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Image in Post and Avatar Instructions

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posted on Feb, 26 2005 @ 12:58 PM
Yes, it is still down. You can however still utilize the excellent PhotoBucket and ImageShack for free image hosting as it stated above.


posted on Mar, 5 2005 @ 06:16 PM
not sure hpw we are supposed to upload images both in our blogs and in our posts. when will the member upload be back up? I have all 2 image hosting uploadit, photobucket and ImageShack but I am still struggling with how to put pics in our posts but I am going to try this:

OMG! This pic is do I make it smaller? thanks for this really works! just by using the format!

[edit on 3/5/2005 by Cherish]

[edit: resized image]

[edit on 26-1-2007 by 12m8keall2c]

posted on Mar, 5 2005 @ 06:29 PM

Originally posted by Cherish
OMG! This pic is do I make it smaller?

You got to edit your picture to prefered size and then upload it somewhere. Take a look at some pictures around ATS to see how the different sizes appears when posted. Here´s an example. This picture is 397x600 pixels (width x hight). Usually the picture should not be too wide when posting on ATS...

posted on Mar, 5 2005 @ 06:35 PM
If you posted recently there will be an orange/yellow edit button in the top right of the frame above the picture. Click edit, and change the link for the picture. You can point it to the link below if you like. Or resize the image with a photo application of your choice on your pc, and save it to a host like imageshack. Then point the link to it.

I changed the size for you.

posted on Apr, 25 2005 @ 10:39 PM
I just wanted to say thank you to Shadowman, I was getting quite frustrated with setting up my avatar; when apparently all I had to do is do a little searching..

I believe someone once said patience is a virtue..

Spartacus out.

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 05:28 AM
Thanx for your support, but when i try to submit the avarta my screen just flickers and then i get a message saying no avarta. Please help

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 08:30 AM
The instructions on this thread are two years old. Please use this updated link instead.

gaaone1, I've never heard of flickering screens when trying to place an avatar.
Double check that the image you are trying to use doesn't exceed 160x320 px. If you are still having trouble feel free to U2U me.

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