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But We Shouldn't Rush to Judge ...

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posted on Dec, 3 2015 @ 04:46 PM
a reply to: Benevolent Heretic

Well, I could get into the aspects about mocking God and believers. Let's not forget that at least one person on the inside asked people to pray for them, but I didn't go that route.

This is about the blatant media bias in this instance. It's patently obvious that no matter what they said, the GOP were going to be get plastered for it. And so they even are going to far as to mock the most decent and potentially inoffensive thing anyone could say at that point in time.

That's how far around the bend it has gone.

It also exposes that NOTHING is allowed to come without politics or agenda anymore, not even our weather.

posted on Dec, 3 2015 @ 05:07 PM
a reply to: ketsuko

Remember how we were all asked not to jump to conclusions or politicize or anything?

Yes, I remember.

Remind me: what exactly was it that we were asked "not to jump to conclusions or politicize or anything"

Oh, yeah. It was the identification and motives of a particular offender or group of offenders. while the investigation of a specific event is on-going.

And how long exactly were we to withhold judgment on those motives?

Oh yeah, that's right. Until those offenders and their motivations were identified. See, cause once the offenders and their motivations are identified, then we don't need to 'jump to conclusions' about them anymore.

Now what exactly are you complaining about - that people are getting sick and bloody tired of doing nothing while the conditions that enable these mass murder events are not only allowed to fester, but are actively encouraged by the manufacturers of the weapons of mass destruction that are being used.

People are sick and bloody tired of legislators whispering 'thoughts and prayers' while lining their pockets with money from gun manufacturers. They are liars and hypocrites. They are NOT thinking of those victims and they are NOT praying for them - all they think about is how they can sound 'respectful' and not offend their NRA paymasters.

It is not jumping to conclusions or politicizing anything to demand that positive action be taken to reverse this horrible expectation that "of course there is more than one mass murder per day - this is America after all".

Legislators are elected to accomplish 'stuff' in this world - they need to start doing something positive in this world. Prayer is great and powerful, but it is not what elected representatives are elected to do.

By all means, pray all you want, but then DO SOMETHING POSITIVE.

posted on Dec, 3 2015 @ 05:15 PM
a reply to: rnaa

Hmm, did you miss the part where they made their comments DURING the events before anyone knew anything?

Let's examine the three mass events that took place recently:

New Orleans, Colorado, San Bernardino.

All three took place in different venues carried out by different people with different motivations. Just about the ONLY thing they all had in common was guns. The left always wants to think that if they only took away the guns, they would magically fix it all, but really they don't do squat. They don't do a thing to address the issues that led to the violence in the first place.

1. Gangs

2. Mental instability

3. Murderous Radicalism

All three very different and needing different solutions. Removing the guns won't fix any of the three.

posted on Dec, 3 2015 @ 05:33 PM
It was obviously an orchestrated prayer-shaming. They must have sent a talking point memo out.

All of the usual suspects like daily kos were in on it.

And both obama and clinton made sure not to offer prayers as they both did to the French after their most rcent muslim terror atrack.

And of course the progressive parrots did not bash CAIR for offering prayers, only christians and jews.
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posted on Dec, 3 2015 @ 05:35 PM

I might have a little more sympathy for them but for the fact that they pray with one eye on the check they're receiving from the NRA and the arms dealers.

And why were their prayers out there so much faster for SB than for CS? No hypocrisy there at all.

posted on Dec, 3 2015 @ 08:22 PM
a reply to: Deny Arrogance

It was obviously an orchestrated prayer-shaming.

I might agree with you if what you meant was that the Pollies all spouting "thoughts and prayers" were trying to be sarcastic and shame the hypocritical "prayer will stop the mass murder" zealots. But you know and I know that they were not.

I might even agree with you if were calling the list of Pollies with empty sympathies and meaningless words in "I said it too - look at me!" tweets an orchestrated sham. But you know and I know that that isn't what you meant.

"Orchestrated" you say? One guy with a twitter account is an "orchestra" now?

It was ONE guy who slut shamed every one of those hypocrites with the truth of their meaningless tripe. Bloggers picked up the story and credited him - one person calling out hundreds. Newspapers picked up the trend. One paper put it on the front page. Now its folklore and a call to change.

That is not an "orchestration", that is an enlightenment.

Now, Republicans are ON RECORD supporting the supply of heavy armament to terrorists in America and the arms dealers are busy modifying their accounting systems to handle more digits in their profit statements.

posted on Dec, 3 2015 @ 08:26 PM
I am sure that any executive decisions Obama will sign, will keep the borders illegal gun trafficking away from the hands of criminals like gun laws has been doing all this years.

What a joke.

Laws are only for law abiding citizens, like another good poster said to me.
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posted on Dec, 3 2015 @ 10:53 PM
I feel that the prayers were sincere. And I also believe that the solution is more guns. No im not being sarcastic, I really think we should loosen the law a little bit more so that every building in America at least has a gun just like a fire extinguisher.

Some of my IRA is in defense companies and arms manufacturers, but I dont see how that is relevant. If you got a 401k chances are your employer is also investing in said companies for your retirement.

posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 02:02 AM

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