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MOSSAD & CIA counterterrorism

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posted on Dec, 11 2015 @ 04:16 PM
Snce after the assassination of JFK back in 1963, thesr 2 'civilian' organizations dedicated to counterterrorist info gathering, are anything but on both counts, and haven't prevented much other than protecting the lives of their current biggest assets/instruments, Netanyahu & Barack Hussein.

why are such civilian causes so military in their OPs? And why does it seem like they are preventing counterterrorism rather than preventing terror?

Won't bother listing each terror org or attack since they are both involved in virtually every one of them out there. But for instance, take the list St terror org plastered all over terror attacks for the past year; Cable TV's spy comedy 'Archer' on channel FX (FOX!) Whose real producer is a CIA officer, flaunts the 'international Secret Intelligence Service's clandestine OPs apparently worry free about the obvious real life reality of their comedy since Americans are either too brain dead to realize it's being flaunted for what it is or its not like they can do anything about it, with democracy and all-american sovereignty long gone and replaced with a ruthless, ominous overlord for the rest of whatever's left of this very short lived country thats seems not so long ago used to be the golden standard of freedom and equality bar none. And ending likely full of escalating daily false flags and inevitably systematic depopulation via such horrors as more nukes, radiation, mass death squads, amidst occult rituals preceding and succeeding each.

Thus it would make sense a permanent media blackout of these untouchables behind most all the madness and incremental genocide; today Muslims, tmrw Protestants, ultimately ALL who counter one-world EVERYTHING being deemed Terrorists up for annihilation.

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