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Kecksburg : 50 Years after the "Strange Object in the Woods"

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posted on Dec, 7 2015 @ 06:03 PM

Season’s Greetings to everyone as we approach the traditional holiday period in 2015.

As anniversaries go we have now reached a point where 50 long years have passed since the ‘Kecksburg Incident’ of December 9th 1965. The Kecksburg ‘UFO crash’ is an extremely well known case to many who have studied the UFO subject in detail. In fact it features in many lists of top UFO cases.

But back in 1965 the Kecksburg UFO crash case was one that attracted attention for a day or two and then vanished for decades. There are eerie similarities with the Roswell case in that respect. Although there is only the tiniest of suggestions of alien bodies being recovered by anonymous witnesses.

Unlike ‘Roswell’ this is a UFO case that remains almost unknown beyond the UFO community. Yet the contradictory statements, official secrecy and statements surrounding the case are just as mysterious.

There are a number of witnesses (around 40 -50) to the case and also people who say nothing happened at all. But, as yet, no military officers allegedly involved in the recovery of a strange object from the woods near Kecksburg in 1965 have come forward to tell their tales.

For those unfamiliar with the details here is a recap of the Kecksburg UFO story.

The Kecksburg ‘Crash’

Dec. 9, 1965, was a fairly mundane day in Westmoreland County until late afternoon when the light was beginning to fade. Around 4:45pm a round fireball appeared in the skies on a low trajectory. It reportedly cut through the grey December sky with a jet trail following it. The object was then reported by some witnesses in the Kecksburg, Pennsylvania area as making S-turns, in what appeared to be a controlled landing, through the treetops into Kecksburg's woods.

The object was said to have been seen over a number of other states and Canada. It allegedly dropped molten debris over Michigan and Northern Ohio, starting several grass fires. Sonic Booms were also heard in Western Pennsylvania by pilots who reported being rocked by shock waves. The smoke trail from the object was visible for around 20 minutes. The object appeared to have came down in woods close to Kecksburg and the local police phone lines were jammed with calls from witnesses reporting an object crashing. Emergency officials rushed to the scene.

Reports Start to Reach the Media

Unidentified Flying Object Falls near Kecksburg , Army Ropes off Area”” was the front-page headline of the Greensburg Tribune-Review the next morning. The article said that ”the area where the object landed was immediately sealed off on the order of U.S. Army and State Police officials, reportedly in anticipation of a close inspection of whatever may have fallen”. U.S. Army engineers and scientists were brought in.

The excitement about what had landed in the woods had caused a traffic jam, as hundreds of inquisitive citizens from the surrounding area jumped in their vehicles and converged on Kecksburg.

John Murphy’s Story

One of the first official reports of that day came from Frances Kalp, who phoned in her experience to radio station WHJB in Greensburg at 6:30pm. Her son, Arnold Kalp, had observed what looked to be a fiery object crash into a wooded area in Westmoreland County near her home and she could see a bluish smoke rising from the site. Radio station director at WHJB, John Murphy, contacted the Pennsylvania State Police Department. The Police phoned Kalp and arranged to meet her in Kecksburg.

Murphy also decided to visit the site of the alleged crash sensing a good story. He interviewed Kalp and her children for his report while the State Police searched the woods. When they finally completed their search, Murphy was disappointed to hear that the policemen had no comment other than to say they were calling in the Military to handle the case.
Murphy’s widow Bonnie Milslagle and WHJB office manager Mabel Mazza both later stated that Murphy had photographed the object. Mislagle claimed he had reached the crash site and taken pictures before the police arrived. Some of the film had been confiscated but Mable Mazza claimed she did see one photograph:

It was very dark and it was with a lot of trees around and everything. And I don’t know how far away from the site he was. But I did see a picture of a sort of a cone-like thing. It’s the only time I ever saw it...”

After the incident Murphy became heavily absorbed in the case. He went to work on a documentary “Object in the Woods” including interviews with eye witnesses he’d recorded at the scene. He was visited shortly afterwards by a couple of ‘official looking’ men who allegedly took some of his interview tapes. Murphy showed signs of agitation and even depression after the visit without ever revealing what had been said to him. Some interviewees also requested their comments be removed from his documentary for fear of repercussions with the authorities. The resulting documentary was heavily censored and Murphy no longer spoke about the incident afterwards.

However it still reveals some important details surrounding the Kecksburg case.

At around 8:30pm Murphy reported State Police Fire Marshal Carl Metz and another investigator went into the woods with a Geiger counter and flashlight, only to return about 16 minutes later. Murphy questioned Metz to be puzzling told he would need to get his information from the Army.

Later in the program Murphy reports from Greensburg State Police barracks where he saw members of the US Army and Air Force along with Metz. The Captain there gave him an official statement that they had found nothing in the woods. Metz then agreed that Murphy could go out to the woods with them. As Murphy went to his car a state police officer tells him that the object was blue with a pulsating light. On arriving at the woods Metz appeared to have changed his mind and told Murphy not to enter the woods.

John Murphy was sadly killed in a ‘hit and run’ road traffic accident some 4 years later whilst in California in 1969. Some have linked his death back to his involvement in the Kecksburg case whilst others believe it was a tragic but totally unrelated event.

continues >>>

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posted on Dec, 7 2015 @ 06:03 PM
Nothing to See Here

Despite John Murphy’s investigations the authorities reported that the searches in the Kecksburg area had found nothing. The press suggested that the most likely explanation was that the unidentified object was nothing more than a bright meteor.

The Greensburg Tribune Review of Dec 10th 1965 reported :

An all-night search for traces of an unidentified flying object which reportedly was seen landing in the Kecksburg area has turned up “absolutely nothing.”

Authorities from State Police Troop A Head quarters in Greensburg who were among the probers who scoured an area five miles by three miles in Mt. Pleasant Township discounted the ‘landing’ in Kecksburg of an object that was spotted in the sky in a wide area covering several north eastern states and part of Canada late Thursday night.

The supposed object in Kecksburg which touched off a rapid fire investigation by various government, military and police agencies was discounted, however, following an in-depth check of the area......

.....The initial search by state police was called off about 2 a.m today but another detail returned to Kecksburg later ‘just to make sure’.......

......State police and army authorities pressed into service search teams with Geiger counters and other instruments and combed a wide area in Kecksburg ‘inch by inch’, but turned up nothing.

About reports that something was carried out of the woods Capt. Dussia [State Police Troop A Commander] said it was equipment used in the search....

A spokesman for the 662nd Radar Squadron at Oakdale in Allegheny County said there was ‘no definite answer’ ... as far as the department is concerned the object ‘was a natural phenomenon’....

Source : Greensburg Tribune Tribune Review - Dec 10th 1965

The Kecksburg story then went virtually unnoticed for the best part of 25 years until witnesses started to come forward.

Witnesses to the ‘Strange Object in the Woods’

Members of a local fire department and a number of civilians had got to the site before police or military officers arrived. Here are some comments from witnesses:

Don Sebastian, was in Kecksburg visiting a group of friend when they heard over the radio that something had crashed near Kecksburg. They all jumped in to his the car only to be stopped and turned back by armed state police as they approached the crash site. Not to be outdone, Sebastian continued looking for a way around the roadblocks.

“I saw a line of soldiers down in the clearing ... maybe 100 guys ... armed at hip level and walking single file parallel to the crash site.“It looked like a drill. Perfect formation. Nobody out of step. Until they heard a scream....

“This was a terror scream, and it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up,”
After a minute or two, he heard another scream.

“It didn't sound human,” he said. “That's when I lost my nerve. I figured this was a place where I could get shot. So, I was out of there.”

Source :

Another witness who had arrived at the scene was, then teenager ,Dave Newhouse. Newhouse claimed that an army soldier “... pointed his rifle at me and said get out....So, something was definitely there. I don't have any idea what it was, but the Army doesn't come out to guard a patch of woods.”

continues >>>
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posted on Dec, 7 2015 @ 06:03 PM
Further Witnesses

Jerry Betters was another eye witness of the incident.
It was on that December 9th 1965 that Betters heard about the sighting on the radio and decided to head out to the area with a few people.

The police and military were already blocking the main roads off, but Betters knew the the back roads. He saw smoke rising from the woods and a number of what he assumed were soldiers, he considered were top military brass and people in lab coats. He also claimed to have seen an object on a flat-bed truck with hieroglyphics around the bottom leaving the woods.

"That was no meteorite," Betters said. "It was something I'll never see again, but I'm glad I saw it."

John Hays was a young boy at the time. He could see the woods from his bedroom and recalled seeing cars, trucks and what looked like a search party with flashlights entering the woods whilst military officers gathered downstairs talking and using his parents’ telephone. Mysteriously the calls never appeared on their phone bills.

Above : Sketch made by Jerry Betters

Bill Bulebush , then 40 years old , claimed to have been working on his car in Mammoth near Kecksburg, when he saw the object turn in what he believed to have been a controlled descent into the woods. He said a flaming object fly over, double back and come down just north of town.Bulebush got into his vehicle and drove up what is now known as Meteor Road.

He claims to have seen a burnt orange object some 10 feet long, shaped like an acorn around a quarter of a mile into the woods .

"It was smouldering and cracking, sparks coming off it ... no sign of life, with a sour smell, sort of like sulphur... It was half-buried, after tearing a trench into the ground with a belly-flop landing.....

I went down and stood behind a tree and watched it ... 10 feet away"

After hearing other people traipsing through the wooded area he decide to return home where his wife was not very impressed with his story and carried on watching TV.

James Romansky was a fireman called into Kecksburg and recalled seeing the object on the ground about 25 yards away. He had been expecting to see a crashed small plane but when he got there he saw a bronze, acorn shaped object around 12’ x 25’ feet in size. The object had a raised end containing strange markings on it. Romansky said that despite looking at Egyptian, Russian, Polish and a number of other alphabets he was unable to say what language the symbols represented.

They drove us out. It was late at night when we finally got back to the fire hall and it had been completely taken over by the military. They were carrying in large pieces of equipment, radios and such, and they had armed guards posted outside so nobody could get in or out. The firemen were thrown out. We weren't even allowed in to use the bathroom. The military had control of the whole operation," John recalled. "After a while we saw a flat bed truck come by with some other military equipment, a crane or something. It was not too much longer, an hour, an hour and a half, when the trucks came back and there was a large object on the back of the flat bed, covered by a tarp, with military escorts front and back. I got the feeling that if you had stepped on the road you were dead meat. They weren't stopping for anything."

Romansky came forward in the late 1980s and eventually appeared on the ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ TV show that covered the incident.

After the show aired a former USAF officer based at Lockbourne Air Force Base (near Columbus, Ohio) claimed that in the early morning of December 10th, a truck arrived at a rarely used back gate of the base and he was ordered to patrol it. It was a flat-bed truck with what appeared to be a conical object covered by a large tarpaulin.

He was ordered to shoot anyone who tried to get too close. He was advised the truck was bound for Wright Patterson AFB, which is the reputed home of crashed UFOs .

Another witness was a building contractor who was asked to take a load of 6,500 special bricks to a hangar inside Wright Patterson AFB on December 12th 1965. Allegedly he sneaked a look inside the hangar and saw a bell-shaped device, some 12‘ high sitting there. Several men wearing white anti-radiation style suits were inspecting the object. After he had been escorted out he was told that what he had seen would become common knowledge in 20 years time.

continues >>>

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posted on Dec, 7 2015 @ 06:04 PM
Official Reaction

Thursday December 9, 1965 - 4:45pm - At the time of crash President Johnson was at his ranch outside of Austin, Texas. Nothing significant resides on record in the Presidential archives regarding the matter. At the time of the reported impact in Pennsylvania the president was taking an afternoon nap.

The morning after the crash, however, shows some interesting visitors to the Johnson ranch. All of the officials had direct connections to the various groups that witnesses claimed arrived on the scene not long after reports filtered out about the Kecksburg crash.

Above President Johnson and NASA Director James Webb

The visitors included: James Webb, Director of NASA. The Kecksburg incident was not the first time Webb had met with a President following a rumoured UFO crash. Webb also met with the President over the two days following the July 8, 1947 Roswell press story of the recovery of a flying disk.

On December 10th 1965 Webb left Washington at 7:15am arriving at the Johnson ranch around 9:50 am. A NASA representative was supposedly sent to the site of the crash and interviewed some witnesses about the incident. :

" Men in white protective suits with NASA patches were also reported at the crash scene. These strong indications of a NASA role in the Kecksburg recovery fly in the face of the Johnson White House NASA Records at the Johnson Library. They show no direct indication of a crash at Kecksburg, or any NASA involvement. "

The Presidential records however make no reference to the Soviet space probe Cosmos 96 which came to earth. One theory is that this (or at least part of it) was the object recovered at Kecksburg.....

Above - Cosmos 96

Along with Webb all members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff flew into meet with Johnson on his ranch.... (The records state it was for a budget meeting over the costs for the Vietnam War). William Scranton, Governor of Pennsylvania, arrived in the afternoon with a number of other State governors. No official correspondence with Scranton regarding the incident at Kecksburg has surfaced.

On Sunday 12th December President Johnson returned to the White House and on the Monday afternoon following, met Buford Ellington in an ‘off the record meeting’. Ellington was the head of the Office of Emergency Planning. A group purportedly involved in the Kecksburg crash.

Under Buford Ellington was USAF Col. J. Leo Bourassa. He headed up the "Special Facilities Division" within the Office of Emergency Planning. Bourassa’s name appears in the Blue Book file dealing with the Kecksburg crash and in 1996 Robert Collins claimed that MJ-12 operated under the cover name “The Office of Emergency Preparedness, Special Facilities Division”.

Frustratingly though there is little more than circumstantial evidence here to look at.

Project Bluebook’s Interest in Kecksburg

The Project Bluebook file on the Kecksburg case is extremely light on details. But it confirms that ‘USAF defense command’ was receiving reports from the Detroit sector and they should prepare for UFO sightings.

Media reports coming from the Kecksburg area encouraged Bluebook to dispatch a three man team from Oakdale radar station (some 50 miles from Kecksburg).

Strangely the file also makes no mention of the Soviet Cosmos 96 probe that re-entered Earth’s atmosphere during this time period and ultimately declares that the Air Force and State Troopers found nothing in the area. This seems to conflict with the many eye witness accounts from the local civilians and even the press reports at the time.

The NASA Court Case

In 2003 journalist Leslie Kean (pictured), along with backing from the Sci-Fi channel (now Syfy) and other individuals decided to look deeper into the Kecksburg case. They formed the ‘Coalition for Freedom of Information’ (CFi) and tried to access US Army documents on the case but were stonewalled and told they had not described what was required with “sufficient specificity” to enable the Army even to begin a FOIA search!

With NASA, initially, it was a similar story but Stan Gordon (a researcher whose name is synonymous with the Kecksburg case) had previously received a copy of the “records transmittal and receipt” from NASA, listing the specific files by name. So in June 2003 CFi appealed on grounds that NASA had not conducted a meaningful search and they could provide evidence of the existence of the files required.

Finally in November of 2003 NASA released 40 pages of information. However the information contained references that were unrelated to the 1965 incident. NASA claimed there were two other boxes of files that were missing.
A link to the file is provided below. :

NASA Kecksburg FOIA Release

Eventually a law suit was filed and despite extreme pressure applied by the judge the results were still unsatisfactory and many of the requested files were seemingly missing or destroyed.

The files released did not make the case any clearer although one interesting observation made was that It seemed there was an unwritten government policy that unidentified aerial objects would be explained as meteors and other mundane events, before any conclusion from investigations had been reached.

Although requested, the report written and filed by the 662nd Radar Squadron at Oakdale could not be found. But due to detective work the relevant service personnel were tracked down and interviewed.

Only one of the officers admitted he was actually involved in a search of the area. The officer involved claimed there was neither an Army presence nor excess civilian activity in the area. Almost like he had been sent to the wrong location! Another officer said there was no search at all, and that the reports coming in to the Oakdale base concerned only an object in the sky and not an object on the ground. Yet another officer claimed that the object was a Russian satellite, but insisted that he had drawn that conclusion from newspaper and television reports and had no first hand knowledge himself.

Whilst the lawsuit was going on in 2005 NASA claimed debris was examined from the object in Kecksburg and it came from a failed Soviet Cosmos 96 craft . This conflicts with NASA expert Dr. Nicholas L. Johnson’s assessment. He stated that the Cosmos 96 probe actually crashed in Canada earlier in the morning of December 9th 1965 after the rocket boosters failed in earth orbit. The tracking data may have been tracking the booster rockets as they re-entered the atmosphere but the probe itself would not have stayed in orbit for 12 hours and then headed into Kecksburg woods.

The Russians have continually denied one of their craft crashed and maintained that it was some form of failed US technology.

continues >>>
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posted on Dec, 7 2015 @ 06:04 PM
The Fifty Years that Followed

Next morning the object was officially reported as a meteor and the media excitement soon died down. However the vast amount of eye witness testimony declaring it wasn't a meteor accompanied by a large military presence around Kecksburg suggested there was something more to the story and it remains a mystery to this day.

Over the years the various scenarios and theories have been put forward :

i) Nothing more than a meteor was seen falling to Earth and the case can be dismissed for that reason alone. Nothing turned up in the woods near Kecksburg and everything else was speculation and fabrication.

ii) The Cosmos 96 Venus probe, which coincidentally re-entered the atmosphere during December 9th. NASA actually confirmed that this was the object recovered in a 2005 report but this was also contradicted by NASA expert Dr. Nicholas Johnson who claimed the probe had crashed in Canada).

iii) A secret experiment gone wrong. (Soviet US Missiles, Secret Space Launch, Nazi Bell???)

iv) An object of non-terrestrial origin under some kind of intelligent control

Let’s look at each of these in more detail.

The Meteor Theory

This is (or at least was) the official explanation and is also favoured by a number of the ‘skeptics’.

In 1967 the Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (JRASC) published their findings on the fireball and came to the conclusion it was indeed a meteor. The conclusions was that the fireball was falling at a steep angle, moving southwest to the northeast, and likely impacted on the northwestern shore of Lake Erie near Windsor, Ontario
Sky & Telescope magazine also printed an article in 1966 just a few months after the incident.

In it, professor of geophysics and geology at UCLA G. W. Wetherill, investigated the incident.He is quoted as saying :

: "The fireball was observed by many people in Ontario, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and to a lesser extent in neighboring states. In newspaper accounts, a great many supposed impact sites were reported, both in southwestern Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. Fragments were claimed to have fallen in Ohio and Michigan.

These imagined happenings arose from the impossibility of estimating the distance of an object in the sky. Almost everyone who saw the fireball thought it was much closer than it really was. When it disappeared behind a house or a tree many people thought it had fallen only a few hundred yards beyond."

There were also a great many members of the Kecksburg community who claimed nothing really happened there on December 9th 1965.

The Cosmos 96 Probe

Although this has been covered a little earlier there is still speculation that the reentry of the Cosmos 96 spacecraft was responsible for the fireball seen over southwestern Ontario, Canada and at least eight US states from Michigan to New York. Uncertainties in the orbital information and reentry coordinates and time make it difficult to determine definitively if the fireball could have been at least a part of the Cosmos 96 spacecraft. If there was a Soviet spacecraft on the ground in Pennsylvania then you can be sure that the US would be interested in retrieving it. But they were also bound by an agreement with the Soviet Union to return it to the nation of origin.

Perhaps the Americans intended to take a peek at the latest Soviet technology before returning it. They had done this sort of thing before.

continues >>>

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posted on Dec, 7 2015 @ 06:05 PM
Secret Experiment?

Everything from a secret spacecraft, missile test or even an experiment involving the ‘Nazi Bell’ have been postulated as being the craft witnessed at Kecksburg.

I am not ruling it out but I don’t really see a scenario for how a Nazi Bell ended up crashing in Kecksburg. Perhaps someone else wants to pick up that scenario?

Project Orion was a project to study spacecraft propelled by a series of explosions of nuclear bombs behind the craft and conducted in the 1950s and 1960s.

Above an acorn like craft tested during Project Orion

A number of the test craft seem to fit witness descriptions of an acorn shaped object. However the problem with the theory was that the Partial Test Ban Treaty of 1963 seemed to have ended the project some two years before the Kecksburg incident occurred.
Source : Wiki

The most recent ‘missile’ theory comes from Owen Eichler. His research has led him to conclude that the Kecksburg incident was actually a recovery operation of a vehicle designed and manufactured by the General Electric Corporation - the MK2 blunt body re-entry vehicle. This was a spy capsule that remained a secret until 1991.

It is thought over 2000 units were produced and used in space research and development. Some were even part of a program (Program 437) to detonate a nuclear payload in space, create Electro-magnetic Pulse waves and disable enemy satellites.

There are witness reports saying that people investigating the Kecksburg crash site were carrying Geiger counter and wearing ‘moon suits’. Eichler however does not think the object that landed in Kecksburg was carrying a nuclear weapon. Instead he attributes the precautionary measures being taken were to check that there was no leak from a nuclear power source used onboard the Mk II RV.
The specific object that Eichler believes landed at Kecksburg was launched from Johnson Island in the Pacific on December 7th 1965. According to his calculations the re-entry vehicle was lost at around 12:45am eastern standard time on December 8th 1965 and stayed in orbit until it crash landed in Kecksburg the following day around 4:45pm.

Owen Eichler maintains that this specific GE Mark 2 launch was tracked on radar by the military and this explains the rapid response in Kecksburg. The Mk 2 had a copper heat shield which would glow green, and the stainless steel shell would turn a burnt orange color after re-entry. The technicians sent to recover the craft would wear proper radiation suit and carry a lead box to isolate the radioactive power source. They may have even had to cut the power source out with a blow torch and remove it from the woods. The strange hieroglyphics on the bottom of the craft could be attributed to the welding marks.

It is this combination of factors that leads him to his conclusions.

Stan Gordon,however, was not convinced.

He asked one of his prime witnesses, Jim Romansky, to look at the picture of the Mark 2. Romansky said it was “not even close” and was obviously man made. He described the object he saw as ”like it was forged using liquid metal”.

Gordon also cites Nicholas L. Johnson, chief scientist for orbital debris at the NASA Johnson Space Center and mentioned earlier. He confirmed that Cosmos 96 was the only catalogued object that re-entered the earth’s atmosphere on December 9th 1965, and that no other man-made object from any nation fell to earth that day. Johnson said anything not logged would have been so small that it would have burnt up in the atmosphere, and anything larger would have been detected.

Which leaves another possibility…..

A Non- Terrestrial Object Under Intelligent Control

This may seem unlikely to the more sceptical amongst us. But the Kecksburg case is full of contradictory information and very little in the way of absolute facts. I’ve only scraped the surface and omitted a lot of the dull scientific data (which makes it an extremely complex case to work through).

There is however a story from a truck driver, Myron XXX, who told investigators that he saw the object and what appeared to be a body under a tarpaulin with a “three fingered lizard like hand” sticking out from underneath it.

Another witness, Joel XXX, stated that the Army actually unsealed the object by opening a hatch and saw two fingers and an unusually long arm inside.

Unfortunately these witnesses remain anonymous and their stories are not corroborated by others.

But who knows?

After 50 years , a lengthy lawsuit with NASA and a number of interesting theories what do you think happened at Kecksburg back in December 1965?

References & Further Information

Project Bluebook Files

Unexplained Mysteries


UFO Casebook

Presidential UFO

Was the Kecksburg UFO a GE Mark 2 Reentry Vehicle?[/

Stan Gordon’s Summary on Kecksburg

The Kecksburg UFO Crash: December 9th, 1965


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posted on Dec, 7 2015 @ 06:41 PM
Great OP, and one of my favorite cases.

posted on Dec, 7 2015 @ 06:41 PM
a reply to: mirageman

Wow. Just ... WOW! Great research and great writing, and I'm not even halfway done. I don't know much about Keksburg that hasn't already been covered in this thread, so I can't say much except the following ...

My reply might seem extremely insignificant among this collossus of information, but I just have to tell you that you're one of the people who make ATS bearable. Throughout all the threads about bombing the middle-east, preventing entitlements towards disadvantaged people, and off-the-wall conspiracy theories, you give me hope.

I hope this little insignificant comment makes you even the tiniest bit more confident. More confident so you may continue writing great works such as this.

posted on Dec, 7 2015 @ 07:13 PM
Nice job... This case has always interested me.

One other theory links back to the nazis, Die Glocke, Hans Kammler (A waffen SS Geberal) and time travel.

The kecksburg object resembled the nazi "bell" and had letters in the same areas the bell did. It was a classified nazi project and near the end of the war nazi scientists were executed by the ss to prevent the info from falling in the hands of the allies. Hans Kammler disappeared and was never located. The theory suggests he used the bell to escape and it came down in kecksburg in the future.

Just thought I would add to the list..
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posted on Dec, 7 2015 @ 07:38 PM
I'm more likely to believe the secret reconnaissance explanation myself. It explains the use of those bricks - they would be lead bricks used to shield an area from radiation. But it's strange that they welded in the nuclear power supply into the chassis and not have it easily removable.

posted on Dec, 7 2015 @ 07:46 PM
Sorry, but there was never any tangible evidence to this case.
Just anecdotes...

+6 more 
posted on Dec, 7 2015 @ 09:37 PM

originally posted by: Iamnotadoctor
Sorry, but there was never any tangible evidence to this case.
Just anecdotes...

Here we go...
The OP put a lot of effort and time into an excellent post . Along comes posters that have no interest in the subject and just a few words denying it all. Try reading the post instead of just typing a response on what you think .Contribute something....

Back on track .The Kecksburg Incident , of all the rest including Roswell , is the one that started me to think , could UFOs be real. IN my opinion there is way more information on this one than any of the other supposed UFO incidents .

Thanks OP

posted on Dec, 7 2015 @ 10:06 PM

originally posted by: Iamnotadoctor
Sorry, but there was never any tangible evidence to this case.
Just anecdotes...

OH NO, we arent spoon fed high rez photos with crayons and coloring books detailing what happened. Please, no thinking and reason, we might put the pieces together...

Look for a lively discussion as well at Kevin Randle's blog

I really recommend the last link of MMs reference material.

Personally I suspect this one is military.

Great thread as usual MM.

posted on Dec, 7 2015 @ 10:41 PM
a reply to: Gothmog

mirageman..great job putting this thread together...yes many years ago on unsolved mysteries.....interesting story, helps take our minds off of whatas going on in the world....nice diversion!!!

posted on Dec, 7 2015 @ 11:21 PM
Well done, Mirageman!

posted on Dec, 7 2015 @ 11:54 PM
Great thread.

Kecksburg was the second event I'd ever heard of, right after Roswell.

I think the two cases are basically the same thing Government inspired misdirection from mundane origins.

I do believe Roswell was the recovery of the top-secret Mogul project and Kecksburg was the recovery of the Soviet Cosmos 96.

What's interesting to me is that between the two incidents an armed recovery/retrieval unit was formed.

posted on Dec, 8 2015 @ 01:56 AM
a reply to: abe froman

The Soviet Cosmos 96 came down 13 hours before the Kecksburg object, and fell in Ontario Canada.
This was proven years later as more data came to light.

posted on Dec, 8 2015 @ 03:41 AM
a reply to: Iamnotadoctor

Sorry, but there was never any tangible evidence to this case.
Just anecdotes...

What makes you state this?

Eyewitness testimonies, esp. un-changing throughout the years and correlating across several eyewitnessess, is note "just anecdotes".

Maybe you have not actually researched any of 1st hand studies on this subject.

To me the Stan Gordon / Kevin Randall approach seems the most probable so far. Cleary no GE mkII re-entry capsule.

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posted on Dec, 8 2015 @ 04:06 AM
Any chance of this incident being FOIA'd?

posted on Dec, 8 2015 @ 04:50 AM
According to Clark McClelland, who was a NASA official at the time and was taken to inspect the object, spending about 15 minutes examining it, the Kecksburg object was a Russian version of Die Glocke, the Nazi bell. Either the Russians lost control of it ( Clark argues against this because he says that it was a "controlled landing") or else they launched it and sent it to the USA to demonstrate to the American shadow government that Russia had its own Nazi Bell technology developed from German scientists captured after WWII, just as America did.

The interview with Jeff Rense shows photographs of the object after it was lifted onto an Army trailer called a "lowboy".

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