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The birth of time

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posted on Dec, 8 2015 @ 05:50 AM
"Do you see that white oak tree next to the light bearer"; I asked my brother. " Legends speaks of a God who made a spear from that ancient tree and used it to slay a beast that came before time " My brother looked at me and said;" Why do you care about these mere mortals, they never will understand, they only know but fear " He paused;" With the wisdom of Solomon they could have changed " My brother called his only child, my nephew. ;"Dante, your uncle wants to speak to you!" I looked at him;" Your life was already written before you came, you have an obligation to this world is to lead the righteous". I rule by a hard hand without mercy, i knew all to well the nature of the lesser man residing within all, maybe my nephew could give hope where i can not. They speak of me as the hybrid who has gone mad, yet at the court the whispering shadows always comes to ear. It is time for all the sins to bear their cross.
"Dante, those who do not carry their cross, send them to me." My nephew smiled,
cause he knew we were the kings and queens before the birth of time.

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