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Embraer to shake up Canadian SAR competition

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posted on Dec, 13 2015 @ 08:52 PM
Embraer plans to shake up the competition for the new Canadian Search and Rescue aircraft, by offering the KC-390. The competition has shaped up to be between the Airbus C295, and the Alenia C-27J. Bids are to be sent in January 11th. Lockheed was going to offer a C-130J platform, but is reported to be reconsidering.

The KC-390 currently has 60 orders for the type, and would be a good fit for the competition. It would be able to respond quickly, and stay on station for a long time. It also will have be low cost for maintenance and flight time.

In an unusual move, the bids will include the manufacturers recommendation on the number of aircraft Canada will require, instead of the Canadian government specifying.

OTTAWA, Canada — Embraer is set to shake up the competition to provide Canada with search-and-rescue aircraft as the Brazilian firm seeks export orders for its new KC-390.

The CAN $3.1 billion (US $2.3 billion) search-and-rescue aircraft procurement has long been seen as a competition between Airbus’ C-295 and Alenia’s C-27J. But Embraer officials told Defense News the company will submit its bid in January when Canada requests formal proposals from aerospace firms.

Bids for the Fixed Wing Search and Rescue (FWSAR) program are to be submitted Jan. 11.

The KC-390 conducted its first flight in February 2015 but the aircraft is not expected to enter into service until early 2018.


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