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2015 Christmas/Winter Holidays Avatar Contest **WINNERS ANNOUNCED**

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posted on Dec, 30 2015 @ 05:33 PM

And the winners are........

1st place [4 applause].....

2nd place TIE [3 applause].... ~Lucidity


3rd place [2 applause].... AccessDenied

4th place [1 applause] .... Gordi the Drummer

A big CONGRATS to all winners, all those who entered and all those who participated!!!!
And many thanks to Kangaruex4Ewe for going cross-eyed counting stars

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posted on Dec, 30 2015 @ 07:53 PM
WOW I am totally shocked & don't know what to say
as I never expected to win & it's my first win.

I owe it ALL to Big Fat Furry Texan! He has made it possible
for me to learn & to continue to learn how to create avatars
& help with Photo Shop. I am so ever grateful!!!
Also I am thankful to all me friends on the BTS Avatar site as
they ALL have helped me & everyone helps each other & it
is extremely nice to have that support.

Congrats to everyone! We are lucky to have such great artist
& ideas between us all. My favorite part of the contest is seeing
everyone's work!

I am truly honored! wow just wow.


posted on Dec, 30 2015 @ 07:57 PM
a reply to: Ektar


Thank you to everyone for their wonderful entries.

posted on Dec, 30 2015 @ 08:27 PM
Congrats everyone. You guys and gals continue to amaze with your creativity. Thanks to staff as well for caring so much.

posted on Dec, 31 2015 @ 03:38 AM
Congrats Ektar on a well deserved first place! It's a pleasure to be here with so many creative people.

posted on Dec, 31 2015 @ 03:43 AM
All the entries were clear examples of talent.

Thanks to all of you, it was fun voting.

posted on Dec, 31 2015 @ 04:11 AM
a reply to: Ektar

Congrats Ektar !

posted on Dec, 31 2015 @ 04:28 AM
a reply to: Ektar

Yay you!!
Congratulations, yours was excellent! And I loved your piper snowman avvy!
Well done everyone, I love these contests. Your talents make my eyes bleed (in a good way

B x

posted on Dec, 31 2015 @ 06:12 AM
a reply to: Ektar


Big Fat Squishy Hugs for You and your Collies!!

Well done all of the entrants and winners!
And huge thanks to the usual suspects on the staff for their organising and counting! (It is MUCH appreciated!)


posted on Jan, 6 2016 @ 09:34 PM
a reply to: Ektar

YAY Ektar!!

Congrats my friend

As well as to everyone else....congratulations!

posted on Feb, 14 2016 @ 07:36 AM
belated shout-out to Cranial Sponge for his blue Christmas (in space?) avatar. (pg 4 in thread)
sorry I didn't see the thread before the holiday or I'd have voted for ya.
good work!

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