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Congress Objects To Ohio Vote Count In Presidential Election (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 04:54 PM
There has been much made of electoral fraud in the 2004 Presidential Election by many factions in the political spectrum. But unlike the 2000 result, this time there is a formal objection to the result in the most disputed State (Ohio) where the House of Representatives objectors will be enjoined by more than one Senator to ensure that there is a formal enquiry. It remains to be seen how this will affact the Electoral College, in the most corrupt election in US history.
Five Senators and Eight House Members to Challenge Election
By David Swanson, ILCA

Four Senators Join Boxer, Seven House Members Join Conyers

Senator Barbara Boxer was the first, and Kim Gandy of the National Organization of Women announced it at a rally in Lafayette Square Park Thursday morning, across from the White House. Senator Boxer would be joining Congressman John Conyers and other House Members in challenging the electoral votes from Ohio in a joint session of Congress called to certify the election.

Nearl two hours later, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Sr., took the stage -- the final speaker before the crowd of about 300 activists in orange clothes (as worn in the Ukraine) headed down Pennsylvania Avenue toward the Capitol. Jackson told the crowd - to shouts and cheers, and in some cases tears - that Boxer would be joined by Senators Chris Dodd, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, and Barak Obama. From the House, Jackson said, Congressman John Conyers would challenge the Ohio vote, with the support of Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Dennis Kucinich, Jesse Jackson Jr., Maxine Waters (who also spoke at the morning rally), Robert Scott, Mel Watt, and Jerrold Nadler.

Senator John Kerry, Jackson said, was in Baghdad. "And we need him here in Washington today. Those who cannot lead today cannot lead in 2006 or 2008. This is the moment of truth!" Jackson spoke, as many of the speakers did, of building a coalition of blacks and progressives. The cheers cannot have been missed inside the walls of the White House.

Jackson left by car to go lobby senators.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The volume of problems that arose for voters who just wanted to turn up and vote in Ohio was enormous, in what many would argue is a deliberate atempt to sway the election outcome by illegally disenfranchising voters.

Last year Walden O'Dell, CEO of voting machine manufacturer Diebold Systems Inc, promised the Ohio electoral college votes to Bush.

This year Kenneth Blackwell, Bush campaign Chairman AND chief electoral official as Secretary of Sate in Ohio, completed the job by overseeing the election and stonewalling every attempt at valid investigation of fraud and corruption through lawful FOI requests. The extent to which Blackwell will face criminal charges is to be determined.

The text of Senator Barbara Boxer's statement objecting to the Ohio election result is linked here:

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