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Muslim Rape Gang Found Guilty of Abusing White Girl

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posted on Dec, 22 2015 @ 12:00 PM

originally posted by: Shiloh7

What is shocking is the mens attitude to the Keighley court of law. The Judge had a lot to say about their attitude, but I suspect he knows only too well that these men follow Sharia, which they think overrules the laws of this land and can rape, groom deal drugs whatever without a problem.

Neformore says the city is great and has just the typically problems of a big city, so it is hard to say if there is a "Muslim problem" or just a generic_01 gang. Not really my problem, so if the people there say life is good then so be it. Sharia Court there is officially listed as a court for Muslim social issues such as marriage and inheritance issues, what goes on below the official statement is once again their problem to deal with it or ignore it if the court assumes more.

Its a fair point about Pakistanis because currently Pakistan is in a terrible situation of the Taliban taking over the country (which holds a nuclear arsenal) Karachi, one of the biggest cities in the world and is currently being held hostage by the Taliban with all these crimes and many more rife.

Pakistan is not like Iraq where whichever Islam sect is in power the others suffer, that is the biggest problem there, and why ISIS has been so successful there. I really do not see the Taliban taking Pakistan ever.

We are in dire trouble if we ever let religion overrule our legal system and run our country.

Any religion.

One thing about Muslims is they really take their religion seriously and those actually from the Middle East engulf their whole lives around it every waking moment as part of religion and culture. The typical Christian/atheist really can not understand just how much religion is incorporated into their lives and at what level. It would be like comparing lite beer to scotch in the level of differences. This is why it is hard for me to believe that those who immigrate from the Middle East would adopt much of the western world where they would then live, and so they bring 100% of the good and bad from their country and put there religion above everything else even when those actions are against our laws and morals here.

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posted on Dec, 22 2015 @ 12:20 PM

originally posted by: shooterbrody
I had a hard time believing the story when I read it.
I do not think it is irrelevant. How is that prejudice if they actually did that crime?
Many other stories similar to this one were available when searching.
White christian pedophiles certainly do exist.
15 of them repeatedly raping young girls over an extended period of time I have never heard of.
The catholic church scandal is the closest I have heard to this, but that was individuals not a group raping together.

originally posted by: neformore
Or do you not believe that white Christian pedofiles don't exist?

An so here is the sticky wicket. Pedophilia is a brain disorder that is incurable and even when the pedophile knows what he does is wrong and wants to stop he can't, so I highly doubt these men are pedophiles. This doesn't stop people from labeling every case like this as a pedophile case and so nothing else is to blame very PC

I guess the bigger question is do Christians around the world as a norm have sex with boys on Thursdays, do they look at non-christian women as a lower life form to do with as they want, do they make Christian women baby machines to just take care of the household with no other possible goals in life, do Christians around the world put the woman on trial for inciting the man to rape her, do Christians around the world stone people for religious reasons? I can go on...

It is not that Christians or any other non-Muslim are purer or do not do evil acts since they do, it is the level of this that makes it so concerning. When these practices are considered common and deeply embedding in Religion and culture throughout the Middle East then how does one suggest these practices will just disappear once they come here?

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posted on Dec, 22 2015 @ 12:32 PM

originally posted by: tinner07
a reply to: Unity_99

well they are Muslims, can you argue that fact?

As I said about this 10 times now.. Muslim is not a religion it is how people identify themselves and so a Muslim can be any color, nationality etc, but it is what they want to be identified as. This is what I do not understand with all the up roar over the term Muslim. If the news said the local Muslim community raised 150k in support of the CA victims everyone would and did say GREAT!. When we say 15 Muslims abused a girl then people are like "hold on there!"

As I said before if you asked a Pakistani if they were Pakistani or Muslim they would say both so either labeling is correct.

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