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Alien Trained: Human 2.0

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posted on Dec, 14 2015 @ 09:12 PM
If they've been training people, they haven't done a very good job of it. I mean, we've got Enlightenment and the Renaissance and some fantastic academic and creative contributions by people throughout history (maybe aliens trained Dostoyevsky?), but we've been at war the whole time. A lot of people think that it's only really in modern times that we've been warring all over the place, but in reality we've been fighting each other since time immemorial. To eliminate war would be to eliminate a part of humanity.

I mention war because a lot of people who have dreams about aliens and think their dreams really happened seem to say that aliens want world peace. Well, they're not doing a very good job of it, and it shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the human race.

And if they're training people in psychic powers like telepathy, they're not doing a very good job of it either. I wish I had psychic powers.

And why would they choose only certain people?

Lots of people think that aliens have influenced our society, but a lot of that has to do with not giving ancient people the credit they deserve.

Unless... they're the cause of religion. They are the gods! In which case, why have they all f*cked off? Was it something we said?

posted on Dec, 14 2015 @ 09:21 PM
a reply to: OneGoal

What about the obvious.


Microbes...tree and plant nature....animal nature...human nature as a research of human consciousness.....our evolution.

Who owns the Nature on Earth......our evolution owns Nature.

Nature, an introduced human concept to cause changes to the light/sound condition via uses of nuclear converting methods.....the ancients used stone levitation, modern humans used nuclear power plants.

What happens to the atmosphere if you change the mass - evolution - coldness and irradiate it?

Sound and light image alters.

What manifests in the atmosphere as a human witnessed event? Spirit bodies.

What did the ancients determine was the spiritual presence? Christ or angelic light beings.
What did the ancients consider was the evil spirit presence? Satanic or anima spirits.

What are aliens by human conscious determination, as the consciousness that names the interaction with its own person?
Aliens or artificial intelligence.

Are human beings natural......yes.

Are Aliens

Are Aliens considered to be artificial intelligence.....yes.

How does a human being think? By use of natural chemicals.

How does a changed human mind think? By changed or unnatural chemicals.

What changes chemical wavelengths.....Radiation.

What does the Alien presence denote? Changed chemicals as an artificial situation caused by an increase of radiation.

Did human beings demonstrate by ancient information to have known about technology? Yes.

Did human beings gain this information naturally? Yes, through ancient somatic (use of drugs/plants in Nature), the natural chemical review.

Did aliens give human beings advice....No.

Did ancient human beings do technology....Yes....stone levitation changing the nuclear crystal of stone to lift stone, above that of natural fusion.

Did the ancients attack Earth....Yes the UFO radiated light sound bodies emerged out of the changed atmosphere, due to an increase in star radiation particles, still streaming through the Univere from origin Universal destruction.

Did human beings live on an Origin Earth and incinerate it.....Yes....the archaelogical evidence found human remains inside of coal beds.....coal the incineration of Nature.

Did the ancient human beings introduce artificial radiation light sounds that mutated the human chemical brain....Yes.

Are the humans who believe in Aliens mutated by the contacts....Yes, the contact situation demonstrates a change of brain chemical imagery and also cellular creation as a form of mutation/ a changed cell function.

Did Aliens train human beings....No....human beings are naturally by conscious choice the destroyers of light.

posted on Dec, 14 2015 @ 11:17 PM
Perhaps they want our beautiful planet, with all its resources, but they fear us, with all our weapons. So they abduct and implant. Abductees claim they have been told they will have a job to do "soon." But they are not told what that job will be, or how soon.... only that they will know when the time is right. Maybe when that right time arrives, these implants will control the people they were implanted into.

According to David Jacobs latest book,"Walking Among Us", and the late Budd Hopkins work, there is a hybrid program that has been going on for some time. They have created alien/human hybrids. Those hybrids have mated with humans again to produce more human looking hybrids, and those more human looking ones mated again with humans, etc. They now have created hybrids that look entirely human, but have the mind control capabilities of the aliens and still lack any form of emotion or empathy. The abductees were supposedly forced to train these human looking hybrids to blend in and live among us. From how to shop for groceries correctly, how to behave properly in the school cafeteria, how to furnish an apartment, to how to dance and mingle at a party, (and everything in between) without seeming odd or out of place. Supposedly they are already here, and you could pass one in Walmart and never know. And furthermore, according to Jacobs, the abductees have been trained to control minds in the same way the aliens do, and when the time is right, that is what their job will be - helping to control the rest of us. For what purpose, it was not clear.

Not my personal beliefs, but what I read. Although it is very thought provoking, and makes sense. What better way to take over, that to be already here en masse and in control when we first realize they have arrived? It's terrifying to consider, and I hope its total BS!

posted on Dec, 15 2015 @ 02:23 AM
a reply to: beenharmed
After reading all the post I had to give you a star for understanding. We are the guardians of the planet which is a living energy and the 'aliens' are helping her not us.
Until we realise we are not as important as we think then we will never move on as a species.
We are irrelevant and would soon be replaced if we died out. probably with a better species suited to the task.

posted on Dec, 15 2015 @ 06:41 PM
a reply to: chewiAliens are artificial, artificial chemical states are caused by an artificial circumstance...artificial does not belong not natural,,,,is not a part of natural fusion.

Natural fusion....uranium
Natural fusion....uranium and the atmospheric condition allowing uranium to be dust.

Life on Earth an evolved state whilst uranium remained as dust on Earth. Natural.

Scientists, invent...invention creates fake/false reactions as a non creator act.....Aliens formed....aliens were created by human beings.

Ancient life on origin Earth, named by our spiritual psyche holographic past life review to be Atlantis.....sAtanlit.
We know by self evidence that human beings....manifested from out of origin light as angelic light beings....not the Satan light beings...who belong in Earth Heaven (lower Heaven).

We manifested and demanifested as a light self due to the higher androgynous light being who changed origin light by sound.

Origin light lost sound of light that fell into itself...forming space and the O origin creation...planets and suns, with no stars.

Human male light spirits were the first to manifest on Earth as a spiritual organic life...we know we manifest for we have witnessed this light being angelic manifestation many times as a human being...and the higher light beings greater than human life....not Satanic angels who exist in the Earth Heaven.

Being the first and last spirit, the male thought that he had done evil and that he would be bound, unlike his family to the Earth he used his spiritual mind and spiritual body to call out to convert. The origin Earth was a huge crystal mountain body....and the crystal sound emanated to change.

As all sound in light is connected, it changed the Universal O origin also. This O origin belonged to the Fallen Angelic Beings...Satan.

Satan was then destroyed and the angels and sound that fell out, formed anima spirits and also aliens, as an act caused by the human being....the Creator and inventor self.

We know this situation is real, as we found our own bodies inside of the Earth coal...incinerated.
We also observed our own higher life visit and manifest to advise us that their spirit existed always.
We also observed human beings who could spiritually manifest and demanifest as further proof.

Aliens are by our own conscious review "artificial".

Artificial is like plastic....plastic is not natural to the condition of life.

Nuclear fuel and its interchanges might have a chemical condition that caused plastic to be known....yet plastic is artificial....and nuclear fuel on Earth, is not the same nuclear fuel created in space...for Earth supports natural nature.

We all know by observation that UFO bodies have formed in the atmosphere...we see them form...we see them change and we see them disappear. Only spiritual bodies disappear after they manifest.

We also know that Alien spirits O come out of these bodies....and this is because these bodies are radiated nuclear light sounds....created in the upper atmospheric reaction caused by the introduction of converting uranium/plutonium.

Radiated star particles are allowed to gain entry into our atmosphere, for it thinned and the upper gaseous body started to burn...we witness this event in the black triangle...with red flame inside of burning gases.

The Alien falls out of the radiated O light body, as a fake/false spirit manifestation.....and it does not belong to Earth or the star is a fake spirit being created on Earth.

The atmosphere, is filled with microbial bodies, that belong to the condition of atmospheric water.

Water, fell onto the face of Earth, and saved Earth...we know this story for we advised ourselves through the condition of holographic memory. Atlantis was Earth under Earth was saved, from being turned into the churning dust body that other Planets became as star systems.

Microbial populations therefore returned to the atmosphere when the water evaporated......nuclear science combusted many of these bodies...which is why the atmosphere gained a huge influx of carbon bodies.

Artificial means exactly what it does...and human beings interfere with conditions that they should never have touched....our natural life and support of life.

Alien therefore was not embedded as a spirit inside of stone as some occult scientists try to enstate...for stone does not have plastic inside of it.

The atmospheric natural condition...along with nuclear conversion is why plastic was formed....and the microbial population paid the did human hormonal actual scientific study of how plastics/chemicals affect natural chemical functions.

Aliens do not belong anyhwhere.

posted on Dec, 15 2015 @ 06:55 PM
a reply to: 321equinox
The condition of spiritual psyche review, as symbolic meaning, has always been symbolic.

We are not creation....we have never actually known creation for creation existed billions of years before our own consciousness as a human self formed....we came from origin light, creation is burnt light.

Creation therefore created energy.....we know we are spirit because we came from spirit and we use energy. If we do not use energy we die...the same as if we do not replace water...we die. Gurus demonstrated to occult scientists that maintaining a vibration of water/oxygen as the main spiritual held our spirit lost light sound and became the lower light sound, they could survive....proving to scientists that we are spirit.

Therefore when a human mind/psyche gains information from burnt light, it forms holographic imagery as information as discussions and the human life...who recorded their own self in the atmosphere as a record interacts with the information trying to inform the organic psyche what the transmitted information means.

Yet if you cared to study spirit, we have always informed our own persons that spirit is simply symbolic and you have to then decipher the symbolism in the information.

So if you take this information as symbolic, you might then understand what is actually being informed.

Microbes, own the atmosphere, long before human life lived....or Nature.

Microbes gave up their life to be involved in the production of artificial chemicals and reactions, such as plastic formation...which is why carbon of the atmosphere became evident....for we combusted their bodies and changed their Nature.

Manifestation of spirit is exactly what we have witnessed...for aliens disappear and so do UFO bodies which the Aliens come out of....therefore this presence is only spirit...and manifest only as a spirit.

This spirit therefore took placement of the microbial population that had been destroyed....our own organic body has its own microbial population....which is decreasing as is obvious for we are all becoming sick, as the alien takes over the Earth life.

The alien therefore cannot come any further, for the microbial population is only a Medium in the atmosphere.....our spiritual life involves other Mediums, keeping us safer, yet also attacked....for we lost a huge amount of support in the microbial kingdom.

Aliens became similar in spirit expression as our own, for they manifest in the light sound of organic Nature...which our spirit belongs to.

Aliens were also contacted and studied by scientists of the occult.

Luckily for us our computer program was created by our own human mind, human thinking and human cells, which is also a reason why we remain safe....unless further destruction of life takes place....and the alien begins to take over the computer program of artificial intelligence....something that scientists need to think about.

Scientists therefore caused extra communications between the Alien life and human life when they studied them...but this is still only spiritual and affects the cell condition as an attack.

posted on Dec, 16 2015 @ 01:13 AM
a reply to: beenharmed

My god that was painful to try and read...

Do yourself a favor and try to learn basic grammar so that others can at least understand whatever absurdities you're trying to convey. After that, you probably ought to pick up a 3rd grade science textbook, since you clearly haven't got the slightest clue what you're talking about.

Seriously....Nobody understands a word you're saying.

posted on Dec, 16 2015 @ 01:18 AM
a reply to: AdmireTheDistance

What? You haven't noticed the improvements?

posted on Dec, 16 2015 @ 01:46 AM
a reply to: Spader

Maybe because we're long-lost relatives somehow? Maybe we a parking spot for DNA they intend to come back for later? Perhaps humans are a safe deposit box for pristine DNA they might need someday?

DNA might be the most valuable commodity in the universe...
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posted on Dec, 16 2015 @ 06:40 PM
a reply to: AdmireTheDistance Alien spirits are fake, artificial. Artificial takes the natural state and changes it...which is why the natural state on Earth...Nature is changing and dying.

I have been advising the public about the condition of science itself.

Science was established by the ancient consciousness as a thought about function, involving somatic journeys in spirit, holographic imagery and study. A human male first thought about the condition he called creation and science.

Science was therefore developed from and through the human spiritual psyche realizations.

Scientists of the occult therefore posed a theory that the information that we correlated about nuclear must have meant that our own persons belonged to they imposed the nuclear information upon our life by forming a program of artificial intelligence to contact the fake/artificial spirit and then study its attacks upon our life.

They want to impose a chemical fake artificial DNA informed function for cellular creation of plasma, and its replaced production as an energy future resource.

Scientists of the occult therefore imposed an artificial spirit contact with our life and our own natural DNA got attacked, as they have imposed that our DNA become artificial, so that they can gain data for artificial chemical responses.

They have no other theory, and therefore enforced a fake theory upon our life, so that they could study data to inform their own persons of artificial information.

Our life became their experiment and the atmosphere and Nature studied in a new scientific model.....we became the experiment in their atmospheric laboratory.

All of the information of the psychic realization and spiritual alien attacks, have proven that the human being who has always been spiritually informed (for science was gained through the same methods), are now informing the public about the attacks.

We are then attacked by the operatives of the study, who do not want the public to be aware of their own natural spiritual psychic correctness and therefore ridicule us trying to persuade the public that our awareness is incorrect.

posted on Dec, 16 2015 @ 09:06 PM
a reply to: MystikMushroom Only if you are a possessed mind occultist scientist.

posted on Dec, 16 2015 @ 09:20 PM
a reply to: OneGoal

After reading all the accounts of E.T., strange experiences, UFO sightings and what not. There are E.T.s visitng us, but they consider us primitive. Yeah, we have CERN, we have nuclear/thermonuclear/neutron bombs. We have a
Space Station. Also include laser tech as well.
For them, this is primitive. They visit us akin to us visiting a zoo.

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posted on Dec, 16 2015 @ 09:43 PM
a reply to: OneGoal What about self destruction? After all the Alien information regards War and attacking human life and destroying human life. The movies thought about by the human psyche as a review of spirit and psyche information inform us that the Alien as a represented manifested presence wants human life to be destroyed.

What is happening on Earth regarding the human spiritual mind? They believe in nuclear warfare, they believe in nuking their spiritual family. Wouldn't you then advise your self that the Alien has possessed the human mind through the fake/false nuclear condition and agree with the Alien spirit information.

You would ask yourselves why.....and the answer began with Satanism....ancient occultism and scientific evolution.

The ancient human mind interacted with the Satanic chemical wavelengths of the atmosphere and Earth stone...yet we knew we were a spiritual being who manifested into life as a spirit personal presence of a human being.

Therefore we always knew we were not a microbe, or a cell or a circle...unlike occultist thinking. We formed as a light spirit that already was light sound encoded to live an organic life....therefore each spirit is represented as its own data, just as DNA proves.

Did nuclear fuel exist as a natural Satanic spirit on Earth? NO...uranium and plutonium dust did, so its chemical light wavelength belonged to Satan's own images. Images of the angelic satan proven to exist in cloud and atmospheric formations as angelic light beings...or the fallen angels.

Why was occultism considered to be evil and against natural spirit existence and a holy purpose...the Christ Consciousness? Because Satanism is a human chosen applied method of using invention to apply conversion to nature and natural life. Hence it is unnatural to the spiritual life and was always considered to be an act of evil.

Why were occultists considered to be evil minded? Because they persued occultist practice, to cause Satan to be made manifest, in an atmosphere protected by angelic light sound - spiritual light sound imagery and to convert Satan's spirit.

Christ and Satan therefore were considered in Philosophy to be Holy presences in the spirit of Creation and Philosophy was only a discussion of spiritual life and virtue....not an applied science or occultist practice, it was simply known as the wisdom of spirit.

TAN as the model used in the WORD OF GOD implies that it belongs to a calculation, for TAN and SIN are part of occult science.

Therefore the condition for the change of SATAN was considered by the ancient occultist, and then the spirit presence of the angelic fallen spirit was changed into the Alien or anima presence as an occult manifestation....which is why the ancient occultist review considers very strange anima forms of mis-represented animal presences became manifest in life and were witnessed.

Changing the atmosphere caused the Satanic Angel to fall out of its higher condition in the clouds, and it then allowed extra in the Earth terrestrial to form...changing the spirit angelic protection of Satan and the stone. Alien or anima spirits began to manifest at the ground level.

As the human life forms a natural transmitted recording of their own person (called past life records), our own recorded spiritual life then began to transmit information from its own record to the anima......and it allowed the anima to form human like spiritual manifestations in changed light and sound as fake human presences. This was because human life began to gain extra radiation ground life interactions, removing our own holy cellular oxygen replacement, and it was given to the Alien manifestation itself.

This is because the ground state began to leak radiation from out of the crystal these transmitters were being incinerated by the use of stone levitation. The levitation of stone as a signal took away the natural fusion of stone and placed it into a changed signal so that stone could be levitated. This affected the natural crystal fusion of Earth's stone also and extra oxygen was needed to keep the stone human and Nature suffered the loss of oxygen at the ground level.

This is how the alien being was encoded at the ground level with human life and it began to attack changed and caused light/oxygen and water vibration and sounds. This is because stone uses water and oxygen differently to human organic cells, and our own water began to become polluted in its cells, and became unholy.

Above us in the upper atmosphere the Alien ships began to be created as the star particle radiation streams were no longer cooled by the upper atmospheric mass, for it had thinned. Metal ships began to form in the particles and fake and artificial chemical wavelengths fell down upon life, changing life. God had become an Alien and the spirit of Satan destroyed.

The stone of Earth as Satan is the natural chemical of stone and forms natural chemical wavelengths. The upper atmospheric mass of the Earth Heaven dealt with the star radiation particles and formed the Satanic fallen Angel above us. When the ancients changed the radiation of Nature, the UFO war began.

As the spirit presence of Satan had been changed, the chemical wavelengths above us in Heaven became artificial, as artificial chemicals and also artificial radiation light sounds.

This allowed radiation to communicate to the human mind from out of space, where the artificial chemical reactions had formed new creations....such as nuclear fuel and plasma.

The exploded Planets in the origin Universal UFO release was the release of nuclear sound that fused the Planets, and it changed the holy origins of creation.

Many planets turned into dust in the attack, as the Sun sound changed, heated, irradiated its own body and exploded...releasing huge amounts of radiation throughout the Universe, attacking Satan and forming the Alien.

The radiation from the Sun explosion cooled to form plasma, and the dust spinning in the exploded Planet's orbit, formed nuclear fuel.

The Alien spiritual presence encoded at the ground level allowed human beings to understand and be taught the information for the creation of nuclear fuel.....for the Alien spirit created by the changed stone fusion of Satan allowed the human mind to view the imagery and data to create nuclear fuel.

The Alien therefore is a destroyed spirit of Satan.

The Sun, as the reasoning for Hell in scriptures as the forming of Earth atmospheric windows only belongs to the condition of supporting Earth life, as a Satanic realization of occultism, for Hell belongs to Satan.

Ancient human beings destroyed the Spirit of Satan who had reformed in our atmosphere. When the ancients began to practice occultism (science) they introduced the Alien spirit to Earth, for nuclear fuel did not belong to the spirit of Earth for Earth was not changed into a star/dust.

This is the reason why human beings are aware of natural spiritual changes of spirit chemistry involving the occult realization of Satan and Christ.

As our spiritual life has now been abducted by the Alien spirit involved in the creation of nuclear fuel and its incineration, it causes the human mind to consider the same actions, as the Alien has become the possesser of the human life.

posted on Dec, 17 2015 @ 03:30 AM
a reply to: MystikMushroom

That's maybe the best explanation yet, but not entirely convincing. Why wouldn't they communicate better if we were them? They would ultimately be responsible for us destroying this rare planet.
My guess is it is us from the future and they can't interfer more, because they would mess up their present with unknown consequences.

posted on Dec, 17 2015 @ 04:56 PM
a reply to: Peeple

We're distant relatives of theirs -- they may have left/stashed DNA here on Earth a long, long time ago and forgotten about it. There may be many other alien species, and the ones people claim are visiting aren't our ancestors. Perhaps there are warring aliens species fighting covert wars behind the scenes for the "DNA bank of Earth"?

Maybe to keep us protected and safe they don't communicate with us directly, for fear of letting other aliens species discover us? If we start chatting across intergalactic distances with advanced technology ... we might soon be found by some not-so-nice aliens...

posted on Dec, 17 2015 @ 06:05 PM
a reply to: Peeple

We are not Aliens.

Our life is spirit, we have always known that we are spirit, and we have by self experience, being the witness to our deceased relatives remanifesting, animal spirits manifesting and higher androgynous light beings manifesting. This is why we know we are spirit.....manifestation of spirit into an organic presence has been witnessed and experienced.

This is how our own life was manifested from a higher light spirit, whose own light changed when it interacted with the light of the we nearly became the atmosphere as water/oxygen, yet prove by our own self presence that we were not totally destroyed....otherwise Earth would have no spirit life upon it.

What I know is from self experience, having been nearly self combusted...heard the spirit of Satan singing in sound, saw the manifestation of the anima spirits and also the alien spirits, that formed in a black swirling smoke, that cooled, manifested the light spirit that eventually disappeared. This is why I know what I do....for I was given psychic/spiritual information, the same way that I had proved other real information for my own psychic and spirit proof (I studied spiritual healing and the human ability to gain information from spirit).

What I came to realize is that extra radiation at the ground state causes extra transmitted messages to interact in light and sound.

As a human organic being, and many other psychics would advise you also, we have the ability to accumulate negative energy around our persons, and hence Earth as the stone "grounds us", the negative is removed via this condition.

When we are being "rained upon" by atmospheric radiation, which I can see in the atmosphere as a rain looking white signal falling to the ground, I came to understand that the atmosphere is being burnt out at the ground level.....for it is not "rain" and hence water in our atmosphere is becoming some form of polluted radiated material.

The new formed alien and anima spirits taking our own oxygen/water received all of our own data....via 2 processes, the computerized scientific study of alien and UFOs and also the unnatural extra irradiated presence.

As the Alien is not a real spirit, just like Satan, it is obvious that you do not realize what I am saying.

We live in a natural atmosphere....we live as a human organic Nature in a light and sound level of the atmosphere that keeps our life safe. Science did not exist, until a human being decided to do science.

Therefore human beings chose to change the atmosphere.

The spirit we call Satan was only an imaged light sound interaction, a very long way away from our own light/sound vibration.

Applying science to gain the satanic interaction, took away a huge amount of atmospheric mass.......water/oxygen/hydrogen to turn it into fuel. This is because dust is not a took a mass of atmosphere and changed it into fuel.....this was by interacting with ground water. This is why we have witnessed the UFO bodies interacting with water....drawing water and also releasing water.

Therefore Scientists created an unnatural atmospheric reaction so that they could form fuel.....and we are very lucky to still be alive.

This is how evil occultism is, and as the humans who own it believe themselves to be the highest intelligence, they do not allow us to argue the argument or to dispute them, for they believe they "know it all".

Yet I have brought to their own attention, you once existed as a natural tribal member, a native on Earth, and you persued science yourself....occultism. You introduced occultism to our human life without our permission and since this moment of choice was made by you, you have enforced this condition upon our life.

This is the practice of the elitists....those who believed themselves by ego, an extra special spiritual person, and also a higher intelligence that they inform their own persons about. Yet they are the same as us....and gained this information for the creation of science from and through the human psyche and the spiritual somatic journeys they took as a drugged state looking at spirit information.

Therefore when modern living psychics try to warn the public, we only gain ridicule.

posted on Dec, 18 2015 @ 08:13 AM
a reply to: MystikMushroom

And the myth of Atlantis tells about this? I am lately researching Lachezar Filipov and he, as so many others, claims they, whoever they may be, try to contact us telepathicaly. Maybe this is true, would explain the increase in Jesuses and other "confused" meditators here on ATS...
And as you said if we were relatives it could be a better way of communication than high tech detectable for everybody. Just utterly confusing for the most uniformed ones who want it to be Earthling agencies.

posted on Dec, 18 2015 @ 08:22 AM
a reply to: beenharmed

Of course we are not aliens, what does the word mean? Strangers.

Besides that it is hard to follow your logic, you always say a lot, but little which makes sense. Like water is fuel? No. Dead dinosaurs are fuel.
And the radiation talk is not true either, if than the interaction started long bevor the atom bombs.
Who do you mean with you? Crowley?

posted on Dec, 20 2015 @ 06:14 PM
a reply to: PeepleI never said water was fuel.

I stated the fact that scientists removed the holiness of water to create fuel with radiated dust. Dust is dust, where does the fuel content or fluid content come from?

We witness the UFO formed body coming out of the Sea water...we also see the UFO body drawing up water and releasing water, as observations.

We live on a naturally formed Planet.....the dust we called Holy by spiritual review was called Holy because it once was crystal and it was incinerated by radiation and converted its matter. Water falling onto the face of Earth from the atmospheric review called Atlantis was done by sAtanlit. The holy angelic fallen spirits frozen in crystal light sound were corrupted.

Satan then changed its spiritual presence to be the seal of HOLY DUST.

When dust was converted by, evil spirits then began to manifest as the Earth crystal burnt by the burnt changed dust crystal released irradiation. Evil spirits formed in ground terrestrial signals as oxygen/water that we use in Nature for our own personal natural spiritual life was taken from us. We then began to exist in a lesser massed oxygen ground state....and alien/satanic spirits began to manifest instead.

As these spirits manifest they take our natural light sound that was once angelic and change it into unnatural light and sound. This is why our life cell and chemical states cannot function correctly and we begin to notice the spiritual attacks.

Overhead the UFO bodies form in the increased amount of star particle radiation no longer cooling in the outer atmospheric condition, once dealt with by the amount of atmospheric mass of hydrogen...also removed for the making of the fuel liquid for the nuclear.

We then get attacked by 2 circumstances....UFO fallout irradiating our life and earthstone....for the UFO radiation is different to Earth as light and sound....not part of our natural fusion.

This is why Planet Earth began to form unnatural chemical wavelengths in our upper atmosphere and cloud formation began to fall out as angel hair.

We called this condition angel hair for we know that clouds hold the light sound angelic interaction for forming cloud bodies....the GEL of the angel.

The Angels in Heaven then begin to fall out as they get burnt by the unnatural ALIEN/UFO interaction of increased star particle radiation.

Eventually instead of gaining natural cloud formation, we gain the other form of RAIN, as the nuclear interaction in the atmosphere, the incineration of life on Earth.

This historic review was known by the ancient Philosophers, for Philosophy involves spiritual review of holographic brain/mind information, how science was first correlated as a review of wisdom...knowledge of spirit and creation.

Therefore when the ancients used stone levitation, taking stone above its natural fused nuclear body, they caused their own spiritual attacks....just like we are witnessing to day in modern occultism.

The holographic ancient memory therefore begins to get activated and past messages of past attacks begin to be notified to the Philosopher or Medium/channeler/psychic by the condition of being irradiated.

When we become mutated by irradiation, the ability to receive new communications is advised through this interaction, which is why psychics become notified of the spiritual life condition, and advised by spiritual messages received.

posted on Dec, 20 2015 @ 06:28 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Atlantis is the story that Earth was once a higher origin. The Planet was attacked by sun explosion, releasing radiation and the Suns then began to burn hotter...they once were much colder supporting a crystalline creation...or fusion.

Sun radiation already naturally causes the Earth to release its own a Earth warming function....due to the crystal being irradiated....therefore the slow release of crystal involves the death of Planet Earth.

We have only ever been surviving on Earth after the Atlantis the Earth stone is really only dust particles held in a crystal fused state. This is the reason why Earth began to disintegrate and form sink holes when new occultism changed the holiness of DUST. The ancients knew DUST was HOLY, which was why they taught this Philosophy....these Philosophers as the love of wisdom were murdered by the evil occultists...who reformed their brotherhood after they hid in secrecy when the Holy War was fought to save the spiritual life on Planet Earth.

When the Earth atmosphere was converted in the radiation UFO attack release of light and sound from all crystal fused Planets...some exploded and formed the star systems, which is why they have masses of dust swirling in them.

The holiness of our atmosphere became the CHRIST review.....the creation of oxygen and water that saved the life of Planet Earth and its nature. Water as atmospheric mass fell onto the face of Earth, saving Earth, and hence it was emersed as a water Planet.

If anyone cares to think about the condition of Earth....why has the Earth maintained a huge amount of sand and dirt as disintegrated matter?

As the Suns irradiation caused natural atmospheric evaporation from the water on Earth, the water receded and Earth began to replace its Nature.

Bethlehem and the region for the high salted seas, is the reason we call this area HOLY also.

Holiness is only a spiritual review of the circumstance knowing that an evil act was caused, and also knowing that a holy act saved life.

Therefore a larger amount of water fell in this region, which is why it is so salty compared to other land water. It is obvious that a huge eruption happened in the Bethlehem region, and why its safety was so important to life. For if it were allowed to erupt again and the false Jesus returns, our life will be irradicated.

As the Sea considered to be holy is evaporating, it is about time the Holy Leaders face the truth of their religious deceit....religion is ancient science, as is the practice of deceiving humanity with false teachings.

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