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Little Miss lead

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posted on Dec, 5 2015 @ 01:51 AM

Make up,
some use it to accentuate their
inner beauty,
others To hide their ugly face.
That iron mask
they picked up along the way.
Heavy, full of irony.
That Top heavy suit
that suits no one.
Like some kind of parasite
It awaits to hold away the light.
Leeching on to you
so fast there is no time
to fight.
Misleading you
all because you are bright
like the stars.
Dark space it is not
like that, its the home of the stars.
This make up,
is the veil of envy
The cloak of ignorance,
The disguise of the unwise,
The way of the misslead

Eliberocelta Antequera Dic 2015

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