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Putting many UFO books online - Obtaining permissions (Ambitious thread...)

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posted on Dec, 8 2015 @ 02:08 PM
I would like to be able to see as many UFO books as possible made easily available free of charge online for use by all of the UFO community (particularly those long out-of-print). This is not merely an aspiration. I could make any of the items on the list of approximately 2,900 UFO/Fortean/SETI books included below available online soon after relevant permissions are obtained. The main problem is now simply (?) obtaining permission from the author or other copyright holder. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to find the contact details of many relevant authors (or their heirs) on my own. Hence this thread.

As you may have noticed, during the last few years I have been seeking to make various UFO source materials freely available online as searchable collection of PDF documents. That material has included large collections of official documents from various countries e.g. from the FBI, Canada, Australia and New Zealand), out-of-print UFO journals/magazines (e.g. the Skeptics UFO Newsletter by Phil Klass etc), ufological PhD dissertations - plus a significant collection of ufological audio material. I've also posted about ways of searching large collections of searchable PDF files - see my thread from 2011 entitled "FAST searching of major free online collections of UFO journals (or just browse/download them)" plus some of the issues involved in scanning UFO books into eBooks (including text recognition, enhancement and compression).

It is my fond (if somewhat optimistic...) hope that making further UFO materials freely available online in a searchable format may help improve the quality of ufological discussions online (not to mention reducing the amount of time and energy wasted within ufology reinventing the wheel...).

There is currently often a fairly large gap between the depth of information or arguments in online UFO discussions and those which are available in offline publications, particularly UFO books.

When I have approached some authors of out-of-print UFO books and periodicals (or their heirs), several of them have welcomed my offer to help make the relevant material freely available online.

However, I find it time consuming to find the contact details of some authors or their heirs on my own.

I would therefore welcome assistance in finding contact details for the relevant authors or their heirs.

To help put the plan in more concrete terms and help push it forward, I am including below a list of UFO/fortean books.

I could make any book on the list below freely available online in a searchable format soon after a relevant permission is obtained.

PLEASE NOTE : Before making any book freely available online, I – of course - want the permission of the relevant author or other copyright holder. The point of this thread is to seek assistance in getting such permissions since it can be time consuming for a single individual to track down relevant contact details.

After getting a relevant permission, I could post a searchable copy of the relevant book on my own website or on a free file storage website such as or - depending upon any preference of the author or other copyright holder.

Members of ATS (and other online forums) include/know at least some relevant authors/heirs so could presumably raise the issue, or let have relevant contact details, without my having to spend a lot of time on each book. I do need to sleep sometimes - not to mention work and spend time with my family!

Quite a few UFO/fortean books _could_ potentially be made available online with relevant permissions within a relatively short timeframe.

Heck, if you are (or know) the author of any other UFO book then I can probably help sort out getting that scanned and uploaded as well – so feel free to give permission for the uploading of any UFO book even if it doesn’t happen to be included in the list below.

I have previously raised related potential projects with some of the largest UFO groups. The interest displayed by them has been, um, limited. So, I thought I’d try my luck with fellow members of ATS and other online forums.

I think we could make a real contribution to modern ufological discussions if we worked together in this thread.

posted on Dec, 8 2015 @ 02:09 PM

Section B : Priorities and approach

Each of us probably has a different personal opinion as to UFO books or periodicals not currently online which could contribute to online UFO discussions if they were made freely available online.

However, I have a few observations:

Firstly, I’d suggest that attempts to obtain permission should be limited to out-of-print material. I don’t see any point bothering authors of books that are still in print and being sold. In fact, I’d suggest prioritising books that have been out of print for, say, the last 10 years.

Secondly, practical issues should not be ignored. I’d suggest prioritising the authors of out-of-print book that are still alive (or have relatives that are still in touch with members of the UFO community). If you happen to be in touch with such a person, or have their contact details, then why not (politely!) ask if they would like their out of print books made available online.

Thirdly, while it is useful to make available rare books (as reflected by, for example, the lack of availability on Amazon or a high price there), personally I like to see out-of-print books that are fairly common still made available online in a searchable format. I’ve often found that even popular UFO books aren’t very well known to those writing about UFOs online, so making such books available for free in a searchable format can be a useful addition to discussions.

Anyone can help by picking a book/author that interests them and attempting to find their contact details or those of their heir. (The need to contact heirs is fairly common in relation to older UFO books, which are the most likely books to be out-of-print and rare). You can then either attempt to contact the relevant person/heirs yourself or pass on relevant details to me (either in this thread, by U2U or by email to isaackoi at

Sometimes contacting the relevant author or, it is simply a matter of reaching out to someone still active on a UFO forum or email discussion List. Sometimes they aren’t active within ufology but can be found easily those that remain active. Surprisingly frequently, simply putting their name into Facebook or LinkedIn finds them in a few minutes. Sometimes it is, well, a bit more complicated (e.g. looking up obituaries and then trying to find their heirs … some of whom may not exactly be fans of ufology).

posted on Dec, 8 2015 @ 02:09 PM

Section C : Sample email to author

Authors or their heirs have no obligation to make their material freely available online. I’d therefore stress that any approach is polite and friendly, rather than demanding.

Also, since many of the authors of out-of-print UFO books no longer have any interest in putting further effort into ufology, I try to make clear when approaching such people that I would be happy the work involved in scanning their publications and uploading material to a free file storage websites.

A little bit of flattery rarely goes amiss as well. After all, presumably there is some reason for wanting a particular book to be put online so there is no harm in mentioning those reasons e.g. the insight of the author and/or the source material contained in the book and/or the continued interest in the subject matter of the relevant book.

In case it helps, here is a slightly adjusted sample of an email I sent to the author of one UFO book (with a positive result).


I am a barrister in England with an interest in various issues relating to reports of UFOs and have written various items online about such issues, including the following:

Looking on Amazon, it seems that your book (_insert title_) is no longer in print. Also, it also does not appear to currently be available online.

Do you have any plans to have your book republished?

If not, have you considered making a scanned copy available on the Internet (whether on my own website or simply via an independent free file storage website such as or

Provided that (as I presume is the case) you are the copyright holder, if you gave your permission then I would be happy to sort out getting your book scanned (if I do not have a scan of it already) and make it available online as a free download.
This would not involve any effort on your part. I would be happy to do the work involved. Just let me know what you think.
(If you are concerned that your publishers may have some relevant rights, I would – with your permission of course – be happy to email them directly about the possibility of making your book available online. I have previously done this, e.g. in relation to a book by Richard Haines of NARCAP, and received a positive response from the publisher within a matter of hours).

I think a number of people would be interested in reading your book, (particularly given ….. --- _insert brief reasons in relation to the specific book_),

Kind Regards,

Isaac Koi

posted on Dec, 8 2015 @ 02:10 PM

Section D : Sample email to publisher

Here is a sample email I sent to the publisher of the out-of-print book "UFO Phenomena and the Behavioral Scientist" (1979) after getting kind permission from its editor (Richard Haines) to upload that book.

Dr Richard Haines, the editor of the out-of-print book "UFO Phenomena and the Behavioral Scientist" (published by Scarecrow Press in 1979 with the ISBN number of 0-8108-1228-2), has kindly indicated to me that he would be delighted if I could upload that book to the Internet to make it available to all.

The book has been out of print for a fairly long period and presumably there are no plans to republish it on a commercial basis. However, that book examined issues regarding UFOs which continue to be discussed online. Making that book available online would make a contribution to the debate and possibly help reduce the amount of nonsense that is written online about UFO sightings.

I am not sure whether your company continues to have any rights in relation to that book but thought I should ask if Scarecrow Press (which I understand is an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield) will agree that any rights in relation to that book now revert to Dr Haines so that I can (with his permission) upload his book online (free of charge). Your assistance with this matter would be appreciated.

Dr Haines has told me that if Scarecrow Press has any need of his approval for me to do upload his book, you can contact him by email at (_removed_)

Just as a matter of courtesy, I will give my standard brief introduction : I am a barrister in England with an interest in various issues relating to "UFOs". I've previously helped make freely available online in a searchable format UFO documents from the FBI, from Canada (with the permission of the Canadian government) and Australia (with the permission of the Australian government) and New Zealand, plus helped make freely available in a searchable PDF format various out-of-print UFO publications (such as the newsletters of ufo skeptic Phil Klass, after getting relevant permissions). Here are a few links to samples of my previous items online:

Kind Regards,

Isaac Koi

posted on Dec, 8 2015 @ 02:12 PM

Section E1 : Authors beginning with A

1. Achenbache, Joel - Captured By Aliens

2. Ackerman - To catch a Flying Star

3. Ackerman, John - To Catch A Flying Star - A Scientific Theory Of Ufos

4. Aczel, Amir - Probability 1

5. Adams - Ghost stories of Berks county

6. Adams - Ghosts and Gallows True Stories of Crime and the Paranormal epubconvert

7. Adams - Ghosts and Gallows True Stories of Crime and the Paranormal.epub

8. Adams, Mia - The Excycles -- The True Experiences Of A Woman Who Is Loved By Extraterrestrials And Was Romanced By A US Government Intelligence Agent

9. Adamski - World of tomorrow

10. Adamski, George - Behind The Flying Saucer Mystery (Original Title- Flying Saucers Farewell)

11. Adamski, George - Cosmic philosophy (1961)

12. Adamski, George - Flying Saucers Farewell

13. Adamski, George - Flying Saucers have landed

14. Adamski, George - Flying Saucers Have Landed

15. Adamski, George - Indide The Space Ships

16. Adamski, George - Inside The Space Ships

17. Adamski, George - Inside the Spaceships

18. Adasmki, George - Inside the Spaceships

19. Adi-Kent Jeffrey - The Bermuda Triangle

20. Adi-Kent Thomas - Ghosts in the valley

21. Adler, Bill - Letters to the Air Force on UFOs

22. Adler, Bill (Editor) - Letters To The Air Force On Ufos

23. Adler, Bill, Editor - Letters To The Air Force On Ufos

24. Adler, Mortimer J - How To Think About War And Peace

25. Al-Ashqar, Umar - The World of the Jinn and Devils

26. Albertson, Maury And Shaw, Margaret, Eds - Proceedings Of The International Symposium On Ufo Research Denver, Colorado, Usa, May 22-25, 1992

27. Aldrich, Jan - Project 1947 - A Preliminary Report On The 1947 Ufo Sighting Wave

28. Aldrich, Jan - The Ghost Rockets File

29. Alexander - Conspiracies and Cover-ups - UFO

30. Alexander, John - UFOs - Myths, Conspiracies and Realities

31. Alexander, Victoria - The Alexander Ufo Religious Crisis Survey The Impact Of Ufos And Their Occupants On Religion

32. Alford, Allen F - Gods of the New Millenium

33. Aliens Marvels and Mysteries

34. Allen - Space-Craft From Beyond Three Dimensions

35. Allen - Space-Craft From Beyond Three Dimensions

36. Allen, Richard - Alien Within

37. Allen, Richard Hinckley - Star Names Their Lore And Meaning (Formerly Titled- Star-Names And Their Meanings)

38. Allen, W Gordon - Space-Craft From Beyond Three Dimensions

39. Allingham, Cedric - Flying Saucer from Mars (1954)

40. Allingham, Cedric - Flying Saucer From Mars

41. Alschuler, William R - The Science Of Ufos- What If They Are Real

42. Alston, William P and Audi, Robert - Faith, Reason, and Skepticism (1992)

43. Amaury Rivera's Alien Abduction

44. Amendola, Sal - Other Intelligences -- A Sociopolitical View

posted on Dec, 8 2015 @ 02:12 PM
45. Ancient Astronomy

46. Anderson - Is there life on other worlds

47. Anderson - The haunting of America

48. Anderson, John C - Foo Fighters

49. Anderson, John C, Editor - Project Grudge- Bluebook, 1942 - 1951 -- Report Number 13

50. Andrew, James - The Roswell Report- Case Closed

51. Andrews - Extraterrestrials Among Us

52. Andrews - Government Circles

53. Andrews - Strange days 02

54. Andrews, Ann And Ritchie, Jean - Abducted -- The True Tale Of Alien A B D U C T I O N In Rural England

55. Andrews, Colin - Andrews Catalogue, Volume 2

56. Andrews, Colin - Crop Circles Signs of Contact

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58. Andrews, Delgado - Crop Circles The latest evidence

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60. Andrews, George C - Extra-Terrestials Among Us

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95. Anonymous - The Most Valuable Book Ever Published

96. Anonymous - Untitled Scrapbook Of Newspaper And Magazine Articles On Ufos

97. Anonymous - Weather Guide Calendar With Phenomena Weather Events (For 1995)

posted on Dec, 8 2015 @ 02:13 PM
98. Appleby, Nigel - Hall Of The Gods

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107. Articles, Multiple - Seven Journal Articles From Different Journals

108. Articles, Multiple - Seven Journal Articles From Different Journals;

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120. Asimov, Isaac - Rockets, Probes, And Satellites

121. Asimov, Isaac - The Asteroids

122. Asimov, Isaac - The Space Spotter'S Guide

123. Asimov, Isaac - Unidentified Flying Objects

posted on Dec, 8 2015 @ 02:13 PM

Section E2 : Authors beginning with B

124. Bader, Mencken, Baker - Paranormal-America

125. Badmington, Neil - Alien Chic - Posthumanism and the Other Within (2004)

126. Baechle - Review of the Psychoanalytic and Developmental Paradigms of Interstellar Radio Communication, 1959-1978 (Diss)

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128. Bainton - The Mammoth Book of Unexplained Phenomena

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144. Bardens - Ghosts and hauntings

posted on Dec, 8 2015 @ 02:13 PM
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posted on Dec, 8 2015 @ 02:14 PM
170. Basterfield - UFOs a report on Australian encounters

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posted on Dec, 8 2015 @ 02:14 PM
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197. Belanger - World Most Haunted Places

posted on Dec, 8 2015 @ 02:14 PM
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posted on Dec, 8 2015 @ 02:14 PM
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posted on Dec, 8 2015 @ 02:15 PM
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posted on Dec, 8 2015 @ 02:15 PM
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