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A nightmare that turned into a dream

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posted on Dec, 14 2015 @ 10:19 AM
I feel the walls close in around me. How long until I have no more space to breathe or move.

The concrete jungle of New York with all its trappings gives me vertigo. I'm not sure where it ends and I begin anymore. I walk on the streets looking up at all the tall buildings and they start to spin round and around.

I faint on the hot, stinking bubble gum and cigarette butt encrusted pavement.

When I can slowly open my eyes again a senior member if ISIS dressed in black, stands over me and his ax falls and my heart misses a beat but my head does not come off and he disappears.

Then a big violent arrogant man walks up to me and kicks me just for fun. I hear a rib or two crack then he laughs and walks away.

Next a crack addict walks up to where I'm laying and as I lie there helpless he rummages through my clothes and steals my shoes, watch and wallet.

Next a homosexual deviant stands over me and takes a pee. Some goes in my mouth and I try hard to spit it out and not to gag. Next they are all standing over me laughing at me and I turn on to my side to start to sob and as it starts to snow they all walk away from me together.

I wonder how I got here to be so alone and hated. Why could I not hold on to love? Why at every step did I throw all the love away. Or did I? Or is it a case of no one loved me in my whole life? I mean REALLY loved me. I mean people. I know Jesus loves me.

I guess then it is time for me to die and the last thought I have is a memory of a life lived with unloving people. So the ISIS man and the arrogant man and the crack head and the deviant. Some how dying with them made me almost feel like I was dying amongst friends.

I lay on the sidewalk alone in the snow with my memory until I die.

My eyes close. To the material world I am but a frozen corpse alone on the streets of New York. Just another day.

My spirit does not die. I awake to find myself in a throne room and all I can feel is love. I fall on the floor and just sob for I never expected to ever feel love again and here WAS love. Love waited patiently for me to sob and when I was finished He asked me what I wanted and how I felt and if there was anything He could do for me. I sobbed some more and at the end of it managed to get out a, 'Thank you'
'I'm fine' I said 'please will you let me be free?' I asked. 'You are free.' He said and showed me the door where I could go through if I wanted to explore the universe. 'Will you come with me' I asked as I looked over my shoulder as I was about to leave. 'You know I'm with you' was the gentle reply. I smiled an inward real smile. The first in a long long time and then I blasted off into space to explore the ENTIRE universe with the eternal life I was just given.

I don't know if this is what happens after I die but its what I want and the only one I can trust in is king JESUS, friend of lepers!

I woke up in the night from my nightmare/dream sobbing because long to be there with Him.
I'm sobbing still now because I long to be there with Him.

How long will we all be abused before we are rescued by love?
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posted on Dec, 14 2015 @ 01:27 PM
That was beautiful dream, thanks for sharing it!
I have had somewhat similar dreams, that felt like they were very different than casual dreams, it was like my true self in the dream, feeling/seeing the pain of this material world/people and realizing how it all could be so much different if we the people awaken to our true selfs finally. Its like we the people have created this weird little bubble for our spirits and then go on and accepted something that was not meant for us and now its like this world/people is the nightmare and somewhere in our dreams exist our true selfs.. Well we gonna wake up but its not the same if it has to be the death that wakes us up..

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