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Zaevion Dobson-Young Hero

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posted on Dec, 19 2015 @ 11:44 AM
I just wanted to share with you a story of a young man, with a promising future, who died a hero (IMO).

15-year-old Zaevion "Zae" Dobson was killed when he threw himself on top of three girls to shield them from shooters

"Zae" Dobson grew up in the Lonsdale community and attended Fulton High School in Knoxville TN in an area that would be considered economically disadvantaged. Lonsdale is known for it's gang activity. The Dobson's had managed to keep their young boys out of that..."lifestyle". Zae had dreams for his older brother Zack. He wished that one day, Zack, would attend the University of Oregon and becoming an Oregon Duck.
See, Zack and "Zae" lived for football.

"That's what he did. He came home from school did his homework, watched film, watched documentaries of it, players. That's what he loved - football," said Zack.

I can relate. My oldest nephew has the same routine. Homework, practice, documentaries, film, old games, dreams of playing for the University of Alabama.
Their football coach described young Zae as a "natural born leader".

"He's a sophomore only and already successful already leading a life that's contagious that people follow. So very liked by his peers and his teachers and his teammates. And that makes him successful," said Black.

Zae, his brother, and some friends were on their porch on Thursday night celebrating the upcoming holiday and school break.
They had no idea that a short distance away a woman, inside her home, had been shot in the back by gunfire from the street. A child was home at the time but, was not harmed.
A few hours later, that woman's son, Brandon Perry, gathered some "friends" and drove to Lonsdale and commenced to randomly shooting...into a group of people sitting on a porch. The group was Zack, Zae, and their friends.
Zae lept up and jumped onto the three girls in the group to shield them from the bullets. He was successful, as he was in so many other areas of his life. He saved them. Not one of the girls were injured.
Zae, however, was killed.
Brandon then drove away. About 4 hours later reports came in of shooting at an apartment complex and a vehicle that had crashed into the apartments.
Brandon was discovered in the vehicle with multiple gunshot wounds, taken to UT medical center, and died a few hours later.
The chief of police has indicated that this all began with an original act of gang violence.

Brandon Perry has a criminal history that includes several drug related offenses, unlawful possession of a weapon and alteration of distinguishing numbers. Police at the time of the incident in March 2014 say he filed the serial numbers off of a handgun.

One of the two "friends" with Perry,

Christopher Bassett, 20, has been charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm and violation of probation. More charges are pending. He is being held without bond.

Convicted felon at age 20!
The other,

The other male was released after questioning.

It is such a shame.
You can try to protect your children, lead them down a path that is good, and the evil in the world will find you.

Look at the role models that our youth have today. Gang members are prevalent in these inner city societies and the lifestyle looks appealing to some with it's lure of guns, cash, seemingly limitless power and intimidation.
The Dobson's hoped to have a "way out". With over 30 active gangs in Knoxville, their odds weren't great. They certainly were on the right path.
Now, some people disagree with the current gun laws. Criminals and gang members don't care about any laws much less the one's about legal gun ownership. These folks (20 year old convicted felons, some younger) would NEVER be able to legally own a gun anyway, under what some see as our "not strict enough" gun laws, and THAT wouldn't stop them.
Some folks think that the path to professional football is a perverse and overpaid profession. Well, maybe so but, some youth see this as an escape. A road that doesn't lead to prison. (well there are exceptions...Michael Vick, etc)
My nephews were in State custody for more than 6 months before I adopted them. Having been in custody they have access to scholarships that other children don't. They can go to any school, 4 years, in Tennessee (that will accept them). These are taxpayer funded scholarships.
We don't live in the inner city but, they want out. Opportunity, where we live, is limited unless...A. you have an education or B. you KNOW somebody (nepotism is rampant) or C. you want to work at a factory and retire from it. I have tried to teach them to take advantage of what they have been given. Go to school (university) for football but, GET AN EDUCATION while you are there. About 4 % of high schoolers go on to play football in college regularly AND less than 7 % get drafted and then less than 2 % go on to be starters or even play in the NFL.

I just wanted to share. It broke my heart and warmed my heart at the same time that there are still good kids out there! Unfortunately, one of them is not here anymore.
Thanks for the forum for my ramble/rant!
Original Story

I hope I posted in the right place! Apologies if I did not.
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posted on Dec, 19 2015 @ 01:57 PM
I agree 100%. Young man made the ultimate sacrifice for another human being. Life gone at 15 for some damn stupidity on someone else's part.

posted on Dec, 20 2015 @ 05:28 PM
a reply to: TNMockingbird

You cannot save the world with a bullet. You cannot save the world with a bomb. You cannot save the world with generals and troop movements, radical vaccines or fantastic computer programs. You cannot even save the world with ideas.

You can save the world, if you make sure you do your damnedest to ensure that your kid grows up half as good as the one in this thread. There is no greater gift, nor service, no greater act than laying down ones life to save another. This kid, and others out there who would do the same, these people save the world by breathing in and out, and making sure that if they stop doing so, it is because they spent their life's essence on noble acts. Imagine a world where 99.99% of people were THAT good!

May he rest in peace. It was a harsh end for such a noble young man, but I would like to think that as much as any parent would wish peace and long life to their offspring, we would also hope that if they were fated to have to die early and violently, that they did so protecting others.

posted on Dec, 20 2015 @ 06:34 PM
a reply to: TrueBrit


posted on Dec, 21 2015 @ 06:30 PM
Zaevion Dobson went to school at my old almamater, so I know a few things about this neighborhood. I along with my wife, gratuated from Fulton High in 76. The Lonsdale area has always been one of the roughest areas in Knoxville. The bulk of the population live in government assisted housing, with very low incomes. Not to say they aren't good people, some of my best friends were from the area. Today crime, drugs and prostituation are rampant, and I pray that the killer are found and that true justice is pronunced.

This in by no means the most prolific murder in town but our President apparently isn't interested in a white couple kidnaped, tortured, killed, then desecrated by a group of blacks.

In Knoxville, it seem that justice is a bit lacking and our morale's are slipping a little faster than the national average. Just last Saturday our Mayor had her second inauguration and the music was performed by the the Knoxville Gay Chorus. WTF, couldn't she find one of the high school groups to sing without promoting her gay community.

I have nothing against gays or blacks, I am just not feeling very PC today. God bless Zaevion for stepping into danger to save his friend.

posted on Dec, 21 2015 @ 08:13 PM
a reply to: Nickn3

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