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My Start button doesn't work on WINDOWS 10! ESET Not functioning! (answers included.)

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posted on Dec, 18 2015 @ 07:08 PM
I came across this problem just recently myself.

I just updated Windows 10 to the most current configuration. Which the computer required a restart in order to install everything. After a long time I finally came back to the windows login.

Mind you I have ESET NOD32 installed on my computer before this update on windows 10 went into effect.

After about 10 minutes of extra waiting, which I am used to with my computer, everything was finally operational to the point where chrome would finally open up.

Then the first pop up window came up "ESET Error: unable to communicate with kernel."

So naturally I suddenly found the need to correct this issue. And I started following the steps located here:

I got the program downloaded to manually remove ESET, and I got all the way to the part where I had to restart my computer in Safe mode. But when I hit the start button.... nothing happened. Hitting the windows key on my keyboard did nothing as well.

Oh no... A serious problem on top of another serious problem in the coding. I thought "Well here we go again in Windows VISTA memories."

I started to look up information on how to correct the start button issue. I followed these steps:

First I started here:

Then I began to look for an alternative solution here:

Nothing worked. Absolutely nothing worked. I did the scans, I was effectively unable to run Powershell in admin mode because I couldn't right click on the start button what so ever. I couldn't run command prompt in admin mode from it. (Which if you have not done so already you should have cmd.exe on your desktop with a code to automatically start up in admin mode like me.)

If you are like me you have no idea what to do next.

So I thought 'Maybe ESET is just messing around with some files and I just need to re-install it.'

So I followed everything else and restarted the computer into safe mode and deleted ESET.

Then the very fun part began.

When I started windows normally a pop up window never came up to warn me to buy an anti virus. So by this point I am a little unnerved. Then when I wanted to re-install ESET a new error came up.

When I wanted to install the program via live install it greeted me with a standard UAC window asking me if I really want to allow ESET to change some files in my computer... But guess what was missing? The yes and no boxes were completely missing! I tried hitting Y or N on my keyboard and to no avail, it didn't work. I thought to myself "Oh god no not another UAC error!"

I immediately wanted to reg edit the * but then a new problem arose when I wanted to open up reg edit in admin mode..... (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA There is no Y or N, or Yes or No that I could click on to turn on UAC mode to allow me to edit things properly!)

* * * * *!

So eventually I was thinking "I am so screwed right now... I don't think there is a tutorial I can quickly follow to help me on this."

But then I started thinking "wait... Maybe it is a program that isn't compatible with windows 10 yet."

And everything was pointing at Powershell for windows... What programs use powershell?


I completely forgot that I had Window Blinds 8 installed on my computer when I initially upgraded to windows 10. And I never uninstalled it since everything was operational. I sort of figured stardocks windowblinds program would have terminated itself during the upgrade. but it didn't.

So I immediately uninstalled window blinds 8 and rebooted the computer. AND VIOLAH!

I almost lost my mind because I couldn't figure out what the hell was preventing lists and options from coming up properly!


I think this is going to be a continuous problem throughout the life cycle of Windows 10. Which is deleting old apps and re-installing them

I hope this solves your problem. If you have any type of program similar to window blinds (where it adds some style to your window layouts) then uninstall it. The updates to Powershell in windows is greatly affected by programs like this after an update!

posted on Dec, 18 2015 @ 07:45 PM
I got windows 10 a while back and a lot of stuff on my computer stopped working, i tried to work through it but its garbage, there is an option to go back to your last version, i went back to windows 7, works like a charm since then.

posted on Dec, 20 2015 @ 07:06 PM
a reply to: dukeofjive696969

Windows ten has a lot of growing pains. But so far nothing for me hasn't messed up, only because I like staying on top of things instead of sticking to the past. A lot of programs have come out in the past, but some of the new programs have built upon the basics and made them better. I would love to go back to windows 7 but... I like 10 so far. Except for all of the privacy invasion that happens almost every other day. Looking at the code I have seen a lot of refferences hashed in the coding to start up an FTP with an unidentifiable IP address. Only because it is written in hash. Hard to find the prime number used to decode this puzzle.


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