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Wiccan questions?

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posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 09:53 AM

Originally posted by saint4God
So, choose your alignment. Step carefully, look into your heart, and please by all means make the right choice the first time.

That's clever! You got to know yourself first, in order to make right decisions in life. If your personality is fragmented (messed up with different emotions), you won't be able to decide anything. At one minute you say you do a particular thing, the next minute you say you don't, for whatever reason. This can go on and on throughout a lifetime, and when you wake up, you get to see that you have done nothing. That experience can be very disturbing.

Those who have very clear mind, can make reasonable decisions, and they usually never fail. Most intellectual people learn to keep their mind in shape, but there are a few, who never learnt to do that!

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posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 11:10 AM
Ok this is wierd if i have somehow managed to have a hereditary link with my mothers witchcraft(i asked her if she was into witchcraft or wicca). Would that possibly influence friendships in my life more dramatically by the actions i take and possible things im doing that might be magic without my own comprehension of the fact.

For instance i have a friend that i made about four years ago and we have always had this joke that we are yin and yang and it seem freaky that it holds true pretty well because whenever i do something good he seems to do something bad. Here is an example. Recently i was living in ottawa and just meandering through my life with no goal and my buddy was homeless in toronto. It was if we were on opposite sides of a coin but in limbo for a short while. The day i asked him to come live with me and start taking life seriously, Physical training (excercise), mental training (meditation) and discipline in the form of martial arts. He was all for it or so it seemed i had found a place to live after about a month of looking and he finally showed up with 900 bucks. But it seemed he had become an alcoholic in the time that i had started abstaining from self defeating practices like that and smoking lots of pot. Now after he moved in i told him the deal and he was like yeah yeah yeah alright lets go get drunk. After a week of me gently nudging the point home that the more time we wasted drinking the less money we had to get a place, eventually he managed to spend the whole of his money in a week on alcohol and sandwiches regardless of what i said or pleaded. Then one night it was like the people in my house(not honest trustworthy people to boot) just attacked us. More specifically bmy buddy, as if he just made it happen by being there. Any way now im taking a pretty good route for my life enrolling in the military and i have stopped drinking except on holidays as a new years resolution and all the other responsible things i need to do to get in. But my friend is now in a whole heap of nonsense after prostituting girls from toronto and blacking out while freebasing coke.

Is it possible that we have made our own self fullfilling prohecies by the yin and yang saying alone or is it possible that my inheritance is involved in some way.

posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 12:00 PM
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posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 12:07 PM

Originally posted by Magickesists
Would that possibly influence friendships in my life more dramatically by the actions i take and possible things im doing that might be magic without my own comprehension of the fact.

Is it possible that we have made our own self fullfilling prohecies by the yin and yang saying alone or is it possible that my inheritance is involved in some way.

It could be possible that you have explored magic in a self efficient way, but you are not aware of that. Usually in this case you actually know what to do, without defining your actions, because they move on well. But you should keep away from methodical teachings and rituals for a particular purpose, because the outcome could be worse than you think. Believing all that useless stuff those witches can teach you, and obeying those dumb rules can mislead you, and at the end you'll see the worst result thanks to that witch, who knows you the least.

Your inheritance can't be involved in any way, because they are learnt skills. But the parents can lead you on the right path, in that way your inheritance is involved.

posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 12:08 PM

Originally posted by Magickesists
Is it possible that we have made our own self fullfilling prohecies by the yin and yang saying alone


Originally posted by Magickesists
or is it possible that my inheritance is involved in some way.


I believe their is a third option that wasn't included in the equation. Free will. Free will = choices made = resulting outcome. The reason God gave us a mind is so that we are not slaves to destiny, balance, heredity, or environmental factors. Your choices will dictate your destiny.

posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 12:16 PM
i think your mom is a few bricks shy there..

my personal theory is that she wants to say 'your from a wiccan breeding agenda' because she wants you to feel special and stuff

but like many others in the thread said

your just equal to us in every way
your the product of a random woman-male mating expierance

i dont think youve been granted special powers either, thats kind of selfish to teach a child they are superhuman capable of magic feats that the normal people like myself could never achieve...

dont listen to your mother *in my opinion*
i think shes grossly misinformed about this subject..

posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 12:25 PM
Excellant advice I thank you all. The thing is however that I never really believed outright in anything i always take a skeptical approach and educate myself on whatever subject im interested in thus this thread. If I were truly dimented i would be out in the back yard right now trying to cast lightning bolts with a magic rod or something. Not saying that might be possible. But im more interested in witchcraft as it may in my opinion be a misplaced term for a paranormal ability of the brain. A great book that i read with some excellant theoris recently is "the brain revolution" by marilyn ferguson. It was made in the 70's so its pretty old and possibly out of date. But the info is quite explanatory as to what the human brain may be capable of proven and theorized.

posted on Mar, 9 2006 @ 09:41 PM
It is just common sense that like minded people and groups of certain people tend to breed. You could say there is a Christian breeding agenda LOL

Some Wicca people like to surround themselves in this fantasy world of fluff with ideas that makes them feel special and please their ego and feeling self important by saying they are a specialty breed of person…, but the fact of the matter is I Irish people like myself are the most special and cool LOL : ) JK

posted on Mar, 10 2006 @ 02:01 AM
Old thread, which I like to comment on.

Witchcraft and Wicca are two different things, not big difference but they are still there. Witchcraft is very old, almost as old as mankind and come from the first people that followed Gods and worked with nature. The first that started doing things in this way were various tribes with Shamans. From these shamans came spin-offs, evolutions, which generated many streams of belief. You can find Shamanic aspects in Taoism, Judeo-Christian beliefs, Druidism, Witchcraft and such.

During the evolution there started to form groups of "original" and strong clans and thus streams were generated such as the Alexandrian way. It was believed that you could be born into a lineage of powerfull witches and thus you'd have the potential of becoming one yourself due to the blood lineage. However you were not born as a witch, only with the potential of one. You'd be raised with the knowledge and have the choice to follow through or quit. Seeing there was also family pressure and such people usually just kept going. To ensure the blood lineage, and possibly increase it in strenght, strong partners were sought for to strengten the blood lineage. This is all speculation in the sense that it would actually make a certain witch stream more powerfull, especially with the knowledge about magic we have today. DNA research and such.

Wicca is young and has no stream yet, cept for Gardernerian. Most streams die out after the leading figures died, just look at the Golden Dawn (although internal affairs were part of it as well) and spin-offs there of. It was formed by Gerard Gardner during the 40-50's, who made a stream according to his own ideals and bring certain aspects of witchcraft back into public view. He modernized aspects of the Witchcraft according to his own interpetations and opinions to form Wicca. Seeing that there are many self-innitiations and people forming covens like doesn't suprise me if some covens are interested in starting a similar blood lineage such as old witchcraft families did. Thus certain covens could've started investing into a "Breeding Program" and hope that one day there would be a strong Wicca Blood Lineage baring their name. However such breeding programs are NOT a wicca thing, more a coven specific issue.

Personally I'm against all these self-innitiations and people forming covens like mushrooms. Most covens, if not all, are just to boost ego. "Hey if I form a coven I can find likeminded individuals...well I'll also get the status of highpriest(ess), but I don't care about that" - sure you don't. I agree that self-innitiation is a good way, but you should be dedicated to the path you choose to follow. Self study is very good seeing that you learn to be self relient and learn from experience the knowledge that you seek and thus become wise in certain aspects. However before you even reach the stage of being a Highpriest(ess) you're practicing and studying the craft for a decennia or two if not more. However in most covens are no truly experienced people and the knowledge/wisdom and teaches are very poor in quality. They are more friendly groups of people/friends who think they know what they are talking about while in fact they know nothing. Even after 5 years of study you still know very little so how some think they can be leading a coven and being a highpriest(ess) is beyond me.

Magic is very real, but how do you define magic? Do you define it as Harry Potter, Gandalf, David Copperfield, David Blaine? Or will you see it as it is without focussing on the label "magic"? There are many names to give to something and magic is just one of many. Anything concerning the human psyche, sciences, esoterical...LIFE itself...that is magic. Not making flames shoot out of your mouth to burn someone to a crisp. And just as with life nothing can harm you, or have any effect on you, unless you allow it to happen. It is your life so live it as such and remember that YOU are responsible for everything you do and no one else. People can only advice you and the final decision and action are yours.

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posted on Mar, 10 2006 @ 03:00 AM
Ok here is an angle you haven't explored and haven't even mentioned.
Where is your father?
Not mentioned and by not mentioning one can assume you haven't been able to ask
him what your mom is talking about. So then we can assume that once
upon a time your mother had a boyfriend, he and she were both pagans of some
form or another, they may have held a fertility ritual, and had a good roll in the hay,
never saw each other again (or not), and nine months later you were pull
kicking and screaming from her womb.

Its no big deal in any way shape or form, everyone has ritual before sex.
The typical rituals are the "dinner and movie ritual" and "oops I drank too much ritual" and the
"we have TWO hotel beds ritual", and the "my parents aren't home ritual"..there are plenty of them. In your case it was probably just a fertility ritual straight out of some book.

As for your friend, Yin and Yang indeed. You did not fulfill a prophecy, you just recognized obvious
traits in him that were opposed to yours. He's a freakin loser, forget him.

Simple enough?

Now lets all get back to our regularly scheduled conspiracist breeding agenda.

posted on Mar, 10 2006 @ 08:39 AM
I used to be wiccan...I was even thinking about changing my religion permanently to wiccan, that's how devoted I was. And believe it or not, I actually did get it to rain, spells do work.....but not by mantras, I mean by the mind. The mind is powerful. But you see...I found the truth...Wicca dates all the way back to Druidic times, and no matter what you are are still worshipping Satan< Yes I know that they say they don't worship satan....but they DO, they are not AWARE of it...I have done much research. for about 6 years I have been wiccan, then 4 years later, I found the truth for's just another way to MIND CONTROL people into getting into the same ritual habbit and worshipping, participating in cermemonial acts.

I know that wicca is harmless to others...but you are really doing harm to yourself. yes I know about the pentagram, and that is symbolizes earth , air, fire, water, wind, spirit...but there is also an upside down pentacle which represents the devil. The wiccans use the right side up pentacle, but still, they are still participating in druidic acts.

Another thing to think about is Arizona Wilder< she mentions that these holidays that I used to celebrate, and it makes sense. Halloween, Samhain, it when the highest form of ritual takes place, and children are sacrificed by reptilians. Also, all those holidays are druidic, and paganistic. Anything to do with pagan is worshipping many gods, which is not ok...because you are then opening yourself up to problems..

Please..wiccans...don't get mad at me..I know what I am talking about. Someday You will find the truth in this. I used to be like you, I did...but you are all being decieved. And someday, you will realize what's really going on with that stuff.

The only god we should worship is the true creator who is what he is, he is in us, he is in everything. He was that was, and always will be...we came from God. God is everything. remember Davids quote...

"Infinite love is the only thing that matters, everything else is illusion."

posted on Mar, 10 2006 @ 09:42 AM
I'm not a pagan nor a wicca and I still say that you're talking nonsence.

Wicca dating all the way back to druidic times? I don't think so. Wicca is here since 1940-1950 when Gerard Gardner formed it. Wicca is formed with witchcraft as it's foundation but Gerard made several changes into the system of belief and magical workings that it has become something different from each other. A link posted on a page prior to this one explains what Witchcraft is and the differences there are with Modern-witchcraft named Wicca. Even though I think Gerard has a demonical look about him, his teachings are fair. The way wicca's choose to follow it as they seem fit is a different matter.

Druidism...well no one knows how old it is. Its first literature references date back to 200b.c. and about 400a.c. any reference to druids are gone. There are indications that bards had druidic traits and referred to them as drewds and other phonetic writings and wordplays. The culture of mages appeared in that timeframe and these mages had the same traits as druids had. A connection with nature and no connection with manmade societies. Making it possible to become very wise and travel trough nations freely and fulfill roles as advisors and diplomats. Around 1400-1600A.C. druids came back into the foreground and public view. However there are reasons to believe that these druids do not follow the same path as the old druids used to. This because a lot of bardic scholars had their own ideas about what druidism is and how it should be practiced. Thus neo-druidism, druidism as it is known and practiced today, was born. A respectfull writing about this is the book Druids and Druidism by Kendrick.

Witchcraft is ancient as well. Practiced in many forms and shapes. Just think about certain sisterhoods who worshipped female earth gods like the greeks did to Hera.

As for Satan and mind control. I'm sorry, but church and other organised religions do excactely the same. Do you see the irony in your own writings? Church uses rituals as well without telling their followers about it. The simple prayers, the symbolic meaning of the whine and bread just to name the commonly used ones. And believe it or not but there are Apostles and Bishops that follow the occult and magical practices as well. Alchemy is considered Occult as well, even though the pope was against it during the 13th or 14th century many bishops still kept practicing it. Later it got accepted by the church and in the 16th or 17th century there started to be a seperation. Alchemy practiced by church and the chemical aspect became chemistry into the scientific mainstream that started growing. Still the alchemecal spiritual symbolism is still often used in church and christianity.

Druidism and witchcraft, Christianity and Judaism all have sprung from ancient Shamanism. So it isn't odd that all forms of belief systems have common grounds. But to call one evil or wrong just because you prefer another stream/path of belief is just ignorance. You say you studied/researched a lot in those 6-10 years? Then I wonder what it is you've been studying, because you're not showing any knowledge, let alone wisdom, in that one post. If you understood your studies you probably figured out that everyone has to find their own path and not one is right or wrong. You have found your own path and learned that your path is not a magical one, be happy with it and move on.

Another thing to think about is Arizona Wilder< she mentions that these holidays that I used to celebrate, and it makes sense. Halloween, Samhain, it when the highest form of ritual takes place, and children are sacrificed by reptilians. Also, all those holidays are druidic, and paganistic. Anything to do with pagan is worshipping many gods, which is not ok...because you are then opening yourself up to problems..

Are you even serious? I get the impression that you're making 80% of your post up. Samhain is an festival called sabbat and it is celibrated in the same way as hallow's eve (halloween). It is said that this is the time when the layer with the other world is at it thinnest so that you can remember and communicate with loved ones that past away. One night in the year to remember them as they used to be. There are no heavy rituals nor any sacrifices by reptillians. What the hell do reptillians even have to do with this? You read about them on the UFO/Alien boards of ATS? And no Sabbat holidays are not druidic nor paganistic. Do you even know what those 2 are? These holidays are from celtic folklore and it just so happens that Druids celibrate them, but wicca's and witches do not per se. The Sabbats aren't even the main holidays for the wicca's but the esbats are, the celibrations of the moonphases and equinoxes.

Paganistic..pfft. Pagan comes from the term Paganus, which refers to "He who lives on the fields". They were people who lived outside the large countries and off the fields they worked on. Pagans respect nature and live with it in balance. When christianity came to rise the phrase Pagan got a very different definition. Simply anything that was NOT based upon a Judeo-christian belief was a Pagan. A pagan became a poor synonym for heathen. Even budhism, hinduism were paganistic beliefs according to christianity.

Anyone who didn't want to conform to judeo-christian beliefs got killed. But still the christians took many deities used in other religions and added them to their own belief system as a form of compromise. Christmas for excample is a compromise so that "pagans" could save their life and still be able to celibrate the winter solcetice. Jezus has nothing to do with it. His birth wasn't in December, but because no1 knew when it was they used it this way. If you substract the months that various Roman Emperors added tot the calendars and you'll get a more accurate month in which jezus was born. Gaia/Hera and the likes were taking and transformed into the Holy Virgin Mother. And there is much more which was "stolen" from paganistic beliefs. So much that christianity has become Paganistic themselves. Go follow Judism if you truly want to follow God and Jezus.

What a bunch of ignorance. God gave Free Will and people will choose what they want with their lives. God is all and made everyone in his image, not his physical image but his energetical one. Everything is God ranging from the planet to the plants to the people to the seas and the oceans to the air and the stars and the universe. Seeing God is everything he encompasses everything...he is both light and dark. Light and Dark is the dual dichotomy of Good vs Evil which I've explained so many times is only in the eye of the beholder and their personal belief system. There is no universal right or wrong because everything just is untill you Judge it. God said NOT to judge unless you want to be judges meaning everything just IS untill you have to give an opinion about it. an opinion based on your own belief and moral system. Opinions are subjective and so is everything which people consider to be either good or evil. God is both light and dark and he does not give people the tools to do something and punishes them when they choose to use them. Why give people Free Will? Just to see them screw up and condemn them?

Everything you posted is ignorance and an illusion. Go back to your studies and perhaps in 6-10 more years you'll find the true answers.

Written reply by an Occultist (personally prefer the term "Practitioner of Life") whome studied intensely for the past 4-5 years and beliefs in The All (called God by some and named different by others)

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