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Phenomena and its causes

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posted on Dec, 3 2015 @ 08:07 PM
Like many other humans I was taught religious belief, yet did not believe due to the indoctrination process....yet I had a belief that spirit was real.

I lived my life in a personal study of spirit, applying concepts of meditation....remote viewing, spiritual healing and the studied results, the information of psychic awareness...and also holographic memory.

Like other psychics, I realized that I could gain verifiable information without personal study...on subjects such as history, science and medicine...which I verified via the condition of encylopaedic and medical journals, and the internet.

Therefore I gained review that human beings as a body and also Nature gains an image "recorded memory" in the atmosphere via the interaction with sun light, probably due to the photon.

The atmosphere demonstrates via its condition to be enabled to take recordings of life...transmit the records...and also record voice.

Hence I proved the condition to my self.

I then realized paranormal phenomena was caused by scientific burning of the atmosphere...changing both light and sound vibrations due to the increase of radiation light and sound formation.

Increased radiation was changing the natural inherited atmospheric sound of radiation...given sound via its cooling process.

Hence I was made aware of how human ghosts were formed....and yet related to an evil or angry condition.

As life is recorded as an evaluated light/sound vibration, all forms of our own self expression gain a recording.

Increasing the radiation amount in the atmosphere takes a recording of a recording. Taking a human spiritual life.....recording it on an evil spiritual advice....increased radiation.

Hence a false spirit is created as a ghost...that seems as if it belongs to life....yet by evidence it does not.

The reason why ghosts disappear is because at the ground state extra radiation is dealt with by an increased oxygen interaction. The ice deals with the radiation...melts and replaces the lost coldness of the light.

This causes the interaction of the human feeling the spirit presence or attacked by the false/fake presence to feel "cold" along with the evilness of the increased radiation forming a fake spirit.

This is evident to the returned image or remanifestation of a ghost or spirit in the same house that it was removed from....caused by the radiation itself.

Radiation attacks Earth differently due to above ground radiated light sounds that already exist....hence the paranormal is activated due to difference of light and irradiated sound.

The whisperings heard, are actually the recordings of the life, and a human attacked in the same radiation event has their own brain chemicals altered. Brain hearing therefore changes and frequency of hearing changes. This allows only the human involved in the change/attack to hear and see the condition, which is why it has always been disputed, even though physical evidence also supports the condition.

As a spiritual human being I know myself that the term spirit is a relationship that human beings have always been aware of due to the conditions involved in the experiences. I have had experiences involving many different forms of phenomena.

The alien manifestation has the same condition applied to it....yet it involves animals and trees besides human beings....and it also involves the radiated stone signals of Earth. This is the reason why our conscious perception concludes that the alien is extra in Earth's terrestrial and also artificial. For our consciousness is an evolved self process of reviewing conditions and naming conditions from our own psyche.

So we have already identified via our human psyche what the spiritual condition implies.

Therefore stone and its increased radiation signals converting it has formed artificial alien spiritual manifestations due to the condition of holding an irradiated signal to the ground state for the Nuclear Power plants to convert the natural crystal of stone.

Alien spirits are therefore formed in the similar circumstance, yet add frequencies and information into their manifestations that have nothing to do with human life at all and they are self represented as phenomena.

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