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posted on Dec, 13 2015 @ 03:26 PM
I find it strange in that I have all these big dreams and goals in life. There's still TONS I want to do. But sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get anything done really. I just feel like the last 5 years have been a total waste of my life. Like life is so short and I'm getting older already. Like I just wonder if I'm still gonna get anywhere in life, or what? It's just nuts.

posted on Dec, 13 2015 @ 03:56 PM
Story popped into my head about an old girlfriend who lamented to me that she really wanted to be a pilot, but she could not because she was female and discriminated against. I asked her, "Do you have a private pilot's license?" Answer: "No." "Have you ever been in a small plane?" Answer: "No."

Now I maintained that if she wanted to be a pilot, there was nothing preventing her. It's not that expensive to obtain a private pilot's license. And once you get a license, the next steps are incremental. And if she, indeed, got a commercial license, and paid her freight as an underpaid pilot on a feeder airline, there would be nothing stopping her from becoming a commercial airline pilot. Indeed, she would be well-qualified and the airlines wouldn't dare not take her.

Today, of course, there are any number of female airline pilots.

But she would not take that first step. So if you have goals and dreams, what steps have you taken towards them? If none, read that last sentence again. Repeat.
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posted on Dec, 13 2015 @ 03:59 PM
It helps to start out with smaller goals you know you can achieve. For me its a never ending little things like chores or an exercise that I can get better at... working on fitness and health. With bigger goals like writing something that could turn out lucrative is also one little step at a time, practice and such. For really big things, like owning a home or settling down with a spouse, everything takes time, but once you know exactly what your goals are, think of each step along the way and map it out. For every step backwards take two steps forwards and with time and kindness to yourself you'll get there.

posted on Dec, 13 2015 @ 05:11 PM
how old are you? if you are in your 20s dont even worry about i myself am 25 and spent about 3 years kind of fiddling around trying to get my mind right about what i wanted to do. i am now getting on track with owning my own business since that is my goal...

what exactly are your goals?

there is so much free knowledge out there. if you are sitting on a computer right now ...
everything there is to know about what you want in life! the more you know the better off you are.

then take some initiative and align yourself with your goal.
get into classes
start networking meeting others that may have skills that could be of use to you
get outside and immerse yourself in that topic!

and be sure to have a CRYSTAL clear vision in your head
you will be amazed at being able to manifest what you thought of if you simply hone in on that thought
and keep it strong in your mind!

posted on Dec, 23 2015 @ 12:26 AM
all wonderful words of wisdom from everyone.

My suggestion is to assign a tiered scale of your goals that visually shows a progression of achievement. Especially when you can quantify your realizations of these goals and illustrate them as well. For example, if my primary goal is to break 50k next year (just a example) I break that down into a per month basis just over 4000$k a month or a thousand a week. Thats a very generous income that allows for a single income family to support half a dozen people.

So I am going to realize my goals week to week, month to month, day to day even.
Bottled beverages, electronics, and pre paid phones are good money makers. Very profitable. Maybe I will move on to a gas station one day. It just so much environmental paperwork and insurance.

I need to generate $143 a day to have that as an income on 7 days a week or $200 at 5 days. Think about that. How much labor or service does one need to do to get 143$ a day and how many hours must you commit?? The way you expand towards that goal is with discipline. Anything you earn over $143 a day should be rolled in to a growth fund, preferably interest bearing.

Landscape/Tree Service: How much fuel do you need for the equipment?? Will you utilize robotic assistants?? Charge by square footage?? 3 or four decent jobs a day would likely generate that. A lovely outdoor endeavor.
Entertainment Media technician: Simply setup peoples tvs, speakers systems, consoles, wall mounts, computer networks. One would think most people know how to do this, but just go ahead and advertise this service if you live in a city of 200,000+ and you WILL always have appointments.

Those are fairly easy for anyone with the equipment and know how that do not really require any formal education. Whatever it takes. You just gotta hustle.

8 brake pad jobs/oil changes/spark plugs/filter tune ups @ $20 a job and thirty minutes per job is $160 over a total of four labor hours. That is not bad for simple work.

I prefer to sell goods, but I never turn down a chance to do services as well.
I have enough inventory on the shelves, I just need to make sure I move it. When there are events in town with visitors, I always make sure to have extra chargers, memory, and other portable media accessories on hand. Super cheap direct from China and very profitable with even the lowest of markups. FYI, you can order consumer electronics, hardware, toys, plumbing, home decor and other goods conveniently. The Chinese have made this a very comfortable process and experience to do business with their exporters.

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