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Dec 26'2003..A 6.5 BAM...

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posted on Jan, 5 2005 @ 06:55 AM
The devastating earthquake that killed more than 30,000 people in 10 seconds.
From a distance, not much seems to have changed since Dec. 26, 2003, the day of the 6.5 magnitude temblor. Collapsed buildings still line the streets. Those families who survived in the center of town have not returned. Caramel-colored dust coats everything.
But out of the devastation, this city, once middle class, is slowly coming back to life. Gone is the smell of death that hung in the air for months, as well as the tents that dotted the city. Some 75,000 survivors live in prefab cabins near town.Makeshift shops line the main streets - a grocery in an old army tent, a barber shop with cracked mirrors salvaged from the ruins of a salon.
Yet a year after nearly 90 percent of Bam was leveled , just $17 million of $1 billion in foreign-aid pledges has come in, says President Mohammed Khatami. Five percent of the houses have been rebuilt - underscoring challenges Southeast Asian countries may face in rebuild- ing poor and remote areas devastated by last week's earthquake and tsunami.
I have'nt heard one peep about this coencidence,not from One news
source...Could'nt this have any link in what's happened..
Boxing Day eh!!
I wonder if this would happen again this year,I think I just found One christmas were I already started looking forward to..

If this happens again,with the same degree of rise in the magnitude,which would bring it up to 12,I don't think We would be looking forwards to a New Year anymore..


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