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The Dual Soul Connection: The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement

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posted on Dec, 5 2015 @ 01:26 PM
Taken from the bottom of the UFOCUS NZ website.....Copyright © 2010 UFOCUSNZ

So...not "new".

While you may see my postings as a PITA, all of us have been where you are now....all enthused over someone in the UFO field. However after awhile we began to really think thru what we were reading and wised up.

Susy Hansen is not the worst of the UFO spectrum, but she's not all that special either. Just more of the same. No new revelations, ect....

I like the fact that she appreciates the importance of true science in UFO research. Handicapped mainstream science is holding back progress for those humans who want to communicate and interact in the cosmos using advanced technology.

Look.....everyone would like some science in UFO Research, however since that seems tightly controlled by military/govt we won't hear about it. Doesn't mean it isn't going on already.

Secondly Science isn't holding ANYONE back.....get you some big bucks, develop your own methods, radio towers, software etc and have at it! Just because those who do have it won't share doesn't mean anyone is held back. It just means you have to work harder.

People are sitting in empty fields using flashlights to don't have a flashlight?
No advanced anything necessary!!

I'm actually one of those dreaded "believers" but your posts have been so "out there" , even I can poke holes in them!!!
That makes the rest of us appear naive as well. We aren't BTW. What she's doing in trying to collect NZ reports is admirable, but so are a load of other people in their own areas. "Education" etc was "novel" back in the 50's & 60's....not so much now with the internet an all. What she's sharing during conferences is technically OTHER PEOPLES info confided to her, so again.....nothing new.

It makes the info anecdotal, can't be used to prove anything scientifically so??
More stalemate....and this is why I don't share your enthusiasm. I can't fathom even WHY you are enthused!!

posted on Dec, 5 2015 @ 01:52 PM

originally posted by: Caver78
Taken from the bottom of the UFOCUS NZ website.....Copyright © 2010 UFOCUSNZ

What is?

posted on Dec, 5 2015 @ 04:33 PM
a reply to: Caver78

People are sitting in empty fields using flashlights to don't have a flashlight?
No advanced anything necessary!!

Nobody is communicating with aliens via flashlight, grow up.
If aliens want anything to do with you, they will come and take you. And they do. They're still not interested in communicating with you if they do take you.

posted on Dec, 5 2015 @ 06:55 PM

originally posted by: ConnectDots
a reply to: trueskepticnumberone

The way I look at it, there are good and evil extraterrestrials just like there are good and evil humans.

It's that simple.

In context of their post, that's a puzzling reply. Is the OP about the good ones or the evil ones?
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posted on Dec, 6 2015 @ 05:52 PM
Why does a modern time UFO attack consider spiritual information that belongs to religious discussions of human life....the soul?

Why do UFOlogists also use ancient spiritual information and interpret it into meanings of aliens?

Who is the spiritual identity on Planet Earth?
I thought the identity was a human being....for don't we all consider ourselves the consciousness perusing and making statements about what we are studying?

I never believed myself to be an angel, God or an evil spirit, or an alien. I have had spiritual experiences myself and knew by information that consciously we advised ourselves about our life through spiritual experiences.

I know that we have always considered our own self and how we were created as a human life and considered that we were once a light spirit that manifested into a lower sound/vibration and manifested into an organic human presence.

The reason that we have believed this condition to be the human inheritance is because we have witnessed human phenomena of manifesting/demanifesting and also human deceased persons...manifesting and also forms of angelic light the many stories of human experience.

I also know that many human beings have witnessed alien spirits, therefore how is this wrong? We do witness spirit after all, for millions of humans attested that they have.

As we live in an atmosphere that supports our mind/brain condition as a chemical vibration/wavelength and also survive by the light/oxygen content of the atmosphere, what would any of you propose would happen if you changed either atmospheric reaction?

If you altered the nuclear to a changed condition.....wouldn't the atmospheric chemical natural wavelength change?
Wouldn't this change affect our brain/ chemicals/ mind/ cell/ blood?

Have these situations happened since we have seen the alien...been affected physically/mentally by the alien...yes.

Where does manifestation of spirit come from? The atmosphere, and I have been witness to it myself.

I was burnt in atmospheric radiation increase and saw black swirling wisps of smoke...the smoke changed into what I considered was a cooling and then I saw the images of aliens and many different forms of spirit presences.

I therefore gained a physical reaction...burning of my eyes and therefore saw phenomena that a lot of humans never see, for unlike the victims, when radiation falls out it does not hit the ground state the same everywhere.....for the upper atmosphere and the streams of cold deal with it before it hits.

Obviously when human beings have chemical brain changes...then so too does brain imagery as light/sound interaction.

We all perceive the information differently and as it is unnatural to be attacked in this form, obviously the information itself is strange and it is difficult to describe. Yet human beings and Scientists studying the affects they are causing as a attack at the ground state...because they are studying it, demand that we give them scientific information that they can use. This is how evil occult scientists have become.

If you look at ancient information relating to occultism and evilness, just imagine what modern occultists are like.

I myself feel sorry for all of the victims, and how much ridicule they have all gained whilst trying to explain an unexplainable condition....being attacked by increased radiation that belongs in out of space. Is it any wonder that our natural consciousness that involves (cooled atmospheric radiation) gains such image changes and physical anomalies?

posted on Dec, 6 2015 @ 06:07 PM
a reply to: trueskepticnumberone

If aliens come and take you, then why is it that the victim tells the story?

If a victim disappears after they have been involved in the public revealing of alien information, then we can all guess who made them disappear can't we!

If a human being is having a spiritual or psychic attack/change, then the natural human awareness tries to review the condition of changes. Our natural response is to consider the information and then try to make sense of it.

Think about human life and alien manifestation....why would aliens suddenly manifest as a spirit but then also disappear?
Why do spirits disappear?

Because spirits are not real life.....obvious review.

If a human being who survives as a condition of atmospheric conditions, and then the atmospheric conditions change.....would this cause a spirit to manifest.......obviously yes.

If the atmosphere made a spirit manifest....then this would also change the natural state of the atmospheric and human body/mind/cell/blood interaction.....obvious.

If you change the condition of the atmosphere, the human psyche/chemical balances also change.

We use natural chemical balances to think/hear/see/gain images........feelings.

If you change the condition of the atmosphere, the human feeling/chemical balances change....obvious.

If the alien manifests at the ground state and a human being lives on Earth at the ground state....then what would you consider the alien spiritual manifestation stole from you?

Your spiritual life.....the purpose you live....the purpose that gives you cellular interactions...that allows cells to form...that keeps the blood holy....that keeps your chemical balances balanced.....OXYGEN.

What did the ancients consider in spiritual documents about creation as holiness? The HOLY OX....oxygen.

What did the ancients consider was our spirit of holiness.....heavenly/atmospheric spirit....oxygen.

What name did they give this spirit? The Christ or Christ Consciousness.

Therefore the ancients already knew by self advice that the holiness of the atmosphere is our own personal human spiritual condition....we own it for our survival.

If you changed this condition and gave it to the manifestation of an alien.....evil radiated light transmission, then obviously the human psyche would be aware that its own natural spirit had been taken/removed by the presence of the alien manifesting.

How is this review so difficult to accept.

Abuduction when you are still present, simply implies that the human life, a victim of occult scientific practices changing the holiness of the atmosphere is causing our own ground oxygen to be used up by increased radioactivity.

If you alter the ground state radioactivity, it changes the atmosphere and also the Earth stone.

The ancient documents of occultism also discuss the Philosophy of the stone, as a realization about evil spirits and life changes.

Alien manifestation is not as difficult as some presume to discuss, if only you consider all of the information itself.

If a human being is still present, then the only abduction happened in the mind loss condition of natural chemicals and also the oxygen that the human life normally uses.

If you have an alien manifest nearby, its radiation transmissions would attack and change the human presence.

The human who lives as awareness and conscious presence would realize that its natural spirit had been abducted by the 2 presences aligned to alien spirit manifestation
1..the UFO radiated/light sound forming in the atmosphere as part of the sound to allow conversion of radiation crystal matter to convert......uranium/plutonium
2....the alien presence that comes out of the O UFO radiated transmitting body.

Both circumstances would be removing the natural oxygen and light/sound and chemical wavelengths that natural life uses.

posted on Dec, 7 2015 @ 08:57 AM

originally posted by: ConnectDots
Suzy talks about a spiritual Universal Governing Body (UGB) and the Three Wave Agenda in the book.

The term "Universal Governing Body" first appears in lower case in the Introduction of the book:

It is through my relationships with alien species that I have come to understand the deeper soul connections we have with each other, and with them. I discovered not only a parallel life or co-reality, but a dual soul status – the reality that I entered this life with a soul formed of two distinct soul identities: “alien” and “human”. I outline the steps involved in preparing for this life, through a soul enhancement and education process that constitutes the dual soul. All of this took place under the guidance of alien species and a universal governing body of wise souls, associated with our planet.

Hansen, Suzy (2015-01-08). The Dual Soul Connection: The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement (Kindle Locations 200-204). Suzy Hansen. Kindle Edition.

The term appears one more time (according to search results), as a proper noun, in Chapter 9 "Soul Origin - Pathway to a New Life." She is talking about the year 1989, when she was 35 years old, and had a memory of a time before she entered this life. She states that she remembers being without a body and existing as a soul in the form of a bright purple ball of light, and that she met with other souls and wise beings to plan her future life. Twenty years later, she learned more through regression therapy. In the book, Suzy puts information that came out of regression therapy in italics. Here is a a lead-up to the term “Universal Governing Body”:

S. I find myself with another soul I am drawn to! And a further group of several souls is gathering. We are “somewhere” – it’s not “nothingness” anymore.

Hansen, Suzy (2015-01-08). The Dual Soul Connection: The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement (Kindle Location 1366). Suzy Hansen. Kindle Edition.

She goes on to say:

A number of souls appearing as glowing balls of light now came together; they would be closely connected to me in this life. But I felt drawn to one soul in particular, a vibrant blue ball of light which projected a similar frequency.

Conferring with a spiritual Universal Governing Body (UGB)

We were now in a boundless white space, a place of quietude. A variety of forms, figures, gliding, grouping, approached us. They expressed infinite wisdom, a guiding or governing body; a spiritual hierarchy officiating over a particular planet and civilisation, acting as wise gate-keepers. . . .

Hansen, Suzy (2015-01-08). The Dual Soul Connection: The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement (Kindle Location 1371). Suzy Hansen. Kindle Edition.


  1. Groups like this serve other planets, life-forms, civilizations, and other intelligent forms of energy with no physical location.

  2. All souls must meet with the UGB, gain approval, and discuss a life-plan before being accepted.

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posted on Dec, 7 2015 @ 10:05 AM
a reply to: ConnectDots

The problem with all these stories is that, while i believe she experienced sthg extraordinary everything else is just speculation.
I really enjoy all the theories, but i wouldn't be surprised if not one of them were the truth.
We would have made alien contact thousands of years ago if this would be true and the big question still is: what for?

posted on Dec, 9 2015 @ 06:59 PM
a reply to: Peeple

If any of us really thought about the brain/mind condition and chemical changes...chemical changes causes new images/visions to be witnessed along with the phenomena experience of ecstatic interactions.

This circumstance has been a known outcome of atmospheric changed chemical wavelengths.

Science changed our natural wavelengths because the natural chemical wavelengths were fused uranium and fused plutonium. They converted both natural crystal radiations and also burnt the fuel created by the products.

Why do you think human brain...spiritual imagery changed, along with the physical realization of cellular attacks and also what the ancients called stigmata...bleeding from the cells. We have inherited all of these realizations, along with alien manifestation.

We call alien manifestation "artificial" and also "extra", as conscious awareness of reviewing the imagery/spirit manifestation and then naming the condition. We therefore already advised our awareness that the artificial chemical result has formed an artificial spirit manifestation also. Therefore all information regarding the alien is not natural, is artificial by reasoning the condition and is fake.

If any of us asked a real question for once instead of believing in the indoctrination process that the elite/religious orders have always used to try to convince the public that it is NORMAL and natural, WHEN IT IS NOT......should realize this truth, for alien information is taught the same as ancient religious quotes...simply with replaced information instead.

So if you ask yourselves, did the ancients who also notate that alien activation happened, do science of the nuclear...and the answer is OF COURSE, for the biblical information states so.....Philosophy of the stone....Sun Time being nuclear.

If you ask what form of science, Tibetan Monks already demonstrated the science to the Scientist....stone levitation by use of sound.

If you ask what the technology structure was....the Pyramids and Temples give the structure advice....the simillarity in the Giza plan layout schematics similar in condition to a nuclear I reviewed my self.

It is not so difficult to see the truth, when you really want to see the truth. Of course human life is being abducted, because the extra amount of water/oxygen that we naturally use for health and life and cell replacement has been given to the manifestation of the alien spirit itself. Our atmosphere, is ours....we called it the HOLY SPIRIT, for we knew how holy it was for our life continuance....occultists as scientists could not care less about holiness, they never have.

posted on Dec, 11 2015 @ 11:41 AM
a reply to: beenharmed

You already said a lot, but i am not sure if i am understanding:
You suggest the modern way of living, with all the plastic, atomic weapons tests and so on created new life forms?

posted on Dec, 13 2015 @ 06:39 PM
a reply to: Peeple
New life forms have not been itself has begun to mutate.

We know by Christ Consciousness, which is an ancient spiritual conscious review relating to the condition of light and sound and PHI, that to alter the holiness of Heaven, the spirit presence of life changes....and it gets murdered by spiritual information.

Our consciousness has changed, we advise ourselves of the change by imagery, sound, spirit messages and also physical cell life. When these spiritual advices change, we notifiy our own life presence that we have artificially encoded our life or genetics/DNA with mutations....alien.

Satan is the review of the burnt light spirit manifestations as the fallen angelic light being that keeps Earth safe, both as an atmosphere condition and also a Earth stone condition...fusion.

The Satanic Angelic Light spirit was replaced into the burning light of nuclear fuel creation, and also nuclear fuel destruction/ the Stone/atmosphere was placed into an unnatural or artificial condition that changed life itself.

This is how plastic was formed, by removing a part of natural light and sound and artificially changed chemicals.

Natural chemicals were changed, and our holy life depends on the nature of Earth chemicals.

To correlate that we are being mutated, is to watch our life de-evolve.

As humans change their nature...males think they are female....females think they are males.....males then act strangely also like a girl/child/man. Humans begin to lose their holy DNA encodings...and animal encodings begin to form in our DNA.....hence the anomaly of human bone/skull forming animal horns.

As everything begins to mutate....the lower life microbes also mutate and form strange bodies.

All of these observations demonstrate a de-evolution of the Nature of spirit on Planet Earth, all because of nuclear science, a science that does not belong on Earth, for the Earth and atmosphere does not convert the nuclear dust. To have the nuclear dust convert, an artificial light and sound encoding was formed....and so we began to lose our natural spirit interaction as it was given to the alien or artificial spirit manifestation in our terrestrial.

posted on Dec, 18 2015 @ 08:16 AM
sorry just adding a link for myself when I get back to this thread properly there is a lot of information here

posted on Dec, 19 2015 @ 03:03 AM
a reply to: AdmireTheDistance

Oh common guys! You have a firm bead on the universe? Read the book so you can make an intelligent comment. Even a child can trash down the 'cover' of a book. Like you, I can say you are " potentially" not intelligent, based on such simple criteria, but I know better. I think much more than value judgments are at the basis of things like String Theory or Quantum Mechanics.

I've read the book and listened to her closely. If you know the subject of aliens with any depth, nothing she says is not possibly what she is actually experiencing. The science, the social and anthropological characterizations are compelling. Dr Heisenberg says you can never be certain, so opinions are simply unaware judgments.

Many people have experiences that defy a description in this 3 dimensional universe. How can you explain a 5 dimensional universe? You can't. Not in a 3 Dimensional universe. Not just trying to show a 5th dimension using 3D shapes like platonic solids, but things like time, space differences, then cultural reality for the beings that live there and their description effecting your perception by the shear advantage they would have in defining your experience. So when someone comes back from god-knows where with god-knows who or what, I wouldn't even hazard a guess at true-false, but will listen to the quality and emotion of the words given in describing what their experience was. Because there is an actual flavor/color/tone of the truth in the quanta of her physical being, and if we are lucky, we can feel /perceive / sense that, to know something we shouldn't be able to comprehend. Don't be dimensionally prejudiced. Drop your shields. There are approximately infinite frequencies on your crystal radio set.

Guys, you sound silly.

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posted on Dec, 19 2015 @ 09:54 AM
a reply to: Caver78

Look.....everyone would like some science in UFO Research, however since that seems tightly controlled by military/govt we won't hear about it. Doesn't mean it isn't going on already.

Ah yes. The standard apologetics.

As if the same military/government that can't plug it's many leaks is going to manage to muzzle all of mainstream science.

Just an all too convenient excuse to bring hearsay, pseudoscience, spiritualism and the occult into the discussion, which is fine, unless the intent is to prove anything beyond a personal belief.

posted on Dec, 20 2015 @ 07:08 PM
a reply to: draknoir2

Since when does scientific review consider themselves the scientist believes he is all knowing.

Why would science reveal any Alien information for the public, when they already know they have caused the Alien attack upon Nature, by all observations and data that their own organization studied?

Spirit consciousness by review as a conscious awareness states the fact, that science itself was a human conscious psychic/spiritual observed status, how science itself was formed by a human male's own personal spiritual considerations.

Before science was a natural life, and we lived as a different form of human being.....advised to my own spiritual awareness through holographic memory. We lived without language and personal verbal communications for we existed as a spiritual being in communion with Nature, knew what food to eat and how to care for our persons.

When science was introduced by our ancient brother...occultism became a part of our life, as did religious teachings.

Therefore religion is a created and caused occultist practice unnatural to life on Earth.

Occultist practice caused our natural atmospheric mass to be also attacked our cells and mutated us and also changed our brain chemistry. Our history attests that we mutated....and skull formation changed. In today's mutating DNA signals...the skull is demonstrating it is changing, as human females have grown horns out of their head.

Animals in DNA exist before our own spirit was formed.....animals therefore demonstrate that their own DNA signals are being inherited in human DNA.

Therefore we know by ALIEN manifestation as extra in Earth's terrestrial that as the ALIEN spirit forms in the burnt out microbial kingdom, we lose our own natural plasma microbial population and we begin to DE-EVOLVE.....and this is exactly what is happening to our life.

The microbial population has been burnt because the Medium of the atmosphere....plasma cloud formation was burnt....and the burning attacked the microbe world.

We know that the cloud plasma has been converted, for we witnessed its fall out and called it angel hair.

We know about our creation as a spirit presence, for we know that the atmosphere of Planet Earth was attacked in origin creation and converted....the spirit of CHRIST stated to be the spirit that saved life of Earth...the holiness of water and oxygen. Christ is called the Holy Ox 1000 against Satan 1000.

CHRIST states in spiritual awareness as a spiritual healing atmospheric body to remove devil spirits from out of the ALPHA MAN body. This is the ALPHA wavelengths that natural life belongs to as a spiritual condition.

Dimension is a fallacy as is the holiness of DAVID.

The PHI symbolic spiritual review given by our ancient brother depicts 2 bodies of a male inside of a circle.
The ancient symbolic spiritual review of India attack nuclear is a spirit with many bodies and many arms (blue atmospheric spirit), as the attack on life.

I have been nearly mind state changed where I witnessed the chemical attacks of Sa-TAN....the signals of direct lines. It fragmented my psychic viewing.

Spirit advised me that as ICE was melting, the channels of radiation attacks were cooled, which saved my life. I researched and knew that ICE was melting, therefore knew that I had been saved by this condition.

I therefore understood that burning/irradiating signals gives the mind/psyche an unnatural condition where it supposes that dimension exist...whereas in fact it is simply burnt atmospheric light sounds, changing light sounds...and it is a false mind false impresSION and false data.

Our ancient brother reviewed DAVID in a changed burnt mind state...a somatic chemical drugged state of consuming plant matter. Plant matter different in its chemical information to the human mind already gave him FALSE information.

This is why he was attacked by what he considered was HOLY and found out himself how UNHOLY it actually was to do conversions, for the atmosphere does not REPLACE ITSELF.

Replacement of the atmosphere comes from the Earth released gases, as the natural spiritual condition.

How can you advise an ego that does not want to be advised and who has never ever listened to spiritual advice?

Our brother proves to his own person just how egotistical and self deceived his evil minded possesSION is.

Our ancient brothers tried to inform him through Philosophy as the love of wisdom, and advised him how incorrect his scientific occultism was....and he ignored them.

They then formed the Holy War to find him and destroy all of those who followed him.....occultist practices...which is why it was a world wide brotherhood....including Muslims.

They travelled around the world trying to find this brotherhood and the brotherhood had gone into hiding.

Sadly for humanity these brothers re-emerged from their hiding, and began their own society to return their personal status to elitist riches so that they could reclaim their occultist practice.....they then murdered the holy and sacred orders that were formed to protect the spiritual life of humanity on Planet Earth.

This is a real story.

How can you tell a possessed mind, that it is possessed, when it only believes in evil and acts its own evil in society.

It demonstrates to its own person how evil it is, and yet it still does evil....why do you think our holy ancient brother murdered these humans?

posted on Dec, 26 2015 @ 10:14 AM

originally posted by: ConnectDots
a reply to: trueskepticnumberone
She seems to be saying that as souls, we agree before we incarnate into a physical body, to take on the life we come into.

But is that her own thought, or was it implanted?

posted on Jan, 4 2016 @ 06:40 PM
a reply to: ConnectDots
Whilst we live we have a soul....but the soul is not why we live.

When you review the condition of scientific occultist practice of inferring spiritual data by scientific is false....for spirit is natural and cannot be factored.

We live in an atmosphere that by archaeological evidence has fallen out many times due to human being's own use of stone levitation. Stone levitation happened on Earth when Earth was attacked by exploding Suns...and Earth itself was defused..the crystal liquefied and the stone face began to get removed....the reason why a huge amount of stone blocks float in out of space.

These stone blocks once belonged on the stone planets...many of which exploded. Earth luckily was saved...we know this is a spiritual fact, for the evidence, light and sound holographic imagery is our psychic memory. It happened in the atmospheric converting body that altered into oxygen and water...and it fell onto the face of Earth, saving Earth from exploding...unlike other Planets that did not have Earth's atmospheric body to save the Planets.

We tell this story in spiritual reviews.

The soul is a PHI consideration of DAVID, and the Holy David is science a philosophy, and any science is only a human thought concept for use and gain of power.

Gaining power from the Earth involves radiation, and removal of power/energy comes from out of Earth itself and involves a huge interaction with space radiation changes and also Earth's crystal fusion changes...all evidences support this fact.

Fall out is known in ancient data also as angelic fall today's modern witness we call this situation angel hair....the atmospheric cloud formation is changed and it fell out as an unnatural artificial chemical reaction. We know this is real for the angelic form of imagery is photographed...along with the UFO ship imagery photographed in cloud formations.

The ancients applied nuclear science differently to modern day science...yet gained the same result...fall out.

Falling of the atmosphere is the PHI condition, which belongs to the human soul review. We began to heal as a human life when fall out was removed by atmospheric amassing. When science reintroduced radiation fallout...some human beings self combusted as EVIDENCE.

We have always known that we are a spirit....not a soul, the soul only inter-relates with our life.

We manifested as a spirit presence from origin light on the other side of space. Earth's atmosphere refilled emptied out space with the gaseous light body....both light and sound. This body interacted with origin light where our spirit self was safe from the act of creation. Because the origin light sound was changed by the body returning in space, it caused the spirit self to be removed from its origins.

This is the only reason why our consciousness is aware of all conditions that a human consciousness could not be aware of personally. For our conscious chemical reactions and organic cell nature does not survive any form of nuclear interaction...therefore we are not the form of consciousness that occultists tried to relate to us....always wrong, evil minded self possessed human beings.

Spiritual humans have argued with your self possessed evil minded powermongering selves ever since our life was made manifest into our Nature. The reason being male spirit, you are the evil spirit in the light that caused the change to origin light itself....and you know that this is true for you wrote your own stories from your spiritual psyche reviews and cannot argue with what you yourself channeled as spiritual information.

The soul only supports our life if it is not changed, a condition notified to the human public when in ancient times life began to self combust, just like we have witnessed in modern times due to an increased in spatial radiation...a much higher radiation than Earth's own stone body.

posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 02:03 PM

originally posted by: ConnectDots
But is that her own thought, or was it implanted?

The more I think about what has happened to Suzy Hansen as shared in this book, the more uncomfortable I am with the premise that Suzy agreed to the scenario before coming into this life, and that Suzy sees the beings as benevolent, so what has been happening must be ethical.

Now, instead, I'm seeing Suzy Hansen, and her readers such as myself who were fascinated by her story, as recipients of mind control techniques.

Not that the story isn't true.

It's just that it doesn't feel right. It doesn't seem like a good thing that is happening.

posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 11:47 PM

originally posted by: ConnectDots

originally posted by: ConnectDots
But is that her own thought, or was it implanted?

The more I think about what has happened to Suzy Hansen as shared in this book, the more uncomfortable I am with the premise that Suzy agreed to the scenario before coming into this life, and that Suzy sees the beings as benevolent, so what has been happening must be ethical.

Now, instead, I'm seeing Suzy Hansen, and her readers such as myself who were fascinated by her story, as recipients of mind control techniques.

Not that the story isn't true.

It's just that it doesn't feel right. It doesn't seem like a good thing that is happening.

It proves by its own self explanation that it is fake.

Since when does a common time human life adult exist as their own self before life exists?

We begin life as a sperm and egg interaction...forming cells to become a human life. Our spirit in androgyny light as origin light (on the other side of the atmosphere...refilled in space by gases).....contacts the cell by spirit presence...and a spirit self is created in light.

The spirit self interacts with the physical presence and the physical presence is a new born...just as we state...innocent of all life.

Life then teaches the baby through parents...society ....and relationships.

The life is recorded in the atmosphere every moment of its existence...forming the spiritual past life memory.

We interact with our own selves everyday...for our life is personal...our feelings personal...our life journey personal and our thoughts personal...we own our own self.

When the ALIEN was manifested by the UFO O phi LIGHT ACTIVATED interaction to convert nuclear dust into nuclear fuel....the atmosphere gets removed as a medium body O.

This removal changes the human concept of self...affecting the brain chemistry and the information feedback...for it introduces extra amounts of ground radiation...forming fake spirits that we communicate our natural life to.

This reason is because communication is via radioactivity and its increase or loss. Transmission therefore is caused by the amount of radioactive interactions.

Science forms an unnatural life act...that affects our natural human psyche...human spiritual beliefs....human spiritual interactive cell and brain functions. We gain a changed life review. This story demonstrates how the human adult changed their own personal spiritual concepts about the self.....already known by the nasty evil occultist studying the concepts who knew that they were causing it.

The occultists believed that ALIENS created human life.....but since when did nuclear dust convert itself on Planet Earth? How dishonest you all are.

Earth exists as a complete stone body......emanating 1 sound from its sealing.

Science changed the radiation seal of Earth and it began to leak extra radiation....and the upper atmosphere condition began to rain radiation upon us.....and normally the mass of the atmosphere protected our brains and mind and spiritual life....until science changed the condition.

Scientists of the occult already gained their own spiritual either create a higher spiritual record by love and care...or create a negated self to review. IN the lower conscious interactive spirit self...this causes the spirit and their brain chemicals to reflect incorrectly about spirit and life....hence an occultist will always be wrong...for they never should have made a consideration to alter the natural spiritual life they already had on Earth...a life evolving and healing.

They once again placed our life into an alien attack and destruction.

Occultists wanted us to believe that ALIENS created our life. The alien spirit is artificially formed by changing the nuclear product of natural substances on Earth.

Aliens never existed before humans caused them to manifest.

Occultists believe in dimensions, because their own brain chemical dysfunctions by interacting their spiritual life in lower vibrations of choices. Their lives and their spirits have always been wrong.

Everything has been created in a review of cooling. Yet today in life everything exists in the 1 moment of our existence....and there is no such thing as past...only present.

If you want to create a past by scientific occult review...the past never existed until you activated a loss from the present evolved status and began to remove evolution to place our life back in the past.

In the past the Earth body and atmosphere had a higher amount of radiation...which did not support our organic life.

This is why life on Earth has been attacked and demonstrated by its own outcome that it is being destroyed by the ALIEN caused occultism.

posted on Jan, 12 2016 @ 12:45 AM
The blue balls stuff is disturbing.

Why does everything in Alien lore involve luminous floating objects?
The idea that an alien was responsible for a soul going into a person has ramifications that are disturbing as well.

Considering it a story well told, but a story none the less.

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