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Hillary Clinton Is ‘Not My Abuela,’ Critics Say

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posted on Dec, 24 2015 @ 03:28 PM
May the worst candidate win.

posted on Dec, 25 2015 @ 07:43 PM
Hillary is the greatest thing since store bought tortilla's: cheers:

posted on Dec, 26 2015 @ 02:43 PM
a reply to: IAMTAT

Definitely pandering...or "hispandering" a Hispanic Clinton staffer who thought it clever...

But if it comes down to one candidate blatantly pandering and another calling them rapists and murderers.. ?

I am not worried for the Clinton campaign.

posted on Dec, 26 2015 @ 09:14 PM

originally posted by: ketsuko
a reply to: ConMi27

Here you go. It still puts in an appearance from time to time, too.

I wonder if the WaPo political cartoonist will draw Hillary with her monkey grandchild?

I just reviewed the dem debate of 19 December, 2015. Specifically, I was looking for the line Hillary used wherein she stated that guns in and of themselves are the problem. I was unable to watch in one sitting because I was getting nauseous from the Stasi vibes. I heard Sanders state that not only is it our right to bear arms, but if you see someone loading guns and ammunition into a house (suspicious packages) I think it's a good idea to call 911, do it! A no-brainuh, he grunted.

Yes, what a swell idea. Tie up emergency lines for yet another round of cops shooting up another innocent home down to the dogs, based on an informant's anonymous tip. Because rights were being exercised, of course.

These bastards. It is clear they want a world where only killer cops (zionist redcoats) have guns. Bernie will hand out stuff so you don't notice how your spirit has just been fuhrer enslaved, if only they would let him.

Here's the part I spotted which caused this post:

Hillary was wearing a Yeezy 350 boost wardrobe, in order to draw in fans, subliminally!
Bet on it. I have had to view these godawful things repeatedly for the past month.


Except for the mote in their own power addled global aspiring politically poisoned eyes. They are preparing the world to accept their
world rule, of course, and the plan would appear to be complete disarmament. One way to accomplish this would be, oh I dunno, divide and conquer? And why not morph the police (serve and protect) into a psychiatric clean up squad based on secret squirreled away data? What could go wrong? How will they challenge our confiscation scheme (just going by what the zionist masters cued up in question form, for our elected officials is all) when 'we' come door to door?

If anyone thinks I am being overly agitated by what I watched, despite that they tried to bury it, then I suggest you write down the questions our masters flashed before our very eyes, one week ago, and then look at that list upon waking.

Where do these questions come from?


Will you confiscate 'assault weapons'?

Just as their ISIS honeypot is threatening to annihilate us all, while a diversionary (blame deflecting) race war is kept on steady boil and killer cops are murdering us for hire, our masters must justify seizing God given rights.

You see, they have no problem with this.
What God?

I will give them this much credit:

Finally, 'they' are scared. And it shows.
That is a good thing. They earned their mark decades ago, after all. But the only way to go was to seize more power, more control.
But now they are shaken. You mean..all those guns might be turned against little old me? Little old us? But why? What did we do?

(What didn't they do is more to the point and if you understand that then you will be noted as such)

Oh, that.
Well, we must collect the guns, and make sure that only the militarized are armed, easy peasy, right?
And of course, call 911 and report anything these morons tell you to report!

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