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Real Proof Moonlandings were Not Faked

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posted on Dec, 11 2015 @ 09:14 AM
a reply to: Iamnotadoctor

Ahh there is something worse than threads about USA hoaxing moon landings, and it's the above... LOL!

Aaaaah, there is something more chump-like than blind dismissal, and that's ignorance - and the above has it in spades. You "aren't" a Doctor? Huh, that's surprising (LOL) because I AM....I'm "Doctor LOVE." Love ya, Bro.

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posted on Dec, 11 2015 @ 09:21 AM
funny how ppl here keeps saying WE went to the moon.
first of all you dont know that.
second , using the term WE is wrong since none of us here on ats went to the moon.
most of us wasnt even born so stop it.

posted on Dec, 11 2015 @ 09:24 AM
a reply to: yeahsurexxx

most of us wasnt even born so stop it.

You must read into it with "we" used as a collective. Our species.

posted on Dec, 11 2015 @ 09:25 AM
a reply to: donktheclown

Unless a person was THERE, it is naive to say humans landed on the moon regardless of all the evidence.

posted on Dec, 11 2015 @ 09:31 AM
but.. but.. i thought youtube videos are baloney? at least that's the mantra i see repeated here ad nauseum. i guess it depends on one's perspective.

posted on Dec, 11 2015 @ 10:05 AM
a reply to: nerbot

it is naive to say humans landed on the moon regardless of all the evidence.

I don't see things that way, as for myself, I use overwhelming evidence and reputation as a deciding factor as well, which is very difficult to discern if either are true or false, these days.

posted on Dec, 11 2015 @ 10:38 AM
a reply to: SPECULUM

watch the Video, and you'll understand why they weren't faked

We must awaken people.
Above is a link to a gentleman named Robbert van den Broeke who claims to have been in contact, including photos, believe it or not, with Neil Armstrong. Here is text from the above link:

Neil told Robbert that now the time had come to share his secret. Robbert clearly heard the voice of Neil Armstrong in his head, saying: “I hereby swear by God, the bible and all sacred writings that exist, that now, in the name of God, I'm telling the truth.”

He communicated feeling obliged to prepare the people for extraterrestrial contact, and to tell them what really happened during his visit to the moon. He showed Robbert images while he spoke about it. Robbert saw a huge vehicle (which we would call a UFO) from which three beings emerged. The beings were pretty tall and had almond-shaped eyes. Their motorics vaguely resembled that of Africans.

With his hand, one of the beings made a kind of halt gesture towards the crew of the lunar lander: “no further!” The being spoke in English and told them that it wasn't time yet to be there and that the people on earth first should learn to handle their planet in a good way. The beings explained that for the time being humanity wasn't welcome on the moon and that they (the beings) had come with a loving intent, as a kind of protectors.

They made it also clear that none of the future plans NASA had with the moon would be allowed to take place until humanity is progressively evolved in love. They said that the development of God-consciousness – the growing towards love – is a ripening process that yet needs to be continued before humanity is allowed to go further into the universe.

Armstrong told Robbert that he had always been pressured by NASA to keep this a secret, and that there were/are several other people on earth who were/are undergoing the same fate. NASA is afraid that otherwise panic would strike the world and wants to keep the research and knowledge to itself to exercise control over these unexplained matters due to fear of loss of power.

Neil told Robbert that NASA had plans to build a space station on the moon. The beings made it clear that this was absolutely not how things were meant to be and that it would not be allowed to happen. Neil also told Robbert that there are certain structures on the moon that are built by extraterrestrials who use the moon as a kind of way station, and that these structures were also used in a very distant past by extraterrestrials as well.

Neil explained that there are also structures at the bottom [south-pole] of the moon which Google Moon - influenced by higher authorities - has hidden away. Google Moon removed this section of of photographs of the moon and replaced or manipulated it in some way. There are also certain structures at the backside of the moon, according to Neil. Some of these are centuries old.

Robbert felt an emotion of liberation flow through Neil when he received this message from him - it was time to bring it out. Neil also indicated that we are more and more entering a period in which we will become mature enough for extraterrestrial contact. He said that there is a certain race of extraterrestrials who are preparing themselves for contact with humanity. They are planning to increasingly give signals in the foreseeable future. This time frame also represents a period in which people will increasingly meet the God-consciousness (awareness of love).

Another aspect of the near future will be that astronomers and people with telescopes will be able to see flashes or pulsating lights on the moon. UFOs are very active there, right now. The moon actually is a transmitter for UFOs who materialize themselves towards earth. It is also a transformer of energies that come from other planets which are then projected onto earth by it. Neil suggests that it will be beneficial for people to team up and do lunar meditations on a regular basis. That way, additional energy will be given and UFOs may become visible or encounters with extraterrestrials may take place. These extraterrestrials will show themselves, in the time coming, in their triangular craft. They look a lot like humans – they are the Yahyel. These beings then are different from the ones Neil met on the moon, but they are all working together closely. The Yahyel will be the first extraterrestrial race to make contact with humanity, within now and 15 to 25 years.

Neil greets all people in the loving exhalations of the universe.

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posted on Dec, 11 2015 @ 10:40 AM
If one hasn't watched this Video i have posted then how must one Deny Ignorance

Let your eyes, ears and conscience be your guide

posted on Dec, 11 2015 @ 04:38 PM

originally posted by: DeepThoughtCriminal
There's a vast amount of "evidence" which "proves" that the moon landing was fake.

There's a vast amount of "evidence" which "proves" that the moon landing was not fake.

I stay way the hell away from these debates. The fact is, they had the technology to send people to the moon. We (USSR) had the technology to send people into space. Now, I don't pay attention to people who think it was faked. Because honestly, I don't care.

Anyone who thinks that the Americans lacked the technology to go to the moon has little understanding of the Cold War arms race. And hiring a world-famous director to do it? Making everyone in NASA or associated with NASA keep their silence? Ah yeah but I'll get ripped apart for saying that it wasn't faked, I'll get bombarded with youtube internet superhero "truth" speakers, and I ain't got time for that.

No matter what evidence you produce in favour of the moon landing, there'll be some internet warrior with a PhD in Googling ready to beat you down until you stop caring about the whole thing.

Is this how you stay the hell away from these debates? LOL your kind of debating is what i call a hit and run.
If you want to stay the hell away there should be zero comments from you on the matter.

posted on Dec, 11 2015 @ 07:00 PM

originally posted by: peskyhumans
a reply to: SPECULUM

An error occurred. Please try again later.

That's it. Since the OP can't provide any video evidence that proves we went to the Moon, I am forced to acknowledge that Stanley Kubrick was telling the truth.

Man has never set foot on the Moon. True fact, unless someone can provide a link that isn't broken as hell that proves otherwise.

The OP said that if the embedded video link did not work, then go Here

If you (and others) still think "Man never set foot on the Moon"

Then you you owe it to your brain to properly debunk this:

The Great Moon Hoax

I would be really interested in reading how anyone can debunk it. But, keep it in the realm of science please.
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posted on Dec, 12 2015 @ 09:33 AM
had to laugh at the suggestion in the initial video that we had the tech to send someone to the moon but not the tech to fake it? yeah great start.... I personally believe there is enough to suggest that the initial moon landing was faked, im not saying necessily that all the landings have been as I havent looked into them all. I do think there are as always inconsistencies and dicrepancies in the official video/pictures that raises doubts. I havent seen this video on here as havent been on in ages so dont flame me for a repost- apologies if it has been discussed but with the recent discussion following the Kubrick tapes (which I am still reserving judgement on but does seem very convenient) however I do find the science in the following video regarding sounds and the effect of an atmosphere on the moon, from official NASA footage worth a look. Raises some interesting ideas.
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