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A truly haunted Haunted House (Continued)

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posted on Dec, 15 2015 @ 03:24 PM

a long while back I had started posting about the haunted house I work at and how spooked up it is.
here is that thread:

Here are a couple more stories of things that occurred.
If you'll click the imgur link at the top it'll help you visualize the place i'm talking about.
The drop picture/the hub. The hub is the place where all our cameras, the controls for our air props, and other electrical stuff is. It is also a room where an actor in costume drops a section of the wall to scare people.
I was standing outside the hole where the wall drops, it is about a 2ftx2.5ft rectangle in about head height to an average person. I was looking into the hub at my boss Joey and David's wife Heather who were trying to organize the mass of tangled wires and cords(they never got it all straightened out lol)
As I stood there I thought my sister had approached from the Butcher Room area and down the hallway to where I was standing. Without really looking over, I went to lean over on her shoulder as I do....However there was no one there. I nearly fell in the floor and as i'm righting myself I ask heather who is looking at me all puzzled. "Wasn't lida standing right there?"
She shook her head and said "no hun, she wasn't..."
Now, theres an ir camera in the hallway hooked to a tv so the actor can tell when the group gets near enough to drop the picture. When I said something Joey looked at the TV screen and he said look and we all did and it was going absolutely haywire. HOWEVER we could all just make out what looked like a girl my sister's height standing at the far end of the hall near the butcher's room.
I just wish the camera recorded, not just projected on the TV

posted on Dec, 15 2015 @ 03:52 PM
Twice, no… three times in my life, I have seen spirits that were so real appearing I thought I was seeing a real person, which spirits are. They just don't have flesh bodies anymore.

One was in Fresno, one in Saratoga Calif., and the other outside the fence at Winchester Mystery House.

Each time I passed these off as real people and let it go until some time later when I was informed I had seen a known ghost. The one in Fresno was room distance clear as the writing on this page.

Never had one get me to lean on their shoulder before. Definitely a prankish… probably rang doorbells and ran as a kid.

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