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The Moon wants its secrets

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posted on Dec, 20 2015 @ 04:36 PM
In the hollow moon, where the moon people reside.. Once in a while they embark to earth, usually on the full moon. The light makes a stairway to an unsettling ground.
Seven hundred years ago,they walked the seven hills and went in to the temple of the sun and said;" We are your equals " The Sun believed he was the only one to be worshiped and became wary, but thought;" maybe they can give me a piece of the moon. " So he made an empty promise, and as soon as they embarked on their journey he cursed them and all their glory. The Sun chased the moon, day through night, screaming;;" give me that secret i want its glory!" The moon, well, he finally got caught. But the moon knew that the chains would wither with time. So the Sun took the secrets and gave it to his worshipers. You know them as the painters of that time who became known as the great inventors. But the secrets were nothing but observing the nature in disguise.. The moon people saw when Leonardo made himself a name, given a magic wand, well.. No one knows really the lie.. Little by little the Moon regained its strength and the moon people, well, they wanted back their secrets from the Sun..

One day the sun came by and saw the withering chains and the moon free, he hoped for forgivness but didnt know how, the wolves sang again like they did in the ancient land. The moon people well, they are living on this earth, never knowing their past.
The betrayal is all to familiar with the Sun god, but he can never see where the river starts or where it ends..

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