicians to do it, or the ET themselves. What credibility and award to a mega Church for something the secular world is doing? Or the ET themselves are doing? Instead, there will be a total shock on the billion faithful and many will opt not to believe anymore those people who lied for so long. Especially if the ET reveal more unknown stories about Jesus Christ. The words of baptizing Martians were good but far not enough. If we have such words every year, as it seems is the current pace, we may have Disclosure by 2026 when the current elites will be gone due to biological reasons. That is not what we want. The world can't wait so long.
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posted on Jan, 18 2016 @ 04:42 AM
Did Putin ask the pope for consecration of Russia and was told by Francis that Fatima was not to be discussed?

If what Fr Kramer says is true, there aren't many options left to Francis to step down in honor. Consecration of Russia is a major issue shaped the last 70 years or more of Catholic Church's history.
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