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Racism, it's only for "White" people...

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posted on Nov, 30 2015 @ 10:06 PM
Yup, there are definitely racist people of all stripes. Most African Americans don't do this, but some do. I've seen it too.

To say anything different IS racist.

One of the ostensible tenants of social justice is not to "essentialize" any race, gender, class, culture, etc, i.e. stereotype them all.

However, when it comes to racism, somehow whites are fundamentally capable of it and minorities not. That alone segregates whites into a different and fundamentally negative group, making them somehow essentially different from minorities.

Also, I've worked in social justice circles for yearsssss. I currently work in an office which might as well be 50% social justice warriors, of every racial background. As a white guy, I've had so many random comments thrown at me because of my race that even some of my African American and Dominican friends that work there, as well as our boss, had to say "Drew seems to get a lot of flak at work for being white." Lol.

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posted on Nov, 30 2015 @ 10:09 PM

originally posted by: IShotMyLastMuse
there will never be progress really in ANY social issue if we keep pretending that some group cannot be part of the problem.
we are all humans, with our flaws and limitations.
EVERYBODY can be a racist, misogynist, homophobic, misandrist or what have you.
nobody is immune to the type of ignorance that creates hatred.
But we keep pretending that is the case, and as long as we march to that tune, we will never truly evolve.

Totally and completely agree.

Pretending that it is a "white thing" only deflects from finding the true roots in all of us and thereby finding real solutions long-term. It even sets us up for future racism in my view because it neglects to identify the true sources, only looking at recent history or transient power differentials (which is what most social justice does now days).

posted on Nov, 30 2015 @ 10:24 PM

originally posted by: TonyS
a reply to: nullafides

I actually watched the video. My family was effectively run out of our home neighborhood where we'd lived for 20 years by hostile black people that moved into the neighborhood. By the time we left, whites were a distinct minority and it wasn't even safe to stop at the local gas station.

That being said.....I don't have a lot of sympathy for the white couple on the NY subway. Look like the typical clueless millennials who don't realize that NYC is pretty much a no-go zone for white people and that goes double for public transportation. They refuse to acknowledge the truth that the US is rapidly re-segregating and because of it, they need to learn where the no-go zones are because there's a whole lot of places they aren't welcome.

Ignorance isn't bliss.....they got what they deserved!

Eh not true. I live in NYC. I lived until today in Bed Stuy, not only a historic African American neighborhood but also one of the ghettos, made famous by Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing." Now I'm back in Harlem, where I was before Bed Stuy.

I've rarely had any problem in either place. In fact, most African American people have been pretty polite. And, a lot of my friends are from that background. I just got off the subway by the way, riding from Bed Stuy to Harlem...

The real problems people face are socio-economic. Sometimes a few rough people may come across as dangerous. It has less to do with race.

And no, that dude on the subway not only was racist for targeting random white people but also would be frowned upon by most people on the subway, black or white.

posted on Mar, 9 2016 @ 04:16 PM

originally posted by: akushla99
The inane part of this whole "whites experience racism" palaver - is that none of these monumental displays of black on white racism, mention that laws were changed, amended and created to stop the institutionalised racism that deemed it an offence to be sitting in the wrong seat on a bus - effectively creating whole races of humans, persona non grata...not even giving them the vote - prescribing what doorways, toilets, service areas that particular races were to utilise exclusively...

Black on white racism - you poor things...


Yes, but people like you and most SJWs attempt to create a binary world, where if prejudice isn't being perpetrated by the most powerful group in a given country (Whites here), then it doesn't matter and CANNOT be discussed. This is ridiculous and also insulting.

It makes it so even if a person of color does something horrible to a white person based on race, SJWs will mock that white person with "white tears."

If you didn't get the memo, individuals or smaller groups, yes even ones that are people of color, can do great harm to another person, including white people.

I didn't get a job that I was very qualified for because my friends that worked there told me the director, who was a person of color, didn't want to hire a white guy. This was told to me by my inside connections. That matters. I lost out on a solid professional job that I needed (and still need as I had to take a less quality job). It was real prejudice or discrimination.

You see, people of color can have control over micro-systems of power, such as an organization.

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