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Resigning my position as a Christian.

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posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 02:44 PM
a reply to: Revolution9

The world can seem very cold for those of us who are more sensitive than others; which I know sounds like I'm picking on you but I'm not.

I honestly admire people such as yourself who can feel a range of emotions like that.

Just like yourself I have been through a lot and have been shown how cold the world is but I haven't been searching for God or asking him to fix the problems I've had.

I've always believed that we have free will and it is up to us to decide who/what makes us happy in life, and to bring that towards ourselves.

I've got no idea as to your personal situation so this might all sound like a bunch of feel good nonsense but I hope you can overcome your emotions and find what makes you happy.

Best wishes

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posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 02:58 PM

originally posted by: Revolution9
Goodbye Jesus. Good bye religion. Religion is more evil than anything it purports to fight against as a good force.

You clearly have God and religion confused.

IMHO God is NOT religious.

Nor is He the one behind religion.

Religion and God have NOTHING in common and in fact are total opposites.

Which is why Jesus opposed religion and the religious people hated Him so fiercely.

All religion does is drive people AWAY from God which is exactly what it was designed to do.

You might wonder "How on earth God could hate religion? Ridiculous! God loves religion. GOD IS RELIGION! Or at least He's completely in favour of it... surely? Saying that 'God hates religion' seems like talk of 'Peace keeping Missiles' or 'Cold heat'. Impressive contradictions designed to catch our attention.

But its true, God does hate religion. And the reason is that religion is not relationship. Religion is all about us trying to impress God with large buildings, sacrifices, good works and inspirational cultural achievements. But, and this may be hard to hear, God's just not interested in us impressing him.

You see, Religion is like washing your hands to clean your heart - hopeless window dressing. You may as well put a band aid on cancer! And God hates that we do it. He hates that we pretend that religion is the answer. In the Bible God says, "They worship me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught by men."

What God wants is relationship. Not on our terms with our rules and rituals. He doesn't want us to do something to establish relationship with him. No, He's done what needs to be done. You could say, God's already done the religious thing. He sent his son Jesus to die on the cross to pay for our sin so that we can have friendship with him. Jesus' death is the only offering that pleases God. It is the only religious sacrifice that God accepts. One way of thinking about this is that Religion is what we try to do to please God whereas Jesus' death and resurrection is what God has already done that saves us.

It's true, God hates religion!

Almost everything man has put his hand to he has ruined the sea, the land, and the very air we breathe. We just must be in control. Even the Almighty has not been safe from smudged human fingerprints. Religion became the container we put God into. We took something pure and simple and complicated it; then we made up rules and regulations and called them holy. Every Sunday we visit a building we call church and follow a rite we call religion. Everyone thinks that God and religion are synonymous, but they are actually opposites.

God has a much better plan for us. He never wanted to be perceived as distant, judging, or overshadowing. He wanted to be part of us and every moment of our lives. But man decided that wasn't right for the Creator of the universe, so they made him big, unreachable and surrounded him with traditions, laws and rituals.

...all he ever wanted was to love us and to be our Father, to throw off the heavy armor of religion and don the velvet cloak of relationship. Most importantly she directs us to where we can embrace who we were always meant to be by getting to know God, who he is and what he likes and dislikes. And one thing is for sure God Hates Religion!

God Hates Religion!

"What if I told you Jesus came to abolish religion... just because you call some people blind doesn’t automatically give you vision..."

posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 03:07 PM
a reply to: Revolution9

I know this may sound strange coming from a pagan but... are you sure?

It seems like you are blaming you faith, a faith that is notorious for testing its adherents. Maybe you should separate the two. Whether I have a good patch or a bad patch, I rarely blame my faith. I may give credit to or blame the gods but it doesn't shake my beliefs.

As above, so below is very true but our expectations of a 1:1 ratio of cause and effect can sometimes give us unrealistic demands on our religion.

In any case, if you are serious about doing something "naughty" in order to gain some reprieve in your world, please reconsider. See help and advice from support groups, professionals, and people who have your best interest in mind. I hate to say it but maybe even the pastor of a different church (if you are jaded about the one you normally attend). There are always better options than jail and other institutions.

Please allow yourself some more time to get your clarity back before making any decisions.

posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 03:13 PM
Forget religion. Jesus didn't go for it either.

Being a Christ follower, however, does not make for an easy life. It's not supposed to. I know you already know that, so forgive me for highlighting the point.

I'm sorry you've been going through tough times. I pray you find some peace.
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posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 03:15 PM
Ah yes....

"The dark night of the soul"....most thinking sensitive people experience it in one form or another.

You said you have money....explore another lifestyle, hedonism perhaps.

"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me." - Hunter S. Thompson

posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 03:16 PM
I went through something similar awhile back. And I actually had to retrain myself from constantly praying to the "lord". In some ways it would be nice to think some big guy in the sky is going to right the wrongs and save us. But, when you think about it, the God of Abraham doesnt have a very good track record where his own kids are concerned.

Anyway, since I stopped giving my power to the "lord" my life is a lot better. I still believe in a Creative God energy, but all the religious stuff is only designed to transfer our power to a religious leader. Who for 10% of your income will gladly take control of your life. He will teach you all the bible principals to help you make the right decisions for what is really best for you. You can just go on automatic pilot, follow the rules and walla your saved.

It took me years to finally realize the Christian "Lord" isnt the God I choose to worship, or to have control my life. Sometimes I wonder who is really the "Lord" of the Christians.

I also created a thread about it if you want to read it. "Losing my Religion"

posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 03:24 PM
a reply to: Revolution9

I only wish it was in my imagination.

It is.

Unfortunately it is very real.

Of course it is, you made it real.

You live what you think

You live what you think, Beloved.
Change your thinking and you will change your world - no matter how impossible it seems. You do not have to accept anything as negative, so only accept positivity.
I believe you were looking for divine guidance and found none, so you quit. It's not GODS doing, our CREATOR gave you an entire reality, all for you to make and use as you choose. There is nothing more to give - we have everything. We just have to learn how to use the tools we've been given. Good Luck - even though you don't need it.

posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 03:35 PM
a reply to: Revolution9

I am just in pieces. I am really not bothered too much about discussing it. Sometimes, just writing it and communicating it publically is enough. It is my own baggage and # I know. I don't even want sympathy. I am a very emotionally tough person, had to be.

if social media has demonstrated anything to me, its that digital gestures often miss the point.

I just wish I could tell you how hard I tried with Christianity. I feel truly tortured. It is actually killing me to carry on like that. I am wasting away socially and physically. It is just not in my health interests to carry on like that any longer. I was nowhere near perfect with it all, but I did try earnestly.

you are trying so hard to defend yourself while explaining why you shouldnt have to.

I tell you I would sell my soul just for a year of the things others take for granted.

and there are so many others who would sell everything for a little bit of soul.

please dont misunderstand me, its good to ask questions and to admit to yourself when something doesnt work, but you dont have to make a public whipping out of it either.

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posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 03:41 PM
Start a Journal. It sounds innocuous, but journaling helped me through my grief and situational depression, more than I can measure.

posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 03:50 PM
a reply to: Revolution9
I could sit here in my chair, and applaud you for walking away from religion, and joining the ranks of personal responsibility...BUT...I have found those who leave their religion behind in anger, usually return to it, when they're finished being mad at their deity. They haven't given up their faith, they're just bitter. Wait a while, and see how you feel.

Make sure you understand why your walking away from your faith. I know more than one person who claims to be atheist, but they aren't. They really are just angry at god, and that isn't atheist. On the other hand, if you're just wanting to try a different religion or faith, do that. I doubt that it will satiate your soul any more than Christianity did, but better that, than fooling yourself.

posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 03:52 PM
a reply to: Revolution9

Well, I can certainly empathize with you. This is a lot of wisdom in Christ's teachings, it's all the other 'stuff', the stuff that is contrary to his teachings and the selective choosing what to practice from them and what to ignore is the real problem.

You might try reading "The Sermon on the Mount" by Emmett Fox for the very best exposition of Christ's teaching that I've ever read.

I've spent a lot of time looking for 'god' without success but I have found a faith that is remarkably useful and fulfilling.

I would also recommend "The Way of the Bodhisattva" by Shantideva, Pema Chrodon has a contemporary western commentary of the first eight chapters that is remarkably accessible.

Also - I hate to say - Echart Tolle's books have been useful.

I have come to believe that there is no 'god' being, no single source of creation and judgement. I am also certain that there are entities more advanced then we that are available for guidance through Prayer. I also believe that prayer to anything is quite a helpful 'tool' in talking to your 'higher' self.

Taking any scripture literally is a mistake as you may have experienced.

Bon Chance.

posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 06:01 PM
a reply to: Revolution9

. I tried to be totally honest and sincere and not lie to myself or others about my experience of Christianity.

By "Christian", I'm assuming that at some point you believed that Jesus died for our sins, right?

If so, did you ever make consistent use of 1John 1:9; citing your sins to God the Father in the privacy of prayer?

If you have never made use of 1John 1:9, then I'm not the least bit surprised of your troubles. I stopped using 1John 1:9 and went on a downward spiral for about 5 years. It gives you the means to refresh your mind. You can't run a marathon without water, nor can a branch bare fruit independently of the vine; so trying to live life as a Christian without abiding in Christ via 1John 1:9, usually results in misery. Again, I know from experience.

posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 08:16 PM

originally posted by: Revolution9

originally posted by: ketsuko
What did you expect God to do?

It seems arrogant to assume that He would pay special attention to you for some reason. Perhaps you ought to revisit Job.

I know the lesson of Job. I have humbled myself total. I know I am just a silly mortal little creature. I am actually too weak to do anything any more. My nerves are in tatters.

I don't expect God to do anything for me as a special case. My life just isn't happening. I have to do something about it or I will end up in a very bad position. I have to be very careful as I am bi polar. I was treated very badly in Paris a couple of years back, quite mentally and physically abused. They do not realise just how much they messed me up there. The stories I could tell you about the way I have been treated. If I told you would not believe me that my family and so called friends could be so nasty and abusive. I have often got paranoid and though it was all deliberate and planned, but people are really just the unconscious agents. To them it is one thing to me it is another.

Oh well, rant over any way.

Just another crazy ATS guy boiling over.

You sound like you have a reasonable understanding of yourself.

Bipolar disorders can take you to extremities where you loose sight of stability and balance but you don't have to stay there.

There are different philosophical views one can filter our understanding through, but these are only filters that we apply.

On one hand, you have the Stoic view that 'as high as you fly, that's as far as you will fall'. In response to that, you'd seek to limit the 'up' moments as a mechanism to control the depths of the 'down' ones.

Then we have the hedonist view; enjoy the 'up' times to the full and seek only to suppress the 'downs'.

Neither of these philosophies are wrong or right and no-one else can really know what is best for you. You have to 'feel it out' for yourself. Also, your responses may change over time, so it is about seeking responsibility over your level of self-control in an ongoing manner.

As to your faith, (in people and religion) be forgiving, well meaning people can do horrible things without the awareness of the damage. Their heart may have been in the right place but they are ignorant and limited (as we all are).

You really need to see the value in yourself. You have to love yourself at exactly the same level as everyone else. Too many devalue themselves under religion in a belief that it is being humble. As a Christian, you are adopted into the family of God, you a royal, on par with other royals, and you are a priest,on par with other priests.

Anyway, I hope you find your place and your joy.

posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 08:25 PM
a reply to: BELIEVERpriest

I think you nailed this down better than anyone else has so far...

Dene McGriff has written some incredible books on this and he has made them available for anyone that wants them free.

Here are a few quotes:

So here we have the earliest Christians, those who sat at the feet of the apostles being criticized for losing their first love. This should come as no surprise because it happens to every Christian at one time or another. Colossians 2:6 says, “As you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him.”

How does a Christian begin their relationship with the Lord Jesus? They repent and confess their need of Him and ask Him to change them and be their life. In other words, the way we began that relationship, we have to do the same thing every day in order to continue in it. I John 1 puts it in terms of walking in the light as He is in the light. Then we have fellowship with Him and with one another. That is the secret to the Christian life. Be open; let the light shine in and fellowship with Him. This is something we have to do every day or we just become pretenders, actors, hypocrites, empty shells.

Loosing our first love

You will be deceived if you lose your first love! The church in Ephesus lost her first love. Isn’t this so typical of every Christian? Like the early Christians, we were electrified by our first touch with Jesus and wanted to share the experience with everyone. But soon we got caught up in life, in church and in “acting” like a Christian (instead of being transformed by that new life within). We got caught up in a “church culture” that taught us how to act and think. We mimic others in church but lose that fresh touch – that relationship that so excited us in the beginning. This can and does happen to us all and, if we persist in this state, we lose our lampstand; lose God’s presence.

If we lose our first love, we go through the motions of being a “Christian” but without life or love. We will be deceived if we don’t have that fresh relationship. There is nothing harder for the “Christian” because our tendency is to become “religious” – acting like our concept or how we are taught a Christian should be but void of love and life. I’m not talking theory but experience – my experience of over 50 years! And I don’t know a single “born again” Christian that hasn’t had the same experience.

Recognizing Deception - Losing Our First Love

Then all of the sudden something happens. We lose our first love. We lose the joy of our salvation. We started out with a bang, telling all our friends and relatives about what we found but soon we find our only friends are other Christians. We go to church and are excited to learn. Learning seems to be the key so the new Christian reads, attends Bible studies and soaks up sermons. It all seems so fresh and new. We start to learn the weird churchy vocabulary. We learn how Christians ought to act but we feel like something is shriveling up inside. What is happening?

I tell you the truth. This happened to me and it happens to most Christians. Knowledge is equated with growth and the more you learn, the more distant God becomes. That thrilling relationship you once had with Jesus becomes a distant memory but it is replaced with programs, teachings and activity.

We are like blind people thrashing around in the dark. Every now and then we accidentally hit upon the switch and the lights go on. “Lord where have you been? Where did you go? I’ve missed you.” The answer is not that mysterious. I John lays it out very well. I would encourage you to read the whole book several times. It is all there. Here is the most basic problem (I John 1:5): “God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all”. What separated us from a relationship with God to begin with? Sin, very simply. What comes between us after we become Christians? Sin.

“Still Born” Christians

The church is in the state it is in today because Christians don’t have a clue how to get into the presence of God. They are going through the motions. No wonder the rest of the world mocks Christians. Why does the church seem dead and ineffectual? Because no one knows where the switch is. Few realize they even have a human spirit and even fewer know how to use it. If they did, the world would be on fire with the presence of God.

I was a Christian for nearly 10 years until someone shared this with me. And I’m not perfect. I’ve gone for days, weeks, and months either going through the motions or in rebellion – acting like a Christian out to act but dead inside – living in the flesh. But, praise God, I also know what it is like to flip the switch, to have that fellowship, to deal with what the Lord shows me, to fellowship with Him and let Him work in me.

“Still Born” Christians

The difference between death and life is the difference between “head knowledge” and “heart knowledge and relationship”. We study, read books, go to Bible Schools and Seminaries, retreats and revivals. We learn and equate that head knowledge as living reality but it hasn’t been worked into our life. We study about the cross but don’t experience it. We study about dying to self, but it doesn’t happen. We study about sanctification and think we are, but we aren’t. We sit Sunday after Sunday and listen to sermon after sermon and our minds are filled but our spirit is as good as dead.

We’ve lost the joy of our salvation. The world intrudes on our lives and defiles us as we get caught up in day to day humdrum survival. Going to church is just one of the motions we go through. We have a name, a reputation that we are alive, but we are dead inside. I realized that just sitting in a pew would never get me anywhere, nor would Bible School or Seminary. I need to experience Jesus myself, “body life” and a loving community. I needed to find the church in Philadelphia and I did.

Does the Last Days Church Suffer?


"In search of the Last Days Church"

Recognizing Deception

posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 08:59 PM
a reply to: Murgatroid

Yes, but sadly, I had to learn the hard way. It felt like I was becoming quadro-polar; constantly oscillating between mania, depression, apathy, and rage. It's a horrible cycle to go through, but in retrospect, its obvious to me that I was the source of my own misery.

posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 09:09 PM
So you turned to Christianity to solve all of your problems and now you're turning away from it to solve all of your problems... perhaps your problems never had anything to do with your religion?

Did the stars from all of the atheists make you feel better?

posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 09:15 PM
a reply to: Bone75

Religious or not, it's not cool to kick someone when they're down like that.

posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 09:19 PM
a reply to: BELIEVERpriest

I know that sounded snarky but I'm genuinely curious. Why else would someone denounce their religion on ATS?

posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 09:20 PM
a reply to: Revolution9

I don't mean in any way to belittle your experiences, or claim that they aren't what you say they are. I do have some questions, however, and some comments. Please take these as real concern, because that is what they are.

First, when you state that you "tried with Christianity", what do you mean, other than the studying? Do you mean practices, such as attending church, avoiding this or that, Bible study, and the like? Being Christian means, first and foremost, accepting that Jesus is God and Savior, and asking Him for forgiveness for our sins. That personal relationship is the key. Without it, all of the church attendance, giving, serving in various ways, and study in the world won't matter.

Second, how is it that you see faith as the cause of your problems? I am not saying that it isn't, but am curious. Faith can, in fact, cause someone to come under attack. God never promised us that our lives would be easy once we accepted Him. In fact, as I am sure you know with all of your study, those closest to Him suffered quite a lot as a result. The world does not welcome Christians. This is very hard to bear at times, I know. but it can be done. We don't walk alone, once we have accepted Him.

Third, I can tell that you are feeling a lot of pain over these issues. It shows through. I can't do a lot to help, but I would be glad to discuss things privately, if you want. Your choice there. It's an open offer, whenever. Just be patient, because some days, I can't find time to log in. At the least, I am willing to listen. I have some life experience myself, and no small amount of empathy, and the offer is sincere.

Fourth, and finally, God knows when we have troubles. I do understand, believe me, how bad things can be, and how some situations can test our faith, and thus, I would encourage you to not totally give up. Also, not to blame God for actions and attitudes in various religious groups. Even the best of those will have problems. That's the fault of flawed people, not of God.

Whatever you decide is, of course, up to you. Know, though, that there are people who care.

posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 09:25 PM

originally posted by: Bone75
a reply to: BELIEVERpriest

I know that sounded snarky but I'm genuinely curious. Why else would someone denounce their religion on ATS?

Sometimes people just need to vent. When I have to explain myself, it forces me to integrate information as I communicate. Somewhere in the process, I usually see things that just couldn't see before.

I do see what you mean though. Its easy to mistaken honesty for sarcasm when we are reduced to text.

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