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Congressional campaign spending hits record

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posted on Jan, 5 2005 @ 08:03 AM
Why so much money is needed to run a successful campaign is beyond me! I wonder how much of this money actually ends up in the front runners pocket?

WASHINGTON - Congressional candidates spent a record $911.8 million in last year’s races, and several 2006 contests are already showing signs they will carry big price tags.

A dozen of the 33 senators up for re-election next year had $1 million or more in their campaign funds as of October, the most recent figures they provided, Federal Election Commission figures show.

It is unbelieveable how much these candidates spend on campaigning, I think these candidates should have to match the funds they spend on elections and put them to good use, either by donating the same amount to charity, social security, medicinal research or any other good cause of their choosing, if just a small percent of this money was donated to say AIDS research we would all be better off!

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