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The apple and the idea

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posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 10:30 AM
I sat down at the dinner table with my whole family, we had a new member. His name was Dante, an innocent soul, brought front by a family of.. well.. Humans.. Within these doors our names were different from the lies outside portrayed as the truth, were most are servants for a higher cause giving a purpose and a meaning.
Our family has been attacked, ridiculed, haunted and observed like wild animals in a zoo. But never moved in spite of every attempt.
We always stood in the middle of the wars, each side trying to make empty promises for a stronger hand. We listened and never spoke, this is your world not ours.
And my grandfather at the end of the table says;" Why are you with those animals " For him, there was but one truth. I knew he would never understand.
So i took an apple, rolled it down the table and said;" You see the apple, it moves. " And pointed to his head ;" But that idea doesnt"

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