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Crowd funded game Star Citizen close to $100,000,000, anyone else playing?

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posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 12:43 AM

originally posted by: RalagaNarHallas
a reply to: Belgianbloke

dont think gillian anderson,andy serkis and gary oldman or mark hamil throw their names into "ponzi schemes" but a few people tend to go around trying to spread negative press about the project /

That's just BS, when I look at SC I'm always reminded of the " the too big to fail " banks.
The actors are probably payed in advance, or else they wouldn't even consider it. If this project would ever fail the actors won't take any responsibility, and they shouldn't either.

Asking some critical questions is in order.
The whole project seems unbalanced.

We now have CR, his wife ( which he denied over 2 years ) and his brather in law running the company.
I hope you guys get a nice product, I really do. But he's shady as hell.

The guy was broke 3 years ago, he's own history tells you all you need to know. Every single time he had a project where he had the sole oversight the project failed.

Be it in games or movies.
He produced a few gems, but as has been said before many times, those where projects where he had a boss to tell him " no "

Sometimes it really does sound like a cult, and the sales seems like a cheap money grab.

Like the " limited ships " bloody hell, its digital, there is no limit. And if you sell them for a high price because they are " limited " then stick by it. In most cases after 2 months they give a new excuse and re-sell them.

But again, as a gamer myself, I really hope you guys get what you payed for.
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posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 01:00 AM
a reply to: Belgianbloke

mark hamil was in wingcommander 3,4 and 5 one of chris roberts most sucesfull franchise (now owned by ea) John ryhs davis was also invovled previously and in the current project you may remember him as Gimli from lord of the rings but he played Palidin in the WC saga and novels so that explains some of the names(serkis worked with davis in lord of the rings and gillian anderson is mainstream again with new xfiles coming out) if its a Ponzi scheme it would have been stopped by now like the many shady kickstarters,you dont get tax breaks from germany and Uk from the government like they have with a ponzi scheme too much about the project is legit ,it may come out later then promised but it will come out

posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 01:03 AM
a reply to: Belgianbloke this is the only link i could find on him being "bankrupt" and this was a firm he funded not his main company as he is quite diversified in film and video game industry

his wiki
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posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 01:03 AM
a reply to: Belgianbloke

I hear ya.

I'm seeing a lot of progression, it may not be super fast, but it's happening, and what gets released is awesome even when it needs a few fixes. These things don't happen overnight.

I think it's ridiculous to spend thousands here, I think it's ridiculous what I've spent, but I really want to see a game that I actually WANT to play succeed. This is the only game I really WANT to play, and even the few areas I get to play are worth at least $60. Beyond the $45 or so to get the current content you should be aware that the game may just not go forward, but if you've been paying attention it's clearly going forward. This game is a game changer. Even in it's infancy it's incredibly immersive and beautiful. It's fun, it's hard, there's a learning curve and it keeps getting better.

There is a certain fanaticism with some backers, but when was the last time you saw a group of gamers actually believe in something and help mould it? We get force fed games and say thank you even though we're eating crap. At the very least this is proving that the end user has some say, it's a change and we should at least respect that.

I'd rather waste a few hundred bucks trying to help a game I actually would enjoy than spend another $60 every 4 months on games that fall short.

posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 01:18 AM
a reply to: Domo1

The game itself is something i would like to play, and i have been tempted more then once to buy the starterspack.
But I can't get behind the way they approach it, if/when the game comes out i'l probably buy it. Till then i'm just trying to stay in the loop.

And let me be clear before I go any further, I'm not a Derek smart fan, he does however just like CR has been a goliath in the space sim genre. Most people won't accept that, but the guy really did some amazing stuff back in the days.

He pushed the absolute limits of computer processing power back in the days.
Where his games fun? No lol
Is he a nice guy? No, he's an narcisist

BUT, he is an old veteran in the gaming industry, and some of the things he says on his blog do hold water...
The reason why he's going about it are all wrong tho..

But again, some of he's investigation has been a real eye opener, lets not forget if it wasn't for Smart no one would ever know Sandy is his wife. And that might not seem like a big deal but it is.

The fact she uses SC funded rooms to pursue her acting career is something that shouldn't be smiled away.
Also Derek's remarks about burning rates, he know's the paychecks these guys get in the industry, so it is reasonable to say he has a good understanding how much and what rate SC can go on.

I certainly hope you are having fun
, Currently i'm waiting for Camelot Unchanged, the way Mark is going about it is amazing

posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 01:18 AM
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posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 02:14 AM
a reply to: defuntion

Hey man, if you don't get my U2Us right now it appears there is some sort of problem. We will figure it out, I'm getting a problem at the other site too. Heck yes we can fly together!

posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 06:32 AM
The prices of the ships are stupid, I'm not into the whole paying before it's released thing that is killing the gaming industry, paying to alpha test when there was a job industry on alpha testing that has now been killed off by impatient gamers willing to pay hundreds of dollars to play the game in an unfinished state and do very little testing of the game.

I paid £10 for Elite Dangerous over the black friday weekend while it was on sale, it has just as big ambitions as Citizen but it's actually playable and rather fun, also David Braben is just as godly as Roberts.

I'll probably get Star Citizen IF it ever gets released but there's no way I'm putting money into what could never ever be released because Mr Roberts keeps wanting to "expand" the game by adding yet more stuff, putting back the none existent release date

posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 08:22 AM
Have looked it but now you say you got to pay thousands for a half decent ship then na.....hate paid content games.

posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 08:46 AM
a reply to: Belgianbloke

Yeah crowd funding is pretty iffy. Braid McQuiad the creator of EverQuest had burned a bunch of people a couple of years ago ( and still trying to now) in a crowdfunded game called Pantheon .E ssentially using the money to pay off his debts and to fund his living while he had developers working for free.

The problem with this from what I am seeing in the thread is the whole pay to win aspect that seems to be rearing its head in the form of donations. These ships people can get for 15k is it something game breaking? Will it be like EVE online in the way that there will be people that you will never be able to compete with /catch up to due to them being involved longer/donating more?

posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 12:51 PM
a reply to: Domo1
Why would it be a joke. Frankly I prefer it. Don't have the funds for such things and it seems fun creating my own ships with friends. But then I'd rather play Civ 5 at the moment.

posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 01:03 PM
a reply to: crazyewok

25-35 gets ya into the game and all assets can be earned in game,any one throwing money at it does so to fund the game or to give them selves a percived atvantage at launch time,i haven't spent a dollar on it since 2014

posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 03:36 PM
a reply to: Domo1

Looks...well, it looks like I'm going to be building a new PC and dumping some coin. Thanks a bunch, Domo...thanks a bunch.

No, seriously, I already know, I'm going to be glad you forced me to spend money on this. Will be checking out in more detail tonight, planning my build later, and then...hoping I have a big enough net profit this Xmas to get going!

posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 10:47 PM

originally posted by: Domo1
a reply to: defuntion

Give me a few minutes, I didn't know anything about a referral code. That makes the ponzi scheme comment make a lot more sense.

Check your messages in a few.

I am registered and I got some cool mail!!
Check your U2U...
This is a very cool idea I think.. So far, it all seems legit and well thought out. I have much more to learn though..
I will let you know what I think after I familiarize myself some more..

posted on Dec, 5 2015 @ 04:38 AM
a reply to: RalagaNarHallas

Wow, your comparing a SPACE sim with a landbased sim...
Ok "fanboy" (as im heretic)...
Well i doubt what ever i say would sway you, but as
a sim, when allowing flight in ANY sim, it will be too
small... And as a spacesim, what like 10min travers
time in system... No way...... TOO SMALL

posted on Dec, 5 2015 @ 11:50 PM
a reply to: Miccey

Better to compare it with other space sims

Elite Dangerous (probably SC's competitor) currently has 400 billion stars all based on the stars in our milky way, somebody went as far as working out that it would take 11 days continuous play to go from one end to the other

100,000 light years across, pretty big world. Next update for ED we're getting planetary exploration
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posted on Dec, 6 2015 @ 01:45 AM
Mmm ED is imho a spacesim worth the definition.
BUT, as it is big it is also kinda booring...
Not much to do yet, and every system is
basicly the same... And it is like SC to simple
in travel systems...From point a to b you can
only go in one way... And that gives the griefers
the game...

Soo, what they should do is, let the playerbase
build it... The devs develop the system, graphics
and starsystems...

Then give the playerbase the software to build
ships, weapons, "devices", other stuff and such..

And YES, it is doable... Look at OFP/ArmA world....

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