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Life Altering Dream/OOBE I Just Had...

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posted on Jan, 5 2005 @ 03:13 PM
Ok, this is very strange. I had just posted on ATS actually, and was tired as hell from school, work, working out, etc...and decided to lie down on the couch. This is when things seriously got weird. Keep in mind I was only sleeping probably 20 minutes at the most.

So I guess I had fallen asleep on the couch, but I actually "woke up" and got off the couch as the "dream" started. So, the dream actually started with me waking up from the couch, as if I had been asleep earlier. This is why throughout the dream I had no doubt I was conscious, and I was also more aware of this dream as being "real" than any other dream I've ever had. It is just so strange how I had started the dream on the exact same couch, essentially waking up from real life into this dream world...anyway..

What I can remember is that for some reason my grandmother was at the house, and she had just returned from Paris with my cousin...I have no idea why I was thinking this at all. The only thing I really remember is walking around my house during the dream, and feeling very strange. I also drove my car somewhere, then came back, and remember seeing my younger brother playing video games on the tv in the family room...then, while I was still dreaming, I started thinking back on the events that had occurred during the dream and realizing that something was wrong. I was wondering why my grandmother was there (my cousin wasn't in the dream, I just "knew" that she had been to Paris with my grandmother), and then I also realized I had driven the car somewhere, but that I couldn't remember most of the drive. After this, I proceeded to lie down on THE SAME COUCH that I had actually been sleeping on...and I fell asleep while in my dream.

Now my dream instantly changed to an episode of sleep paralysis (I have mentioned in other threads that I used to get this quite often, but this is the first time it has recently happened). I was lying on the same couch, and I couldn't was exactly like every other time of sleep paralysis I have experienced, and I was completely conscious during it. Except, now I don't know if the sleep paralysis was something that took place during the dream, or when I was actually waking up....because my nap in real life, as well as my dream, both started and ended with me lying down on the same couch.

I had been trying to snap myself out of the sleep paralysis thing, when I decided to just stop fighting it and see what would happen...well, something definitely did happen. I heard this humming noise, and thought my body started to vibrate. Right as this was happening, I felt like some person or entity of some kind was pulling me straight out of my body--though I couldn't see anyone else, I just felt them. I did in fact, come out of my body, and was floating/hovering right above my own body on the bed...I couldn't see myself or anything, but I KNEW and definitely could feel that I was not in myself anymore. I started moving through the air, just a couple of feet right next to the couch, where I slowly drifted downwards toward the floor, then floated back up from the floor, and back inside my body. I couldn't control any of this at all.

After I was back inside my body, the same sound and vibrating started again, and for some reason I just KNEW that I was about to be pulled out again and taken somewhere outside of this universe, or somewhere else...somewhere I didn't want to go. I can't even explain this feeling of knowing I was about to be transported a long ways. But I do remember specifically telling this "entity" that I felt, "No I'm Not ready". I repeated that in my mind, directed towards this being several times. The humming and vibrating slowed down and stopped.

After this, I was still paralyzed in my sleep, and was trying to wake up. I actually did keep leaving my body on my own as I was attempting to become unparalyzed. Once again, I can't explain this at all...basically it was like I had two bodies, but they were completely seperate. I would try to get off the couch to wake up, but instead, I would feel myself fall to the floor and pushing against the table next to the couch. But I wasn't actually doing this. Each time this would happen, I could also bring myself back into the real body, which was lying on the couch. And whenever I tried to jolt myself awake (which is what I used to do to get myself out of sleep paralysis), it would just be as if myself came out of my body and was next to the couch. But I never moved at all.

Eventually I did wake heart was beating so fast, and I was completely shocked and kind of scared. This is because I really don't think the out of body part or the "entity" I felt was part of the dream..I really don't know, it just freaked me out. I also feel very weird and out of touch with reality right now, kind of like I am not fully conscious or awake. I just feel like I'm lost, and I woke up from a very very long sleep or hibernation...but it was only 20 minutes spent on the same couch. This seriously felt like it changed my life in some monumental way, I just feel very odd now. Anyway, thanks for reading this crazy story haha

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