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Knowing place

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posted on Nov, 24 2015 @ 06:57 PM
Ummm the following is part of my cottage series of poems...this is a companion to my poem A purer place...I wrote this one this past summer...

Knowing place

I see the picket fence in disrepair
The neighbors weed eater the posts abuse
The picnic tables shabby in their care
Paint and pressure wash I'm sure could use

The zero turn sits idle in it’s stall
Mayhap my hand might never touch again
So like a demon and I in it’s thrall
For with each use it causes greater pain

Perhaps I’m weak yet know that’s not the truth
No greater will than mine I’ve ever known
Still knowing place cannot remain aloof
To what I cause to what I have been shown

Yes...I do consider the life I cause to end...simply by living...

edit on 24-11-2015 by YouSir because: of that dratted missing one...


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