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Russia VS. Turkey

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posted on Nov, 25 2015 @ 07:47 PM

originally posted by: slapjacks

If anything were to happen what do you think the outcome would be? Or, do you think this is just fear mongering?

The NATO card is just nonsense, and the "Russian defense analyst" is most likely an American, with very little knowledge beyond US political propaganda.

Russia has all the trump card, NATO has none.

Let me give you a scenario ... let's say Russia decides to Annihilate Turkey with a few tzsar bomba ... now, Turkey is gone ... a few million people dead, turkey's infrastructure in complete ruins.

What do you really think, is going to happen?

Do you see, all of europe performing mass suicide? Do you see all of the US going outside and performing mass suicide?

Is this the scenario, you think is going to happen ... Every European is going to "shoot himself", along with their "American brethren"?

The fallacy of this ideology, behind MAD is so obviously false ... it's breathtaking.

So, your idea of NATO is bogus ... NATO is not an organisation that is intended to aid Europe ... nor Turkey. It's an organisation that is meant to aid the US of A, and NOBODY else. period.

Any thought of it being different, is infantile.

Americans and Europeans are not going to perform mass suicide, because a bunch of Turks are dead ... they'd be peeing in their pants, and worried about how to get on with the living afterwards.

So, you see ... Russia is actually "a good guy", something that you should not depend on. Putin being a calm guy, not wanting to provoke a war and wanting to find a solution, to solve Russia's economy and western sanctions, by being a "good guy" and trying to work for western benefits, is nothing you should ever expect, if Putin wasn't in power. And don't expect future leaders of Russia, to be "afraid" of using nuclear armament.

And the last part, should answer your question ... YES, the 3rd world war has started. It's been around for a while, it has a very slow start ... but we're already there.

We are there, because of fundamentalist belief systems. This does not merely suggest ISIS, but also NATO and the US. The US knows very well, the threat of nuclear armament ... it deliberately spreads the "fear" of it, amongst the population of the world, for the purpose of holding it's own world dominance.

But, don't expect that to be permanent. Sooner or later, another nation will take them on their bluff ... now, let's hope that will be Russia or China, rather than Saudi Arabia or Iran.

But, it will happen ... and sooner than later, because we are 8 billion on this planet. It's resources are not endless, and the current "warm climate" is not something you should expect to be permanent. In reality, the world is already fighting to "reverse" the climate change. To "cool down" the planet ... but cooling it down, will mean a greater demand for resource for heating, and less ability to grow crops. That will lead to a greater life struggle in all areas of the world, and fights for resources even more intense. And even if we do not reverse the climate change ... nature will do this trick upon us, sooner or later ... most likely, sooner than we expect.

So ... buckle up.

posted on Nov, 25 2015 @ 07:55 PM
a reply to: MrSpad

No way Putin will back down and give up Assad. Not gonna happen, he has had years to talk him down. Russia could and will eventually move in big time and flat just push everyone out. He is having so much success empowering Assad at the moment that he does not need to but Turkey just showed that they are so displeased with ISIS taking a beating that they were willing to start a fight with Russia hoping NATO has their back. Problem for Turkey is when Russia does strike back in response to Turkey striking first, NATO wont do a dam thing.

Putin knows this and is cleverly moving his forces where he needs them before he strikes back, that is all. He has the entire Russian nation and church behind him so he will move mountains if he feels he needs to.

posted on Nov, 25 2015 @ 08:22 PM
Even if he have a big mouth and a fantastic propaganda machine, Putin is too pragmatic to dangerously escalate this issue over the loss of a SU-24 and a pilot that liked to do his bombing approach over a short strip of land belonging to the turkey.

Not to say there will not be "action" if they can lure one of the turkey's F-16 deep inside Syrian territory.

In the mind of Putin, this is simply a lost pawn on his chess board, nothing more, nothing less. But overall I think he is slowly winning the game as this incident expose how the turkey seem to be sentimentally attached to terrorist factions near its border and how important it is NOT to touch to the oil convoys from ISIS destined to the turkey.

Remember Putin is an ex-KGB agent, making him a real PR expert and a cold blooded person.

posted on Nov, 25 2015 @ 10:40 PM
2 Times Russia has averted a nuclear war with the West, do you think they are going to make up for it by starting one? Maybe, things change, different generation now. Maybe Putin has just been PRing his way in to our hearts in the last couple of years to mess with us. Maybe he is not against the NWO OWG, but their best undercover agent. Who know how crazy this # is?

posted on Nov, 26 2015 @ 01:46 AM
a reply to: bjarneorn

You really think Russia could nuke another nation (a non nuclear armed one at that) and get away with it?

They'd be more of a pariah state than North Korea after doing that.

You scenario is just a pro-Russian fanboy wetdream. Russia is not going to nuke Turkey and is not even going to attack them - they'd lose.

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