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POLITICS: Martin says Canada would benefit from McKenna as U.S. ambassador

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posted on Jan, 5 2005 @ 11:02 PM
Former premier of New Brunswick (1987-97), Frank McKenna has been offered the post of Ambassador to the U.S. by Prime Minister, Paul Martin. Although not official, insiders say he has accepted. Before any formal announcement is made, the appointment must be approved by the U.S., apparently just a formality.
Prime Minister Paul Martin said he hopes former New Brunswick Premier Frank McKenna will accept the role of Canadian abassador to the United States.

At a press conference in Montreal on Wednesday, Mr. Martin said the former premier would bring much to the position.

"I think that he is a Canadian who has great qualities and I'm sure, if he decides that he wants to serve his country, then I'm sure that we would all benefit from it."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Mr. McKenna will be in good company, having close ties to the Bush family, the Clinton family, and having served on an advisory board to the Carlyle Group....

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