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US Army Reserve in trouble

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posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 11:11 AM
Also wanted to post that I've spoken to many private industry individuals that are over there.

Truck Drivers

Security Persons

Private Medical

Food service

Roustabouts and Riggers

And they by far have the better end of the stick as far as compensation for being over there.

A food service person can make 70-110k for being over there for 9-12 months.
The MP or Grunt that guards the haliburton assets where said food service worker is at get's paid quite a bit less and has a tad more of hazard tied to his job.

I have some extended family that are over there driving trucks(big rigs) and one brought back 122k for 8 months duty.

Brother's friend was MFR(Marine Force Recon), eight years MFR left a few years ago to do private security(industrial asset protection). He used to pull in about 65k in the states. Went and hired on over in Iraq, hasn't said what he's been doing, but his wife says he's cleared 225k in just over a year of being there.

I could go on, in my hometown (small city in middle of nowhere, TX), Oil riggers and unexperienced roustabouts are headed that way to make a LOT of cash.

The ones who seem to gain the least are the medical persons(RN,LVN,PA,MD), who still are seeing substantially more over there than they get from their small town practices.

With each passing day it seems this is becoming a private war for certain specializations.

And even the most patriotic individual should join uncle sam to do what exactly:
Drive a truck?
Prepare food?
Run security details for govt and private assets?

The folks I talked to seem to think that private sector compensation was much more attractive than a stint with uncle sam.

This is just a simple strand of the overall picture though. For me, I'd rather not go over there at all. 100k+ isn't worth the risk of having my head chopped off or being rpg'd and then having my corpse hung and beaten next to a lamp post.

Even that doesn't take into account that I feel that the so-called Iriaqi Insurgents is mis-labeled(intentionally). I think they are actually rightfully resisting a foregin invading force. They are, in my mind, more akin to the patriots in the days of our forefathers than they are to a insurgency. But that's just my personal opinion, don't let that affect you if you view it differently.


posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 11:18 AM

Originally posted by DrHoracid
It will take something "bigger" than 911 to get the draft back. So expect something "bigger".

We're on the same wavelenght there man. I'm certain that we'll be seeing something like that before the draft talk *really* picks up.


posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 11:42 AM
We rail on the corruption of our government everyday on this site, so why not let them train us pay us and make us hardened combat veterans? I mean really those of us dissenters who are starting to question whether or not this government can even be saved would then have the military skills to do something about it if it couldn't.
There are some of us out here that have been practicing the basics of partisan warfare for a long time, but not only was that just practice but it is a when you have time thing. I would be much more comfortable knowing that I just finished a hitch in the Rangers if things went down.

posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 12:16 PM
Dr Horacid, are you a loyal listener to Michael "Savage" Weiner? Do you form these opinions on your own or does listening to his show help you? Ive noticed some almost word for word regurgitation of Michael Weiner philosophy come from you.

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