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I had to stand up to my boss today (REAL TALK)

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posted on Dec, 20 2015 @ 02:07 PM

originally posted by: jdb51

I hope the OP might want to re-read some of the suggestions and observations he so eloquently voiced in this thread, seeing how he pledges to rid the world of toxic and psychic pain, anger and evil. And, what better time than the holiday season to revisit these ideas of peace and goodwill towards others.

I did what you said, and re-read the thread.
Here are the high-lights to revisit.

I feel empowered....
It feels like a new kind of Anger.
One that I can control from Higher Self.
One that is full of righteous indignation.

"Your Anger is Your Gift" ~Zack de la Rocha

What a sublime truth.

This statement has changed by life. I used to think my anger was all bad, that I needed to suppress it. Of course, what you resist will persist. We all know this, or we should. What happens when we bottled up anger? It always come out in some inappropriate way. Now that I have stop resisting the the impulse toward anger, I feel better. More alive and self-empowered. I'm NOT saying I embrace the impulse to do harm or to do evil, but when those thoughts or ideas come into my head, I can not now convert my anger into action that is healthy and constructive. I look for the win-win solution, and I take the "the road less traveled" which is the path of courage.

If you are not free to express anger, you are not free.
Anyone who tells you otherwise is your enemy.

God gave me my emotions, and I have the right to feel what I feel, and the right to express my emotions. If they are toxic, then I ought back away quickly. As I am learning to do that, I am also learning to no loner suppress my anger. I no longer force myself into a unhealthy state of denial, rather I find way to express my anger that are constructive and proactive. I am free.

In the past, I hurt myself more than anyone. A few months ago I asked myself why. And I believe the reason was unhealthy anger habits, I just didn't have the courage, will-power, or intestinal fortitude to express my anger without sinning. The Bible say, IN YOUR ANGER, NO NOT SIN. The point is we are at liberty to have, feel, and express ANGER. The sin is our Selfish-Indulgent-Neurosis that wants to play the victim, and wants to be mean and nasty and hateful. We see injustice and then we commit injustice, why? The some reason we see a child fight over a toy, and then five minutes later we fight over a toy. It is just childish monkey see monkey do. In this world of FEAR and ATTACK we are all suffering.... and the suffering is causing the people we love to suffer with us. What I have come to realize is this: it all starts with our ego pain. Either we control our TOXIC EMOTIONS, or the PSYCHIC PAIN controls us.

My goal is to be FREE to say "no" to self-inflicted pain.
That means being FREE to say "yes" to righteous Anger.

Seek not liberty from anger, rather seek only moral anger.
Seek to be righteous in spirit above all else, then allow the
indignation to pour out of you like a flowing river.

Anger can get things done, use it. Be responsible. Take charge of your life. Empower yourself by expressing your anger, raise you voice and yell. I find that is very therapeutic and that "tool" of yelling can be used to heal of disease.

Doing the right thing, is often the most courageous choice.
When we act out of courage, we act from Source, and
from the True Authority.

Here is "Christmas" thought.

God lives within each one of us.
We just need to let the Light shine.

When we allow ourselves to become imprisoned by our own thoughts, then Christ is also imprison. The work of Christ (healing the world) can't be done when you are not free. The God inside you is not at liberty as long as you operate under FEAR and ATTACK, as long as you tell yourself lies, the Christ-consciousness (that can heal the world) is shut down every-time your ego gets in the way. It is up to you to be the Christ you want to see in the world. The Second Coming is YOU without the EGO.

In ACOL, Jesus says that, "what ever imprisons you, also imprisons me." Meaning that the work of Christ (to heal the world) is being held-back when a person "self-talk" is full of falsehood and limiting lies, like blaming events, judging others, playing the victim, and all the rest of it. This kind of selfish pity party crap is the opposite of what it means to be "living in Christ." If you are in Christ, then you are a new creature. The self-destructive anger is replaced with Anger that is sanctified and holy. The lower ego self is replaced with the Divine Self that knows the peace of God.

People who have a problem with you telling the truth
are the people who are living a lie.

Keep telling the truth anyway.
Yes, some will mock you and
some will make sport of your
emotions, if they can... but
never stop telling the truth.

What does this word "RECLAIM" mean? Here is a definition: "To bring, lead, or force to abandon a wrong or evil course of life, conduct, and adopt a right one. Make useful again; transform from a useless or uncultivated state." Yes, I think this word applies to my struggle and to your struggle. Now consider the word that are opposite of RECLAIM, here is a list (read it out load, slowly) harm, hurt, injure, lose, forget, abandon, forfeit, destroy, endanger, ruin, waste.

Do you want to RECLAIM your LIFE ???? I do.

I am resolved to RECLAIM my mind.
I am resolved to RECLAIM my virtue.
I am resolved to RECLAIM my anger.

In ACTIONS, Be Courageous.
In INTENTIONS, Be Righteous
In Communication, Be Real.

It is time to stop valuing the valueless.
It is time to change our mind.
It is time to heal the world.

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posted on Dec, 20 2015 @ 02:21 PM
a reply to: wasaka

I wish you a future of good will, love, merriment, and fortune. Sincerely.


posted on Dec, 20 2015 @ 03:19 PM

originally posted by: eisegesis
a reply to: wasaka

I did springboard over common sense and yes
I was picking a fight in large part because of
a past trauma. However, I was fully aware
of how my history was coloring my present.

After giving it much thought, and after getting
advice from trusted friends and did what I felt
was right for me -- based on a gut feeling.
That might have be a little unfair to this guy
but he is a big boy and took it like man.

After our exchange he told me: "Your tripping"
Which is to say, "you're all heated of nothing."
And yes, he was right, I was tripping.

I don't deny that. I was tripping. But right or
wrong, I had to express myself in just that way.
I said and did what I had to do.

I make no apologies for that.

I can accept that. You seem logical enough to be above lashing out though. Some bosses even develop vendettas for employees who can do their job well, but are pricks. Don't be a prick, lol. If your numbers are good, it seems like hes looking for any reason to be a jerk, possibly hoping to provoke you into getting flagrant. At that point he can tell you to GTFO! Try keeping your cool, maybe even show a little "extra" respect outside of your level of comfort with him and let some time lapse. You may have planted a seed, now you both have to grow out of that experience.

You make a lot of sense, and thanks for the advice.

Yes, no one likes a prick on the job.
Yes, it is time to play nice.

The idea you present to show a little "extra" respect
is good one and I thought about doing just that myself.

What I did do was Heep praises on the other managers
right I front of this new guy. Which did two things:

1) it made him realize I was accepted and well liked
by the other management, and that I was the wrong
guy to pick a fight with because I might make him
end up looking like the fool.

2) it made him want to "join in" and receive some of
that praise and recognition for his own performance.
But left him feeling left out.

I won, there is now doubt.

But you are correct, now I need to build a relationship
with this guy so we both can learn to like the other.

Respect is respect.
Liking some one is the next step.

It is hard to sell a product to someone you don't like.
In the same way, it is hard for someone you like to
not like you back. Of course, there are idiots who
like to cause mess, but you just have to learn to
cut those people out of your life.

I enjoy life.
I make friends readily.
And what you see is what you get.

REAL TALK - be about it, or you're about nothing!

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